Christians in the Stone Age

August 30, 2000

The idea of theosis in the Orthodox Church has been described this time as dealing with the "love" of God and a most wonderful promise. Love is the centrality of our message and the driving force behind our coming in and going out. What became the Orthodox Church was the first to appear in the history of the church as the Ephesian church of the seven lights of Asia in Revelation 2. The Lord criticized them because they had left their "first love." For us to restore all things, we must first restore the purity and innocence of the early church and that is: "look how they love each other." This is the standard by which all Christians are judged.

Many Christians are in the Stone Age. Because the restoration movement is a full-gospel people with a message of love and humility and exhibit all of the gifts of the spirit as well as our belief in the Bible, other Christians will cast stones at us. Those that try to live the Christian life solely upon the Word of God without being led by the power of the Holy Spirit can never understand what we are trying to do here. The deeper things of God only confuse them, so they get angry and think that we are confusing others. It is very easy for those that lean upon their own understanding of what the Bible says to get with others who will deny the grace that saved them and return to the letter of commandments. We obey the commandments of Jesus because we walk in His spirit, not because we have to but because we choose to. Stone Age Christians will never have a part of what we are doing in the restorative process unless they get away from the idea that their malicious confrontations with those that they disagree with are from God and not the adversary.

Our discussion group has been accused of "religious gossip." It's my fault. I asked the question: "There is a manifest sons doctrine that our enemies accuse us of preaching. What is it?" An enemy was found and we had a few words to say about him, mainly that his site was libelous, hateful, deceitful and disgusting. While those things are objectively true, we did not cause the enmity; he did, among many, many others. It is not our place to return the insults, too much said already and it must now stop. We may be able to identify the heresies and divisions and come to the truth ourselves but we are not to interfere with those that attempt to divide and scatter the sheep because the Lord's true sheep will hear His voice and come to Him. We must have the faith to know that it is the job of others to cast stones - not ours. We are out of the Stone Age and into the light. That light shines like a beacon with the words "God is Love."

We must however, measure the temple of the Living God if we are to restore it. Many analogies are used in the Bible to describe the work, one of them is that we are to rebuild the walls. Many stones are used in the construction and as long as God has only the chosen remnant doing it, our kinsmen outside the walls of the temple will be jealous and cast stones. What will we do with these stones? God is not through with us and we are not through with the restoration, so we will cherish these stones, identify the weaknesses in the walls and strengthen the work that remains. If we pick up those stones and throw them back, we are just giving them more ammunition. So we pick them up in all humility through self-examination, polish the rough edges, shape them so they will fit and put them in the wall to quicken the work.

For what is considered acceptable for others to do, will not be acceptable for us. We must hold onto a much higher standard and not fall into the same judgmental attitudes that our self-made enemies fall into. Love them, pray for them, and take the battle into the heavenlies. God is not finished with Stone Age Christians either and they may have to go through this process for the destruction of the flesh. They have the power to cast stones, we have the power to cast out demons. They hurt and destroy, we heal and restore. As they lift up their spiritual swords so as to cut the flesh of our brothers and sisters, we lift up our swords to preach the truth. Ours is the better way. Ignore them, put up with the harassment and fiery darts with the shield of faith and get on with kingdom business. Use these stones not as an offense but as a blessing. Do not cry but laugh out loud. We must stay focused on what we have been commissioned to do and not give them the advantage of wasting our time.

Psalms 40:3, 4: "And he has put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD. Blessed is that man that makes the LORD his trust, and respects not the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies."


The subject of theosis is one that has been very important to me recently. This is the most wonderful promise God has given to us, and so many Christians neglect it. Are we merely pardoned criminals, or are we one body with the god who created the universe? Even more important, the gospel of justification without sanctification is incomprehensible. It is easy for Christians to ignore the contradictions inherent in an incomplete understanding of salvation. In what way is punishing Jesus for our sins any better than simply forgetting our sins and punishing no one? All too often it is assumed that somehow letting the punishment fall on someone else meets the requirement of justice. To unbelievers, this doctrine seems like nonsense. The teaching of theosis makes sense of God's plan of salvation. When judgment must be passed, the punishment must be inflicted on the guilty one rather than on an innocent, even a willing innocent.

The only way in which the sacrifice on the cross can be understood is if in becoming one with Jesus, we come to share in his sacrifice and punishment. Having his divine nature, we endure punishment by his strength, and are judged righteous because his righteousness is our righteousness. The problem of evil and the problem of injustice appear to be valid arguments only when you forget that salvation is more than God deciding not to punish the guilty, or arbitrarily pronouncing them not guilty.


Jay, Such love comes through the airwaves from this message!!! All of the responses deal with the "love" of God. The illustrations concerning the steel "becoming" fiery is even more awesome!!! How much clearer can it be that the foundation of all things in establishing ourselves with God is love - which is another name for God??!!?? Is it not clear that we are under the Grace of the loving Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who gave us two commandments to live by? I believe so. Jay, correct me if I am wrong, but the progression of these discussions truly has direction that is now highly discernable:

1. the church (body) does exist in a radically "pure" form right now - "purity" not referring to the perfected state of each member, but rather to the formation; 2. this church, like the waves of the ocean, has no boundaries, yet stops at well-defined points; 3. the only doctrine of this church is "love"; and 4. the goal of this church is to prepare for receiving the Lord Jesus Christ through constant refinishing in the fiery flames of truth.

Far be it from me, to try to put things in a neat little box - there is no way I would even attempt that with the slightest jot or tittle with respect to our Most High God. But there is something truly inspiring and good about this discourse. I am absolutely ecstatic about the wide variety of 'food' being served. Blessings, Jay. Please keep serving. God is moving mightily these days --you can feel it!

Bill Caraway

Thank you for signing me up on your "religious gossip" newsletter. I could just sit and read about everyone disliking other religion's point of view on life, religion, and theology, but I prefer to keep closer to Christ's teachings and remove the plank from my own eye before I point a finger at anyone else. And when I say Christ, I mean Jesus THE CHRIST, since without the Biblical accounts of what He taught us with His words AND actions, we would just be common Gentilies, blind to the world and unworthy of God's love, much less salvation.

Didn't He also say that the measure which you measure by, you will also be measured? So, please, I beg all of you to measure yourselves first. By this I mean to realise that none of us know all that there is to know about philosophy or religion, or thoelogy, or even God, and when we start calling people heretics who base their beliefs on scripture, we become the Pharisees who did it to Christ. When we badmouth a religion, we become the Jews who beat the early Chrisians.

Remember that denominations are of man, while scripture is from God. When we keep in mind that Jesus alone is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and whoever comes in anyone else's name comes as a thief, we keep ourselves from being stolen from the flock. Be keepers of the Peace that Christ gave us, and not a stumbling block for those who are trying to find their way to the Truth. Peace and Joy. James

Salvation: I recently went through your site while I was looking for some material. I was doing a paper on Antiochus Epiphanes, and happened to come across this info at your site. Being a Christian, I opted to browse around a bit. I saw quite a few references to the Old Testament, little reference to the New Testament. I also saw that you failed to explain how people are to receive these gifts of Christ that you talk about. Eternity in heaven depends on the obedience of the gospel. Christ said that, "no man cometh unto the Father but by Me". This means that we are to follow His commands in everything. You do not mention anything about baptizm on your site. This could be misleading to some one who doesn't know any better.

Any way just thought I would bring these things to your attentions. If you have any questions I would be glad to answer them for you.

Thank you for your time.


Jay, My name is Roger Bentley, and I have joined your site and have read many of the things stated by the people who comment. I first came on your site and asked you some questions about salvation. You have sense evaided my questions and continued on. I have been completely disgusted with the way every one talks about what they believe and feel. There has never been a sinble comment made about what the Bible teaches. Perfect in its entirety, the Bible is the sole basis for spiritual growth. We can read and take only what is said in the Bible as truth, not the teachings of man. The teachings of man and false doctrines are a straitway to hell. You can call me agnostic, dogmatic or even legalistic, but I affirm that if one is to stray from what the Bible teaches and listens to the false pretenses of those claiming to be Christians, they will be lost. Read Gal. 1:8. Salvation and eternal life in heaven is not based on what we fel or believe, but what is stated in the scripture!s. I am not sure where some people get their doctrine, but it would appear to me that it is not in whole from the Bible. I would caution you to return to your Bible and come into full understanding of what is taught in there. You will also find that those who are teaching a false doctrine, will not only answer for there own folly but those he has lead astray. It is not of anger or ill will that I write these things, but out of the love of mankind. For man to become unified in Christ, as you are striving to do, we must all come to an understanding of the truth. That is what is covered only in the inspired word of God, "The Holy Bible". I have not referred to any scriptures, but if you do an exstensive search you will find that everything I have stated is in there.

Thank you,


Hi Roger,

Sorry, I deleted this [first] message, it is not the type that I respond to. For us to discuss things, it must be in the spirit of love and humility, not condemnation. Apparently you were not able to see much of my site to say that I do not mention anything about baptism on my site. There is a search engine on most of my pages. Here is my page on Baptism: latter- And this page on the baptism of the Holy Ghost at And on the Baptism of Fire at and the Baptism of John at

I would like some elaboration on this please. In your first letter, it was entitled salvation but there was no question concerning salvation as you stated in the next one. I was wondering what your intentions are here. I get a lot of people that would like to take us from life-giving spirit back to the dead letter. We are discussing the manifest sons issue right now and it is certainly from the Bible. We are full-gospel people and love to study from the word of God. If you have something to contribute, let me know. Otherwise I will leave this correspondence the way it is.


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