The New Melody of Love

July 6, 2000

What is that new song anyway? God is love. What He has done for others, He can do for you. If you truly share in that divine nature, it is in love - period. Is this the new song that we should be singing? What else is there but love for the brethren, it that not what we will be known by. Of course. We can leave those that elevate their own particular gifting or ministry office or denomination or special doctrines and requirements for salvation behind us. As long as we know that we know God and His love for us and we share that love with those around us, what more is there. If that is truly the case, then we can speak the same thing. If we have that testimony of Jesus which is the spirit of prophecy, then God is speaking in us, to us and through us to others and if that is true, then we can only be saying the same thing. We are One in the Spirit, One in the Lord and One in the faith. There can be no division in that.

Love itself is not a new thing, John says that we have had it from the beginning. What is new is that we can sing it together without all the conflict and all the division that has identified us in the past. Nothing new except the realization that we have the power to sing it unto heaven with high praise. We are not just to sing the song, we are to pray it and lift up our voices together. The intercession of His saints is the power to release the captives and open up blind eyes and deaf ears. Now that we know that love is the melody of the new song, we are to praise the Lord and sing it to Him. Rise up our hearts in adoration to the One that has given us this song. Hallelujah, the Lord inhabits the praises of His people. Give Him the glory.

Check out these responses. It is in prayer and praise and love and saying the same thing. Pastors are to be loved and we must pray for them, the same with all of us. Our discussion is on the five-fold ministry. I don't know if I have mentioned it before but we should all be part of the five-fold as ministers. Not just under a minister in the five-fold but every Christian on this planet should be a minister. What is a minister but someone that loves those around them enough to give them a testimony of what Jesus has done for them. If Jesus has saved you and brought you out of darkness into eternal light, then you have a testimony of Jesus that should be shared. That is ministration. The five-fold is not something that should be taken for granted or thought of as above our own relationship with Christ but of our very being. This is the unity and love that we must have for us to be part of the body of Christ, fitly joined together.

We have had really good discussions on pastors, apostles and prophets. Time to discuss teachers, and then evangelists. I wonder how many teachers there are in this group? Many have already admitted to having a teaching gift already. I do not know if I am especially gifted in this area but I pray that I am. Most of what is on my site, I consider teaching. I pray that it is of the Lord and there may be no falseness to it. I know there is or I would not be correcting myself as much as I do and I would not be subjecting myself to others in order to refine my teaching. That is progress. A false teacher would be teaching without the power of the Holy Spirit in their life. There are just too many teachers teaching in the flesh with the pretense of teaching religious truth. Too bad, but just as others in the ministry, we must yet give them space for the Lord to bring them up to where He wants them. Are there any of us that can say that we have truly arrived? I don't think so.

Anyway, let's hear what it is to be a teacher these days. What are your ideas on the gift? I have not seen as much material on the gift as these others we have discussed but we have to realize that it is of vast importance to receive good teaching and bring up good teachers. This is the one part of the five-fold that that we are all commanded by Jesus to do with His Great Commission - teach and baptize, "teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you..." Maybe we should all be teachers. What do you think?


Hallelujah! The saints must always be in prayer for their Pastor. By saints, I mean ALL saved, sanctified, believers. Whether in ministry or not, prayer for those who have the rule over us is as essential as breathing. I cannot believe how many saints I talk with who say they pray for everything else, but the Pastor!! Certainly there is a great need in the Body for teaching on prayer. Prayer lifts the Pastor. It gives him strength. It moves God on his behalf. Not every Pastor is a perfect Pastor. From time to time, I get to help new/young pastors to get in order as the Holy Ghost leads. Some "called" to be a Pastor are better off evangelizing, or teaching. Pastorship is not a business. It is nothing like running a structured corporation in the secular.

A Pastor is not "Lord" over the congregation. I've seen some who are never seen, but once a week to "give" orders and expect the "corporate" body to respond. These don't last long. Pretty soon, the saints catch on. Pastoring is an anointing, part of the ascension gifts of Christ. Many, and I do mean many, see it as a business deal, and bring in their "anointed" friends to take over a Church because they agree with them (and they want to keep it in the family). Curse it Lord.

Pastoring is a great responsibility. The Pastor is the God-appointed shepherd of that congregation and he is the "mum and dad" of the Church, full of love, care and compassion for the saints. He is the caretaker of God's Word and he has the authority to rebuke and chasten to keep order in the House. However, he cannot do it all alone, hence the other four gifts.

Thanks for the opportunity, Jay

love in Jesus, Joseph

Jay, this is so right!!!!TO PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER without ceasing is the key to tearing down the strongholds the enemy has used to keep us bound for years as the church of Jesus Christ in this earth. Love motivates us to PRAY, not to judge, just as Jesus prayed for us. I read something not long ago that struck a responsive chord deep in my soul. Besides praise, there are only two things that go on before the throne of God. At His RIGHT hand are those who intercede and at His LEFT are those who accuse. The enemy accuses us one to another and to God, and accuses us to God, and accuses God to us. Those who love will be pleading with God on behalf of their brethren (wayward or otherwise) always seeking mercy, and pleading with the "world" on behalf of the Father, always seeking LOVE to prevail. Pleading with men to listen, to just SEE and to HEAR the true GOD who loves and seeks to save. That is the spirit of intercession. To stand in the gap, an interpreter so to speak, between God and man. How I long to be that person the Lord is to us, and only by grace can that ever happen in our lives. WE ARE HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, CREATED FOR GOOD WORKS IN CHRIST.....each of us, we are HIS hands, HIS feet, HIS VOICE to this world as we allow HIS SPIRIT to flow through us, as rivers of living water, eternal springs of LIFE....CHURCH, we have to wake up! If we ever hope to change the world, we have to live what we profess to be, BE and LIVE....that is the heart of true FAITH (to BELIEVE....or in other words, to BE and LIVE)....I am trusting the Lord at this point. I know that HE IS ABLE to KEEP THAT which we have committed to HIM until the glorious day of HIS appearing. Now we are the ones who need to WALK out the reality of what we TALK....each and every one of us!!!! That means love, more mercy, less judgement, more understanding, and definitely a whole, whole lot more prayer on the part of every believer. Do we really love those who are our pastors? If not, we may need to find another church and make sure we are with a pastor we DO love, and that will come only through one who truly LOVES us. You know. It's instinct to KNOW when you are LOVED....LOVE is BEGOTTEN, not made....that one thing I do know is absolutely TRUE! Blessings, Karen

Thanks for the accountability Jay. We all need it including myself

In Christ
Lawrence Provost

I would like to share with the group exactly what the Lord placed upon my heart this past week in prayer. I was in my room letting the music I was listening to minister to my spirit when God placed it upon my heart to pray about certain things for my pastor. After praying these things God put on my heart, He spoke again saying, "Now pray the same things for your life!" I was blown away with His response. I have been thinking this past week on what the Lord has said, and it makes a lot of sense. Simply put; if we cannot pray the same things for our lives that we are praying for our leadership, we shouldn't be praying them. This helps to put an end to word curses. whether they are incidental or intentional. Think about it. Are we actually speaking things out to God about our pastors and other leadership that we shouldn't? Or are we speaking things to truly edify their lives. In Christ's faithful service,

Testing the spirits in the church today can be a most difficult thing. The great falling away of the church begins with the strong delusions brought on by God Himself for so called truth as one twists Biblical doctrine for their interpretation. We as individual members of Christ's body must once again begin to base our experience on the written word and not the written word on our experience(s). It is we who must check ourselves and not interpret scripture to fit our needs.

One of the hardest things a Christian can do today is detect truth from falsehood. As the children of Israel we too our falling into the trap of allowing false prophets to guide us. As they speak peace and prosperity God himself is readying His judgment for this modern day Sodom and Gommorah. Fruit of the Spirit must always be the true evidence of the Spirit filled life, yet Biblically everyone Baptized in the Holy Ghost spoke in tongues. This is not to say that this or any other gift cannot be counterfeited but that is just not the point here.

Does a God who does not change himself change His methods. would this bring division and confusion to the body or unity. Everyone who truly sought the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues has received just that. God can do what He wants but I would feel much better backing any prophecy up with the scriptures as the final authority. A man who does this is not guilty of sin if his teaching truly comes from the Bible. Those that need to humble themselves and ask forgiveness are those that have wrongly questioned him. If there were any wrongs on his part God will deal with him. Pride, division, and flesh will surely kill a revival but lets really look where they are coming from. Division is not of God and I would truly have to believe that for the sake of revival God would not stir up such a conflict. When souls are at stake what does speaking in tongues matter.

As a closing thought I have to say that I speak in tongues and prophecy. Neither gift ministers life without love. That is what I am hearing a lack of and that concerns me.

By the way I really enjoy this. I hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Jay,
I can honestly say that I did pray for the Pastors out here on the front lines. And I prayed that these pastors would deliver the word of God with the force that is necessary to change our lives and the lives of those who are not in the body. I read the enlightening and passionately prosed e-mail response of Mr. Ivan Poulter. I was really moved by his exhortation to the saints to do as Paul commanded us so many centuries ago..."to put on the armor of God and go do battle against the enemy!" (smile) What a great way to combat the evil that is infiltrating our churches and leadership in the churches today!

Jay, I believe your commentaries and some of the responses you are getting prompt me to ask you a question: Do we really need churches today? Thanks so much for including me in your discussions. Your e-mails concerning the praying for pastors, and the praying for pastors II, really leads one to wonder if there is, in fact, a need for churches. Where did I get that from? Well, you made the statement: "Exactly what is this new thing that we are to bring to the world? Does anyone know the lyrics to our new song? It is a symphony, an orchestrated melody of angels and saints. Do we know the tune, or are the churches just singing the same tired old song?" Jay, this is an extremely powerful passage; one that does more than question the validity of the established doctrines of "religion"; it begs for a deeper and more profound meaning in our purpose.

Now, don't get me wrong - I am not disputing the healthy contributions the church is making to the body of Christ at all times. But does Psalm 23 not say that, "The Lord is my Shepherd..."? As for the discussions about pastors and others in the church, or the Five Fold Ministry, I will lean on the scripture from 1 John 3:6, which reads, "No one who abides in Him sins; no one who sins has seen Him or knows Him."

Bill Caraway

It has been said man cannot live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Communion and being satisfied by the word is not enough for truly God has said give your bread unto the poor. Peter had denied Christ Thrice, and thrice Christ said Simon do you love me more than these, Simon said you know, Christ then says Feed my sheep and does this for every time he denied him.

We were like Cain, Christ like Abel. We must now till the grounds to feed his sheep and do the work of our brother who was slain also. Not because of any other reason but to do that in which our brother would have us do and even requested. Man cannot live by bread alone but yes, he needs bread to live.

I will tell you the truth, until I found your site I thought I was the only one who knew these things. I am in total joy now. I admit I wanted to die because everyone thought I was a Freak, and lost many friends along the way. I smoke cigarettes and drink every now and then, I wanted this life to end because we need to work for God but the wax of Idols filled their ears and they think every religious person is another Koresh.

Do you know of anyone in this area (Detroit Metro) in which you could refer me to in which they can help me get back on the right track? Bless you I found other lights in this darkness and I believe a change for the good will take place soon.

Enoch77 (Eric Ison)

Dearest Brethren,
I have never wrote to you prior to this, in fact this is the first mailing I have received from you since signing on. The role of "pastors" is not to be thought of as being above the other 5 fold ministries mentioned. In fact all those mentioned in Eph. are part of the Apostolic ministry. And they need to all be submissive to each other, and endeavor to work together to make the body that which our Lord would have us to be" the full measure of Christ".

It has been my thoughts that a pastor while on the Apostolic level, is a ministry that is shared with the local assembly minister(Elders), sharing is not really the right word. When I see this relationship of the Apostolic Pastor and a Elder I see the anointing oil coming down over Abraham's beard. Does this make sense to you? I hope so.

I have grown up in a church that you may have heard of in the past, for in my churches history we see the church you belong to get started. The church is Global Missions Inc. it is based in N. Battleford, Sask. Canada. At the church grounds is a place for a school, orphanage, with living quarters for those who venture up there for church meetings held in the Tabernacle there on the grounds. The great revival that ensued there in 1948 started something that the world has never seen prior to this, for prophecy, singing in the spirit, laying on of hands for the issuing of gifts and ministries were once again offered to man. And the world has not been the same since. Praise God! I have enjoyed your web page, and marvel at reading it that it like reading one of own Sharon Star's. And while I am sure that there is some things that we may differ in, I can feel a tremendous pull of the Spirit, assuring me that we have like spiritual doctrines.

I await new mailings in the future. May God bless you and your endeavor's.

Gods Richest Blessings
Elder Chuck Thomas

Yes, I do pray for my pastor as well as others. I even pray for those whom appoint themselves or allow men to appoint them. My pray is Lord reveal unto them your power, grace, and mercy. Have mercy on those that appoint themselves or allow men to appoint them. Truly they do not understand what is in store for them. Shield them despite their ignorance.

For those that are truly call, I ask that the Lord reveal to them what you have in store for them. Give them wisdom, understanding, discernment, and above all agape love for their congregations, and fellow pastors. Direct their paths oh Lord for they shall be persecuted. Teach them to be teachable. Show them how to incline their ears to you. Let them be strong men and women of God. Teach them how not to condemn one another because someone disagrees with them. Show them how to put your Word to the test.

Louise Duhon


A word about pastors from someone who is one.

I've noticed in my ministry a lot of church members who regard the pastor as the "vicarious Christian." Simply put, they expect the pastor to be the christian for them. Hence, much criticism about what a pastor should and should not be, from some folks who are or are not the ideal they desire for the pastor.

I fervently believe in the priesthood of all believers. I was ordained a pastor; I was baptized a minister (or priest), as was every believing Christian.

I hope one day that we'll learn to drop the fixation on pastors as the ones who are responsible for bringing about ministry. That task belongs to every Christian. Its easy to have a prophecy and "reveal" it to the pastor, expecting something to get done. A person who does such needs not take personal responsibility for their "revelation." I look for those who "do" the will of God, not for those who feel they have the right to be armchair quarterbacks. Christ is the only quarterback in the church. The pastor preaches, teaches, administers the sacraments, provides pastoral care. The pastor is not "responsible" for the faith of every Christian. For that we all must take accountability before God.

I sometimes feel that it would be better if we eliminated ordained ministry altogether. Sometimes even an implied hierarchy gives us pastors abuse power, or pastors who are used as scapegoats. Perhaps a much flatter ecclesiology would eliminate both problems.

Pastor Ed Stone

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