Pray For Your Pastor II

July 1, 2000

Did you pray for your pastor? This was the only response that I asked for last time and it is an important one. Many of us pray for our pastor all the time and do not need to be asked, some need prompting and others will not pray for them even if asked to. Be honest, did you pray for your pastor? Or did you just delete the message?

We all need to stir up the gifts in the body. We should all have a testimony of Jesus and we should all be diligent in asking Him to bring revival. We have all been called to worship and to pray and to give testimony of Jesus. If you have truly been called, remember this, that many are called but few are chosen. Your calling means nothing if not acted upon.

As this first trumpet is being sounded, the twenty-four elders worshiped Him that sat upon the throne. "You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power; for you have created all things and for your pleasure they are and were created."

He that is worthy had taken the book sealed with seven seals and "the four beasts and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odors, which are the prayers of saints. And they sang a new song, saying, You are worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for You were slain, and have redeemed us to God by your blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation; And have made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth."

The prayers of the saints! The power of intercession will identify those that have been chosen to bring the army of the Lord into the heavenlies. Are you among the chosen? Or are you just called?

This time I would like to have responses of what it takes for a Pastor today to be among the chosen in the Bride of Christ. Not just called to the body of Christ, not just business as usual, but what does church leadership have to do to bring their congregation to the point that they truly "sing a new song." This is today on God's calendar so we must take these things seriously. Exactly what is this new thing that we are to bring to the world? Does anyone know the lyrics to our new song? It is a symphony, an orchestrated melody of angels and saints. Do we know the tune, or are the churches just singing the same tired old song?


The answer is in organized, corporate, deliberate, Seeking of His Face, Intercession, and Spiritual Warfare. Traditions, personal opinions, emotions, and behaviors are only a mere shadow of the real condition of things. There are organized Principalities/Satanic Strongholds assigned to specific geographic regions, which encompass specific churches, and those who congregate in them. This is what is really in back of Traditions, Factions, Opinions, Errors, Divisions, and the Wounding of the Body of Christ.


From: Ivan Poulter
Date: Tuesday, 27 June 2000 0:21

Partnership Demands Participation

The church was never designed to be supported by sleeping partners - those who invest in a company, but who never play an active role in the running of the company. The Church of the Living God and His Christ has been called, not to passive 'spectator-ship' but to active participation. Why would pastors or the church board rulers settle for sleeping partners, and why would the congregation member be content to be a sleeping partner? I think if you could hear the Lord Jesus Christ you'll hear, "Will the Participating Partners please rise!"

In rising, what would we do? I hope to cover some of the aspects within this letter I've sat on for just about two months. I do not know why, for to be honest, I feel it is one of the most profound I've ever been given to write.

Pastors Want Sleeping Partners

Sometimes, leaders are happy to have sleeping partners, because then, no-one interferes with the way, they, the pastors want things to be run. He is happy with the attendance and his income and just because there are people, there will be more people. Hence, he can even be happier. In this type of church, the pastor is happy with the steady growth that comes through with no extra effort. As long as he is pleasant and as long as he'll not stand on any toes, the steady growth will be assured. In this church, there is no need for participants. Only spectators.

The Super-Pastor

We have mentioned that some church members are as children needing to grow up to be come adult partners with the leadership. As children they can be content that 'daddy-pastor' will feed them. Daddy-pastor is talented, gifted and super-able. As I said, a pastor teaching a Spiritual Gifts Seminar in his summary of a pastor, made him an administrator, a teacher and preacher, a gifted leader and an exhorter. He insured that they would not see him as the director and not a servant who'd pick up the trash. Not being 'gifted with the ministry of helps, he didn't even see the trash'. He was 'focused upon his gift of teaching' and the whole congregation bought the subtle clergy-laity differentiation.

Some time back I wrote of a pastor who led the praise and worship, exhorted the members for the tithes and offering, spoke in tongues, gave the interpretation and then taught from a passage of scripture. Within his message he acknowledged that he was a marriage counselor and stated that not only was he the pastor (to shepherd and nurture the flock) but he was also a prophet (to give vision and direction to the church).

At the end of the service he prophesied which probably included a word of knowledge and a word of wisdom. He called for the sick to come and be prayed for and he exercised the gifts of healing too. This one pastor was the whole church incorporated. He didn't need anyone to help him all he needed were willing recipients of his ministry. He was also the chief administrator of the church.

He held the monthly welcoming reception to the church in which he declared the way his church was to be organized was according to his own vision and if you did not like it enough to submit to, you could leave. I later heard it said that he had shares in a local casino. If that was true, he might even have funded his own ministry. He was certainly gifted, talented and super-able and the members in the congregation appeared to be super happy.

Oh! He also sang a solo, the church special and so the congregation was also entertained. All they had to do was to show up and be blessed. In this church, the members were not participants, but spectators. Need I add.. ..this man's church was doing quite well, thank you.

Members are Contented Sleeping Partners

Sometimes, the members, in the congregation, are happy to be sleeping partners, because then they are not responsible for the mistakes. Someone said, "If you're never making any mistakes, then you are not doing anything." If you're not doing anything, then you have withdrawn for one reason or another. You're a child who is to 'be seen but not heard while the adult is speaking.' We might add, "Now go out and play!" Except that would mean not coming in with the finances that keep the place running.

You may have also been hurt when trying to do something, and you did not like the correction. Maybe, you were on the front line, and had to take the abuses from the people unhappy with the way things were done. You were thus very conveniently the leader's scapegoat. You felt like you were an abused victim and so withdrew from participation and just settled for bringing in your weekly offering. Happy just to be a sleeping partner. Happy to be entertained and given your weekly pep talk. Happy to merely be a spectator.

Congregation members are happy to have the super hero up front do it all. He, after all helps you to recognize that there is Someone in the heavens better than yourself. "It's funny", you think, "How much like Jesus he really is." Sometimes, he is so much like Jesus to you, you never even pray to God any more, after all, "Pastor will know how to heal or deal with this."

There you have it in a nutshell. Members within too many congregations have substituted God by the super hero that stands before them every week. We all have an inner need to identify with someone greater than ourselves. We don't just want to identify with movie or sports star any more. We have to have Pa-Star as well, our own religious idol.

It is really the call to acknowledge God inbuilt within all our hearts. (Eccl 3:11) However, for most, God is too distant. It's too difficult relating to Someone we cannot see. And hence, the super pastor becomes, all to often himself, a willing substitute for God. Enjoying the adulation, he cannot afford, at least so he thinks, to encourage maturity. It'll threaten, most often, his pocket: His income.

While he is the super hero, the people will be happy to pay. They're happy to be spectators. While they're paying, he is happy for them to be spectators. They sometimes, even enjoy the weekly church game of praising, worshiping, standing, sitting, clapping, cheering (sometimes) and sleeping (sometimes).

Board Member Power Base Prefers Sleeping Partners

While the members are hardly doing anything and yet the congregation still grows at a steady pace in some churches, there'll not be any position threatened here and there. Not so in other churches. At least two churches here within my area got rid of their pastors, and one of the main reasons was that the churches under the pastors gifting was growing and hence, the established power base became threatened with the bi-annual elections coming up. The members of the power base demonstrated that they did not want the church to grow. At least the one here and there audibly voiced it. They were content with the way things were.

Every year the churches savings account increased, and that was all they were concerned about. No-one was doing any ministry work. That was the job of the pastor. They only met every week to appease the religious conscience and receive a good pep talk for the coming week. But to encourage participation? No way! We're happy with our supporting sleeping partners. Thank you very much!

AND these new converts coming in? They were going out telling others about Jesus. They were showing an interest in ministry. This would mean, we have to do something more than what we are prepared to do. And do something they did - they got rid of the preachers causing it all.

Will the Participating Partners Please Rise

Now there are churches that need to grow, and with no natural growth pattern they will not survive. These are the churches that need the members to become active participants. The pastor is not a do it all super hero. He has abilities, but not all abilities. There are some churches that hear the call of Jesus to be active. It's not just church growth, they're concerned about. It's the commission of the Master, they hear.

They sense His desire to save the lost. They know what it was like to be without Him, and they know better what it is to be with Him. On his own, the pastor knows he cannot do it all. They, the members, know the pastor cannot do it all. With others, ...they together can more fully represent the fullness of Jesus Christ. Together, they form the church, the body of Christ. Together, they are moved by the compassionate heart of Jesus. They advance, their compassion, really His compassion. His, theirs. It's hard to tell, so in unison with one another they are.

This pastor knows his God-given task, together with other leaders, is to equip the members to do the work of the ministry. He knows that if he fails to equip the body to do the work of the ministry, he has failed in his calling. He knows in failing to fulfill his calling, he has failed first and foremost, his God and Father and his Lord Jesus Christ; he knows he has failed himself and he knows that he has failed each and every member of the congregation: Failed them, not only of an earthly and therefore temporal reward, but also failed them of a heavenly and eternal reward.

This pastor knows that in failing the members he is also failing the community. People in it, needing to be saved, will not be reached. He cannot do it all. He has to have help. The fields are ripe unto harvest, but the laborers are few. Something has to be done. Right!

The body of Christ has to leave the irresponsibility of childhood. Maturing as adults, they have to learn to take the initiative to leave the rank and file of spectator-hood. Leave the know it all experts sitting on the benches shouting praise or commands. Leaving the 'wards of the wounded souls', they must leave the victim mentality and become warriors for Jesus.

Note, I said, 'warriors' not worry-iers. Leaving the comfortable pews they become involved in the team. They have to become participants.

They are not to worry where this dollar will come from, the car, the house, the food the clothing. They are not to worry about how God will bring the people in nor to worry about the provisions for the ministry. They don't worry about how they will go out. They just go!

They are warriors who obey the Commander in Chief, the Captain of the mighty hosts - the armies of God. His name is Jesus. What He says, goes. Nothing else matters. And He says, Go!

God's warriors go forth well equipped and trained.

They discern the forces of darkness and wielding the sword of the Spirit, which is the Christ- word, the Anointed Word, the anointed utterance, they devastate those forces of darkness. Their minds are protected by the helmets of salvation. They are secure in Whom they trust. Their breasts are armored with righteousness; the righteousness that is in Christ and even the righteousness, the fruit of their doings in, by and through faith.

They're girt about with Truth. His name is Jesus. And with and like Him no guile is upon their lips. No gossip either. Neither do they glory in passed sins of the old man put to death. They glory in their weaknesses, knowing the GLORY of HIS STRENGTH.

The shield baring arm and hand linked through the arm of their fellows, they advance, the other hand carrying the sword. Holding up the shield of faith, quenching every fiery dart of the enemy, they advance in unison; the one dependent upon the Christ within the other.

Their feet are prepared against the thorns of the enemy, planted within the course of life to prevent effectiveness and efficiency in Christ. Aah! But the feet of God's warriors are equipped with the word of God, lighting up the very course of life, exposing every obstacle of the enemy. Down, our feet in Christ come, crushing every enemies head, even as they lay the obstacles.

Yep! God's warriors have risen. They're advancing. No longer sitting as mere spectators. They are partners with the Captain of hosts, with Jesus. Taking the initiative as called out adult- sons, with full rights to inheritance, they are participators with Him.

They go forth in Knowledge. Jesus. They go forth in Wisdom. Jesus. They go forth in Power. Jesus. They go forth in Authority. Jesus. Where the work needs to be done. They see to it that is done. Not waiting for another. They in their eagerness to obey, hear His whispered instruction from that inner still small voice as His shouted command. AND in that command, they hear their VICTORY!

None can ever again encourage these members of God's armies to be sleeping partners nor criticizing or cheering spectators. They have tasted what it is to be part of the team, and none can again take it from them. This is the church, I co-labor with the Lord Jesus Christ to equip.

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