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December 9, 1999

As you said ......we have different callings and giftings and that will affect our view points as to the degree of.. or kind of active participation we play, as this picture plays out. Some will be martyrs for Christ, before it is over, and others will be working underground to bring HIS kingdom and the Body of Christ into fullness. But......

I would only like to remind us all of something the Lord reminded me of, one time, when I was all fired up and ready to attack the enemy head on and up front. After all,.... we are the army of God?...... Right?..... We as prophetic ministers are very discerning and that is a very much needed part of the body. Usually we see the "snake" before or even when others don't, soooooo, our first instinct is, we want to alert everyone to the fact that a SNAKE is in the midst of the camp!!!!!!!!! SNAKE!, SNAKE! YES......we ARE to recognize the Snake and NOT be DECEIVED by it ...but.... it is up to ....the LORD..... what... HE.....wants US to DO about it. Whether our next move is to confront... or just pray. If it is a public issue, church issue, or private family and friend issue, of course, will make a difference in action, .......every situation is different. That is why we need to seek HIS will before we do anything.

We can cause more harm sometimes but going in like a bull in a china cabinet trying to eradicate the snake, than if we waited on the Lord for instruction of how to eliminate the evil presence. A one-on-one situation is different than public protest but, It is not His will that any perish. It could be His will to get the snake saved........ but we blew it's cover and raised such a stink it ran away. We say to ourselves, "Aren't we good? ..... WE saw that snake and chased it off"...... ......We could be sitting there satisfied we had done a good job of protecting the body........ and missed what God really wanted us to do,which could have brought about a better result and given the Glory to God. It's something I have had to think about..............

.........HE is the commander in this battle and when we get on our spiritual high horse and try to take the battle into our own hands we will become one of it's causalities. It is ONLY at HIS command that we are to advance upon the enemy territory and we are to stay under HIS covering with our ear to the spirit to receive the next step. Now I'm not saying that to sit down and do nothing is the answer or to stay home and pray only is the answer or that to advance upon the enemy physically and verbally is not the answer.

All I am saying is, I learned by experience that the Battle is the Lords and He knows the best way to win it. We are soldiers under His command and we are to be subject to HIS orders to advance or retreat or stand ground. Each situation and soldier is different and the strategy will probably be different in each case. Many times, I see Christians with a plan,...... we want a plan that works no matter what the situation. Yeah!..... just do it this way or that and it will get the result YOU want. That is the point .....It is not OUR WILL but HIS WILL that we are here to accomplish. If Jesus had to use this approach and He was God .......well I state my case.............

............ Praise the Lord!

The Battle is the Lords!

Again this is not a battle plan to follow. The Lord has the plans for each situation..... listen for what He tells you to do..... and then, DO IT!

Another time when I was to stand my ground and was less brave He said to me, " You have nothing to fear but Me."

Proverbs 9:10-11

10. The fear (respect for His wisdom, power and might as well as His love and mercy) of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom : and the knowledge of the holy is understanding. 11. For by me thy days shall be multiplied, and the years of thy life shall be increased.

Blessing on you,

In the name of Y'shua, Annette
Beth Menorah Ministry
Alan and Annette Hake

Baruch Ha Ba BaShem Adonai
(Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord )

Hello beautiful people,

Well I think that we have a lively discussion according to the last message I sent concerning the World Trade Organization. I have written more on the subject as a web page by the way at http://latter-rain.com/freedom/seattlewto.htm. A few responded and we should discuss it, or not. Anyway, the first to respond was someone that I have known for a while:

"Take me off your chat mailing list. Thank you."

Now since I have known the man through communication I can see what happened here. The issue here is activism and the idea of protests and demonstrations. The Lord has given me an activist spirit, so I can sympathize with those that have been led to do something to bring about social justice and the denunciation of oppression. Those in the five-fold and those with spiritual gifts in operation in the churches know that a typical evangelical conservative will not be on the "hot" side in the temperature of the Holy Ghost, their pastors and teachers will generally deny the power and think that spiritual gifts died out in the first century. The Evangelicals are the main antagonists against the social gospel and at the ballot box they do their best to dismantle the social gains of the last century. Those churches that are involved in social action as the prophets of denunciation can be seen as "cold" as regards to Holy Ghost power but are the ones that have the courage to be led of the Lord to effect social change. Jesus would have us as one or the other. The ones in the middle are "luke warm" and don't fit on either side. They are generally content with their salvation, don't want to get involved and usually don't want to rock the boat of their comfortable circumstances. We need to be open-minded enough to see all sides. You should also know that the universal church is made up of seven spirits and each are diverse.

I mentioned to most of you that coming to one accord means that some of us must go through the fire. Even so, if you feel the heat, don't drop out, we are doing a good thing here. Many are called but few are chosen, stick with it and pray through. The trial of your faith is more precious than gold and should endure the trial of fire.

The second response also tells a story:

"I am sorry to say I don't watch too much news, or read the papers. For the very reason, there is too much violence and how do we know if it is the truth. I need to know exactly what we need to do to fight the spiritual wars? Thank you!"

Well as we see from that Doctor that gave the report out of Seattle, we really can't trust the news reports for the truth. Conservatives are fond of blasting the "liberal" media but it is the right-wing insanity that has dominated the press lately and in the distortion of the truth are taking on the nature of the beast. To be able to pray for the spiritual battles we need to know what to pray for and who to pray for. Many of us, especially those with the Elijah spirit are under compulsion to denounce the oppression of the poor in order to bring about the kingdom gospel. All sides of the army of God in these last days need prayer.

The next response is good but I think that more discussion is necessary in this:

"I agree that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places. Our weapons are not carnal. I have mixed feelings about participation in protest events. Each of us must be sensitively led by the Holy Spirit as to what if any part we should play. Jesus did not participate in such events even though the atrocities and injustices of His day were apparent. My own thoughts are that we are as lambs to be led to the slaughter and that ultimately we will lay down our lives at the end of this age for God's redemptive purposes in restoring the creation. In the interim, certainly our prayers are more effective than our public demonstrations. Nevertheless, I will not summarily conclude what the leading of others should be. In my own case, however, the violence that will further the Kingdom will be done in the prayer closet and not on the streets. I don't think it's a Kingdom principle to justify, to argue, to publically demonstrate against, or to otherwise enter into the arena of the world to further the cause of righteousness. Aren't those carnal weapons? It was the Angel of the Lord that slew the 180,000 and it seems to me the battles in the Book of Revelation are decided in the same manner."

We are certainly to pray but for me to stay there all comfortable is a cop-out. This is in regards to me, you understand, others who are called as prayer warriors may have the better way, certainly safer, it is the prophets that are killed. If you are a prophet, the prayer closet will be a tomb. We must denounce the economic oppression of the poor and certainly expose the obvious signs of the One World Order that in part the WTO will show itself to be. Prayer is a virtue for us too, but if it becomes a cloak for political irresponsibility and self-righteous indifference, then it is only legalistic, white-washed and pretentious. The fact is that the vast majority of the world's people and nations are subject to unjust domination. To sit by and let that happen without trying to do something about it is the sin of omission. Christian love must be framed as a struggle to eliminate sin from the world. Today that situation is marked by the great injustice and inequity in the distribution and enjoyment of the world's common resources.

The next comment needs no response from me. Do we agree on this? Or not.

"Thanks Bro. Jay for the information about what happened to our peaceful state Seattle, Washington. I was really surprised when it happened. I'm thinking also that the WTO is the initial step for One World Economic System, as I read your article it confirmed what I prayed, God answered my prayers... Bless you Jay."

Let all the people tremble in fear, for the Day of the Lord's vengeance is almost upon us and will come as destruction from the Almighty. The Day of the Lord is close, its a day of wrath, a day of trouble and distress, a day of waste and desolation. Mighty men shall cry bitterly and it will be a day of gloom and thick darkness for the proud, the rich and the lofty. Distress will come upon men that they shall walk like the blind because they have sinned against the Lord. They will beat their breasts in shame and cover their heads in their hands. Their blood will be poured out like water and all of their money and possessions shall not be able to deliver them.

The trumpet is at your lips. Knowing the truth gives you a solemn responsibility. Will you blow the trumpet in Zion, sound an alarm in my holy mountain, against the fenced cities, and against the high towers, saith the Lord. Arise my people. The world will behold you as great and strong, never have they seen the likes of you and neither shall be any more like you after this. Be strong and take courage for a devouring fire is set before you and behind you a flame burns. Gather yourselves together, O nation not desired; yes gather together without shame, you are worthy. Gather yourself together as one and come against her. There is still time, rise up to the battle before the decree comes forth, before the day passes as the chaff and before the fierce anger of the Lord comes upon you. Humble yourself and seek the Lord now, you meek of the earth and execute judgement - seek righteousness, seek meekness, seek holiness, it may be that you shall be hid in the Day of the Lord's anger.


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