Seattle World Trade Organization Protests

December 7, 1999

Seattle WTO Protests

Hello all,

Please read this all the way to the bottom.

We need to jump ahead a little bit and come to one accord as regards the kingdom preached to the poor. Angela, a dear member of this group forwarded an article concerning what really happened in Seattle last week to me and we must all understand how this affects us. Those who understand Bible prophecy as regards the final conflict know that it will be between the poor nations of the south and the rich nations of the north. The four heads of the beast comprise the eagle (America) whose wings were plucked from the standing lion (England), the bear (Russia), and the leopard whose many spots represent a coalition, (the EC). Pretty much all these nations comprise the one world order, militarily with the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance and economically coming together with the World Trade Organization. The leopard could include Japan and any economic power of the north not third world.

What happened in Seattle is just a preview of things to come. It wasn't the first protest against the WTO, the same thing happened in Europe at Geneva and elsewhere. This is not the watered down gospel of the kingdom we are to preach to the poor, it is the gospel that packs power and reminiscent of what the Jews were expecting from Jesus the first time He came. Do not be misled by the flattering words of the WTO. They are out to do exactly what can be expected of them and that is to economically expoit, dominate and oppress the weak in order for the rich multi-nationalists to get richer. The Queen of the South is rising up to denounce this generation and is reflected in the protests. God is on the side of those almost 600 people that were arrested last week and is a good indication of where we stand and that we do not want to trade freedom for the sake of trade dollars. We are called to denounce the oppression. I have copied parts of my essay on the kingdom and also the article that Angela sent me, it is domestic violence by the Seattle police, pure and simple. Please read.


In the last days it is the Gospel of the Kingdom that will be preached to the poor. The Kingdom is yet to come but it is also here. If the Kingdom is now, we must act like it is now to bring about the Kingdom to come. Our responsibility as the last day army of God is especially in the prophetic fulfillment of the kingdom as regards to the harvest and the liberation of the poor from oppression. The Kingdom was Jesus' burning determination. His teaching and parables were kingdom centered and focused on a loving and forgiving God in a world of peace and justice.

The Biblical theme of the kingdom of God provides the universal framework within which the liberation of Christians and the deliverance of the poor from oppression takes place. Jesus is careful to distinguish His Kingdom from others. The kingdom is fleshed out within the process of liberation and cannot be realized outside the historical liberation project of the poor. Jesus will return when we speak as one and the gospel of the kingdom is preached by us to the poor. Previously the church's business had seemed to be primarily a matter of saving souls. It now becomes imperative for the Bride of Christ to regard social justice and human development as related to the Kingdom of God.

God is working in history to bring about His kingdom. To help you understand this, there is a Kingdom in Heaven and a Kingdom on earth. The kingdom of God is now, in that Jesus is reigning over our hearts, and in the future, when Jesus will be reigning over the nations. Jesus also spoke of the kingdom to come and it is this kingdom that will be preached to the poor of the last days. The kingdom of God will not "come with observation" but will silently increase, wherever it is set up, and spread from heart to heart, from house to house, from town to town, from one kingdom to another. We spiritual Christians have often been warned by our "realist" friends that we cannot bring in the Kingdom of God by acting as if it were already here. Yet this is precisely what Jesus did teach. If those of us as the Bride of Christ are prepared to take the teaching of the Bible at face value and to order our lives here and now by the laws of a transcendent Kingdom, then the power of God would answer the cry of faith, and the kingdom would break in upon the world anew and take them unawares. If the church will save itself and the world, it must cease being an end in itself. It must declare itself before the world and organize itself on the basis that it is a means to the end of the Kingdom of God. It must be disciplined by the Kingdom and act and live for Kingdom ends.

Peace will only be achieved fully in the future kingdom of God and only when the accuser is cast down. The realization of the kingdom is a continuing work, begun by Jesus in the flesh and progressively maintained by His followers throughout history and expanding its scope in the world today by those who have received His seal in their consciousness. In the kingdom of God of the future, peace and justice will be fully realized but it starts with us in the here and now as the last day generation.

Justice is always the foundation of peace. In times past there has been a tension regarding peace and justice and the struggle for justice may threaten certain forms of peace. This is where Jesus is coming with a sword to take peace from the earth but it is only a transitory process. The growth of the Kingdom has been a process that occurs historically in liberation, in that, liberation means a greater fulfillment of the human race toward justice. The Queen of the South will rise up to denounce this generation and it will not be a peaceful denunciation. Babylon will be thrown down from her exalted position in violence. It is in this tension that we are to explain the problem of war and our relationship to it. Make no mistake about it, it is in this view of the gospel of the kingdom preached to the poor that will take the peace from the earth to achieve the liberation from the oppressive economic powers.

Jesus told us that when we see these things come to pass that we would know that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand. Ours is mainly spiritual warfare, it is not necessary for all of us to arm ourselves and take up the battle as some have thought. The Bride of Christ will speak as one and denounce the oppression and that will stimulate others around the world to take the cause to shake off the power of the beast. Jesus is preparing the nations of the world for the final conflict in order to bring about His kingdom and it is in our testimony that this will happen. It will not be pretty but we must still hold on the the great truths of the kingdom in the liberation of the poor regardless of the conflict and tension that it will cause. And we must first come together in agreement on this.

Subject: Seattle MD testifies - Police Brutality - Martial Law - Police State

From: "Dr. Byron Weeks"

Interview with Seattle MD
(posted 12-4-99)

My name is Richard DeAndrea. I'm a medical doctor. What I saw up here was martial law. This turned into a police state. Everything you have seen on television regarding local news broadcasts including national public radio was a blackout.

The police were using concussion grenades. They were shooting tear gas canisters directly at protesters facing them. They were using rubber bullets. Some of the damage I saw from these rubber bullets took off part of a person's jaw, smashed teeth in their mouth. I saw the police arrest people who had their hands up in the air screaming we are peacefully protesting. The amount of looting that took place was so minimal I don't even know where they got the footage from. I am saying this beyond a shadow of a doubt. This is a definite sign that America is heading towards a polic state unless people start standing up for their rights as individuals. I am actually shocked and ashamed. I am ashamed of the police force, I am ashamed of the mayor. I am ashamed of Bill Clinton. I am ashamed of the whole thing.

Jared: These rubber bullets - what are they?

Dr. DeAndrea: They are made of polyester type material. They are like a hard plastic toy. The idea is to hit your body, do damage, not actually penetrate. But I did see penetration wounds, I did see people bleeding. I did see teeth loss, I did see broken bones. There were children present, there were families present, they were firing upon families, mothers, grandmothers,. They were just firing at them. They came out in full police force. They brought out swat teams, they had the national guard up here, there was CIA surrounding the delegates' buildings. It was very obvious that there was an institutional control that had no regard of human rights whatever.

In addition we have video footage of protesters being taken away as well as human rights being violated. Prisoners were taken and they were tortured. There is a case, I believe his name is Holm, Keith Holm. He was tortured because he would not give his name. They handcuffed, laid him on the floor, they smashed his face against the concrete, they grabbed his hair, they ripped out a lock of hair and then placed pencils between his fingers on them until he would give his name. They were also banging his head against metal objects. He was actually the first protester released because the Internal Affairs came in to do an investigation and they wanted him gone because he would be able to give testimony.

We're treating people in a studio loft downtown. I just treated an ear wound. People have been treated for concussion injuries. There have been people who have been treated for plastic bullet wounds. Lots of tear gas injuries, lots of damage to corneas, lots of damage to the eyes and skins. They were using a pepper spray, a tear gas and they were also using some sort of nerve gas. We had reports of many demonstrators winding up with seizures the next day. It causes muscles to clamp up, muscle contractions, seizures.

They have done several illegal things regarding these people in jail. They have been telling them that they would not be let out, not have their bail set if they didn't give their names. Its their legal right not to give their name. They don't have to speak at all. Attorneys came up and said we are representing these people. The police called their attorneys liars. At this point they have still refused to let any of them see their clients. There are close to 600 people who were arrested and they have been holding them for two days on charges that are mostly misdemeanors - refusal to disperse.

A lot of people in there have not gotten medical attention, either. I have gotten calls from young ladies in there who have had all sorts of emotional problems as well as physical problems. They have called me for medical attention from inside the jail. There are people still sitting in there who have not even been processed.

Today there were fewer attacks by police, but they did arrest more people. And there was no violence today by the marchers and all through the day yesterday it was the same. What you are seeing on television about looting and anarchistic protesters - there's straight-out blackout they are basically pushing that. There is not much damage to property here. There are not many windows that have been damaged or stores that have been looted. Those are extremely rare cases.

I used to believe newspapers were telling the truth. But now I am no longer behind that.

This shouldn't happen in America. This is still America, isn't it? I'm beginning to wonder.

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