December 5, 1999

Hi all,

I am getting more and more blessed the more this list grows. The communication that I am getting in the mail is like looking into a mirror. It was my intention to put together a list of those that will come into one accord and what I am seeing is that so many of you are already so much in one accord that half of the work is done already. Now all we have to do is tell the world. Well it isn't quite that easy, we do have much work to do but you get the picture. We should however all be thinking in terms of networking in whatever way the Lord calls us to, the time has come for the apostolic and prophetic ministries to come together as one. The Lord has already led many of you to think in those terms, I can see it.

The baptism discussion didn't turn into much of a discussion at all, everyone seems to agree, so we can stand on it. I did make some clarification and smoothed out some ambiguities but it is essentially the same. Jesus is in charge and I can see where He is going with this list and that is in the discernment and prophetic agreement being reflected on my web site, which I need to discuss. I knew from the beginning that others would be involved with my site sooner or later. The Lord has given it to me for His glory so I cannot consider it completely my own and it must be shared. I have worked hard on it. It is not yet perfect but the Lord has blessed it in that it is not a mega-site by any means but I do get around 3500 people a week stopping by and rising. I want to open it up as an opportunity for all of us in one way or another to actively minister here, by discussion, discernment, direct involvement, networking or prayer support. As far as the spiritual latter rain, its web presence has given the site the definitive authority and that includes the five-fold. To represent such a distinguished company should be in terms of we and not I and this is where you come in. Enough said, this is open for discussion.

In the mean time I would like us to consider one of the next topics that Paul has given in Hebrews 6 and that is the laying on of hands. If there is anything that you can contribute to this discussion, please let me know and I will be putting something together on that. We might think of the spiritual power involved, how it is transmitted, the virtue and holiness necessary, the historical aspect in the Old Testament and the New, if the practice is valid with those without the power of the Holy Ghost and anything else that you can think of.

Also for your consideration and perusal, I put together a new page on the man-child and besides what we already discussed, I put this at the end of the essay. I am really excited that something like this can come out of these discussions.

We are the man-child, we are the fulfillment of the prophecy that have just been birthed. Who are we? The true prophets of the last days bear witness to the truth that the five-fold ministry of apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists will march in rank bringing the last days message to the world and that we are clothed with the sun and Jesus has placed the crown of apostolic order upon the woman's head with us as her jewels. This many membered man-child in the beauty of holiness with the fullness of the spirit will rule the nations according to His promise and joined with Jesus as our Lord. The proclamation of this truth will bring forth the restoration of all things and the latter rain outpouring unto all the earth, reconciling man and God in preparation of the harvest before the great and terrible Day of the Lord. This royal priesthood will come forth with the anointing and power to bring the church into the holy of holies and fulfill the prayer of Jesus that we should all be one. The enemy seeks to devour the child, take courage.



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