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May 15, 2003

The Time is Here Now

Kevin Adeniyi


Ask ye of the lord rain in the time of the latter rain, so the lord shall make bright clouds, and give them showers of rain, to everyone grass in the field Zech. 10:1 “Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the lord: his going forth is prepared as the morning; and he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth” Hos. 6:2

“Surely the lord God will do nothing but he revealeth his secret unto his Servants the Prophets Amos 3:7

O Judah and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem; believe in the lord your god so shall ye be established; believe his Prophets, so shall ye prosper. 2 Chro20; 20

‘’I know thy works; behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it; for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and not denied my name. Rev3.8

After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven; and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, come up hitter , and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter’ Rev 4;1

“Arise, shine, for the light is come, and the glory of the lord is risen upon thee.

For behold the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee Isaiah 60:1, 2

Early in the year, many prophetic voices in our nation and around the world made series of prophetic proclamation declaring the purpose of God for individuals, the body of Christ in general, the nations, concerning the economy and politics as it was supposedly revealed to them. With great faith” we claimed, believed and stepped unto this year believing that all will be well and rosy (Rosie). Suddenly, instead of the fullness of what God has promised, we began to experience the opposite and our hearts began to fail, what is happening many should others wondered and began to tuned off their prophetic channel promising not to have anything to do with prophetic word again. “What is the usefulness of raising one’s hope and aspiration, only to be shattered or crushed by series of adversities instead of blessings as expected!


As soon as the days rolled into weeks and weeks into months, several people begin to experience difficulties that were not bargained for. It seems the promises are not real” probably “fake”. Instead of victory, seeming failure and defeat. It seems every prophetic word has gone in reverse, opposite the utterances and severe trials and tribulations have befallen them.

I remembered sitting down with many praying weeping and counseling because they were tired and were almost giving up. In the midst of this, I turned to the lord for an answer. The lord then began to speak to me from the scriptures, things that seems I have never heard before, from passages I have read over and over.


I was told again saying bring back to memory all the promises I had given, none will go unfulfilled. The time for fulfillment is here now; bring all the promises before me in prayer, contend with them against the enemy. Plead your case with these promises and surely I will give you your heart desire. He now told me that this is the time to dominate, He immediately referred me back to Gen. 1:26-29 where he gave a five fold commission saying this is the time to get into this experience.

Break forth powerfully with your confession. Pull out the brakes and slam fully in the accelerator. The express road is clear for the miraculous to begin to happen. It is time to celebrate his celebration. We must move in the power of his resurrection. Resurrection represents dominions over the power of the enemy. It means power over death, demon and the devil himself, he has given us dominion and commission that are applicable for this hour. We must rise up to posses the promises given or else we have ourselves to blame. The green light is on in the heavenlies. Green is associated with the colour of harmony and unity. Green color harmonises with every color. It is also associated with immortality and humility. It symbolizes spring time, new things springing up. We must dominate every opposition to our inheriting the promises He has given.


As I was seeking the face of the lord for the time of fulfillment, first the lord gave me a vision or (what could I have called it)?

I saw someone sitting on a chair meditating on the goodness of the lord. The total attention fixed upon him alone. Leaving all problems of life behind but worshipping the great one upon the throne, I saw a breeze suddenly shaking the curtains and enveloping the person who is seated praising and worshipping before the Lord. Suddenly I saw the presence of the heavenly host heralding the presence of the lord himself. Then the Lord spoke to me saying, keep away your eyes from the troubles of life and the year, focus on me and worship me. In the midst of trouble, I will give instruction if your attention is always from every other thing but on me. Worship, wholehearted worship bring my presence and glory keep your focus on my person, the promises give not the promise; meditate upon my infallibility, omnipotence, part record, past promise and fulfillment.

Thereafter, I heard him saying the heaven is opened over you, and suddenly I saw an open door and an open heaven before the church. He then said the time is now, to come up and more forward. Two passages were simultaneously given to back up this experience. In the book of revelation 3:8 and 4:1,2. I know they works; behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it; for thou hath a little strength, and hast kept my word, and has not denied my name vs8 he now said look at verse 9b I will make them to come and worship before feet, and to know that I have loved thee. I have cleared the cloud away for you. I specifically heard him saying recall the promises of springtime that I have given you. It is truly springtime.

Naturally springtime starts from April perhaps till June when summer comes. As it is in the natural so have I determined this season because during springs every, thing that seems buried and had no life receives life. There has been a great cloud of inactivity in the spirit realm as well, every thing seems upside down and not working, this is a moment we don’t understand what is happening around us. It seems all promises has failed, no answer to prayer, purposes are delayed and destinies are almost being denied. Although there were high hopes early in the year, for the favour of the lord but sooner than expected we had experienced the opposite. I heard the lord saying the winter season is over, the spring time is here again. It is time to spring forth in power, financially, spiritually; it is resurrection time again. The season is a time that birds sings for joy and butterflies spread their wings. The lord then said, set your sail again, it is time to move into his fulfillment from this month we must move forward. He said, the doors are already open and the heaven above is cleared, it is now left for us to find our leaving again.


The resurrection power is here again. The doors of opportunities are open wide before you, don’t hang your head, don’t hesitate again. Lift up your head so high that the enemy may not see your end. This is your GOLDEN MOMENT seize it powerfully. This is the month we have been waiting for. Rise up and posses your possession move forward in the name of the lord and in the power of his resurrection.


An Army Strong In Battle

Olivia Long

I am calling forth an army that will be strong in battle. An army who will not give up or give in to the enemy. An army who has been "seasoned and strengthened" in the wilderness. My mighty army whose weapons are supernatural and who are endued with power to destroy even the strongest of foes. An army of those living by Faith, placing their entire belief and trust in their Commander In Chief. An army being called forth by MY Son. The ONE who the enemy trembles at the very mention of His Name and you have found it to be no surprise of all that which has come against you as you await your rightful place in My Army.

You have never battled such a strong influence from the enemy. He is out to destroy My Army, but his tactics are the same.....deceptions and lies. Do not retreat, do not give up any ground or territory I have given you. Do not give in to discouragement or confusion. You are not alone... I AM with you. Will you ride with me? Can you trust me even this day? Your calling is sure and the timing is upon you. Clothe yourself with the "full" armor of God. Get ready for battle. Get ready to fight the good fight, for you are the victor.

My Spirit is hovering over you and "SUDDENLY", you will feel my breezes increase. First you will feel a gentle breeze, be alert for you are about to hear the voice of your Leader as you begin to arouse your fellow men. I have been connecting a few of you together, so that you would know that you are not alone. I am still moving some of you geographically and once you are all in place ...... one by one, you will begin to stand to your feet as you hear His voice even closer still....

Next you will feel the 'refreshing wind', the wind that shall bring refreshing, restoration and healing.

And last you shall feel the strongest of winds, blowing away any 'confusion' that has beset you. It is in this wind that all will be silent and still around you as you listen for your approaching Leader. It is My timing for the fulfillment of your destiny, In Me. An army arising, strong in battle to go unto the nations with it's message of salvation and healing.

As daylight breaks on the horizon, in an instant it changes from darkness to dawn. In an instant, in a "twinkling of an eye" those who were chosen will perceive, you will be ready, you will be as one "on-call". The call will be as the trump of God. Yes, there is a trumpet sounding....but it is not the blast of the return of your King, it is the "alarm" sound of the horn. The "alert" is now sounding and I AM calling forth My Army to "take your positions" and to ready yourselves for what has begun. Be ready to move out for you will move out in the mighty power of your Mighty God. Watch the horizon. Take heart for the enemy has sought to abort. Yes, this has been a long process, much longer than you ever imagined it would be - but I say -"Listen for my winds, Beloved, listen for MY voice.

I Desire For My People To Be Free

Elvi Glass

I desire for you to walk in the freedom I have purchased for you through the shedding of My blood. I have come to set you free and you are free indeed. All of your trespasses from the past and the present are forgiven. They are covered by My blood. You have confessed them to Me as sin and I have forgiven you. I no longer remember them. I have removed your transgressions from you as far as the East is from the West and your sins are truly forgiven. I no longer remember them.

If you believe the lies of the enemy that your past sins are not forgiven, condemnation will have a place in you. Know I have not come to condemn you but to pardon you. I urge you, dear children, to believe My voice and not the enemy's. When you believe condemnation, you will also start questioning your walk with Me. I do not desire for you to be in this kind of bondage but desire for you to be secure in your walk with Me. There is not a more secure foundation than Me. This foundation cannot be shaken. As you commit every-thing to Me and make Me Lord over those areas, I will speak to you about areas in your life that displease Me if they are there. I will not speak to you in a voice of condemnation but with a voice of love and compassion for you. This voice brings direction and strategies on how to overcome those areas. It brings healing and restoration, not condemnation.

Know that as freely as you have been forgiven from your trespasses, you must also forgive those who have trespassed against you. Even when you feel justified not to forgive, you must forgive -- for I am the only judge who can speak and pronounce true judgments. There is no legitimate reason for unforgiveness. If you forgive others when they sin against you, I will also forgive you. but if you do not forgive their trespasses against you, then I will not forgive either.

I do not wish for hindrances such as unforgiveness to be in your life. Release the situations and people to Me and see Me work My way and will through them. As you release those things to Me and forgive, I will then bring you to a place of rest and healing in Me.

I also urge you to forgive yourself. Many of you beat yourself up over things of the past. My dear children, you can't change the past. Bring the past to Me and watch Me redeem many of the things you never thought redeemable. Your future is secure in Me and I direct your path and steps so that you will not make the same mistakes. So, forgive yourself for your past mistakes and know that your future in Me is a future of good things and My blessings upon your life.

Believe Me when I say: " Those I have set free are free indeed".

A Sweet, Sweet Fragrance

Patsy Shelton

There is a sweet, sweet fragrance, a sweet aroma filling My throne room. It is the fragrance of the Beloved. She is all- glorious within, and her clothes smell of aloes, cassia, and myrrh. She has adorned herself with a meek and quiet spirit, and she has washed herself in the atoning blood of the Lamb.

She seeks not her own way, but only seeks to please her Lord, her eyes are upon Him. She has become virtuous in His eyes, and her worth to Him is far greater than rubies. She has found favor with her Lord, and with man. She has yielded her spirit, her mind, her emotions, and her will to Him, and Him alone. Her body has become a living sacrifice, and she has no other gods before her. He has become her everything, to her He is Master, Lord, and King, the love of her life.

She delights to do His will, and be His life extended in the earth. He is the joy of her salvation, her first and only love. She looks deeply into His eyes, and knows that which He needs to be made complete by her. She hears the sound of His voice, and is pleased to do His bidding.

She sees herself not above His other handmaiden's, but she is a servant to all. The place where she loves to be is at His feet to pour out upon Him her oil. And Oh, the fragrance of it, so sweet, and so intoxicating. He is taken by her love and adoration, and He is drawn to her side because of the fragrance of her love for Him.

No longer is she the broken one that He found so long ago, but His love has made her whole. A love that heals all wounds, a love that has caused her past to be almost a forgotten memory. In her all things have become new, and when she looks at herself, it's not longer her but Him, whose reflection she sees.

He looks at her feet, and how beautiful they are to Him. Wherever she goes, she brings good news. He loves the sound of her voice, because it has become the sound of many waters, an outflowing of His love and life within her being.

She takes pleasure in obeying Him, for it's a sign of her love. She never questions, or asks why? For she knows His will, and she knows His heart, and to not obey Him would break her heart. Even the thought that she might offend Him, to her is unthinkable.

Her life is in Him, and His life is in hers, and she will allow nothing to separate her from her love. And her fragrance has come before My Throne, and it is a sweet, sweet aroma that is filling the room.

A Time of Pruning

Shelleymae Bartlett

Do you feel yourself withering
Do you feel like your leaves are curling up?
A time of empty wilderness?

Then I say, dig deeper
Let the roots grow deeper as a time of pruning is come.
In this season a deeper place of intimacy needs to come
A deeper place of intimacy needs to take place.

From Glory to Glory
we are changed

not for what HE does for us
But for WHO and ALL HE IS

A Greater Revelation and Reflection
of Himself In and Through us.

But to see and understand this New Revelation and Reflection
we need to endure whatever comes our way and walk through the FIRE of any and all afflictions that come our way...
In this, will take and burn away,
All thats covering, layers of flesh of our carnal understanding thats in the way and pride.

Humbly submitted to you IN HIM,
Shelleymae Bartlett

The Heavens are Opening

Laurie Stone

Know My children that times are as I said they would be. Know that I have not left you. I will show My mercy to those that endure the trials that are upon them. Know that I hear your cries for deliverance. No one is unsusceptible to the One I chose them to walk with. I have called you by your name and anointed you in your hearts. Know that I send you messages of faith through the kindness of My words.

Many will try to condemn you when you step out. Know that it is time now for you to choose this day whom you will serve. I have called you by your name. This is not a test to see if you will follow Me. It is a decision to see if you have walked in My presence with love or if you tremble from fear for you've failed to see the one in the mirror is the works of the flesh. Are you real or are you a decoy?

I focus on the process and the finished target. Know that I have called you out to be recognized not for who you are but for what I have created within you. Follow Me and I will show you the death that lies behind you. No longer is your flesh holding you back, but it has perished in the fiery furnace. Choose Me this day to serve. Many await the real things of My testimony to awaken them. Do you stand in Me or have you been acknowledging the flesh more than the Word?

Hear Me children, it is time for battle. I cry out for you to see Me in all things. Do not falter for you are ready to walk in the anointed love that is being released upon the world. Do not tremble before man. What can man do to you? Tremble anxiously to meet the One called Faithful. When I come upon you, you will know who you are in Me. There will be no more hesitations and no more doubts. You will taste the cup that I have poured for you.

Know that I will send you a deliverer and He is the One you are yet to know of His will. I will show you who I am after you have shown Me the way you want to go. I see all that you do and all that you think. Give all that you have to Me and stop pouting for the things of the world. David was a disciple that mourned for a purpose. You will be the same. Endure children and come into My abode for I draw you to be transformed into Righteousness.

Sow Faithfully. Sow.

My Fire and Presence Shall Lead You

Jeanne Kruchowski

My Holy Bride,
As the days wain and come into the fulness I have decreed, My Fire and Presence shall Never Leave You. Indeed day and night I shall be with you and lead you into Precious Truth about your Beloved. My Truth shall Never Fail You, but shall always be a light to your feet.

Listen to My Call, is it not as the Turtle Dove crying for it's mate? You were created for Me, none other can suffice. It is My Character and My Steadfastness that you crave above all else, for there is nothing on this earth to compare to who I am. All else, everything, pales before Me the Living One who died that you may Live!

And your Home is filled with life! Where you belong with Me, the Eternal Springs are teeming with LIFE! Such is who I am. He who drinks of Me has no need for another.

My Wells are Deep. Too deep for you to measure or conceive. But you shall soon see the Glory of what I have waited to reveal until the end. Glory and Love and Mercy unspeakable.

To you My Bride who has walked in My steps, picking up your cross and dying to more than you ever dreamed you would. And I have seen and observed it all. And I have not forgotten YOU. How could I ever forget You My Beloved? Though even IF I were to try, I could Never forget you. Your sacrifices of love have comforted and soothed Me. To know that I am not totally rejected or forgotten. You will never totally understand the depths of My Love for you, for I am still God and you are still man.

You think you are one in a million but I would say to you that Millions have rejected Me, But Not You My Beloved. Through the pain you sought Me just as I sought you. And though I caused you to go through trial after trial to purify you, still you did not reject Me. That My Beloved tells Me Everything about you. About your character. You died that I may Live Through You, the Greatest Love There Is!

And so I will bring you to Myself, NEVER to be separated from ME. The world, the flesh and the devil will be gone forever and I will be relieved.

For as I have seen you suffer, I have suffered too, wanting to quickly snatch you out of your suffering. But I could not, because it was the very thing that proved YOU ARE MINE!

And so Eternity beckons You My Love, and You Shall No Longer Feel Unworthy as You have be tried by FIRE!

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