by Jay Atkinson

Jezebel was the daughter of Ethbaal, king of the Zidonians or Tyre and Sidon. King Ahab of Israel, the son of Omri, did evil in the sight of the Lord, took Jezebel in marriage and went and served Baal. Ahab coveted the vineyard of Naboth and when he could not obtain it, Jezebel slandered Naboth, he was stoned and the vineyard given to Ahab. The wife of Ahab had introduced the abominations of Astarte worship into Israel. Jezebel slew the prophets of the Lord, hiding others in a cave with bread and water. Jezebel is referred to as the corrupt woman, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth. She led her husband into the same idolatry and fed the prophets of Baal at her own table.

Jezebel is mentioned as the licentious false prophet of the Thyatira Church of the seven churches of Revelation. The church at Thyatira seems to fulfill the age of the Western Church from the dark ages unto the present time when their last works are more than the first. The nicolaitan idea of fleshly leadership in the church typified Rome and continued with the Protestants with the separation of clergy and laity. The denial of the sacramental quality of marriage leads the church into fornication and the false authority leads the church into confusion and false prophecy.

What Jesus had against the church of Thyatira was that "You suffer that woman Jezebel, which calls herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication and to eat things sacrificed unto idols. And I gave her space to repent of her fornication and she repented not. Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds."

Jezebel is a figurative and spiritual name for us. The Thyratiran church continues to this day and the Jezebel spirit manifests herself in the church and reaches to the highest pinnacles of government. The prophecy of the tribulation is in these last days and includes the greater part of Christendom that has allowed idolatry and the Jezebel spirit to flourish in the church and subsequently into all areas of society. Without an attitude of holiness, grace turns into licentiousness.

Jezebel is a whore and a witch whose spirit endures in the church by taking over the vineyard of the Lord. She covers her face with make-up to appear more attractive. Finally, Jezebel was a woman eventually destroyed by the very government she herself corrupted. The word of God came to Elijah and called him to show himself to Ahab and it would rain. The prophet came out of nowhere, stirred the righteous hearts, and the priests of Baal were put to death by the people. It was not Elijah alone but Jehu the anointed King over Israel that sought out the prophets of Baal and slew them, avenging the blood of the prophets. It was this king that dealt Jezebel the death blow by having her thrown down from the wall. In the end, Jehu did not follow the laws of the Lord with all His heart but it shall not be so with us. You are under the law of love and are among the overcomers, if in fact you are among the remnant. We may not be the Elijah to come or even a prophet but under our heritage, we are kings and priests. It is up to the church to become the spotless Bride in these last days and cast out the false prophets, we have the right and the power, we need but have the resolve to appropriate this power as the chosen remnant.

In Thyatira, the Jezebel spirit was and is introducing these same vile practices into the Christian church. By attaching herself to the Christians and manipulating them, she is insisting on the right to teach and practice licentious indulgence and claiming inspiration for her teaching. Those in the church that despise prophecy and forbid the true prophets to speak are under the influence of the Jezebel spirit. They may not have actually killed the prophets but by not allowing God's free operation to speak through His ministers, they kill the spirit that speaks through Him, thereby introducing the confusion of Babylon and the false teaching and doctrines of demons that identify a divided church. Among an apostate church, true prophets are hidden and not allowed to feast upon the richness of spiritual meat. Those under her influence will despise true prophecy, entertain the false prophets and attack those with true spiritual authority. Not all Thyatira pastors accept this teaching and this stinging rebuke is not for those that have not reached into Jezebel's satanic depth. Judgment is given according to the works of those under the Jezebel spirit, the words against them are delivered from One "with eyes like fire and feet like brass." Without repentance, these sins and the accompanying worldliness and schismatic confusion will cause tribulation and the death of the children who commit adultery with her.

Different demons have different names. The Jezebel demon spirit entices God's servant to fornication and adultery. Attitudes are contrived to try to cover the sin and the true prophetic spirit of conviction is allowed to be cast out. The sin of fornication includes any sexual act outside of marriage, male and female, to one partner and in the New Testament, it is the sin with the most singular condemnation but we must realize here that there are prophecies concerning the church committing fornication with the kings of the earth. Jesus is wedded to the church. When Jesus condemns those that have committed adultery with Jezebel, He is referring to the church and worldliness, not necessarily sexual immorality. Jezebel was and is a political figure and uses spiritual control and manipulation to exert influence. Once under this delusionary spirit, she takes them captive, disguises herself as the spirit of God and allows false prophecy, idolatry and worldly practices to flourish.

Jezebel uses her controlling influence to lead God's people to worship a church system that is not led by His spirit. Instead of being the Bride of Christ, the church is turned into a harlot turning to other gods, and a harem, becoming many wives through denominational divisions. It is hard to resist once under her spell, she feels just like Jesus but it is a delusion. Those under the Jezebel spirit are given a false peace about the sin and confusion and the spirit of conviction does not take hold because they are given over to satan's deception for the destruction of the flesh. She will even counterfeit the Holy Spirit feeling of holiness in the heart. Jezebel is the spirit of modern day Babylon and we are told to flee from her.

Jezebel is not gender specific. She is a type that shows up in todays relationship with the church to the world and the relationship with church authority and the congregation. When Jezebel painted her face to make herself more attractive it suggests a type of evil that is all made up to look attractive to those that are under her spell. The Jezebel spirit is a type of delusion that is given to the church so that they might not recognize the influence. If you understand the hypocrisy and worldliness of the political Christian right and their pretense of proper Christian truth, you have an idea how far this has gone. This is much more of a balanced approach to the world situation today and what Elijah would be fighting against than merely a women doing anything in authority over a man or any person usurping authority in the church.

There is a movement today that looks like it is coming against pastors in the church but this impression is only half right. Pastors are needed in the church and are a proper part of the ministry and there are many that have not bent the knee to Baal but more and more, we are learning about the Jezebel spirit in the church and that it applies to many pastors and teachers. The Elijah spirit that comes against the spirit of Jezebel is prophetic and those pastors that will not submit to the prophetic voice in the congregation are starting to feel the heat. There are pastors and Christian leaders that use control and manipulation to bring forth their own special interests and pet denominational doctrines. Some of those pastors are trying to turn it around and blame it on the prophets speaking out in church but these very pastors that are muzzling the prophets are exposing the Jezebel spirit to their own shame. Pastors who are hearing the insistence of apostolic mandate and treat these times as business as usual are being exposed as fools. It is true that most Christians will be taken unawares but many hear the Lord.

Jezebel is a hot prophetic topic right now, the Lord is exposing these people as false teachers and it includes so-called apostles and evangelists. Your pastor may accept the prophetic but it is time to come against the Jezebel spirit in the church and prophets called to do it will be sent to them. If your pastor falls into that category, then it will be to his loss but it is not for us to judge. There are pastors who have not fallen prey to the delusions of Jezebel and they are standing along side of these truths. We must come to the irrefutable conclusion that as the remnant, we should not be subject to this power. The Elijah spirit that is taking on the Jezebel spirit is coming forth with another power, that of the "Spirit saith the Lord" kind of power that will knock Jezebel out of her exalted perch and bring her down to the level that she is destined to fall into, along with Babylon.

It is the Jezebel spirit that has seduced our present generation to commit fornication, whether sexual or political, to deny the prophets and has allowed the spirit in the mainstream, justifying it according to the mores of the times. Those under her spell think it is overlooked by God. We need to pray for these ones that the Jezebel spirit is overcome so that they will see the truth. There are loved ones involved that need to be restored, churches that need the prophetic truth, there are millions right around you just waiting to hear this truth and submit themselves to true spiritual authority so that they may be delivered. Now you know, the trumpet is at your lips, sound the alarm.
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