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May 7, 2003

Bruised Reed

Tammie Gelis

The Lord spoke something to me as the wind started blowing very strongly through my windows and shaking the blinds that were in front of it. He told me that there has been a very strong wind blowing and it was not the wind of His Holy Spirit. But that this wind was making much noise and raising up fear in many. This wind was causing the bruised reeds that I saw to push into each other and rub each other and cause the other reeds to even bend further over and be further bruised.

I heard the Lord say so is My church doing to each other. Bruising each other. Allowing the winds of offense to come blowing in and make so much noise. Those taking up offense, those trying to defend themselves from the ones feeling offended. Great is the noise and the damage of offense in your lives and in the lives that you touch with this offense so strongly upon you. How loud the offense vibrates in your being and slowly but surely destroys you. It brings you to anger and bitterness and unforgiveness, to the point that you cannot hardly love or care for another.

One bruised reed bruises other reeds.

I keep hearing the Father say it is within your power to stop this wind from blowing and bruising any further. You can get up, rise up and close the windows through which they come in. What windows do you have open today? How easily are we moved by this wind of offense? How much have we allowed to be destroyed in our lives because of this? How many relationships/friendships have we let just slip away because of offense? How many of those that we hold dear do we offend back when we get offended and start the wind blowing stronger to destroy even more reeds?

"There are many many many bruised reeds in My body just being blown every which direction. Who will stop that wind? who will stop the offense? Who will cut it down? Who will go and minister to the bruised and see healing come and not just let them fall to the ground and die? Who will love them? Who will restore them? Who will reach out their hands and be My hands to them? Who will die so another can live? My people rise up and do something about this wind of offense before it destroys and brings to ruin too much in your lives and those around you. Put a stop to it in your own lives. Do not take on the offense...choose rather to forgive.

"Forgive and you will experience life. Take on the offense and see death creep into your bones. Come to Me, give these offenses to Me so I may heal, I may restore. Then turn and restore your brothers and sisters. Let restoration and love be your heart and goal, it is certainly My goal."

Abide In Me

Musa Opiyo

Consider this My beloved, and take this into account. Has the Father not cared for you? Has he not sent his angels to be your protection in times of trouble? Then look to him, the Author and the Finisher of your faith. Turn your affections from worldly passions, and seek the Father and His word.

For have I not made it plain to you, you are My hearts desire? Abide in Me, as I abide in you, and know that of yourselves, you can do nothing, but My Spirit empowers you to do great things in My name.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify you Father which is in heaven. Give Me all of your heart, and I will exchange beauty for ashes. Know My voice, My beloved, for it is sound and sure and will lead you into My righteousness. I speak to those who have been hurt or offended, and I ask you to forgive them 70 times 7.

But you say,' Lord, don't you know what they have done?' Have I not forgiven you every time you came in repentance? Then forgive your neighbor and do not hold it against him, but release them unto Me. O taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed are those who put their trust in Him, for they will not be disappointed.

Musa Opiyo

Release Into Freedom and Liberty

Shirley Lise

My ways are higher than the ways of men and I am demonstrating My ways amongst those who truly seek Me. I am dispelling the lies and introducing the truth to those willing to learn of it. I am addressing issues of the heart, dependency upon the world's system, the world's ways of doing things. I am opening up what has been hidden and bringing all things under the scrutiny of My Spirit.

I will address issues that have been covered. I will lift the top off and peer down into the depths of what is taking place, even behind closed doors and even under the guise of religion, even that which is hidden amongst those who call themselves by My name.

Can you see what I intend to do? Can you understand that I am exposing all that is in error? I will conceal nothing in this day, but everything will be opened up for scrutiny. So do away with preconceived ideas. Do away with those things you have been familiar with.

Be ready and willing to let go of methods and means. Be ready to open the eyes of your understanding and your ears to hear what I am saying in this day. Be ready to give up those things that have kept you comfortable, for I am shaking things and nothing will remain uncovered. As I do, do not hesitate to come into agreement with what I am doing.

Recognize the source of problems. Do not be overwhelmed by them, but be willing to deal with them, for I intend to set the captives free, to loose those who have been held in bondage by the world's ways, and to bring them into the liberty of My Spirit.

This is a day of release for the prisoners, a day to joy and gladness, for the POWs are coming home, home to the Father's house. This is the day of breakthrough for those who have struggled with sin in their lives and for those who have been blinded by the efforts of the evil one.

Rejoice and sing, for the day of great joy has come. I am breaking the bands of wickedness that have held My people captive. I am snapping the chains that have held them bound. Traditions of men will no longer keep them, for I am releasing them into the freedom and liberty of the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah, sing Hallelujah, for your God reigns!


Eleventh Hour Workers

Patsy Shelton

In this season your gifts and callings will be made clear to you. There are gifts that have laid dormant because you have not known how they function, or how to operate in them. I will teach you with mine eye, for I have singleness of purpose in all that I do. And all that has lain dormant will be brought to life, and you will see, and you will know, that which has been implanted within you.

For those that have yet to understand their purpose, this season will bring revelation to your heart of what you were created for. No longer will you wander aimlessly wondering where you fit into My Body.

But in this season I will unveil to you your purpose like the unveiling of a painting, and you will see, and you will find your place. And in this place you will function, and your will flourish, for your days of wondering are over. I will make it clear to you, and confirmation will come to you, and for you, life will have a new meaning. And your purpose will make a way for you, and the path that I have destined you will walk, will bring great joy to your heart.

Destiny for some is becoming a reality, but in this season, I will even expand the vision. You have seen glimpses, but I have not allowed you to see the "whole picture," for fear that you would feel overwhelmed, and draw back. I have prepared and equipped you for this season when you would walk in the fullness of your destiny.

These things that I am doing, I do because it is time for My Body to come together, and to flow as one being. It is imperative then that all My people know their gifts, callings, purpose, and destiny.

I have prepared mentors in this season. Those that have been anointed to teach, touch, and impart all that My people need to function and flourish in this hour. They walk in revelation that will quickly cause My people to come to a place of maturity. For I have saved them for this hour, and for such a time as this. Now, in this season, I will make them known.

In this time of great acceleration, and because this is the generation that has sought deep intimacy with Me, I will do a quick work. Those that have worked in My Kingdom for years will be astounded, as I raise up eleventh hour workers.

Did I not say that this is the season of blooming and blossoming? Just stand back and watch as My people begin to grow in leaps and bounds.


Teresa Seputis

So many of My children have been snared and entangled by unforgiveness, and they are not even aware of it. Many have been falsely taught that all they have to do is to make a one time decision of their mind or will to forgive. But they go on feeling hurt, angry, bitter, resentful. They go on wishing harm upon the one who harmed them. Many of My children say that they forgive when they have not truly done so. These same ones who have "forgiven" go on to cry out to Me for "justice" -- meaning that they want Me to punish the very one that they claim to have forgiven.

Do you not know that I have called you to a higher standard of forgiveness than this? I have commanded you to forgive from the bottom of your heart, to give up your "right" for revenge and to truly leave the decision of what to do about it in My hands. Do you not understand that the offense is not against you, it is against Me. You are My servant, My representative. When a person wrongs you, I count it on My account, not on yours. Do you remember when My servant David sinned against Bathsheba and Uriah -- forcing one into adultery and costing the other his life? This same David, under the prophetic unction of My Holy Spirit said to Me "Against You and against You only, oh Lord, have I sinned." [Editor's note: that is Ps 51:4] What he spoke to Me was truth -- for I did not put the sin on Uriah's account nor did I put it on Bathsheba's account. I put the offense directly on My own account. And it was with Me -- not with Uriah and not with Bathsheba --that David had to deal.

Child of Mine, you are not your own, you have been purchased with a great price, you are My possession. And the offenses committed against you are not on your account, they are on Mine. That is why I require you to release offense to Me and to give ownership to it's proper place. Since you are Mine, the wrongs committed against you are wrongs committed against Me. Therefore, it is My choice what to do about them. You do not own that choice anymore. That is why you must forgive and release ownership of the offense to Me, for I am the rightful owner. Just as you are never to steal My Glory, so you are never to steal My justice. Ownership must go to Me. The decision of whether to hold accountable and punish or whether to release unconditional forgiveness belongs to Me. That decision is Mine, just as you are Mine.

Child, when you hold onto resentment, anger, bitterness and a desire for revenge or harm on your oppressor, you open yourself to the whiles of the enemy of your souls. He is out to destroy you, to torment you, to bring affliction and sickness and poverty and harm into your life. He lays claim of your unforgiveness as his right to attack you. He does this because I have commanded you to forgive -- and when you do not forgive you are in sin and rebellion against Me. And that sin and rebellion opens the door for the enemy to torment you.

Close that door, child of Mine. The one who is hurt by your unforgiveness is you. It can allow the enemy to effect your health, your finances, your relationships and your sense of well being. Is it worth it to hang so tightly onto something that I claim as My own?

Here is what I require of you for true forgiveness, the type that comes from the bottom of your heart. Release your ownership of the offense --and release your ownership of retaliation. Give up your right for the oppressor to be punished and leave it in My hands. Allow Me to decide what I want to do in this case and do not make demands on Me to hold that one accountable. I am good and I am wise. I am also holy and I am just. I will put a separation between you and the offense/offender.

Leave the judgment in My hands. When you give up your "rights" to Me in this regard, then I count it as forgiveness. And I bring healing and restoration to you. And I raise up a standard against the enemy's attacks upon you. And I will quiet the pain of your heart and emotions and I will break the power of the harm over you. For I desire to set you free regardless of how I deal with the one who caused you harm. I desire that you be whole and that your joy be full.

When your heart wants to feel offense, resentment or unforgiveness, give the ownership to Me -- for I count the offense as against Myself. Allow Me to minister healing and restoration to you. Do not allow unforgiveness to hold you in bondage. Give it to Me, give your rights to Me, and I will set you free from the power of the offense that was committed against you.

The Wind of Heaven

Bill Burns

Listen for the wind; can you hear it? Surely it blows, for the winds of heaven now come to bring My people into alignment. Even as the nations come into their positions and alignments, that which will fulfill the end of all prophecy, you must hear My voice today as the wind of My breath blows upon you to bring you forth into your kingdom position. I say, seek not a worldly position, but seek now your kingdom position. Seek those with whom I have brought you into alignment and those that I would have you dwell in covenant with, for it shall be in that company of the redeemed, that place of refuge, that authority has been given you by My own hand, which will cause you to dwell in safety. Surely I will be found among you, and I will anoint and equip you. I will certainly provide for you, for this is My desire -- to bring forth a covenant people who dwell in the power of My reign and My anointing and My glory, for I am seeking such to serve Me, and those who come apart and give themselves to Me shall surely find Me and shall be found dwelling in My glory, says the Lord.

These are the end times, the end of days, the consummation of all things, so prepare yourself to be found in My house, for the wind of heaven has come to realign you and position you and blow you into your end-time station in the earth. In that place there shall be safety, says the Lord.

Faith Tabernacle
Kremmling, Colorado

This Gospel

Becky McLendon

Matthew 24:14 says: "and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then shall the end come."

Matthew 26:13 says: "Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman hath done, be told for a memorial of her. "

This gospel is preached in tears, with a broken alabaster box and poured out precious ointment upon His feet.

The Lord has been showing MUCH about what this gospel is. THIS is a demonstrative adjective, that sets an object or concept APART from "all the others." All that Jesus was and said and did on this earth is tied up in this gospel.. Man, over the centuries, has developed "gospels" to suit a particular tradition or belief system. Paul warned of these "other gospels" all through his epistles.

In issuing the divine COME, the spirit and the bride speak forth this gospel IN all the world, and not to the world. This gospel is a sound HEARD, a sound which produces the fullest wheat for harvest, and then accomplishes the ingathering. It does not wait to have a meeting or a conference, it just gets PREACHED everywhere the believer goes. The fragrance and the sound preach a million sermons! Words seasoned with the salt of eternity PRESERVE this gospel.

This gospel that Jesus calls us to preach is one that abolishes death and brings LIFE. This gospel is NOT found on or from hours of pouring over commentaries, outlines, articles of men's opinions. Instead it is found in the throne room of God and is spoken in the power of His holy anointing, in Spirit and in Truth.

This gospel is not learned in seminary or in hours of tedious searching of scripture to prove doctrinal points. It is learned hidden in the cleft of the Rock until the sound of it is heard and produced. It is learned in the secret place, the Holy place far from the clamor of the outer courts. It is apprehended amongst the golden lampstands and in the bread of His presence.

This gospel is not preached to build big church houses or to get people to "come to 'my" church. It is preached that men may choose life. In so choosing they rise to their feet and "go and sin no more!" They draw into Christ and then they preach this gospel too!

This gospel testifies of and REVEALS Christ in the world! It preaches a plan of salvation that comes by the way of the Seven Spirits of God. It comes as Seven Trumpets, Seven Angels, Seven Seals, Seven Thunders, and as a voice of MANY WATERS. It is LIVING WORD, and the ONLY gospel that brings both salvation and judgment.

This gospel produces transformation and tribulation. It is preached in the acceptable year of the Lord and in the day of His vengeance.

This gospel produces resurrection to life in those who ear it, and destruction to death to those who reject it.

This gospel turns the kingdoms of this world over to the kingdom of our God.

This gospel speaks of the kingdom of God in the world, and establishes its government!

This gospel comes from having paid a price and from sharing and partaking in Christ...ALL of Him. Eating the ENTIRE lamb.

Matthew 24:14 says: "and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then shall the end come."

Amen, even so, Lord Jesus COME.


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