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October 27, 2003

My People, My People

Marion Lundy

Oh, My people! My people! How I long to gather you under My protective wings like a hen gathers her chicks, but some of you still will not. You run in and out from under My covering, chasing your own wills and desires, breaking the hedge about you and your enemy takes advantage of this. He smites you and you run back to Me for deliverance. I love you and I always rescue you when you repent, but this pattern has got to change.

I am your Bridegroom. I want a fully submitted and committed bride. I want a faithful bride. I have to have a bride who loves Me back and always tries to please Me. You are not to be estranged nor separated from Me, but totally given up to Me. You know that the goal is for you to walk in oneness with Me. The goal is for you to walk in My Spirit. Why go darting about, here and there, into this, into that and missing My mark? The enemy loves it when you do this so that he can get at you.

Many calamities and much tribulation will be in this world, but My canopy over you is an eternal wall of security. Because of some things that have happened already you ran to Me, but many of you have slacked up in your pursuit of Me after things got a little better and started chasing after other gods. Run to Me! Run to Me! How I long to gather you, to embrace and shield you from all the catastrophes of the world.

Pray! Pray! Cry out in travail unto Me. Intercede for people of the nations. Let your hearts bleed in prayer before Me now. Talk to Me. Communicate with Me. I will give My directions and instructions for your way. I will make your day!

A Solemn Word To The Church

Yolanda Ballard

Wake up, Church, and cast off all that would hinder you, and be united and seek My face, says the Lord. Keep your balance in all things. Seek wisdom and knowledge, and stir up your gifts and arise above the circumstances, and stand on My promises. Quit striving, let go, and let Me reign in your lives. Rest in Me and I will take care of your every need, for I AM your Heavenly Father, and I take care of My own.

I say quit striving to accomplish all the works and the programs and all the projects, etc. If you would just seek My face and My righteousness, all these things will be added unto you, and that is all the needs of the Church. Just rest in Me for it is My Body and I AM the head and I AM in control. Just trust Me and yield to My will. Be not as Martha being consumed with all the things that look like they need to be done, but be like Mary, being consumed with My presence, being at My side, seeking My heart and My perfect will.

Keep things simple and cease striving and rest in Me, says the Lord. Trust Me and yield to My will for it is all My program, and I AM the One who ordained it, orchestrates it, and will accomplish it in My timing and in My ways, says the Lord. My word to you, Church, is for you to obey and let Me be God, and quit being a hindrance to Me for this is a solemn word to you, and I cannot stress that enough. Just quit striving and give it all to Me and rest, and I will remove what isn't of Me, and create My programs through you that will best accomplish My will through you.

Give all to Me and start anew. What is truly of Me will stand, and what isn't will be removed. I want My order and My will in My Church. Are you afraid to give Me your all? Are you afraid to trust Me? Don't you feel I AM capable to run My Church? There is too much that is not of Me in the camp. For I AM God, and I will have My way in this hour, for time is short, and I have a lot to accomplish through you, but you must be totally yielded, My people.

I say again. Let go of all that would obstruct My vision. Get back to the basics -- to seek My face and My will. Prepare your hearts to turn over everything to Me. Take your true position in Me. Put on your armor and begin to march with one goal, one focus, one vision ----- to pursue My holiness, My intimacy, My love, and to break through the gates, pull down strongholds and let My river flow!

Yolanda Ballard

Out of a Dry Ground

Tim Glendenning

Isa. 53:2.---' As a root out of a dry ground.'

Northern Rhodesia suffers each year from long months of drought, which begins in March and lasts on till November. During the weeks after Michaelmas, however, before any rain has fallen, a strange miracle passes over the face of the thirsty land. Everywhere, without apparent cause, the sun-baked soil breaks out and blossoms into a wonderful wealth of flowers. By such resurrections Nature still speaks to us in parables concerning the secrets of the grace of God.

Our Redeemer and Restorer is continually coming down from heaven and giving life to the world. Throughout the checkered history of the Church we meet with recurrences and repetitions of this Divine paradox which belonged to its miraculous birth. Again and again when Christian belief has sunk into superstition, when Christian morals have corrupted and decayed, suddenly, without visible cause or agency, new spiritual life appears and spreads and strengthens and multiplies, we know not how. About every true revival there is something incalculable and unexplained. We can never predict the coming of a great Christian reformer. Catherine of Siena appears like an angel from heaven to rebuke Papal apostasy at Avignon. Whitefield and Wesley arise without warning to reanimate the dying religion of the English people. No man is able to forecast or anticipate those secret operations whereby the Holy Ghost quickens whom He will.

In the history of the world there are long, dreary centuries about which chroniclers find little to record. And in every age for multitudes of ordinary people life must needs seem dull and sordid and commonplace. They meet with hardly any thrilling adventures or golden hours of romance. Year after year they are constrained to toil on in mechanical fashion. More or less patiently they carry their appointed burdens and tramp along the familiar paths of routine. For the majority of men and women, existence means a tedious pilgrimage over dry and thirsty ground. There is only one discovery which has power to redeem it and transfigure it. But the revelation of the love of Christ is able to flood our dreary experience with wonder and gladness and glory which are not of this world.

Today we are often tempted to lose heart when we recognize the barrenness of so much religious machinery and controversy. On one side multitudes of Christians go on "mumbling the dry bones and munching the remainder biscuit" of tradition and ceremonial. On another side there is an extension of what has been called the "Hard Church." Crowds of good people are spending their strength in the effort to obtain Acts of legislature against evil; they are invoking more inspectors and more policemen to reform the world. The multiplication of laws and the deterioration of character to a large extent keep pace with each other. Our human laws exist to deal with crimes, not with sins. Many sins---including some of the deadliest, like covetness and pride---are not crimes at all. The arm of flesh can restrain criminals, but it is powerless to save sinners. Yet Christians know how God trusts to sheer love, and love alone, to redeem the souls whom He has left at liberty to disown and defy Him. And therefore Christians can never pin their faith to human prohibitions and suppressions as instruments for regenerating mankind. According to the New Testament, force can never put away sin; we have to look elsewhere to find the cure. Our passionate hope and prayer must be that God in His mercy will remember and visit His Church, so that even amid the drought and aridity of its spirit fresh saints and apostles may once more be born.

The same truth is illustrated also in the individual life of the believer. Now and again the most zealous and loyal workers for Christ wake up to discover that their pathway of service has become gradually paved into a mere custom of doing good. Moreover, when we listen to the holiest Christians, they testify with one voice that they have had to endure seasons when their souls grew parched, hard, and flowerless as the desert sand; when they felt devoid of capacity, even of desire, for communion with their Lord.

Against such visitations of inward drought and deadness we posses no antidote in ourselves. We can only look beyond ourselves and fasten our eyes on the sign of the Son of Man. Here is the witness of one who had been deeply exercised and instructed in the mysteries of faith: The Cross has become to me in spiritual things just what the felt, experienced affection of a steadfast friend becomes in natural life, a settled axiom of the soul---an already proven certainty which I rest in, without needing consciously to realize. And to the work of Christ on the Cross I can commit and commend my whole spiritual destinies, and say, Let their weight hang there with Him, even in those frequent seasons of deadness when His very sufferings and death do not powerfully affect my feelings. Life itself will sometimes appear strangely false, dream-like, and unreal; but the fact of Christ's death remains valid. It is true for me, inalienably true, though the poverty of my human nature forbids me either to rejoice in it or to weep over it as I would. Even sorrow is a fruit which it requires some richness of soil to raise and ripen. But the cross and faith in the work wrought there is a root that can grow out of dry ground.

In Christ, timothy.

I Am Sending You

Teresa Seputis

Child of Mine, go forth. Go boldly forward to proclaim My kingdom to the hurting and to the lost. For I am sending you to them. I am sending you with good news that will make the heart glad, that I love them and that I am calling them to Myself. Heal the sick to demonstrate My love and My compassion to them. This is how I make it real to them... I show them My love. I meet them where they are at and I show them how good I am. If their need is healing, I heal, and I invite them into a close and loving relationship with their Creator and Lord. If they are oppressed by the enemy, cast out the demons and set them free. Then they will see the demonstration of My power and they will believe in My name.

I have sent you out, but I have not sent you powerless. So when you go, take My power and My anointing with you. For I have called you to be My witness. I have called you to demonstrate the reality of My power and to be one who proclaims My kingdom.

Demonstrate My love in practical ways. Feed the hungry. Care for the orphans. Heal the sick. Cast out demons. Does that sound impossible to you? Good. Because I specialize in the impossible. It is by doing the impossible that you demonstrate the reality of My kingdom and of My love to those who do not yet know Me.

The unsaved are very important to Me. Why do you think I tarry the return of My Son to the earth? It is that the lost might be saved. That is why I delay the return, that is why I wait. But how will the lost come to Me unless they hear the good news? And how will they hear if someone does not tell them in a way that they can understand? And that someone is you. And the way they can understand is by speaking the truth of My kingdom, the good news of My love for man, and also by demonstrating the reality of it through healings and signs and wonders.

My church has been powerless for too long, having believed the reasoning of man and having taken on limitations that I have not put on them. It is time for you to abandon these limitations and embrace the reality of My kingdom and of My power, for I am sending you to the lost. I am sending you to proclaim My good news and I am sending you to demonstrate My power.

So rise up, child of Mine. Learn of Me, receive a portion of My compassion that you might be moved with My love for the lost ones. Receive a portion of My authority, that you might demonstrate My power. Speak forth the message of My good news - that I love mankind and have prepared a way for them to come to Me, that I have broken the power of sin and sickness and death in their lives and that I desire to give them My victory and set them free to know Me.

For I am sending you, Child of Mine, to a world that is lost and sick and dieing and full of despair. Bring them the message of My hope and of My love and of My life and of My deliverance. I have appointed you as My mouthpiece to bring this message to the lost. And I will back you up with My power as you proclaim My kingdom. For I am sending you and you will not go alone. I will go with you.

You Are One Of Many That Have Cried Out

L.D. Oxford

You are one of many that have cried out in the hours of the night, in the early morning hours. And you have said in your heart: Oh, God! I'm so tired of the sham! I'm so tired of that , which is not real in your place! I want to see reality come forth!

And the Lord says: I would have you know and others around you know this day, that the REAL GOD is coming forth, with the REAL MOVE in my place.

It will not be dramatized by men. It will not be the theatrics of the professionals that will be coming forth. But it will be the TRUE Word of God. It will be the TRUE ministry of God. And it will be the TRUE gifts of God in operation.

Instead of being dramatized, they will be criticized. Instead of men being loved like you, they will be hated. They will be hated in my place of ministry. And the REAL will be hated by many, says the Lord.

But I would have you know this day, that I am putting something within you, that will come forth. That will push against men's ideas, and men's methods, and men's theatrics and men's dramatization, says the Lord.

Because I am coming forth with the REAL FIRE. And it will burn up all of the strange fires that have been brought forth in my place of ministry. I will remove all of the strange acts. As I come forth in the action of my power, like I plan to do in my place.

All of the strange fires will be put out, and all of the strange acts will be done away with. And only the real will come forth when I move, says the Lord of Hosts.

-L.D. Oxford

Fire Of Hope

Darcia Sharp

Plain and simple.

HIS ministry is wherever HE SENDS YOU and HE IS glorified.

He said you would be called Ministers of the LORD. HIS NAME is glorified in you flowing from you unto others yet unto Him. None other. HIS WORD is glorified. None other. No opinion nor soulish expression but the purity of the anointed ONE, the Messiah in rich oil SPREADING the Gospel by His Spirit as God alone leads and one obeys.

He WILL fulfill purpose and no one can take this creative, written purpose from you, for God establishes always what He is. He reveals and then you too know. It is developed and comes to pass in perfect timing to those who believe HIM and do HIS WILL.

No rejection, persecution nor doubt or jealousy or action of another can keep you from what God said He would do. Moving WITH the Lamb who is the Light you cannot go wrong. Believing what He saith proves the WORD IN YOU and His purposes that are written as a testimony and shall flow out AS A RIVER OF ANOINTED LIVING WATER OF FRESH OIL as HE SENDS you. He wills to build HIS church. The testament is written in the Rod of Salvation. The Branch where all will become one. They will hear and see.

Every room of the Sanctuary He is building will be connected and joined as one, heart to heart by His Spirit. Didn't He say He would build His church upon the ROCK? One body proclaims ONE Word. This is not just for a few people nor a certain group . The whole counsel of God by the whole, Holy body of Christ.

He the Light and perpetual fire from His Temple abides in that is Holy where He is seen shining forth. His Spirit is upon me for HE has anointed me to preach the Gospel to the poor, HE hath SENT me to heal the broken-hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives and recovering sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised. Christ Jesus within the temple and sent out to gather and to shine UPON. He that believeth on me as the Scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow riverS of living water. Luke 4:18, John 7:37.

A perpetual fire from the Holy Temple from the bosom, from the belly, from the depths. It is Holy. It is Holy Ghost fire!

Ministry and mission of God does not look like religion. It walks into religion SENT AS LIGHT INTO DARKNESS that binds the tender hearts and the anointing SAYS IN THE SPIRIT, in the fire, " Let Gods people go", and leads them to Him through Jesus by the Spirit that they too walk in Him. Serving Him in what He said would come to pass at the perfect time of their perfection in purpose and His written purpose for personal destiny in Him and for the furtherance of the Gospel.

Nothing can stop this. No organization, no wall of man, nothing for the Lord takes down the fence and defence of man. This ministry is not manipulated by man nor succeeds by the seduction of the devil.

God is doing it. God is fulfilling it through the Anointed Messiah IN YOU where ever you go and are today. The plan is coming to pass in fulfillment. The fire that burns in the righteous tree planted in Him, yet doest get burned. The fire that one walks in, in the den of the lion and says, HEY LOOK HERE ITS JESUS WITH ME ...EXCUSE US PLEASE and the fire of man touches not but the fire of God consumes all flesh and we do not get burnt. The fire that proves the false prophets that burns with the Living waters now burns in the temple as Elijah showing the works of God. Truth shines bright. The consuming fire of God that goes out as lightning that shines as the brightness of His essence. He is uniting with the FIRE OF HOPE. The fire of passion and compassion. The fire of purity. The fire of Love.

It is going out and we are moving in it. It is happening. His fire sets UPON AND IS WITHIN and never shall depart. He comes in weight and measure to reveal Himself.

Some are given opportunity to share but they would rather keep it for themselves. As the women with Elijah she was taught she HAD TO POUR OUT that she would never run out of oil. As Mary who poured out as Jesus feet; His footstool is earth. He is pouring out in and UPON earth.

This is not a mixture of mans fragrance of oils and perfumes that are a copy to produce the scent of the oils in the old testament. He has made a NEW testament. This oil IS THE ANOINTED ONE IN SPIRIT that IS HOLY. This is the real oil that was represented in the old testament tabernacle now come in life within and upon the body of Christ. The Church. This is produced and flows as the flame burns FRESH and vibrant with great grace and boldness.

The plan is coming together one moment and step at a time. It is intricated to darkness but a revealed mystery of the deep to those that will. It is pure and Holy and HOT. It burns clean. He is writing in the hearts.

Wherever you go, wherever you are. Wherever He sends you today. NOW, that fire of His Spirit is reaching out and it will and HE WILL gather the people in His great and marvellous LIGHT OF ANOINTING. It is a gentle flame that brings comfort. A healing salve for His hurting people. The flow is SPREADING the borders. Watch and see the vision shall speak flowing and COVERING and PUT ON CHRIST the Anointed ONE for He COMES UPON HIS PEOPLE.

The alarm is sounding. THERE IS A FIRE. He is gathering His people in the Heavenly flow. It is touching your family, your neighbours, your community, your city, your province, your state, your nation. It is touching from heaven to earth. It is touching Gods people, His way. He is touching by HIS HAND. The Kingdom is on FIRE. On fire IN LOVE.

The devil doesn't like it.

Wealth Of the Gentiles

Marsha Burns

Listen carefully and understand wisdom. Many in My kingdom are waiting for the wealth of the Gentiles to be transferred to them, but I say to you that the wealth of the Gentiles is not just their silver and gold; it is they themselves -- those who do not know Me. In this new season I call you to work in My vineyard, which is My kingdom, to plant and to prune and to bring forth the harvest. Behold, I give seed to the sower, which is My Word, and I call you now to discern the times and the seasons and to know where to plant by discerning the ground of hearts prepared. Prepare your seed and go forth to plant at My leading. Deposit My Word in the hearts that have been made ready through your prayers to receive the seed and bring forth fruit. Watch and be amazed at the things that are about to transpire, for I am causing My people to redeem the land Those who have ears to hear will take back what the enemy has stolen and used for His purposes. I will bring life and joy to that which has suffered desolation. Lift up your heads and rejoice, for this is a great work.

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