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October 15, 2003

An Extreme Time Of Testing

Patsy Shelton

It's time for a turn a round. As I live, saith the Lord God, things are about to turn around. This time has been a time of extreme testing. My people have been tested in their relationships, financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There has been much adversity in the lives of My people, and to some they were even feeling overwhelmed. I allow My people to be tested, so that they will see what is in their hearts. But, this time of testing has brought great growth, and new perspectives in many areas of their lives.

Even My Son was tested for 40 days in the wilderness, and when the testing was over He returned to Gailee in the power of the Spirit. My servant Job as tested, and tried in every aspect of his life, and his end was better than his beginning.

I allowed Saul to pursue David, and it was the greatest test of his life. Having been pursued by the King that he was devoted to and loved, and not take revenge upon him by taking his life. My Son was constantly testing the hearts of His disciples. They would witness one miracle after another, and then when the time came for the next miracle, they would doubt.

And so it has been with My people through this time of testing. Oh to go from faith to faith, and glory to glory there will always be test. It is a part of the maturing process, and with each test, and each season of tests, they grow stronger. They come out of the wilderness leaning on Me as never before.

They come out of the testing knowing Me more intimately than before. They come out of the test seeing their weakness, but having a new experience of My strength to carry them through.

This time of testing is nearing an end, and My people will never be the same. It will be for them as it was for My Son, they will come out in the power of My Spirit. There end will be far greater than there beginning. And they will receive a double portion.

Count it all joy, rejoice and be glad for the time of extreme testing is coming to an end, and nothing will ever be the same. Great growth has taken place in the lives of these, and many have been promoted from faith and into the glory. Ah, for My people, saith the Lord God, the best is yet to come.

Showers of blessings are coming to My people, great growth has taken place, and My winds of refreshing and renewing will cause them to soar to the next level in their walk with their God. Before promotion, and the inheritance of the promises, there are always times of testing.

Watch now for I will cause the circumstances and situations of the testing to bring them forth in the power of My Spirit, and to make the end of the time of testing, better than the beginning, saith the Lord God.

I Will Carry You

Shirley Lise

Love never fails. Put your trust in Me and let Me carry you through the storms. Walk in love and peace. This is the day when I am raising up a banner for all to see. You will see My love in all its ways.

Grace is upon you, great grace, grace that is greater than all your sin. Walk in integrity. Do what I say and walk in the way open to you. I will take care of you. I will protect you. You will see that I have great things in store for you, that I will develop the giftings and move you out in them.

Be ready to be moved out. I will take you world-wide. This is My will for you, I will give you My heart and you will know My counsel. I will lead you and guide you. You will see that I have, indeed, ordained your going forth. I will walk you into places of rest and refuge. I will use you as a place of refuge, as a place of rest. Counsel will flow from your lips.

It is a new day. I am taking you out of the old and into the new, so open wide your heart to receive revelation from your king, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I am moving you on and into the full potential of the ministry of Christ. Healings, salvations, will take place in your midst.

I am unraveling the old, dispelling the lies, and implementing the New Covenant in My blood, ratifying the covenant. I will give you rest, I will bring you into perfect peace, and you shall carry My peace to the nations. My vessels of grace and truth will declare My praise in the Earth and the whole Earth will be filled with My glory!

This is the day of new beginnings, so enter into the full counsel of God. Rest in My presence and you will see how I use you to bring healing and salvation into the midst of the people. I am taking you on and into the fullness of My promises. You will launch out into a realm of My Spirit you have not yet entered.

I will take you on to greater things. I am your help, your helper. I am your lifeline, and I will carry you, so bask in My presence, rest in My love, bring all your cares to Me and let Me guide you through. I shall build upon the foundation of the ministry of Christ. It will reach out to the ends of the Earth to every people group, so be ready to be ushered forward into the full revelation of Jesus the Christ.

I will open every door, every portal, and I will usher you through to the other side. Put your full trust in Me and know that I am at work to move you on and into the ministry prepared for you.

This is the day I spoke of. You will be amazed at the power of My presence released to you in the coming days. You will see clearly that I have made a way for you to walk in fullness, for I am ushering My power from on high into the lives of those who are truly Mine and an outpouring of love will follow with signs and wonders accompanying. What are the signs and wonders you ask? They are transformed lives living to please Me!

You will see the transition from the old order into the new. You will see that I am moving things ahead to accomplish all that is in My heart. You will see a release of refreshing winds blowing your way, for this is the day when I shall carry you on and into a fresh revelation of the Christ.

The time is right to be moved out of hiding and into full view. I will parade you forth to the nations, a Bride without spot or wrinkle, truly serving her Lord, so rejoice in all that I have taught you and do not allow the enemy to side-track you. Go deeper into the river of life, bask in My presence, and see the salvation of your God.

Rest in My arms of love and let Me bring you into total peace. I will surround you with My love and protection. I will calm your soul. I will display My love for you, My Bride, for you are the one I long for. Believe My promises. Believe that I am moving things along and I will be your strength. I will carry you. I will carry you. I will carry you. Peace be to you My Beloved!

The Hindrance To Holiness

Sammy Tippit

Holiness of life should be the goal of every Christian. Holiness is simply conformity unto the image of Christ. It's one of the great attributes of victorious Christians throughout the centuries. Bishop J. C. Ryle wrote in his book, Christian Leaders of the 18th Century, that leaders during the great revivals of past were always holy men and women. They had their faults and blind spots like anyone else, but they had a heart desire to be like Christ. They wanted to know Him intimately.

Anyone who wishes to be like Christ will have a heart of humility. Humility and holiness walk down the same path. However, there's no room for pride in the heart that's in hot pursuit of holiness. Holiness looks Godward while pride gazes selfward. The perfect picture of holiness is Christ. The best portrait of pride is Lucifer. Holiness is the desire to be like Christ. Pride is the aspiration to be better than others. Holiness manifests meekness of character. Pride brags of brashness and has no character.

It's impossible to walk in holiness and maintain a heart of pride. Arrogance and pride are simply hindrances to a holy heart. When we understand what a holy heart is, then it's easy to see how impossible it is for pride and holiness to dwell in the same heart. Holiness is simply the inward work of God in the believer to be conformed to Christ. He existed in eternity as God. Yet, the very nature of Jesus was humility. He humbled Himself to the point of taking upon Himself the clothes of humanity. Jesus, the Son of God and Son of man, can only be described in terms of absolute humility. Therefore, it's impossible to be proud and at the same time to be like Christ.

The Bible says that "God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble." If God is opposed to the proud, then it is impossible to be holy and to be proud. Many times we dress our pride up in different styles. We mistakenly believe that some kind of pride is okay. However, the book of Proverbs says that God hates pride. It doesn't matter whether it's religious pride, spiritual pride, ethnic pride, or racial pride. Every form of pride has its roots in comparison to other people. But holiness only looks to Jesus. Therefore, we can't be proud and be holy. Pride actually becomes a hindrance to the process of holiness.

Pride often is at the root of other sins. On several occasions, when I have found myself confessing my sins and asking God to search my heart, I discovered at the root of some sin that was plaguing my life was pride. God allowed me to fall in order to show me what was in my heart. Pride is at the heart of evil in this world. Lucifer was cast out of heaven because he became proud. Adam and Eve were cast out of the garden because of pride. You and I are knocked of the highway of holiness when we allow ourselves to become proud.

Let me encourage you to take a few minutes and pray the prayer that the Psalmist prayed - "Search my heart, Oh God, and see if there be any wickedness in me." Ask God to expose any seed of pride that might be lying dormant. Ask Him to break you of the self life. A broken heart and contrite spirit will not be despised by God. He longs to see a humble heart. He places that heart on the highway of holiness.

Come Up Higher

Marsha Burns

Isaiah 60:18 Violence shall no longer be heard in your land, neither wasting nor destruction within your borders; but you shall call your walls Salvation, and your gates Praise.

I called you to come up higher, to rise above the mundane and enter My place of glory, and you vowed in the secret places of your own heart and will to rise up. But, the enemy has come against you and questioned the strength of your intentions and has hindered you. He has done his utmost to convince you that you are unable to break free of the past or overcome the works of the flesh. You have opened the door to failure through discouragement and believing the lies that things will never change and that you are an unworthy vessel. Do not believe these lies or the futility of your circumstances. I have indeed called you higher, and I have made a way. I have gone before you to make crooked places straight and to break down hindering forces, but you must fight through the voice of deception and the bondage of your own mindsets to break free and make progress. And, I tell you the truth, it will be worth all the effort and energy you expend. Put the devil under your feet!

1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

The enemy has set about to cull the herd. He has risen up as a wolf who stalks those who are weak in faith and those who have become feeble in their walk. He is carefully watching for those who migrate to the periphery of the flock, those who have become outcasts, those who have lost their hope and zeal. But, I say to you who have become discouraged, hopeless and weary,come up to My holy mountain and worship. I will gather the outcasts and save you who are ready to perish. I will put an end to the oppressors and surround you with protection in the assembly of the righteous. I will gather those around you who are strong and of good courage until you regain strength and vigor. You have been forsaken and hated, but I will redeem the years of waste and destruction. But, you must come. Come and seek Me. Come into the ark of safety.

Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by the attack of the enemy against you. He will come at you like a big, angry bear, but do not be afraid. I am with you and will show you the way of escape. Rise up in the authority that I have given you to put him under your feet. Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you. (Luke 10:19) Be strong in My power, and keep your eyes fixed on Me and your ears attuned to My leading, for I will lead you out by a way that you have not known before, and it will be quicker and easier than you could have imagined, for it will be a supernatural deliverance.

Faith Tabernacle


Teresa Seputis

Child, I have called you to be holy, even as I am holy. Do not think this is something you can do in your own strength or merit. For I say unto you, this is not possible. If you were able to be holy of your own self, I would not have needed to lay down My life on your behalf. But you can't do it, and that is why I came.

So then, where does holiness come from? It comes from My Holy Spirit indwelling you and transforming you. He is the one who convicts you of sin, that you might repent before Me. He is the one who exposes the hurts and bondages of the past, that you might be set free from them. He is the one who changes your desires to better line up with My desires. He is the one who changes your nature to reflect My nature. He is the one who I promised you when I still walked among you on the earth. He is the one who I sent to you when I ascended to be with My Father.

He is going to take you through a process of transformation and maturing. You have no choice about whether or not this happens, for living things must grow and develop if they are to stay alive. But you do have a choice in this of how you walk out this process. You can cooperate with My Spirit as He works in you to purify and change you, or you can fight and rebel against Him. Either way, He will change you, for that is what He does.

If you choose to submit to the Holy Spirit's transformation work deep inside of you, it will go faster and be easier on you. You will quickly find greater measures of life and joy and peace. But if you choose to rebel and resist, He will still do His work in you. But it will be more difficult for you. He may have to turn the heat up higher. He may have to apply more pressure to get you to cooperate. But He will prevail. He always prevails.

Therefore, child, I encourage you to submit and yield and cooperate. Lay down your own agenda and allow Him to give you Mine. Lay down your own desires and ambitions and allow Him to give you the desires and ambitions of God. The work He wants to do in you is a good thing, and it is My will and desire for you to cooperate with Him in this transformation process. I have called you not to remain a child; I have called you to grow and mature. As you do so, you will come to a fuller knowledge of Who I am and of who I have created you to be.

You must lay aside your carnal nature for it has been corrupted by things of this world. Allow My Spirit to transform you back into what I have created you to be. Allow Him to take away the things that bring death and destruction. Allow Him to replace them with the things that bring life and hope.

I know that My surgery is uncomfortable. In the natural, it hurts when the surgeon's knife cuts away the cancerous growth that is trying to attack a vital organ and snuff the life out of it. Even so in the spirit, the cutting away of the "things of death" is painful. Yet, My Spirit does not cut to harm you or to cause pain. He cuts to remove the things of death that you might live and that you might recover and that you might be restored to the fullness of life. So do not pull away from the Master Surgeon's knife. He is applying it with much skill and He will not cut that which does not need to be cut. But if you wiggle and squirm and resist, you make it harder for Him to be precise in the surgery. He may have to cut away more as you resist Him. So yield to Him. Submit to His surgery.

And He will make you a trade that you will benefit from. He will take away your death and give you life. He will take away your fear and give you peace. He will take away your rejection and condemnation and make you to be accepted in the beloved. He will take away your pain and sorrow and give you joy. He will take away the foolishness of this world and replace it with the wisdom of God. He will take away the isolation and separation and bring you into a place of intimacy with God that you have not dreamed is possible. He will take away your weakness and give you My strength. He will take away your self-centeredness and give you My love and compassion. Little by little, piece by piece, He will take away areas of your sinful nature and replace it with strongholds of My holiness.

Child, this is a very good trade. The things that you hold onto as precious are nothing compared to the things that I desire to give you. So, stop clinging to them. Yield to My Spirit and allow Him to transform you to be more like Me. Receive My life and peace and hope and joy at His hand, for this is My desire for you. Let My Spirit take away the things that hold you back, so that you can enter into the fullness of all that I created you to be. Then you will look more like Me, the One Who's name you are called by. And you will think more like Me. And you will act more like Me, and I will be able to glorify My name through you. That is my heart for you.

So, submit willingly to this transformation process.

The Forgotten One

Jane Larsen

You thought you were forgotten and that you were not blessed. You thought that I had passed over you and not heard your cries and supplications. You did not complain, but you hung your head and carried on, thinking you were the forgotten one. I have not forgotten you. How can I forget what I have created with My own hand? How can I forget you when I have breathed upon you and I follow every step you take?

You have watched others reap. You have seen others come through and been silent, thinking perhaps it was you. There are different seasons for everyone. Look. Look around you. Not every flower blossoms at the same time, not all fruit has the same season to be ripe. No. They have their cycles and they have their turns. Some will flower but for a moment and they are rare and exquisite. Some will flower for long, and are not rare but are plentiful. There is a season for them, there is a season for you. A time of growing, a time of nurturing, a time to come forth in the gown of beauty I have been preparing for you.

You are not all the same. I have made you unique, you are crafted by My hand. Be still, My sweet one, be still.

I bring you forth as gold! Pure gold! Refined and rare and of great value, for it is by My hand that you come through! I have not forgotten you and what I have in store for you is too great to contain. Your cup will run over. Your cup will run over with My blessings. I have heard your cries and supplications, and indeed I have answered, but you need to look. Look. Look to the spiritual for I do not give as man gives, in containers that are old and used. I do not give as man gives, with little that is worthless. I give from My Kingdom, I give from My generous and loving hand. All that I have I give to you. Do not despair, do not hang your head in shame for you are My child and I am proud of you.

Your cup will run over and it will run with good and wonderful and joyful things. Sing! Lift up your heart, lift up your voice and sing! Rejoice! For I am the Lord and I have heard.

Know By My Love

Musa Opiyo

Love one another even as I have loved you. For I died and gave My life so that ALL would be saved and set free from the powers and the clutches of sin. You have read in My Word that a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. How then shall My church be victorious if there is much bickering, biting and devouring?

Many devour each other through words, attitudes, gossip and the likes. I will not have this, as I am coming in power and might to cleanse My church and bride from the filthiness and the world's influence. A united church is the enemy's biggest threat.

Rom 3:23-24 23. For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God 24. Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.

I did not call you to condemn one another, for I alone AM the righteous Judge. I have set My own as a city on a hill to shine the light of My glory and truth, yet the world only sees a mirror image of themselves.

How will the lost be drawn in, except they see and associate you by My love? My people, it is time to put away childish things, and time to grow in maturity in Me, loving one another, helping each other grow. For you shall indeed by known by My love, one to another.

1 Pet 2:5 You are also as living stones, are being built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

Musa Opiyo

A Series of Visions Representing the Church

Stephen Hanson

JN 15:5 "I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. [6] If anyone does not remain in me, he is like a branch that is thrown away and withers; such branches are picked up, thrown into the fire and burned. [7] If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you. [8] This is to my Father's glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.

The Lord spoke to me and said:

"You are entering into a new age of the church."

He then showed me a tree with leaves on it that were beginning to fall. The tree then was sinking downwards into the ground below. I was then looking at the tree and it leaves as it moved further and further into the ground below. I was looking at the various layers of earth below the ground where it once stood. The continued on and on for some time. Then suddenly from one of the branches a single new bud and leaf emerged. I noticed that another leaf was growing and a small vine as well was encircling from here as well.

Now the Lord showed me several bright red apples that were hanging in the air. I then noticed that one of them had a bite taken out of it. He said:

"Many in the church have eaten of the forbidden fruit."

Now I saw the outside layer of the apple, the skin, if you will. The skin of the apple, which was a bright red, slowly became the robe of some illustrious person. The robe appeared to suggest a sense of power about it. I knew somehow that the eating of the apple had in some way brought with a veil of power. The scene around me then changed. It was as if death had entered into the original garden that God had designed for mankind. Throughout the landscape everything of death was suggested. The bodies of people were strewn across the ground as if they had been people throughout the ages. A vapor or smoke, encircled across the trees and sky. Then I saw a woman who held a fan in her hand. She seemed to symbolize beauty, or the pursuit of beautiful things.

The Lord then said:
"The woman that you see represents the world system. She is the mystery of Babylon the great. The problem is that many in the church have drunk from her wine. But those who know Me will not partake of her wine. Return to Me in completeness of faith and I will bless you."

This time I was shown several archers who were shooting their arrows off into the distance. I noticed that now they were hitting their targets on trees and other objects which were quite far off into the distance.

The Lord then said:

"Those who are my prophets will now hit their mark."

The scene now seemed to come back to where it had begun. I was looking at a piece of ground that appeared to be illuminated, because it was dark all around it. Then from the midst of this section of earth, a single plant emerged. It grew until it became a vine that rose and seemed to dance and sparkle. It glimmered and shone throughout the darkness that was around it.

"My church will now come to a new beginning."

Stephen Hanson

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