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July 16, 2000

We're Not Finished Yet!

Larry and Carol Taylor

The prophets Haggai and Zechariah came as contemporaries in the days of Ezra and Zerubbabel during the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the Temple upon the return of God's people from captivity in Babylon. To those who had begun to rebuild the word was relatively simple: finish what you started. But the power and effect of their ministry inspired the people to take up again their neglected destiny and complete the purpose of God for their generation.

The builders had become discouraged and distracted. The Jews had ceased their work for two primary reasons. First, there was intense resistance to the construction from within their own ranks as well as a well organized and financed opposition from their enemies who had a vested interest in seeing them fail. The other reason was even more crippling to the purpose of God. Due to their selfish pursuit of their own interest, the people had simply abandoned God's prophetic destiny. For some the words of the critics were all it took: "this is not as good as the old days, not like what we had before". For others the daunting activities of the enemies who sought to turn the rulers of Persia against the building caused them to retreat into passivity. However, the most crippling obstacle was that the Jews who had been delivered from personal captivity were now content to build their own homes and dwell in self-centered comfort while the purpose of God was cast aside for other priorities.

"The Glory of the latter temple shall be greater than the former...." God stirred up the spirit of Zerubbabel the governor and Jehozadak the high priest as well as the people through the words of Haggai. He said that God was with them (Haggai 1:13&14) and God spoke through Zechariah that it would not be by "might nor by power but by my Spirit, saith the Lord". The people repented and began the work again with a fresh word, a fresh anointing and a clear promise from God. The drought conditions and poverty they were living in would be turned around. NOT WHEN THE TEMPLE WAS COMPLETED, BUT FROM THE MOMENT THEY LAID THE FIRST STONE IN OBEDIENCE . Prosperity was to be their reward for instant obedience and the persevering completion of the task that they had been given. (Hag. 2:15-19)

We are not through yet! Let us not be satisfied that we have been personally set free and blessed or become comfortable with a half finished job...there is still a Temple to be built so that it (we) may be filled with His Glory...we are the second generation to whom this specific prophecy was spoken...IT IS A TODAY WORD AS MUCH AS IT WAS THE DAY IT WAS GIVEN...our new covenant destiny is to reveal the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord in all the earth! God has poured out His Spirit in the latter rain...the rebuilding has begun...but we must determine today that we will take up again with vigor the project!

Renewal and revival have come. The prophetic and apostolic have begun to be restored. The Spirit is empowering in even greater magnitude for signs and wonders in the mighty name of Jesus. Let us lay aside every encumbrance, every entanglement, the sin that so easily besets us. Let us come out from among the "unbelieving believers" who hold to a form of godliness but deny the power thereof. And most importantly, it is time to lay aside our selfish pursuit of personal pleasures, goals and agendas and turn again to the work that is at hand. The building of His house. We are living in the day of the restoration of all things. The latter house glory described in 2:4 is the destiny and prophetic purpose of our generation. Yes, the rejection of brothers and the opposition of the Enemy has hurt. It is going to be harder and take longer than we expected. There have been casualties. But, God's word to this generation is to overcome all the opposition, you have a commission from the King! Lay aside all distractions and plans for self-glory. This is not about our ministries or businesses or plans or churches. It is about Jesus. It is His Temple that is being constructed. If we will give it the ultimate priority, then He will add "all these things to us".

Larry & Carol Taylor

By John Moore

There is a wedding that must occur which precedes the banquet between the Lamb and the Bride. It is the marriage of truth and mercy. Psalms 85:10-11 says: "Mercy and truth have met together; righteousness and peace have kissed. Truth shall spring out of the earth, and righteousness shall look down from heaven."

Throughout Scripture you find the yoking of truth with mercy. Proverbs 16:6 says: "In mercy and truth, Atonement is provided for iniquity." And Psalms 25:10: "All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth to such as keep his covenant and His testimonies."

This pattern is often found in human marriages. We hosted a wonderful pastor recently who told me: "I look for the good in everyone and sometimes I'm deceived. My wife discerns people instantly and she tells me exactly what she thinks."

The husband here is Pastoral. He may see the shortcomings in people but chooses to concentrate on their potential. The wife is prophetic. She warns of possibly dangerous character flaws. Which one is the better shepherd?

I know a similar couple where the husband's pastoral anointing graces a gentle nature. His two rambunctious children do much as they please under his watch. The wife is prophetic. She disciplines with a firm hand and a stern eye. Which is the better shepherd?

The answer is that neither is complete in itself.

The embrace in Psalm 85 is a clear picture of the need for the prophetic and the pastoral to come together. Must of us know this but few of us see it occurring. Verse 11 gives us a clue as to why.

"Truth shall bring out of the earth," it says. The root word of "humility" is humus, which Webster's defines as "the dark organic material in soils produced by the decomposition of vegetable or animal matter." Truth should be earthy and humble.

Humility is the decomposing of the arrogance of the flesh. While it's not good to be worldly, it is good to be "down-to-earth." The prophet John Sandford often expresses his thankfulness for growing up on an Oklahoma farm because it made him "earthy'.

Unfortunately, few pastors think of prophets as being humble and earthy. They often see prophets as mystical and ethereal. Air-heads, in other words.

The young prophet is often unstable because his "earth" is still the red clay of the Adamic nature. The fierce windstorms of testings force him to anchor himself in Christ. As he dies to the flesh the soil beneath him becomes enriched with nutrients. Rich soil, once watered by mercy from above, can produce life! While it is misperceived that the prophetic is ethereal, there is a mercy that is far more mystical and less earthy than the prophetic.

The pastor who always looks for the best in people may be operating with a mercy born from false hope. This is sensual and natural and comes from the unredeemed areas of his soul. If a prophet were to prophesy from this realm we would use the terms "soulish", "mixture", and even "psychic." If he persisted his way would be bent into manipulation and control. This we call witchcraft.

False mercy is no better.

The pastoral person operating in unsanctified mercy simply seems like a nice guy. He fits our worldly idea of what a "pastor" should look and sound like. "Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness" was a hugely popular book born from the pastoral and teaching outpourings of the 60s and 70s. This title symbolizes the ideals (idols) of false mercy: Love. Accept. Forgive. It neglects the severity of God, the chastening of sons, and yes, even the Scriptural shunning of false brethren. It allows for wolves to enter sheep pens and it shelters sin with a false covering. False mercy is as surely from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil as soulish prophecy. There is nothing good in the natural human heart, including innate goodness.

Once human mercy is offered up as a sacrifice Godly mercy can come down from the heavens. It is this mercy -- not mercy that strains to find virtue in wickedness -- that triumphs over judgment.

False mercy will drive the prophetic from a congregation. It sees truth as unkind and intolerant. "We do not see our signs, there is no longer any prophet, " reads Psalms 74:9. Without road signs people lose their way. "Righteousness and peace have kissed each other," says Psalms 85, but Proverbs 24:26 adds that "He who has a right answer kisses the lips." The right answer is often released through the prophetic spirit while mercy without truth is simply flattery. Conversely, truth is likened to wisdom and wisdom is related Scripturally to honey. His truth is sweet.

Truth without mercy causes people to wither. Mercy without truth grows weeds. For the prophet and pastor to marry there must be a spirit of reciprocality . This denotes mutual respect, a giving that comes from both directions. Completeness. Balance. An equivalent counterpart. A reciprocal in mathematics means "the ratio of unity to a given quantity or expression; that by which the given quantity or expression is multiplied to produce unity.'

Math was never my subject, but it seems evident that the combining of separate but equal powers causes multiplication and unity.

In physical marriage, two become one flesh. My wife's tenderness and pastoral spirit has softened and smoothed my rough edges. My boldness and defense of truth has strengthened her. Yes, she is still who she is and I am still me.

In a spiritual marriage there is also an impartation of one to the other. It can be expressed with nouns and adjectives. The Pastor (noun) becomes Prophetic (adjective) producing a Prophetic Pastor. The Prophet (noun) receives an impartation of the Pastoral (adjective) to become a Pastoral Prophet. An adjective "qualifies" its subject. Consequently, the prophetic qualifies the Pastor and the pastoral qualifies the Prophet.

Throughout Scripture the wedding of mercy and truth produces healing in the land and a paved way before the Lord. Proverbs 2:3 even warns: "Let not mercy and truth forsake you," while Psalm 89 says: "Mercy and truth go before Your face."

Yokes are not designed to place one ox ahead of the other. They are designed side-by-side so that two can pull as one. Even when yokes are multiple as with Elijah and his 12-yoke team (24 oxen) the importance is not the placement of the ox but the plowing of the field.

There can be much disputing about which is the "set man", or senior elder in a congregation where there is multiple ministry.

In all truth, the "set man" sits at the right hand of the Father. He who performs the ceremony is greater than those being wedded.

By Jim Shade

We all have differences, but instead of pointed out the differences on how we serve God, be blessed that we serve God. The Bible says that when Jesus is high and lifted up, then He will draw all men unto Himself, not when the way we worship is lifted up, or the what we think God should or even others should be doing, but when He is lifted up.

Sometimes being prophetic we see ahead about what God is going to do instead of seeing God Himself. Not when His plans are lifted up, but when He is lifted up He will draw all men unto Himself. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and then all these things shall be added unto you.

God is judge, not us. He will do it the way He chooses, not our ways even when we know what He is going to do, He still chooses how, when, and where.

We need to find the agreements that we have and not the differences. When we begin encouraging one another on things that we are in agreement in, then we will be able to build a relationship and gain their trust, and then we can, in love, share our differences and correct one another in love and receive correction also.

Every joint supplies. It is not going to be my church that brings revival but it is going to be His Church that brings revival to our cities.

Don't get me wrong we do need to be bold as a lion and not compromise, but the Scripture also says to be gentle as a lamb. It was Jesus' relationship with the disciples, despite their obvious differences with Jesus (i.e. "shall we call down fire from heaven..") that caused almost all of them to give their lives and service to Him.

When we as a church embrace the "Church," every joint not just charismatic joints, but Baptist joints, Catholic joints, etc., then God will do what He said He would do. God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh. The Bible says where there is unity He will command a blessing.


For truly I am doing a work in the earth like none other move of My Spirit. Did I not say that there would be a generation that would seek My face? Did not my servant Paul say that there is a generation that will enter into My rest?

We have striving going on in Church. Striving for the answer, striving for the key to their cities. Truly this is a day of the one man show. I already have chosen that man: The Son of Man, My Son, the Messiah.

I will bring My Church together, I will do it says the Lord. Did I not give you all the ministry of reconciliation, not the ministry of fault finding?

For the portion you judge with so shall I judge you. For the day is coming when My chosen will stop increasing their church but will increase My Church.

For truly the time is coming when my prophets will speak as ones with authority. They will be speaking with a message that will be universal, "Prepare Ye the way of the Lord!"

They will speak of getting back to God. They will be speaking on decreasing your kingdom as God's kingdom increases. For My Word says receive a prophet and receive a prophet's reward, for truly revival and reconciliation is the reward.

As the message of My servants the prophets are embraced I will do as I said and turn the hearts of the fathers back to children and the hearts of the children back to the fathers. If you shall not receive this I will curse the land.

There will be those in the "Spirit filled" churches that will not embrace this Word and there will be those in the traditional churches that will, for truly I will get the glory and not a man, a ministry, or a movement, but I will receive the glory.

For that which I am about to do will not be able to be done by one man's anointing but by the anointing of the Body of Christ. So I say lay down your plans that do not include your brothers and sisters in the others churches, lay down your plans that builds your ministry and doesn't encourage the already existing ministries.

Lay down your plans that don't involve rooting up, and tearing down, for truly I'm fixing the foundations that are man made and I am doing reconstructive surgery, and then I will build and plant.

For truly when the surgery is over I will build and I will plant. For one man waters, one man plants, but I will give the increase.

Will You Give Me Control?
Andrew Combe

2 Chronicles 20 v 15 - 19

In this time of preparation, a trumpet blows aloud declaring, "Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord". It declares, "Stand still and see". It involves your position and observance, and My power bringing deliverance!

How many times does My Word declare that I can do all things, that I am the God of the impossible? Stand still and watch Me move.

The children of Israel stood still and watched as I delivered them from their enemies. My people, throughout days of old, learned by doing their part of obedience, in faith, that My hand would accomplish all that needed to be fulfilled.

You see, O children, My work is not finished and I want to move in your lives but your control prevents Me from taking full control. You can give Me the accelerator of a car but if your foot is still over the brake I have not received, from you, full control. I need full control, for by it I can accomplish My plans in your life; and they will be for your good (Romans 8:28).

When trials arise, declare My control. When tribulations rise up, speak out My Word. Declare to Me today, "Have complete control Lord". Speak it out and let your actions prove your hearts desire . . . give Me the 'reins'. So many of you, My children, draw near with your mouth but as soon as a trial arises, your heart cries out, "How am I going to handle this?", instead of "'I Am' is going to handle this."

You see, the man who has given Me full control of his life knows that I will take the responsibility of solving every problem. His job is to give Me the problem and obey My words of direction. I direct the steps of a righteous man ( Psalm 37 v 23 ). I direct them into the place of rest, peace and shelter. By no means does this mean all attacks from the enemy cease, but it does mean that amid these storms, his heart I will keep in perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3-4).

Arise O children of God and take your position. Stand still and see . . . . I will do the rest. Stand on My Word and in My name, obeying My commands and see the salvation of the Lord.

To be still does not mean to be lazy. It means to actively trust Me (faith) and seek My will on every matter . . . at times this will be in complete stillness, without saying a word, for in quietness and confidence will be your strength (Isaiah 30:15-18). To still and see are words that point the focus of a man to Me and My Word. They declare, refrain from your ways and seek Mine.

I have the salvation . . . . I have the victory. By focussing on Me and submitting full control into My hands, you will partake of My victory in every area of your lives (John 10:10 & 1 John 5:4-5).

May the Lord truly enrich your lives with His blessings,

Yours in Christ,

Jealousy HOLLIE L. MOODY It is with a very heavy heart that I felt the Lord speaking the following word unto me. I sought to close my ears to it, and turn away from it. When I finally sat down to write down these words, and the heaviness remained within my heart and tears dripped down my cheeks, at the same time as I felt this sorrow within myself, I also felt it as the sorrow the Lord experiences over us as our love for Him cools down from a blazing fire into a dim ember. The Lord is jealous over us, and over our love for Him. He will accept nothing less than being first and being number One in our hearts and in our lives. If He isn't the only One on the throne in our heart, He isn't on the throne at all. If this is the case with any of us, let us hear what the Spirit may be speaking unto us, and repent and return unto our first love for the Lord, and let us do the first works of that first love for the Lord once again. ************************************* NEVERTHELESS, I HAVE SOMEWHAT AGAINST THEE... He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says unto the church.... I am He Who stands as the cornerstone and the foundation of your faith. You have built upon Me. What you have built has withstood the persecution of ages. What you have built upon Me has overcome adversities and temptations and the tests of time. Yet I have a few things against thee. You have become increased with the knowledge of Me. You have had faith in Me, and through faith in My Name and in My shed blood you have spoken the word of faith and raised those who were dead in trespasses and sins. You have spoken health and healing to those bound by spirits of infirmity. You have ministered to the wounded through My Name, and have bound up the broken hearted. You labor for Me, and suffer persecution and reproach for My sake. You have been patient through your trials and times of testing. I know you. I know your works for Me. I know the great love you have for Truth. You serve Me so diligently. I see all these things. I see what you accomplish for the Kingdom. Yet I have a few things against thee. The great and wonderful things you do for Me, you no longer do with the fierce burning passionate love you once held for Me. I find no fault in what you do on My behalf. I find fault with the fervency which is lacking while you do these things. I would rather have your passionate love than your lukewarm service. I can accomplish more through you if you fall in love with Me once again. I continue to use you because you are Mine, and I am bound by My Word to honor and answer your faith. And you have much faith. Yet surely I testify unto you, that unless you return unto Me with all your heart and mind and soul and strength, and repent that you have left your first love of Me, I will come quickly and will move you aside and pass over you to those who will seek after Me with all their heart and mind and soul and strength. They will be a people despised by many. They will be a people esteemed by many to be of no reputation. Yet it will be their relationship with Me which will allow Me to work and to flow through them in ways that will touch those who come into their presence in even the most casual of circumstances. As many as I love, I reveal their faults to them and show them ways to correct those faults. I counsel you to earnestly repent, lest I remove you. He who has an ear, let him hear what My Spirit says unto the churches.

Letting Go

Priscilla Van Sutphin

As I watched the end of the Moses movie made by TNT, the Lord Impressed on me, how Moses, despite not being allowed to go on further was asked to pass the torch to Joshua and blessed him, and gave him the command of the Lord to lead his people. Joshua stood long at the side of Moses as a servant.

God at this time is going to be asking some who have held tight to their position of leadership to turn the reins of their churches back over to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to the younger generation. This will not be an easy task, yet as they are obedient when the Lord speaks to them, they will be greatly blessed, especially if they do so without constraint, and with gladness of heart.

" Let these words testify to you, says the Lord, that in this age full of GRACE, that, then I wish you to turn around and support the younger as I LEAD, and as I DID. They will walk in unprecedented power and you will be tempted towards jealousy when you see what I do. Generations have longed to see what you will see ! Set your eyes on ME and loose my church into the hands of the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you. Do NOT set your hearts against the young but help them and serve them. Let them draw on your wisdom.

Great grace will be given those who will rely on ME and NOT on their own opinions or theology. I AM against your man made theology, and I will OPPOSE all that sets itself against MY PLANS and revelation of them, for what to do.

I AM doing a new thing in the earth. Be aware that My glory will empower you to boldness as NEVER before in doing MY will alone. It is because of MY goodness I will give you MY GRACE AND GLORY, NOT because of YOUR goodness! I ALONE am worthy of all honor and glory. Worship Me in the beauty of holiness. Humble yourselves and I will lift you up.

To those who resist MY wisdom, remember the words of Peter to Ananias, " Why has Satan filled your heart that you should lie to and Attempt to deceive the Holy Spirit?" (Amp) When you don't give control to the Most Holy Spirit, then you are walking in the deception that you can do as YOU like instead of doing what I want you to do! Do not see this as a minor thing. Remove the thorns of rebellion and idolatry in your heart NOW while you can. Ask ME to come and remove them, and I will heal you and set you free.

On the tail of great power being poured out, the enemy always seeks to destroy those on whom I have poured out My glory. Know that I AM with you and will sustain you till your work on earth is done. Be BOLD, be STRONG, be courageous, be "bravehearts" for the Lord your God is with you! Build MY CHURCH! Reach out to the LOST! Love one another as I have LOVED YOU! Remember I am with you till the end of all time!

Upstream Ministries

Expect the Unexpected

Ron Harriette Osborn

My Children, my Bride,

Stop looking for the obvious and begin to expect the unexpected. I have been calling you for some time to put away the old and prepare for the new. Did you think I have asked that of you only to give you more of the old? No. I am doing a new thing in the earth today.

Did King Nebuchadnezzer expect Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego to walk out of the fiery furnace without even the smell of smoke on them? No. Did King Darius expect Daniel to survive the night in the den of lions without even a wound? No. Did my people expect the waters of the flooding Jordan River to pile up in a heap so that they could cross over to the Promised Land? No. Had the generation before them expected to cross the Red Sea on dry ground? No. Did anyone expect the sun and moon to stand still as it did by Joshua's request? No.

Do you not see, can you not comprehend that I am God and nothing is unexpected for me. I am about to do a new thing on the earth - something you do not expect - but I have planned it from of old. Will you be a part of it?

Will you lay down everything you hold so dearly and come to me with open hands to be equipped to do your part? Will you rid your heart of all desires, all habits, all relationships - all that you have allowed to stand before your relationship with me? I tell you, they are idols & must be laid - no, thrown - down.

Will you this day step over the fear of the unknown, over the idols you've thrown down, over the past and its securities and come before me and declare, "Lord, have your way with me - use me as you will."

If you are shackled to the past you cannot move forward. If you have your heart set on your own way you cannot see mine.

I am doing a new thing. I am rearranging my army. I may ask you to change places with another. Do not look at my reordering of the ranks as promotions or as demotions. I am simply putting each warrior in the place of greatest effectiveness. Rejoice that the positioning is by my hand and is in my plan.

No one expected a mere boy armed only with a slingshot and five stones to kill Goliath and open the way for the defeat of the Philistines, but it was I who arranged the ranks that day.

I am calling together my army today and requiring of you that you cleanse yourselves of all unholiness and of all that would distract you and to incline your ear to the voice of your Captain.

Respectfully submitted,
Harriette Osborn

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