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July 18, 2000

Todd Bentley

I have a quickening in my spirit that this is the year of the nations. We as a ministry have been bombarded with invitations and Macedonia calls to the nations in the last six months! I believe that it is a prophetic sign that God is truly about to give us whole regions and Nations for his Glory.

Ps 2:8 declares: Ask of Me and I will give you the nations for your inheritance! In this day and Hour as Christ releases the Kingly Oil, his mantle of Authority and power, we will see not only the release of resources but opportunities to go and to reap in the nations of the earth. There will be a Missions Evangelism explosion and the release of the Glory and gold to launch missionaries forward into their destiny because He shall rule as King. In this outpouring many that are not in ministry at this time will quickly be released as labourers in His vineyard.

I see Nations that have been closed to the Gospel even Muslim countries opening a door wide, and I also see many of those at one time who pioneered a missions movement, being thrust back into the ministry and seeing the Godly Heritage being fulfilled in their Children's children. Those who sowed much into the nations and saw little fruit will reap!!!

One such nation I see beginning to explode in revival is Holland spreading throughout Europe. As I was under the power of the Spirit recently in Marysville, Washington, I had this Word come to me:

Holland Rise!!!

Holland, Rise and Shine for your light has come and the Glory of the Lord is risen upon you. Gentiles shall come to your light and Kings of nations to the brightness of your rising.

Holland, lift up your gates and the King of Glory will come in. I sense that the Spirit of the Lord is about to favour you in a way that you have not been favoured for hundreds of years since your last Outpouring. Dig up those wells!!!!

Through the gate that you are to Europe and the world so you shall be a spiritual Gate. I will bring the nations to you to experience a mighty healing revival, I want to release that which will sweep through the country healing the sick in their homes. Even as I moved through Wales, I will move through you a sweeping revival of Power Signs and Wonders. I see a spiritual reproach of Unbelief being rolled back and the fountains of the deep giving forth her living water again.

Amsterdam, city of sexual sin, I will take your prostitution and reputation of sin city life {red light district} and even as I made Rahab the prostitute a part of my redemptive plan I shall not forget you in Salvation. I will sweep your streets with a conviction of sin and visit you with My purity. As the nations desired that of what I did in Toronto, shall they not also desire you, Holland?

I see large healing Campaigns and a fruitfulness in areas of ministry where the ground has been hard and not productive. Where ministries have failed in the past and have even left you they shall return with the coals of revival.

My love will bring a unity into you and the surrounding countries. It is Time for you to take your place and sit back no longer for what I desire to do in you will be a sign in the earth.


By Meri Burlingame

In a recent post a minister told of seeing some beautiful young girls standing idle on the streets of India waiting for their next trick. As I was praying the other evening the scene of these beautiful girls came back to my mind and with it the thought that in this "new season" that we are in, when we go out to evangelize those beautiful young women, it is going to have to be with an all new mindset.

In India and other places around the world it is increasingly impractical to invite those you are introducing to the Lord Jesus to "go to church" or "come to church." (OK, I hear some of you jumping up and down! grin.) In India, churches are being bombed and attacked, and people wearing religious apparel are singled out for attack.

Another missionary wrote in a post recently that a man without shoes came to their mission organization and asked for shoes so he could more effectively support his wife and family. Unable to provide such resources the man was offered all that they had.....the outpouring of His spirit and a manifestation of the glory of God. The man later returned and told the lady that the glory of God was all he needed to live his life, that it met ALL his needs.

An apostle in our area pointed out that while Moses saw many miracles he still wanted to see the glory of God. The difference between these two experiences is the difference in what God is calling us to preach in this new season. Moses saw the Lord do the miracles, but when God hid Moses in the cleft of a rock and "mooned" him as some with more sense of humor than this lady has, called it, HE SAW GOD! He experienced GOD Himself, personally.

In this season God is calling us to a new kind of evangelism: kingdom evangelism versus insurance evangelism. Years ago I participated in an evangelism seminar which taught that effective evangelism:

  1. brought people to an awareness of the state of their need
  2. exposed their inability to meet that need with any of their present resources
  3. presented Christ's provision for that need
  4. offered the "reward" or benefit of paying the price for that provision(heaven).

A young man attending that seminar who had just gone through an intensive training for a large insurance company stood up and shared how these steps of evangelism were exactly the same steps that they were taught as the means of selling insurance! Their dire need to be protected, the shortcoming of their present coverage, their company's policies, and the dividend that the policy would pay.

Kingdom evangelism is just exactly the opposite of "insurance" evangelism. Kingdom evangelism gives people the "reward" (the eternal life of Christ Jesus Himself) and then makes them aware of what the reward or provision accomplishes in their lives (transforms them into the image of Christ). One of the greatest selling points is that Kingdom evangelism is free for the asking, the "premium" having been paid for them by Someone Else.

The good news of the Kingdom is that JESUS IS COME, the very life of Jesus Christ is now available, free to all those who would ask! Jesus Christ IS COME in the flesh! Do we have to show them their need for Jesus? Do we need to point to the death and destruction in their lives as the reason for "needing Jesus?"

No! Jesus, Himself, is the justification for receiving Him, not what He can do. He isn't an insurance policy for when you get sick, be it physically or spiritually. He isn't a life insurance policy in case you die He isn't an accident policy in case you fall off a roof and break your back.

Jesus Himself is the Message of the Kingdom. Moses saw all that the Lord could do, but he longed for something more, to see (personally experience, know) the Lord Himself.

In this season, the world is hungry to "see the Lord HIMSELF." And the only way He is going to be manifest to the world is in those He has called to be His own sons, his own body, the church. Except Jesus be formed and shaped in earthly vessels of clay and walked into MacDonald's and BurgerKing bearing forth the glory of the Lord's very presence the WORLD will never know Him or that the Father loves them.

The day may be passed when you can invite someone "to church" without receiving raucous laughter in your face. Unless Jesus Christ lives and dwells in you and manifests Himself through you to those who walk the earthly paths that you walk, the gospel of the Kingdom is not going forth.

In the last days many will go forth doing signs and wonders but the scriptures tell us, many of them will be among those to whom the Lord will say, I never knew (was intimately acquainted with) you. Do we only know a God that healed us, or delivered us, or set our feet to dancing?

This is a new season and a new mindset is required. As wonderful as Amazing Grace is, God no longer dealing with most Christian about what wretches they are but is today, dealing with what it means to become the "Perfect Man." The five fold ministry is called to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry so that we all come to the measure of the perfect man.

The cross is the beginning place, the means by which we enter into the death of the Lord Jesus, that we might be raised up, A NEW MAN IN CHRIST that it is no longer I that liveth but Christ that liveth in me!

The harlots on the streets of India would probably spit in your face if you asked them to go to church...what church? The one the Muslims burned down the night before: the one that will be burned down tomorrow? Most of the young people in our high schools would laugh at you if you invited them to church or youth group for most (not all) are irrelevant to their world.

But if we bear forth the image and nature of the Lord Jesus Christ, whose presence is the same yesterday today and forever, they may get a taste of the Kings presence and a hunger may arise in them which God will use to draw them into His Kingdom, into the place where His presence is the center, first and foremostly, of our hearts. Then it will be where two or three are gathered together, and then He will inhabit larger corporate dwelling places.

The Gospel of the Kingdom is the good news of the King, which is that He loves ALL those he created. All through the gospel (good news) of the beloved disciple John, we are told, if follow His commandments, the world will see how much we love each other and know that the Father loves them also.

The cost of receiving the Kingdom: total submission to the life of the King within us! What freedom! Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.....freedom to make choices!

The good news of the Kingdom is that JESUS IS COME, the very life of Jesus Christ is now available, free to all those who would ask! Jesus Christ IS COME in the flesh! Do we have to show them their need for Jesus? Do we need to point to the death and destruction in their lives as the reason for "needing Jesus?"

No! Jesus, Himself, is the justification for receiving Him, not what He can do. He isn't an insurance policy for when you get sick, be it physically or spiritually. He isn't a life insurance policy in case you die; He isn't an accident policy in case you fall off a roof and break your back.

Jesus Himself is the Message of the Kingdom. Moses saw all that the Lord could do, but he longed for something more, to see (personally experience, know) the Lord Himself.

In this season, the world is hungry to "see the Lord HIMSELF." And the only way He is going to be manifest to the world is in those He has called to be His own sons, His own body, the Church. Except Jesus be formed and shaped in earthly vessels of clay and walked into McDonald's and Burger King bearing forth the glory of the Lord's very presence that area of our lives, how will they see Him?

But in the Kingdom, in this apostolic day, we carry forth HIS PRESENCE rather than going forth casting down the high places of the heathen. When we occupy the land as sons of God, whose image is borne throughout our lives, there will be a major "re-formation" which will ultimately result in a re-creation, a new heavens and a new earth at the end of the reign of the Lord Jesus Christ upon the earth.

Meri Burlingame

Women Beyond The Cave
by Melody Green

I can't shake it. In my spirit I keep hearing God say,

"Women arise! Women arise! With open hands lifted up to heaven. With lips ready to give praise and speak truth. With hearts soft and open, ready to receive My message. It's time to receive your spiritual inheritance. To receive your personal marching orders for this important hour."

As women we should be very encouraged. We may be soft on the outside, but we're strong and mighty in spirit. We are God's secret weapons and the enemy knows it. He takes us seriously, even when others don't. The enemy's strategy has been to keep us quiet and in hiding. But God is doing an end run. He is going to release so many of us at once that the enemy is not going to know what hit him!

I believe in this hour the Lord is saying to His women:

"Now is the moment when I Myself am coming to release you. Too many of my people have turned a deaf ear to you. Only those who understand the big picture and full spectrum of My heart can hear the words, Women Arise! I am going to lay such an incredible anointing on women who are willing to step out. I am tired of fighting the war with only half of My army.

Where are My women? Where are the ones I called to teach, to preach... To blaze those trails even the bravest of men shudder to go. Where are my women? Where are they? Have they not heard My call?" After hearing this from the Lord, in my minds eye I saw a cave. I looked closer and many women were in it, too many. And they were afraid to come out.

Some felt the cave was a safe place to stay, that only men were equipped to venture out and fight the battles beyond. Some felt content to stay, because the cave was indeed, their place of service. But many felt restless, unsettled Many felt called out but some of them had been told those feelings were wrong, so they stifled them, Stuffed them down. Poured guilt upon themselves. But for some, those feelings could not be ignored And this was right... because for some Their call could only be fulfilled beyond the cave.

Lets take a quick look at just of a few of the better known women who ventured out beyond the cave.

Think of Deborah. She was a prophetess and a judge. She was a married woman who had a day job outside her home. Deborah judged a nation. I don't know what kind of job her husband had, but the nation came to his wife for rulings. Deborah carried a governmental mantle and we could safely assume she also had the gift of wisdom and discernment. She was trusted to disperse wisdom for the whole nation. When she called for the army commander, Barak, and told him it was time to go to war, Barak wouldn't go to battle unless Deborah went with him. Everyone knew that Deborah heard from God.

Then there was Esther. She was an orphan being raised by her uncle. When her story began she was much younger than Deborah... and still single. But she knew how to hear from God. She was abducted with many other beautiful young Girls and taken to the castle of a heathen King who was having a contest for a new wife. Even there, the Lord spoke to Esther. God told her to listen to her uncle and take the advice of the man in charge of the girls. Esther hid the fact that she was Jewish, and God gave her a strategy to become the queen. But that was only the beginning, she also won the Kings heart.

But little did Esther know all the Lord had in mind. When the whole Jewish nation was in line for extermination Esther fasted and prayed and God gave her intricate, day by day, wisdom with split second timing. I believe God gave her wisdom as she went, and that she moved very prophetically, giving time for the King to have a sleepless night and time for Haman's gallows to be built.

Only God could have orchestrated such an incredible deliverance for the Jewish nation, and such a fascinating turn of events to judge the bad guys. But it was a young Jewish orphan girl who listened, heard, and followed God's plan.

We should be encouraged. If these women can lead prophetically, judge nations, and save whole people groups, why can't God can use us too?

Esther and Deborah were on the front lines. One of the things I really like about their stories is the incredible teamwork that happened between them and the men God put in their lives. Mordecai was behind the scenes praying and sharing wisdom to Esther. And I would imagine Deborah's husband [along with the whole nation] prayed when she and Barak went off to war.

Many years later Jesus rose to prominence and a young girl named Mary poured ointment His feet. Her act of worship was despised by the men around her. They thought it was wasteful. But Jesus pointed to her extravagant adoration as an example every believer should follow. The example of a simple, worshipping woman.

And still many years after that, Joan of Arc, a young girl from a poor village in France began to hear God speaking to her. Her faith and her visions took her before her government, with a strategy and a plan. Joan of Arc became the only teenager in all of history ever to lead the army of a nation. She was betrayed and became a martyr, she is still an inspiration to people around the world today.

Hundreds of years later, four teenaged girls were sent to America from England on a mission. The Salvation Army was flourishing in England, but was unknown in America. Within months these teenagers started a movement in America that is still going strong today. Most people don't realize that it was teenage girls that launched the Salvation Army in America.

Then there was that young Albanian woman who went to India as a schoolteacher. While she was there she felt a call from God to help the poorest of the poor. She walked out into the streets of India without any money in her pocket and simply began to pick up the dying from the gutters and take care of them. She lived in poverty and did menial tasks even when her name became known worldwide as the byword for the embodiment of Christian love and compassion. She was Mother Teresa. And she did all of her kindness in the name of Jesus, and as a pauper and a servant, she received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Jackie Pullinger left the UK on a freighter, believing God would tell her when to get off. When the ship docked in Hong Kong she disembarked. Knowing no one, she wandered into the "walled city" filled with heroin addicts, prostitutes, and violent gangs. It was so terrible in there that the police wouldn't even go in. But God found a young English girl who was willing to go and show the love of Jesus to these forgotten ones. Jackie, on her own, quietly and sacrificially won the trust of the worst of the worst. She learned God's secrets about the poor, she learned Chinese, and she learned the keys to praying people off of heroin addiction. Jackie is still in Hong Kong today, and because of her continued sacrifice there is a flourishing Chinese church filled with ex-addicts and countless people with new lives.

Today the mission field is filled women who are leading churches and pioneering works in remote tribes and villages. They are teaching, training, and raising up native pastors so God's work can grow.

There are also women serving God in the suburbs and the inner cities, in the pulpit, on their knees, and in the streets. Some are prominent Bible teachers and others are serving in relative obscurity.

I've told just a few very brief stories. I obviously didn't do justice in telling the stories of the women I spoke about, but their lives in greater detail, along with many others will be profiled in this site. And so will the encouraging words of many many men who support and encourage the release of women into ministry.

Have you been encouraged? Maybe it's time for you to venture out of the safety of your cave and see how God wants to use you.

There's always room for one more out there.

A Season of Multiplied Sorrows

Bryan Hupperts

While praying over my country, I began to grieve and rejoice all at once because I was shown the future for both the saints and the wicked. Psalm 16: 2-4, "As for the saints who are on the earth, They are the excellent ones, in whom is all my delight. Their sorrows shall be multiplied who hasten after other gods."

The Psalmist was speaking prophetically and this verse has application for the USA and backslidden Western world in general. Neo- paganism is on the rise and Wiccans, those who worship the earth, are a fast emerging spiritual movement. Clearly, there is a trend in the USA to reject Christianity and follow hard after other gods.

God promises in this verse that those who love him and long for his appearing are his delight. And we are promised, in Psalms 37:4, if we, "Delight (ourselves) also in the LORD, And He shall give (us) the desires of (our) heart." Being someone's delight means that you are a source of joy and pleasure and they naturally desire your company. The delight of the believer is the sweet, unabated Presence of Jesus in our daily life.

Consider the fate of those who follow after other gods. God promises, "Their sorrows shall be multiplied who hasten after other gods." I believe the Lord revealed that the West will enter into a time of "multiplied sorrows" as a result of following after gods who are not God at all. Abandoning the God of the Universe for non-gods is referred to in the Bible as leaving "the path of life." And if a path does not lead to life, then it surely leads to death.

Death often means a place of separation where those who have died receive the full portion of their darkest desire - existence apart from God.

Right now, the world is wild about Harry Potter, the book series about an orphan boy who uses witchcraft and wizardry "for good." Even that bastion of evangelicism Christianity Today has endorsed the book! The world is coming under the sway of neo-pagan influence that says it's OK to pursue spirituality apart from a personal relationship with God. Truly, Proverbs 16:25, "There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death."

As a child, I read a distinctly new Age children's book called "A Wrinkle in Time," by Madeleine L'Engle that began my spiritual search opening me to the possibilities of there being more to this life than the eye could see. Thank God I found Jesus! Or I would have been another lost neo-pagan wandering further and further away from the path of Life. Yes, we are a spiritual people, but Jesus is not Lord in our land and those who honor him as such are targets of hatred.

How this coming time of "multiplied sorrows" will happen I do not know. A catalyst will spark a chain of event that will undo the greatest time of economic prosperity in human history. My Canadian friend Thomas Gibson has written that in the future of the West, people will drive cars that they can scrounge and find parts for. A time of leanness will cure our national problem with obesity. While praying, I had a picture of the highways covered with people riding bicycles as peasants in China do because gas will be a luxury item for the very wealthy.

When this time of multiplied sorrows comes, the neo-pagan world will try wizardry only to receive silence from their gods who are not gods at all. The saints will be under the special provision of God. As there was light in Goshen while God' judgments and plagues struck ancient Egypt, so there will be the Light Himself shining like the sun at noonday in the midst of His delightful people.

In this approaching season of humiliation, many will see Jesus in the presence of His delightful Church and will come to a saving knowledge of Him while others will rage at God, devouring the land in marauding hordes of bandits. And as sorrows are multiplied, like a woman in childbirth, each contraction of pain will surely bring us one step closer to the return of Christ who will forever vanquish false gods from the world.

Bryan Hupperts 2000
SheepTrax Ministries, Inc.

Doug Fortune

I am crying out for the NATIONS... My voice is sounding throughout the earth through My prophets, calling the NATIONS to repentance and restoration. The NATIONS are MINE, and I am calling forth for that which is Mine to return to Me. For the consummation of the ages, the fullness of times is at hand wherein I shall bring righteous judgment, that which the blood of martyrdom and prayers of the righteous cry out for. I shall and I AM consummating all things in Christ, for the knowledge of My glory is filling the whole earth.

For the NATION that has rejected Me, loving darkness rather than Light, I shall recompense with certain destruction according to My righteous decree. For the NATION that has turned to Me and sought righteousness, I shall recompense with favor and undeserved blessing according to My righteous decree. I indeed have a remnant in every NATION, and for those who are called by My Name in the NATION that chooses darkness, though the NATION be judged, Mine shall be recompensed in mercy and grace.

Cry out for the NATIONS, speak My prophetic proclamation of destiny over them! Enforce with authority My decree against powers of darkness, that the illumination of the glory of Christ fill the whole earth. Yes, I am sovereign and yes, it is My doing according to My zeal, but I am accomplishing it through My Body - a many membered Man coming into the fullness of Christ. For this has been My purpose and plan from the beginning; to have a many membered Man in My image and likeness to rule over My creation, that I may manifest the essence of Who I AM in the earth... for in Christ, all things were created and in Christ all things are consummated... Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. Have I not decreed that ALL people, NATIONS and languages should serve Me?... then cry out in prophetic proclamation that each NATION fulfill their destiny in ME.

Look to the NATIONS, O Sons, cry out for the NATIONS and command that My purpose be fulfilled in the earth as it is in the heavens.

His Glory Will Spring Forth


No matter how hard hell begins to hit, God is going to supernaturally spring forth the Glory, and it will happen in so many spots, so fast when this new movement begins to spring in its' fullness. That no matter how fast Satan and his cohorts of hell go to extinguish it, as soon as he begins to do battle and win at one point, the Holy Ghost will roll over cities and begin to come into other places, and undo the evil in that place.

You will see whole houses of Mormonism given over to God. Whatever they do in the temple, don't ask me. But I see a temple in my spirit, and I see that God pours His Spirit, in His Grace. You say, "Those Mormons, they don't deserve it." DID YOU? They deserve God just as much as you. In fact they are probably seeking Him, and God is going to show up. They are going to get filled with the Holy Ghost and come out shining, whereas some of the religious churches have been playing in religiosity and don't have the true fruit, these people that just had a real encounter with God are going to be like 76 years old woman suddenly saved, saying, "I was just there, I was just. . . and, I got GOD!!!!" And, at 76, she is going to be running to her neighbor's house, ringing doorbells saying, "Do you want Jesus? I GOT JESUS."

You will see hearts in men fail them and people drop dead behind pulpits, right in the middle of their church services. God is going to take out some ministers that have defiled the lamp stand. And have been preaching the gospel but not by His will or His word. They have been under a wrong controlling spirit and God will remove those people. And God will supernaturally bring forth a remnant willing to pay the price.

Evil: You will see child molesters trumpeted in the future. And you will see gay atheists and activists come forth to protect the molesters. Saying these (the Christians) are haters. Oh God! And it will give appearance, like where the scripture says, "What is good will appear evil and what is evil will appear good."

You will hear about -- and some of you will actually be in the midst of -- total, full out, angelic visitations. Where the angels of our Lord Jesus Christ so visit a place that fire appears over the meeting halls. And the news media will catch this in actual photography. It will be trumpeted in the newspaper in the future.

And you will see the flames, because these angels are right there. And believe me, because some of you are saying: "Man that is way out there. Can this be?" God says take it to My word. In My word, when the church got filled with the anointing and the Holy Ghost, actual tongues of fire appeared over them. And this is going to be done, in such significant manners, that when these churches, that are having these spectacular signs happen, virtually hundreds and then thousands of people will visit as the Lord will use the news media to trumpet the events. And even though some will put a negative connotation toward it, "I the Spirit of the living God will throw My flame and fire on it in their hearts." And many will come just to see out of curiosity and will be swept, by the multiple thousands, into salvation, because of His great grace and His loving mercy.

You will see in the future, and hear of, entire households getting saved in one night, at a service one evening. There will also be such an anointing to preach the true gospel on TV. It will not only be Christian television, it will be the other news stations that will partake because of the healings, signs and wonders, that there will be whole television hours. Like they give an hour to this report and an hour to that report. (like, "60 Minutes") There will be television series by the hour that I, the Spirit the Lord Jesus Christ, am going to do.

And people will be walking out that were carried in dead, that are alive; "Saying, JESUS IS LORD". And because of those signs and wonder and testimonies, thousands upon thousands of people will come. And there will be Nations that will fly people from other Nations; Nation to Nation. It will look like Holy Ghost holocaust going on. Because so many people will be flying back and forth, saving and giving up even inheritances to fly over to other Nations to see and test and taste the glory of God. People will so empty out things and accounts! They will even take savings and inheritances to get the gospel out. Some will literally walk into a church, having brand new cars, and the Holy Ghost so compelled them to give unto His name sake, that they will take their keys and throw them at the pulpit. And people, and ministers and ministries will roll out with brand new cars. That day you will see.

There will be entire teams, such as football teams -- (I am seeing a football team) coming to the Lord and kneeling at the cross when they thought they were going out to play a game. They will have a Holy Ghost encounter through one evangelist that stands and preaches to them in a restaurant. And every single soul will be saved and they will come out weeping. When they go to the football or basketball place to do what they were going to do, instead weeping will consume them and they will prophesy and they will give alter calls and entire stadiums will be touched and many saved.

There will be people that are greatly known that will stand side by side by these unusual signs and wonders that have been won by Christ and they will then trumpet Christ. And will say, "You need to know Him! You need to know Him! You need to know Him!" They won't even have a message that makes much sense. It will be so simple.

That because of who they are and the personalities that they are, they will literally lead hundreds of thousands to Christ, because people know these people and love them and embrace them and because of that, because of that, they will draw in many, many, many multitudes to salvation. Such as: (I will give you an illustration) if Lucille Ball, which was on "I love Lucy," if she would have trumpeted Christ, virtually thousands, who knows how many people, would have accepted Jesus, just because they loved Lucy. Do you understand what I am saying?

There will be mass healing crusades, that in the midst of the meeting, suddenly, as the guest speaker gets up to speak, the Holy Ghost, without any forewarning will suddenly, actually, fall in the building. And it will interrupt the entire service and people will fall out, and the Glory will hit the place and people will come up healed. There will be new parts grown on people, as we have seen in the Spirit, multiple, multiple miracles. That is why God is going to turn the world upside down in these end days. And virtually there will be children that were punk rockers, that have spiked out hair, have razor sharp edged stuff and has all kinds of stuff hanging off of them, some of those kids will get so touched under the anointing, they will get up, grab a microphone, give alter calls and thousands of people will get saved because of the anointing.

There will be people that have never sang before in all of their life, that will get up under the anointing and begin to sing gloriously, to the Glory of God, and in their song they win souls to Christ.

There will be people that will be translated into other Nations as they are walking down the road conversing with another. God will instantaneously catch them on the way and they will be over in another place to minister the gospel.

There will be people with broken bones in hospitals but as people go in to lay hands, they are instantaneously corrected under their hands. And people and physicians, they will call into the rooms to see what happened. To see what signs and wonders happened and they will want to know the beginning and the end of the matter and many of them will get saved and begin to weep, saying, "This could not have been done unless God be with them."

There will be children with deformities that have come out of the womb totally deformed, in wheel chairs, some of them for years. And God will literally, by the passing by in the shadow of anointed apostles, prophets and evangelist, will begin to heal some of these and begin to put them in their right state of mind and grow bones in places.

There will be these things that will happen. The end is very near and the hand of God has to come down in a miraculous way to shake up a church and wake her up and say, "Jesus is coming and His angels are with Him." And, He is coming soon. Are you prepared to meet the Lord?

God is so going to shake the Nations.

"I am coming soon. I am coming soon." And the Holy Spirit is saying, "Get ready to give me everything that you possess and think is yours, give it to Me. Give me your whole hearts, not leaving any part out and I will give you My very best, which is an unequal portion for your own life. I will put My Spirit in you to do My will and My way. Only do not look for another. Do not look to others. Look to Me."

God wants our hearts solely in Him. That we do not look to a man, we do not to a ministry; we look totally to Jesus Christ in every way.

And some of you have gotten off track because you have looked to people. And God is saying, "Oh I allowed that, so that now you can look to Me. So that you can understand, I am the one doing all of this."

Well of Bethesda Ministries

The Church: An Unworthy Conception of God

A. W. Tozer

For who in the heavens can be compared to the Lord? Who among the sons of the mighty can be likened to the Lord? God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be held in reverence by all those around Him.
--Psalm 89:6,7

Christianity at any given time is strong or weak depending upon her concept of God. And I insist upon this and I have said it many times, that the basic trouble with the Church today is her unworthy conception of God. I talk with learned and godly people all over the country, and they're all saying the same thing.

Unbelievers say, "Take your cowboy god and go home," and we get angry and say, "They're vile heathen." No, they're not vile heathen--or at least that's not why they say that. They can't respect our "cowboy god." And since evangelicalism has gone overboard to "cowboy religion," its conception of God is unworthy of Him. Our religion is little because our god is little. Our religion is weak because our god is weak. Our religion is ignoble because the god we serve is ignoble. We do not see God as He is....

A local church will only be as great as its conception of God. An individual Christian will be a success or a failure depending upon what he or she thinks of God. It is critically important that we have a knowledge of the Holy One, that we know what God is like. The Attributes of God, 41,42.

"O God, help me to capture once again a realization of the greatness of my God. May the God I represent in my ministry today be a God worthy of lavish worship. Amen."

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