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We are to be like Jesus and that means bringing the gospel to the poor. If you believe that preaching to the poor cannot be done politically, where did you get that idea? Jesus says, "My kingdom is not of this world," and is used as an excuse to not get involved, but Jesus also said that He was the light of the world and also told us that we are the light of the world. The power of Jesus is in the Heaven and the earth. Jesus did not pray that we would be taken out of the world but that we would be delivered from evil. If we are to show our light to the world, we must deliver others and sometimes that takes getting involved in worldly affairs. Whether the church likes politics or not, politics has involved the church and to avoid getting involved is to let the enemy have his own way, which is exactly what has happened in America. Christians in third world countries do not have the problem of getting involved because the poor is ever present and to get involved is in the realm of loving them. Activism is not an evil work, without works, your faith is dead.

Christians need not get involved with politics as a supreme duty but many are called to the task of getting involved. The Lord could very well lead someone out of the political arena as well as put another in. We cannot question God's motives of calling, only accept and obey. We are admonished to get out of Babylon, so we must be very careful how we get involved, if it all. If we put our hand to the task of furthering the goals of the beast, then we have taken its mark. This is where the right and left hand come in. As we stand to face the right hand of Jesus, we must be in the position of the left. Authentic Christian thought is of the left because of where the Christian right has gone according to the delusion that God has sent them for believing a lie. We are to choose between serving God or mammon, it is as simple as that but knowing which way to go may be more complicated.

Before we get involved with any kind of political activity, we must make sure that we have received the seal of God in our foreheads which is the collective consciousness of the mind of Christ according to present truth. If you are following the politics of such Christians as exemplified in the Christian Coalition, you may be assured that you are following after those that have taken the mark of the beast and you have yet to get out of Babylon. If you follow such activities that promote Christian freedom, human rights and social reform and having concern for the poor, you know that you may be in the will of God. Having a true liberal heart is not evil but is following after the love and compassion that Jesus has taught us. If your love, compassion and faith is conservative, don't bother, you will only add to the confusion.

We should especially pray for the Lord to bless our political leaders. We may not agree with their methods, but we must look to them for helping us when need to further the goals of the kingdom. That means making friends with them, not enemies, after all, we are admonished to love even our enemies. Many of these people also have a preferential option for the poor and do not go according to right-wing Babylon, seek them out. Why should these luke-warm ministries on the right have all the political clout? It's time for those that are sold out to Jesus to take control of some of these issues, especially as regards the propagation of the gospel to the poor. Get in there and make a difference.

A Christian may have loftier ideals of the greatest good but if politics includes the discernment of policy then we may in fact do the greatest good by getting involved with it. Politics in itself is good but much can be said about bad politics. In the history of political thought, genius does not always assume the form of unprecedented originality but consists of modifying and combining existing ideas to form a new whole. That is the way history is made, by those relying upon the works of others and with combining that with the innovation of new ideas for the contemporary generation to achieve progress. Consistency of ideological belief can be attained if people are politicized - if they come to see issues in the socio-political world as increasingly central to their everyday lives.

It has been said that there is no Christian politics, only Christians in politics. Aristotle once said that "the end of politics is the good of man. The highest good attainable by action." The meaning of "political" like that of "law", has traditionally varied between two extremes. One extreme is the supremely moral, as in the example of Aristotle who elevates ethics under political thought on the ground that while every community aims at some good, "the state, the political community, aims at the supreme good". The other extreme is the supremely amoral, as when Machiavelli views politics as the use of force and fraud to obtain power and glory. America began at one extreme, that of the supreme good of its own people, and is now at the other extreme, that of totalitarianism and economic world domination. The church chose not to become involved in politics and did not give it the prophetic voice that it needed to steer the right course.

Of course there are times that we must denounce our government but if you do, make sure that you are speaking the voice of truth and that it is through the voice of the Lord. Paul wants us to desire spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy. If you cannot speak the authentic voice of God, then keep silent until you can. If you have not the discernment to recognize truth from error, find it first before you go, you are only in the way. If you cannot pray in the spirit, learn how, our true fight is in the heavenly realm and not with flesh and blood so if you are called to intercede for those called to labor in the fields, learn how to do it right. Only if you are walking in the spirit and not the flesh should a Christian attempt to speak for others in the realm of politics.
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