Collective Consciousness

The collective consciousness has been described as the historical experience collectively instilled and manifested in the minds of certain individuals, latently, perhaps in us all. Carl Jung thought that the collective unconscious contained the whole spiritual heritage of mankind's evolution, born anew in the brain structure of every individual. He advanced the hypothesis that the unconscious possesses at its deeper levels collective contents in a relatively active state owing their existence exclusively to heredity and have never been in consciousness but forgotten or repressed.

Jesus is real and among us in Spirit. There are two collective consciousnesses with Christians. The true one that is connected to the spirit and the collective that believe a lie so God sends them a strong delusion. I am a Christian on the left and from there is the only way to recognize the Christian right for what it is, under the delusion.

A lot of questions asked in why I would make Bush Bashing a spiritual issue. To worship the same god as he, takes that special delusion that he shares. That is a spiritual problem, not a political one except it manifests in a way that makes political decisions for you. It is part of a collective consciousness that needs no intellectual input of your own. In that so many in the body of Christ have taken part in the works of this false god reveals the compromise that Christians take when being part of the global forces of capitalism attempting to take the kingdom by force. That is not the true God that they give credit to, so it os not God at all. Discipline and judgment is quick to follow those not part of the remnant called out in the Day of the Lord.

Once the veil is lifted, it becomes clear but we are talking about spiritual principalities in high places. The dream world are those apart from God's community, unity brings together as a whole, only the collective consciousness that is true will finally be the authentic voice of humanity that brings in the Kingdom of God. That means you must be fully persuaded one way or another. It is like the difference between the Seal of God and the mark of the beast.

With the prophets, it is frequently not unconscious at all but conscious and part of the objective mind through the spirit, not just the subjective mind. There is no apparant physical unity in the church right now because there is no spiritual unity but two collective consciousnesses. This dualism is light from dark, truth and error, the open door of the Holy Ghost and the delusion that God has sent to those that believe the lie. So there can be a unity in the church that is false. Who knows how many collective mend-sets there are in the world but the Mind of Christ is certainly one with the spirit of truth and that unity revealed through His servants.

Edgar Cayce practiced the collective consciousness years before Jung had only preached it. "We find that when the thought of many individuals is directed to one focusing point, the condition becomes accentuated by force of thought manifested." Cayce's subconscious was in direct contact with other subconscious minds and gathered knowledge from them; this is how he was able to do the things that he did. This experience took Cayce's subjects to the point that it transcended time so he then misunderstood it as being re-incarnation. If we as spiritual believers truly have the mind of Christ, then the collective consciousness of that mind must certainly be united. This is the complex psychic energy that Teilhard believed was a part of mental evolution.

Sigmund Freud taught that the collective unconscious is the sediment of all the experience of the universe of all time. U.S. Anderson writes that: "Below the surface self and conscious mind, sustaining and supporting both but remaining infinitely greater than either, is universal conscious mind, the vast mind that springs into being all living things, that underlies life like a great and infinite ocean of intelligence and energy." He goes on to say that this mind is in every person, available to all. Even Zen teaches that all people contain within themselves a true and unconditioned consciousness that can be trained to break through and make contact with its environment. It should be obvious that without the faith to tap into this consciousness, most will never know it exists.

Croce, in his imperfect but manifest view of the Holy Ghost, depicted historical evolution as the dialectical unfolding of a quasi-deity called "spirit". But this "deity" was not transcendent, not "above the world" in the theological sense, it was, rather, the collective evolving human consciousness. He was writing in the political sense and not the spiritual and I submit that there are several collective consciousnesses but only the prophetic organism can be fully true. If schizophrenia were treated by a method that affirmed this truth to the point that they understood it, the drugs prescribed to suppress the prophetic hearing of voices would not be necessary. We as Christians have been victims of our collective divided consciousness and Jesus won't come back until we unite ourselves to His singular truth and tune our minds to His, not the mind of man.

Through our unconscious we share in the mind of Christ. Any formation of popular collective will in the church is impossible unless a great number of like minded people emerge simultaneously into revival, confirmed in action and fervent in collective prayer. The mind of Christ knows the beginning and the end and everything in between down through history and reveals the historical collective psyche to those that He has chosen. Emerson knew this and writes: "Who has access to this universal mind is a party to all that is or can be done, for this is the only and sovereign agent. Of the works of this mind, history is the record."

The collective consciousness has for the greater part been latent in the structure of the brain and through an unenlightened church, the study of psychic energy has been dismissed as part of the occult. Those who can pray in power and recognize the manifestations know how Jesus can effect the answers in the minds of individuals and even groups. Even with all its organic complexity, the simple fact is that God uses the psychic energy inherent in each one of us to reveal His will to us, either audibly or through our senses, transcending time. We as a church will not be all we can be until we are able to harness the psychic energy of the historical collective consciousness of the mind of Christ and project that spirit unto the whole world.
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