The seat of Roman Government in first century Palestine was not in Jerusalem but in Caesarea, sixty miles away between Joppa and Tyre. This Gentile city on the Mediterranean coast was sometimes called Caesarea Palestine to distinguish it from Caesarea Philippi. It had a fine harbor and many splendid temples, palaces and other buildings. This was the Headquarters of the Roman governor of Palestine. The population of Caesarea consisted of mostly pagans and a few thousand Jews.

The Praetorium is the residence of the governor, a palace built by Herod the Great. Antipatris was 25 miles from Caesarea. It was dangerous ambush country. In AD 60 Paul was in prison at Caesarea, where we find Luke visiting in his 2 year sojourn around 58-60. Here there was abundant opportunity to get firsthand knowledge from the original companions of Jesus and the first founders of the church, accurate information concerning all the details.

Being the Roman capital of the province of Judea, Caesarea was a garrison town and there is evidence of a Roman army there, the Italian Cohort probably. The corps composed of freedmen from Italy and is known to have been stationed in Syria by 69. It was inhabited chiefly by Greeks. Caesarea was the capital of Judea during the time of the Herod's, the residence of Philip the Evangelist, and of Cornelius, the centurion, the first-fruits from the Gentiles.
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