Philip the Evangelist

Philip the Evangelist was one of the Seven deacons. Note that all of the Seven's names are Greek, which suggests they belonged to the complaining Hellenists. Philip was one of the many who were scattered by the persecution. All were equally faithful to declare the truth, for those that were scattered preached. His revival in Samaria had far-reaching consequences. Thus when Philip began to preach Christ to them, they with one accord "gave heed" especially when they saw the miracles he did. They were eager to hear about the Messiah, just as the woman at the well had been. Jesus sowed the seed, the woman sowed it in turn.

The miracle and signs sealed and confirmed Philip's preaching. The burden of the preaching was Jesus. The miracles were the result of that preaching. They were the release of a new life among the people. They were the result of God's power brought to bear through Jesus upon the lives of men and women. The response to Philip's preaching was immediate. Crowds followed him wherever he went. They listened to him and looked at him. There was much joy in that city of Caesarea, which was apparently his home. Philip stopped there at the close of his preaching tour.

There is a tradition that Queen Candace' treasurer was named Indich. We find that the Jewish religion was prevalent in Meroe, for the Queen's confidential advisor went to worship at Jerusalem. On his return trip, he was converted by Philip and became the means of introducing Christianity to Ethiopia. This Ethiopian must have been one of the God-fearers who came to rest in Judaism either as a proselyte or a God-fearer. It was not uncommon in lands ruled by queens to have eunuchs serve as their royal officers. The man was black, coming from the area of modern Nubia which is located in the upper Nile stretching from Aswan south to Khartoum. He was reading from the 53rd chapter of Isaiah, and beginning from it Philip showed him who Jesus is.
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