Latter Rain Discussions Open Again

June 12, 2002

A lot of pressure coming my way to get the latter rain list going again. I have to admit that i have missed the excitement of the dialogue, the insights and the revelation from the Lord on those many subjects, not to mention the incredible spiritual content that was added to my web site. There have been new people on the list that have joined up for the express purpose of being part of these discussions and many have been blessed from the archives.

I have to tell you that I really got burned out before I called time out and need to trust in the Lord to give it the quality it deserves. The rest was good for me; it has been a time to reflect on what happened and to confirm my calling. It has been a time to concentrate more on studies and catch up on some things. I also wanted to devote more time to action and less on talking but the more I think about it, the more I understand that the latter rain list is a profound action on my part in fulfilling my calling.

I have seen a lot of truth dissected and taken to extremes. Too often scriptures are "half-heartedly" searched to validate our special agenda half-truths. Scriptures need to be "diligently" searched to discover the whole truth. We are not interested in anything but full-gospel teaching here and we must let the Lord have the final word in matters pertaining to scriptural interpretation. Just too much pride, false authority, mud-slinging and anti-christian rhetoric lately going on in the church, so we need to confront issues head on and get back to the basics of love and holiness.

The focus of the latter rain list is the same as before and that is to confront the controversial issues that have divided the church. The rules are the same as before, we need to get rid of the pride of our callings and giftings, lay down our swords long enough to be detached from extreme positions and open our minds, hearts and spirits to valid views of others. We dialogue in all love and humility and do what we can to come into a spiritual consensus so that the controversy may be put away. We follow truth in love in all questions and answers. Jesus is the leader of the group but since I am moderator I reserve the right to take hateful or divisive people off of the list.

I am open to suggestions right now as to what we should be discussing. Get back to me. Send your responses to

Yours in Jesus,


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