God is love and as such, only approached through the way of love. Love as a divine quality can never be in short supply, there must be an abundance of love rather than a lack of it. We all look for love but need to love to find it. Same with friendship, if you want friends, be one. There is not a short supply of love in the world but there is a short supply of true lovers and friends.

There are three kinds of love referred to in the Greek: agape, phileo and eros, godly love, brotherly love and erotic love. Love is not merely an emotion, but a principle of life, the ground, the power of justice. The only qualification for victory required of love is that it should be able to endure its most shattering defeat and yet still remain love.

Paul Tillich wrote that "Love is above law... Justice is fulfilled in love."
Fr. Teilhard teaches that "the golden rule of individual and social mental balance is 'Love your neighbor as your self,' in reference to a higher love, of which the perfect form is the personal love of a personal God who is love." And elsewhere, "Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves."

Love is the final move of the sons of God that will bring us together in unity and spirit to restore the church. It is harvest time and the wheat will be in with the tares but it is not up to us to sift, only gather. While we open the gates and our own arms wide in love, let us not forget to invite Jesus in so that He may set upon His throne. It is enough to imagine our ability to love developed until it embraces the whole of mankind and the entire earth. The secret of the world is love and we must choose whether to love each other or to perish. Then may we be among those that lay down their crowns at His feet.

What we know is that Jesus loves us and not just because the Bible tells us so but because He has placed this love in our hearts for His glory and others. We do not look for Jesus in the natural world or even the supernatural world, where we look for Jesus is in the eyes and hearts of those that reach out in love to their fellow man. God is love and that goes against our natural inclination for self-love. Did you know that the Bible doesn't speak of God hating anyone, except once and that is the prophecy of Malachi where God said that He hated Esau. Esau is the one that sold His birthright. Our birthright is Jesus, can you imagine anyone selling out? Many have sold out to this world system. He hates the wicked works that we do and our false doctrine and prideful ways but He loves us, all of us. Love is the highest form of human energy. Recognize the Lord in each of our brothers and sisters. Love them, adore them, serve them, humble yourselves and submit to them. Do we wait for God to do it through us? God waiting on us. Love is a command.

Love is a nothing more that replacing an I for a You and it comes with spiritual power. Love really does cast out fear and jealousy, resentment and ill will. That is why the liberating praxis, in the measure that it starts from true solidarity with the poor and oppressed, will be in short, an action of love. Ferguson: "Love is the most irresistible power in the universe. Caring - that's what healing is all about. Jesus accepted with as little reserve the solidarity of love - that no one could love a fellow creature with a pure, unselfish passion without loving God. He that receives you receives me. Let us love one another, for love is of God. Truly, I say unto you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren you did it to me."

Love is said to be blind, don't believe it, for nothing is so perceptive as love. Love is blind only when it shuts its eyes to defects and focuses on the possibilities. Every Christian on this planet should be a minister. What is a minister but someone that loves those around them enough to give them a testimony of what Jesus would have them do and minster to their needs. If you have been brought out of darkness into eternal light, then you have a testimony of Jesus that should be shared. That is the spirit of prophecy through the ministration of Jesus. This is the unity and love that we must have for us to be part of the body of Christ, fitly joined together.

This is the new song that we should be singing. God is love, and we love you too. If you share in that divine nature, it is in love - period. If that is truly the case, then we can speak the same thing that has been given us from the beginning. God is speaking in us, to us and through us to others and if that is true, then we can only be saying the same thing. We are One in the Spirit, One in the Lord and One in the faith. There can be no division there when united in love.

[95, 96, 97, 130, 131, 135, 136, 148, 185, 241, 314, 319, 347, The New Melody of Love was part of the latter Rain Discussion list for pastors in the five-fold ministry]

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