Heaven is the noblest imagination of the human heart, and anyone who robs this imagination of its august dignity and spiritual splendor has committed a crime. In the Bible, Heaven means primarily the region of the air and clouds, and of the planets and the stars, but chiefly the world of holy bliss above the visible heavens. To there Jesus ascended, to intercede for his people and prepare for us a place. The bible teaches three heavens. The first heaven is the firmament that we can see by looking up, the second is the starry heavens beyond our world and the third heaven is the abode of God and the translated saints. It is called glory. Those who enter it will be perfected forever and made partaker of Jesus' fullness. In the Apocalypse, John describes the New Jerusalem, the heavenly city, the eternal habitation of the resurrected saints during the millennium.

When Jesus was baptized, heaven opened up and the dove descended, Jesus was later received into heaven, John saw heaven opened, angels descend from heaven, those in heaven rejoice, there are signs from heaven, our reward is in heaven, the saints will come down from heaven, there is bread that comes from heaven and our names are written there. Elijah and Enoch were taken up into heaven, Stephen looked and saw heaven opened up and Paul was caught up to the third heaven. No matter how we look at it, there is a heaven above and if Jesus is there preparing a place for us and we are to be as the angels of heaven, then we shall also be there.

Also in heaven are those that have gone before us; this is our blessed hope. That means that the communion of saints must include those that are with us here in bodily form and also those that are with Jesus in eternity.
[314, 380, BD]

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