false gods

Ishtar (Astarte to the Greeks, Ashtoreth to the Jews), was Demeter as well as Aphrodite- no mere goddess of physical beauty and love, but the gracious divinity of bounteous motherhood, the secret inspiration of the growing soil, and the creative principle everywhere. She was the goddess of war as well as love, of prostitutes as well as mothers.

'The Virgin' Baal was identified as a city-god with the sun, as they identified Astarte with the moon; children in sacrifice. Astarte who determined the fertility of the land, of women, of olive trees.. the baal of the oil press.. the baal of the vats and the baal of the jugs in which the oil was stored, that it be kept sweet.

Materialism is a false god. If you go to the polling places and vote against everything that might raise your taxes regardless of the benefit to the poor, the elderly or the infirm, you have followed a false god. Don't think for a minute that God looks at your political decisions as merely personal choices. It is a luke-warm materialistic compromising church that supports the capitalist church, they have followed after a false god. If you vote against people that are for human and civil rights simply because they are not part of the elitist right-wing conservative base, you have voted under a delusional spirit reserved only for fools. Voting no longer becomes our political responsibility but along a collective consciousness of the nature of the beast.

I will tell you who the true God is not. It is not the god that glories in the stock market going up or thinks that throwing money to the rich will help the poor. It is not the god of sanctions, embargoes, privatization of natural resources, exploitation, inflation, elitist war profiteering, liberalization and globalization. This is a political god that thinks that his people can take the kingdom by force. I am asking you to turn to the true God of love, peace and justice and reject the false god of Babylon regardless of political partisanship.

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