Titus was a friend of Paul and the recipient of the Pauline epistle of the same name. Titus should be a model for the young men in his own good work as well as sound words so that opponents will find nothing evil they can say about him. The epistle to Titus was written by Paul about the same time as I Timothy in 64 or 66 depending on whether Paul had one or more imprisonments. Titus had been left on the island of Crete to organize the church there.

The letter therefore has much in common with I Timothy, but with greater emphasis on church organization and administration. The bearer was Titus, who possibly had visited Corinth at an earlier time to further the collection for the relief of poor Christians in Judea. Titus was probably one of Paul's converts but was never circumcised. Tradition recalls that Titus died as the bishop of Crete.
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