Silas was a companion to Peter and Paul. First Peter was written by the apostle with the help of Silvanus, Paul's old comrade, called in Acts, Silas for short. We know that he was a member of the mother church in Jerusalem and was sent by them as an approved representative to the church at Antioch with Barnabas. Further we know not only that he was a Roman citizen, but that he assisted Paul during the momentous second missionary journey which took the gospel to Greece and Europe. He was a prominent member and one of the prophets in the church at Jerusalem, and one of the two bearers of the letter written from the Jerusalem council to the churches in Syria and Cilicia.

Silas was chosen by Paul as his companion for the 2nd missionary journey, when Barnabas and Paul decided to separate. He accompanied Paul throughout the journey from Antioch as far as Corinth and from there, we lose track of him. Tradition has it that he lived the rest of his life in Europe and died in Macedonia. The death of the blessed Silas, who, being one of the first brethren and sent by the apostles to the churches of the Gentiles with Paul and Barnabas, was full of the grace of God and readily fulfilled the office of preaching; and, glorifying Christ in his sufferings, was afterwards at rest.
[308, 358, Acts, 359]

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