Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel is sacred to every Jew for its association with the prophet Elijah. It was near the sea and from its top, Jesus could look up and down the coast of Palestine . It was fruitful, with forests, vines and produce, described as excellent. Those from the area were called Carmelites.

Mount Carmel is conspicuous for it's history in the Old Testament. King Saul built his high places there. King Uzziah had "vine dressers in the mountains, and in Carmel: for he loved husbandry." The foolish Nabal was from Carmel. Nabal was the one whose life was spared by his wife Abagail, only to die by the hand of the Lord and after which, David married her.

When Elijah confronted Ahab the King for forsaking the commandments of the Lord, Ahab gathered 450 prophets of Baal and 400 prophets of Jezebel all to Mount Carmel. Elijah asked the people to choose between the Lord and Baal and challenged the prophets to a duel of fire. Either the god of Baal could kindle the fire for a sacrifice or the Lord God. It was here at the top of Mount Carmel that Elijah brought the rain in the presence of Ahab. Chalk two up for Elijah and the Lord God.

Elisha seems to have lived at Mount Carmel. He went up to Mount Carmel after cursing the 42 children for insulting his bald head. Perhaps he was running home from irate parents after a bear attacked their kids. The Shunammite woman with the son that Elisha had raised from the dead came unto the man of God to Mount Carmel where he was staying.
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