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July 1, 2003

A Call To Unity and Love

Musa Opiyo

1 Samuel 16:7 .......for the LORD seeth not as man seeth, for man looketh on the outward appearance, but God looketh on the heart.

1 Corinthians 13:2 And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I would remove mountains, and have not charity (love) I am nothing.

Love your neighbour as you love yourself. I have given many gifts to My children that are for the equipping of the saints and the edifying of the Body, but many have turned them around and used them for personal gain. Do I not judge the motives of the heart?

Do you have a heart to minister unto others the love that I have ministered to you? Repent of the motives that have been a drawback and come to Me, that I may give you My heart for My Body. For you are all one in Me. Perfectly fit stones fitted into the temple of God.

For there is one God who is over all, in all and lives through all. Why do you then take what I have given you and turn in into a marathon race. Do you not see that when the lost see you, they are drawn back because of the competition and strife among you? Rather they are drawn in because of the unity and love found in Me. Be My true disciples. Disciple others in love and be a living example.

Many of you take the blessings and gifts that I have given you and have turned them into a means of getting the praise of men simply because you do not have a true revelation of My love for you.

Beloved, when you truly know My love for you, it will not matter how you look to anyone. When you abide in My presence and allow My love to flood your soul and heart, you inner man is changed. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Be of no reputation, but this, that your eyes are focused on me and My love for you. Do not put Me in a cage. LET ME OUT, that I may minister to My children, saved or lost, about My abundant grace and merecy.

Do not worry about numbers beloved, but even where you are, be concerned that you are all growing in faith and maturity until you reach that place where you are in likewise stature with My son Jesus, knowing all truth, and you will no longer be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine.

This does not come at the snap of the fingers, but it takes time, working with one another, building each other up. Beloved you need one another. Never get decieved that you have it all, because unto each man I give a certain measure of faith. Stir up the gifts I have placed within you. Do not conform to the dictates of man, for where My Spirit is, there is liberty, but submit to one another and build each other up in your most holy faith.

Beloved when I call you home or when you hear the trumpet blast, it will no longer matter how much honour or praise you recieved from men. That is why I ask you to be faithful to the calling which ye were called. Many times you will go through seasons where you will recieve no recognition of men, but it is MY work that I am doing through you and what you have done in secret I will reward openly.

Come with a heart that is ready to be a blessing to others. You are precious in My sight, and I see you all the same. The same love I have for My son Jesus is the same love I have for YOU, for you are joint-heirs in the Kingdom. The enemy will come to sow seeds of discord because he know his time is is almost up and a united, bull-dozering church is a BIG threat to his plans.

Bear with one another in love. For ALL have sinned and fallen short of My glory. I have no class or hierachy to sin. It is all sin to Me. Do not judge your brother, lest you be judged. Let My love pour through you, for love is the greatest gift of all. Love is what drove Me to the cross of calvary to pay for your transgressions. And now that same love give unto others.

Yes you are My own. I am your Shepherd who watches over you. You shall not fear the terror by day or the pestilence that stalks in the darkness. A thousand shall fall at your side, even ten thousand, but My hand shall be protecting you. Yes you are My overcoming church.

The creation has awaited this moment. A church driven by love, for Me, and for those in need. Yes, this was My intended plan.

Roar in the face of the enemy, for he is a toothless lion that has no bite. I have given you the victory and the strength, powered by My love for you and for one another. Go ye into all the world and preach that which I have spoken unto you. Go empowered by My holy spirit, and by the unity of the saints. For I Am with you, says your Lord and King.


The Enemy Has Come To Destroy Your Peace

Ras Robinson

The enemy has come to destroy your peace. He is battling with you mind. His accusations flow like a river. And it is all aimed at distracting you from the preciousness of mission. Stand firm and make no room for him. Give what you do not have. Sow peace from your inner being and sow liberally. Reach deep and grab hold of the peace within you that only I can give. You have a huge reservoir. Tap into it. Lavishly give it away. The enemy has come to destroy your peace.

James 3:18 And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.

Fullness in Christ Church


Bill Burns

The enemy is going to loose the spirit of Judas in this time to offset the move of God that is coming. We need to fight and war against it. It will come by way of compromise and a number of different ways, but the result will be betrayal. Don't step into that; don't betray the Lord; don't allow the enemy to cause you to compromise what He has called you to do. Stay true to the Lord and hold fast to Him. Be rooted and grounded in the sure foundation of Jesus Christ.

The Lord says that in this time of the gathering of the eagles I have some surprises in store for My people. I will come to you and give you wings like eagles that you might rise up and ride upon the thermals of My presence and to ride upon the power of revelation and the glory of My Spirit as I move you. I am preparing you to be transformed and translated above this earth, for you are joint heirs seated with Me in heavenly places. I am calling My eagles today into a place of flight. Get ready to fly. Get ready to step out and launch yourself. Spread your wings, for I shall be the power of the Wind beneath you, and I am raising you up into high elevations where you can see My purposes for yourself and for My kingdom in these days.

Faith Tabernacle

Battle Station

Nancy Smith

My children,get ready to take your places in battle. Line up and get in the place I have designed for you and prepared you to be placed in. For the battle is not going to be won if you are out of place or not active in your duty. I have put within each of you a unique ability to carry the weapons that I have chosen. Do not carry your neighbor's weapon and expect to know how to use it. Carry the weapons I alone give you to use. Sharpen the knives and load your guns, make sure that things are working properly. Make sure your knapsacks are in order. It is surely time for war in the spirit and it is time to lift up the horn of salvation and get ready to blow. My precious children, do not fear man, but fear the Living God and you will do well. Take your places now and await the call to advance.

A Pioneering Spirit

Donna J. Kazenske

While meditating about the faith and works of some of God's pioneers from previous generations, I began to petition the Lord to raise up more true pioneers; men and women of God who are not willing to take "no" for an answer; men and women of God who are willing to go the extra mile without complaining; men and women of God who long to make a way for others where there seems to be no way; men and women of God who care more about others than they do themselves; men and women of God who are willing to lay down their lives for someone whom they don't even know.

There are still people groups that need to hear the Gospel message for the very first time, there are still souls that need to be saved, churches that need to be built, faith that needs to be released, and miracles that need to happen.

The church in much of the western world has been lulled to sleep with books, tapes and sermons that are relatively self-centered and watered down so badly that the Gospel seems to be of no effect. Why has this happened? What has gone wrong with the body of Christ? What ever happened to true apostles paving the way for others to follow their lead? What ever happened to honesty and integrity in ministry?

There seems to be "apostles" on every street corner and in every church building in every nation today. Billboards in church yards announce "Apostle You Know Who" will be ministering at The Apostolic Church of Apostles with Apostle Samuel leading the worship. It's easy to claim a title and have it look good when it's placed in front of our names, but God is not interested in titles. God is interested in those who are interested in Him.

When Jesus walked on the face of this earth, He didn't go around saying, "I am Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher and Evangelist Jesus Christ." He never even declared Himself to be God.

He just said, "I am the Son of God – Son of Man." He was satisfied with just being a son. I believe God wants us to think and act in the same manner in which Jesus acted. He wants us to enjoy our status of being sons and daughters in His kingdom.

Jesus didn't say, "I will pour out My Spirit on all My apostles and prophets." He said, "I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh…..My sons and My daughters." There's more to life than names, positions and titles. God is interested in relationship.

Five-fold ministers are definitely gifts to the body of Christ, but when we begin to worship the gifts instead of the gift giver, we are walking on very shaky unstable ground. There's only One who is worthy to be praised and worshipped on a consistent basis and His name is Jesus. We must never exalt ourselves to any position that Jesus has not placed us.

What is the definition of a pioneer? A pioneer is one who goes before to remove obstructions for the purpose of preparing the way for others. True pioneers of the Spirit are never satisfied.

They are always looking for new ways and avenues to build God's kingdom. They are hungry and thirsty for spiritual reality. They defy all limitations that man places upon them. They dance to the beat of a different drum. When faced with obstacles, they just climb over them in faith and keep on going. They don't allow anyone or anything to stop them from doing the will of God. The word "compromise" is not even in their vocabulary.

True pioneers know how to shake heaven and hell with their prayers. They know what it means to "pray through" and "press on". They don't have a "give up" mentality. They are not concerned with fame, worldly wealth or riches. They are consumed with the call of God that's upon their lives.

True pioneers will quickly obey God and go wherever He tells them to go, while others would rather stay home and be "safe" in their Lazy Boy recliners watching TV shows that they shouldn't be watching.

True pioneers are willing to lay down everything in order to gain Christ. They are willing to travel down roads that are not paved, but are long, hard, full of potholes and very rocky. They are fully aware that the way may not always be easy, but will one day be very rewarding.

The pioneers who traveled across America many years ago were always stopping to look from a high vantage point to see what might be in the path ahead of them. It's the same for pioneers of the spirit. We must be able to stop and spend some quality time with Jesus so He can show us what lies in the path ahead of us. We must not be ignorant of the enemy's devices. We must know where we are going and what it's going to take to get there. We must allow the Lord to give us strategies to overcome the enemy so we can walk in victory.

I believe that Jesus longs for every one of us to be pioneers in the spirit. He wants us to do what He has called us to do without complaining, giving up and messing up. With His help, we can be successful in ministry. We can be successful as baby-sitters, mothers, husbands, wives, office workers, taxi cab drivers, waitresses, etc. The Lord wants the light of His Spirit on the inside of us shining brightly in the midst of deep darkness. He wants us to make a difference in this world.

Are we willing to give up some things that really mean a lot to us in order to get what the Lord desires to give to us? Are we willing to lay down our agendas and lay hold of His agendas?

When was the last time that you told the Lord, "I love you Lord." When was the last time that you got off your treadmill of doing your own thing to spend a little time with Jesus and the people that He so graciously loves? Why do we allow so many things to clutter our lives until it seems that we really don't even have a life?

Serving Christ is not for wimps, but for warriors. We have been called to serve in God's army. Are we dressed for battle and ready to take His marching orders? If so, God will grant us a pioneering spirit to do everything that He has called us to do for the expansion of His kingdom.

Are You Truly Gathered In My Name?

Yolanda Ballard

Two or more gathered in My name ....... here I AM with you in your presence. Yes, I truly delight to meet with My people when they gather in My name in unity, in one accord, seeking My face, My will, and My ways. Although many say they are gathered in My name, they still have their own agenda and that leaves Me out, because I will not join in and anoint something that I did not initiate; therefore, you end up having a meeting in My name and I am not there.

For this greatly grieves My Spirit that I have to partake of a gathering that I have no part in. And I am tired of your solemn assemblies void of My power and life. And many are leaving the assembling of My people to stay at home where they say they are seeking My face, but many are not but are partaking only of the wicked ways of the world, namely watching the TV filling themselves to the brim with the ungodliness and vanity that the enemy offers.

And this grieves Me because if My people who say they are gathered in My name were truly seeking My will for their services, this would not be happening. My people would be joined in unity and would be blessed in My presence, and My will and My ways would be proclaimed. My life and My Spirit would be drawing them closer to each other and to Me. For I long for intimacy with My people. I long for them to be one where My will alone would be proclaimed. How are we to reach the lost in a mighty way if we are not one, with one mind and in one accord, for I am not in unity or agreement with that which I did not initiate.

So seek My face and humble yourselves and turn from your wicked ways of having your own agenda, and I will bless your gatherings in My name. And I will pour out My anointing and My presence in a mighty way. And I will pour out My giftings, and signs and wonders will follow My words. And you will see the healings and deliverances and salvation of your loved ones that you have believed Me for. It is all up to you. You are the one that is holding up the show. I AM ready and I have been ready, but I cannot move where I do not have the complete freedom to do so, says your Lord.

The Cure For What Ails Us

Gretchen Offord

Bitterness, envy, jealousy, resentment.....all are poisons to our souls, lives and relationships (with God and others). They are like emotional cancers. Fear is another cancer, and it shows up in a variety of ways, such as anxiety, worry, dread, doubt, controlling and/or dominating others, etc. All of these show that we have sinned in making those sinful thoughts (ways of thinking) habitual, and have given place within ourselves to uncleanness. Sin is uncleanness.

Sin also causes physical problems. David spoke of being physically in torment because of his sin, see Psalm 51.

There are also consequences to sin -- God forgives when we confess and repent (choose not to sin in those ways any more), but often we have to go through the repercussions of our sins. We can't expect God to bail us out when we have acted irresponsibly.

When we seek to honor God through the consequences, we can show that our relationship with God is real, and that we accept the hardships that can come at our own hand. When someone else sins against us, there can be consequences -- and it is when we forgive that person(s) that we honor God and He walks with us through those consequences, often bringing healing so that we can encourage others who have been similarly sinned against. It all depends on our perspective - either it is on God, or ourselves.

Fear, and other related thoughts/emotions also cause us to act out in ways that do not honor God. We try to solve our own problems or we try to force others to behave in ways that keep us from panicking, yet our problems only worsen and our relationships suffer. Or we keep someone from knowing us because we are fearing rejection. People are people and we all have been hurt however when we are part of God's family as Christians, there cannot truly be rejection.

I've heard of Christians doing warfare against these things, but that is not the way to handle their existence.

The Cure is to confess, repent and forgive. Confess our sins (bad thoughts) to God, seek to repent (change our thinking patterns to think God's way - Phil 4:8); forgive (pardon) ourselves for allowing such sinful and negative emotions and thoughts residence within us; forgive those who hurt us in the first place. We ask God's forgiveness because many people who have such emotional cancers have blamed God for their troubles.

Confession (admitting wrongdoing to God, others), and repentance (seeking God's help to not do wrong against Him, others) are vitally important and necessary for us to live whole, healthy and God honoring lives. We cannot seek to live as Jesus modelled and taught when we are full of unforgiveness and sinful thinking.

Forgiveness starts with understanding: what happened, how/why it happened, then pardoning the offender. When we come to God and apologize to Him for sinning, He understands the 'what', 'hows' and 'whys' and pardons us. He tells us that as He forgives us, we are to forgive each other.

As we seek His understanding, we see how we have made mountains out of molehills, labelling as 'life and death' important things that will not last into eternity.

What will last into eternity are our souls and the souls of those around us, in our neighborhoods, cities, workplaces, etc.

As we find our wholenes and healing from God, especially when we confess and forgive, we find a new measure of love from God to show to others -- the same love He shows us when He forgives us.

Have we been hurt by someone? Take that hurt to God and ask God to forgive us for holding a grudge, and then forgive...asking God's blessing on that person. Try it - it works!!!

in Him,

The Present Is a Gift

Rev Cramer

Encouragement for you and me and our loved ones comes from us and the Lord. If we keep things simple and believe in His promisae to us, then we will enjoy each day more.

I encourage you to not think so far ahead. I greatly believe in planning our future, but when we live for the future, we are in turn shortchanging the blessings that are bestowed upon us in this present time. There's a great quote that says, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift and that is why it is called the present.” Think about the blessings that are all around you and take time to enjoy the right now part of your life. Don't allow yourself to only focus on things ahead, but slow down and take time to enjoy the journey that you’re on today.

The Healing Scripture for this month is; I John 3:21-22 "Dear friends, if our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence before God and receive from Him anything we ask, because we obey his commands and do what pleases Him. "

Build up your faith and show His love to others and then sit back and watch Him at work, FOR You. Mark 11:22-24 says this;

“Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. “I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

Excerpted from His Healing Hand Newsletter

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