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April 6, 2003

Won't you Come?


The day has come. Again, He wakes me with a dream. An angel as ancient shoes removed indicating Holy, colour or amber descends from the framework through the corner (Jesus) with trump in hand gently. Again, He speaks to his people that there is an invitational ancient call to Come that He can show you the framework of Love. That you can experience the deeps of the voice of the turtledove, the voice of thunder, the voice of many waters. That you would enter to a place of intimacy in a personal relationship that is unending in depths of divine experience. It is Holy.

Truly, I am awestruck this day.

I pray His Spirit deliver this EXPRESSION by His Spirit that grasps your heart. There is a divine relationship of intense intimacy awaiting you. You will be embraced by His everlasting arms and see His body with love. His church. You will enjoin with those intently connected. It is a Spirit work. Come forth and trust Him. He is waiting for you. The Spirit and the Bride say passionately, into Eternal depths by His Spirit, "Come."

Love and Shalom,


Doing Away With the Cross

Vern Kuenzi

The danger of having our vision slightly off-target could cause us to align with the wrong side. The antichrist is not going to come in a red suit with horns. He is going to come as a deceiver and a counterfeit. The nature of the counterfeit is to be as much like the real thing as possible, but still not be the real thing. He's going to come with an agenda of "good" things, but they will be things that have done away with the cross.

The agenda of the devil is very simple. If he can get us to skew our vision just a little bit off center by doing away with the centrality of the cross, he will have won the victory. We will not then be in position to demonstrate the wisdom and power of the cross through our lives. We will be fighting against the cross rather than embracing it.

The great dividing issue at the end of this age will be the issue of the cross of Jesus Christ. Those who embrace it as the Holy Spirit leads them will overcome. Those who do not, and rely on the understanding and abilities of natural man, will fall away. If our sin and our shortcomings do not bring us to the place of total realization that not one good thing resides in us in the flesh, then we have missed what it is that the Lord wants to work in us. Paul came to the place where he realized that he was the chief of sinners, and that no good thing was in him, and that he could glory in nothing but in the cross of Jesus Christ. His words were not spoken in wisdom, but in meekness, fear, and trembling, and he recognized that only by the grace and mercy of God and by the power of the Holy Spirit could he ever offer anything of significance to a dying world around him.

In these days of war and rumors of war, it is impossible to fully understand the political ramifications of all that is going on. Yet we are counseled to be unafraid. The Lord woke me up recently with these words, "Only one thing is necessary." These words come of course from the Mary and Martha episode where Mary had chosen the better thing. The other Scripture that came to mind at the time was, "Seek first the Kingdom of God." It is crucial that we rightly establish our priorities as the end draws near. It is crucial that we keep our eyes on Jesus as the storms of the world rage around us.

In the Father's embrace we will find all that we need to overcome and endure to the end of this age. Those who Jesus said would "fall away" somehow become disconnected from that source of all life and fruitfulness. As we remain under the Father's wings and in His embrace, the cross will automatically take its rightful place in the center of our lives, and we will become that testimony that overcomes the world and the wicked one.

The truth of the Father's unconditional love for each one of us must become experiential revelation knowledge resulting from intimate relationship. This is what the Holy Spirit is working in me these days. (And I have found that to be the only key to victory over the sin which so easily besets me.) His passionate love for us is inseparable from the glorious destiny that He has offered those who choose to follow Jesus to victory by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony, and by loving not their lives unto death.

The things that are coming upon the earth in these days are designed to purify the church, and are likened to birth pains. It is out of great tribulation that a great multitude emerges who have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. We must understand that this process is an outworking of God's love, not His wrath. His wrath will follow great tribulation, and will be directed only toward those who choose not to repent.

In Christ,

Vern Kuenzi

Storehouse of Provision

Jane Larsen

You are almost ready. In just a little while, you will come forth from your hiding place. The curtains are being drawn back to reveal what I have in store for you. There is much in My storehouse. It is full to overflowing. There is rest for the weary. Food for the hungry. Warmth for those in the cold. Wisdom for those who long for it. Strength for the weary. Shelter for the persecuted. Joy for the broken hearted. Healing for the sick. Power for the weakened. All you need overflows from My storehouse.

You may not have seen -- for you have not looked. It is all here before you in abundance and it is My gift to My loving children. More than you need, I have for you.

Do not stop in your walk with Me. Do not grow weary, but set your face to Me, for I am the provider and the sustainer. I who am always with you and will never leave you. I am He who you call. My ear is turned to you. My hand works for you and with you.

You are almost ready. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, you will see change and move from this place to the place of much. I will restore I will renew and you will break forth with singing. The time is fast approaching. Be prepared for I am in this place beside you.

Entrust Yourself To Me

Elvi Glass

Precious children be of good courage. Entrust all areas of your lives to Me and see Me work in those situations in a manner that produces eternal fruit. Allow Me to breathe on even the situations you have given up on and to bring life into them. There is nothing I can't redeem. There is nothing I can't rescue. There is nothing I can't heal.

I am inviting you to entrust everything to Me for I am more than able to help you in small and great matters alike. Even small matters are of significance. Don't you know that even large things are made up of many smaller things? I alone can judge whether something is significant or not. I alone see the entire picture of every situation.

Therefore I invite you not to discard this thing or that thing as insignificant but bring it before Me and let Me decide. Let Me take what you bring to Me and work My will and way through it. Even a raw diamond in its natural state is not pretty to look at but only becomes of value when it has been cut and shaped in the master's hands.

Be of good courage My children for just because the answers to your prayers haven't manifested yet, doesn't mean I have not heard them. Just because they haven't manifested yet doesn't mean they are not already on the way. Indeed My hand is working in your situations. I have heard your cries and your petitions have come before Me and I am moving on your behalf. I am moving in your situation. So be of good courage and know that the answer is on the way.

Choose today whom you would believe. If you believe what you see with your physical eyes and hear with your physical ears or if you believe what you perceive with your spiritual eyes and trust My word and promises I have made to you. I have good plans for you. Do not despair but know that your breakthrough is on the way I have not forgotten you. I will not forget you. I will not walk past you. I will not leave you behind. You are precious to Me and of great value. Trust Me and walk in what I have called you to do. Lean on Me and know that My strength is enough for you. Seek My face and know that My wisdom will guide you and direct you on the right path.

A Season of Testing

Gabrielle Wheeler

Know this that in this last season some of you have been tested beyond your limits, but only to be brought out of your self-imposed limitations and into My limitless ability. You have felt you were stretched beyond measure, but I did it to bring you into a place without boundaries.

You have prayed "Lord increase my territory" not knowing with power comes increased responsibility. I called you to press in to carry a weight of My glory heavier than ever before. Will you shy and cower away?

Take My yoke upon you and I will instruct you. In this season some are being cloaked with a new mantle of grace, authority and power to do things out of the ordinary. For some, I am about to break laws in the natural to bring you into the supernatural reality of My presence. Some of you are about to walk in the miraculous and be a carrier and messenger of My presence. I am assigning angels to guard your way and confirm My word through you. There is a new level of authority for I will not let this generation pass away without a revelation of My glory.

There will be a revival unique to this generation. I have called an exceeding great army to come forth and arise and put the hand to the plow and not look back at yesterday's methods, successes or failures. Today is the day of salvation, Today I have called you, Today you will go forth. You were stretched for such a time as this, to take off the limits, to become co-inhabitants of My presence and a revelation to this generation of My existence.

Be Still, Children

Marsha Burns

Wait for the Wind to blow, for on the wind of the Spirit will come words of wisdom that will give direction and purpose to your life. Stop, and quiet your frantic soul, which leads you to chaos. I am bringing guidance that will bring order and peace to your life if you will only listen to My still small voice. Do not be presumptuous or hasty. Wait for My leading. I remind you again that this is a time of sowing. What you plant in this season will reap a bountiful harvest, but it is imperative that you take time to examine what you are sowing into your own life and that of others. Make sure that you aren't sowing seeds that will produce a harvest that you will regret.

Faith Tabernacle

Leave Behind Your Sinful Ways

Gertrude Jensen

Hear the Word of the Lord, Yes hear it! For your ears have been opened, your hearts prepared. My Voice speaks to you day and night calling you to holiness. Leave behind your sinful ways and walk the narrow path of righteousness. My Grace is sufficient for you, My strength enough. Let My Spirit guide you, then you shall never lose sight of the Way. You have feasted on manna from heaven, you have had meat in the desert. I am the drink that you thirst for that makes you holy. I am in My Word, drink of it daily and you will be satisfied. Turn to My Son, the rock from which all life flows---turn to Him and this day you shall be saved.

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