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February 5, 2003

Casting Down the Accuser of the Brethren

Francis Frangipane

Now the salvation, and the power, and the kingdom of our God and the authority of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren has been thrown down, who accuses them before our God day and night (Rev. 12:10).

There will be an actual point in time when the salvation, power and kingdom of God, as well as the authority of Christ, is manifested in the earth. While we wait patiently for the final fulfillment of that glorious event at the return of Jesus Christ, the spirit of this reality can be possessed any time a people determine to walk free of criticism and faultfinding, and turn their sights toward love and prayer for each other.

There are God-ordained procedures to initiate correction within a church. These corrections should be done by "you who are spiritual . . in a spirit of gentleness . . . looking to yourself, lest you too be tempted." Your motive should not be to destroy, but to "restore such a one" (Gal. 6:1). Accusations against an elder, though, should not even be received except on the basis of two or three witnesses (1 Tim. 5:19). The "witnesses" spoken of here are eye-witnesses, not the intuitive "witness" or "sense" someone receives apart from hard and visible facts. All too often, these sense "witnesses" are sent by hell to destroy the harmony of a church with rumors and gossip.

When the scriptural approach to rectifying a situation is ignored, it opens the door to fault-finding, fleshly criticisms, and judging, which are the evidences that the "accuser of the brethren" is assaulting the church. Where these sins are operative, the movement of the Holy Spirit is restricted: salvations are few, power is minimal, and spiritual authority is crippled. Such a church is in serious danger.

To be truly anointed to bring Christ's corrections to a church, one must be anointed with Christ's motives. The Scriptures are plain, Jesus "always lives to make intercession for [the saints]" (Heb. 7:25; Rom. 8:34). God does not call us to judge each other, but to pray for one another. If we see a need in the body of Christ, we must intercede and not simply criticize. Our pattern must be to follow Christ in building and restoring, not to echo the accuser of the brethren in finding fault.

Many years ago I belonged to a national Christian organization that had several serious problems. At that time I was pastoring a small church and I felt perhaps we should leave this group because of what was wrong. So, with fasting and prayer, the congregation and I began to seek the Lord. At the end of that time I wrote a "list" of complaints and, actually holding them before God, I prayed (somewhat self-righteously),

"Lord, look at the errors in these people. Direct us, Lord, what should we do?"
Immediately the Lord replied, "Have you seen these things?"
"Yes, Lord," I answered, "I have seen their sins."
To which He said, "So also have I, but I died for them, you go and do likewise."

From that day on, I found a grace from God to seek to be a source of life and prayer wherever I was serving God. I determined to not be overwhelmed by what was wrong, but to seek to bring redemption to every situation.

You see, we will always be serving in churches where something is wrong. Our response to what we see defines how Christlike we are actually becoming. If we see weakness in the body of Christ, our call is to supply strength. Where we see sin, our response is to exemplify virtue. When we discover fear, we must impart courage; and where there is worldliness, we must display holiness. Our assignment is to enter the place of need and stand there until the body of Christ is built up in that area.

Can You Make It Right?

The year was 1981. I had saved my money and purchased a Commodore 64 computer. Eagerly, I opened the box, unwrapped the computer, and plugged in the monitor and keyboard. But nothing happened; the screen was blank. Try as I might, I couldn't make it work. I studied the instructions, looked at the sample pictures, but still couldn't make it function as I knew it should. You see, it doesn't take any skill to recognize that a blank screen is wrong; the skill comes in making it right.

Likewise, anyone can see what's wrong with a person, a church or a community. The question is this: When we see something wrong, do we know how to make things right? How can we reveal the character and prayer-life of Jesus, and reverse what was wrong?

The truth is, beloved, that the Lord has intentionally placed us in a world that is imperfect, for the area of need before us is the "land of our anointing." In other words, where we see something that is less than Christ, we are also seeing our opportunity to become Christlike. The Lord doesn't want us to complain that the nursery carpet is dirty; He wants us to clean the carpet. He doesn't want us to discuss how poor the pastor's preaching is; He desires we intercede for the pastor.

Currently, there has been an increased attack of discontent, criticism and outright slander coming against a number of ministries. It's not that some of the issues raised are not in need of transformation; the real issue is that God has not called us to criticize, but to exercise the power of intercessory prayer. Satan wants to destroy ministries; God wants to purify and transform. We must choose to stand with the Lord--even praying for the critics, as well.

We will never see the "salvation . . . power . . . kingdom of our God and the authority of His Christ" come until "the accuser of our brethren has been thrown down." Let us begin this march toward victory today by casting down the accuser from our minds and hearts, and submitting ourselves to the intercessory heart of Jesus Christ.

Stoke the Flame

Ed Key

Stoke the flame, stir the embers. For I would have you burning brightly in this hour. I desire a high heat, a raging fire, a boundless zeal combined with My wisdom. As the lava of My love flows, new holy ground is formed beneath every step you take. Let My Church, My fullness which fills all in all, go beyond the furnace of affliction and into the realm of manifest holiness. For, holiness unto Me is My Church on fire, says the Lord.

Provoke and prod yourself and others in the spirit, like a red hot poker rekindling the branches beyond the hearth of the comfort zone. As My prophet Zechariah wrote concerning the Lord your God, I Am The Branch! As your Lord and Saviour I declare, I Am The Vine and you are the branches. You are as a brand plucked from the fires of hell, that you would burn along with me, consumed in the Spirit of Holiness. The holy oil of anointing flows eternally, as an ever living fuel. The breath of My Spirit fans the flames of holy desire in My children in this hour. This is My Church on fire!

You are not praising me enough! You are not praising Me enough! You are not Praising Me enough!, says the Lord of Hosts. I would not have you ignorant, believing that praise is a song. Singing unto Me is a portion of what I desire. I desire a daily walk of holy obedience, a lifestyle of repentence, a Body presented in living sacrifice unto Me. For, this is your worship in spirit and in truth unto Me, says the Lord. I have roared, who will not fear? I have spoken, who will not prophesy? This is My Church on fire!

Love the Lord your God with ALL your heart, soul, mind and strength, and your neighbor as yourself. Seek Me with ALL your heart. Lay down your life for a friend. Serve the least of these our brothers. Care for the widows and the orphans. This is My Church on Fire!

I have made you to lie down in green pastures. I have restored your soul. I desire that you daily be presented unto Me blameless in body, soul and spirit, says the Lord. Now, lift up the eyes of your spirit, view one another through a renewed mind and a restored soul. See Me as I Am. Bless Me, Bless Me Bless Me, in your willingness to obey whatever I command. Let a living harmony arise from your actions, and a living melody arise through the song of your soul. Let your lifestyle ever echo with a new understanding of "bless the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me." This is My church on fire!

Covet the best gifts, deeply desire to prophesy. This comes through a vessel of honor and a purified heart. I meet your desire with the fulfillment of My promise, ordained from the foundation of the earth. For, from your mother's womb I called you to speak forth revelation, inspiration and confirmation to My people. Stoke the flame through preparation, thanksgiving, praise, worship publication and proclamation. The prophetic voice, like Alabaster, will arise in you and meet a great need in My people. Greatly you have received, greatly you shall be poured out upon My Body. This is My Church on fire!

As I remove the graveclothes of tradition through you, in the process of soul restoration of others, fill the void. Put on garments of praise and rejoicing, in a lifestyle of peaceful living in My Spirit. Stoke the flame of My Spirit and purge every hindrance that would raise it's head up in the name of tradition, false formula and false process. Apply the firebrand of My Spirit and cauterize the gaping wounds you discern. Present an example of holy living to the less mature, being ever aware of the great cloud of witnesses surrounding you. By the living water of My mouth, combined with your sanctified earthen vessel, I create the mud to be applied to the eyes of those in need of the Balm of Gilead. As My Spirit leads, you are your brothers' keeper. This is My Church on fire!

Encourage My people to ponder in their hearts that which is imparted to them prophetically. Blessed assurance is anchored in prophecy. Kingdom reality is manifest as prophecy is fulfilled in your midst. Your words are a life giving sword of fire, when properly submitted in holy service. Stoke the flame. Manifest My presence. Manifest My Kingdom. For, this is My Church on fire! Amen.

In Christ,

Ed Key [A More Excellent Way Ministries]

Under My Wings

Olivia Long

Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. 1 John 4:1

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in Whom I trust. Surely He will save you from the fowler's snare and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. You will not fear the terror of night nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday. A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you. Psalm 91:1-7

May the Lord repay you for what you have done. May you be richly rewarded by the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge. Ruth 2:12

Many of My people have been standing in the gap, repenting for the sins of their country and the world. But there is a drought coming, and the only way to stop this drought is for their countries to repent and return to me. Countries that were My countries but have wandered away from Me, worshipping false Gods. Always looking for someone or something else, dissatisfied with what they have. They, who of their own free will, have wandered away from their God. The time is shortly upon you, for there is not much time left, that I cannot and will not look the other way. It was not I who brought this upon any country, but their sin. I have given time for repentance but they did not and I have judged and found guilty.

Your leaders say that all is well, both from the secular and spiritual community. Some prophets are prophesying peace but there will be no peace. Many do not speak for ME and they are not in My Ministry, but their own and for their own gain. I WILL HOLD ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR DECEIVING ANY OF MY OWN AND MY JUDGMENT WILL FIT THE CRIME ... I say to you, "Test the spirits, for 'you' are responsible for believing the lies."

Much is coming upon the world and there is nothing to stop it. Many will fall away from the professing Christian church as intolerance and persecution grow toward Christian believers. Evil, prejudice and ignorance will abound, but even so, I AM bringing forth My Blessings to My Own but you MUST be faithful to ME to receive these blessings. This is NOT the time to flee, it is the time to have courage to stand up and cling to the truth and promise of the ONE who was willing to die for you. It is time for you to restore anything that has to be restored: values, honor and love; to your homes and families. It is time to RUN TO ME, at all times.

Some feel that running to ME at all times, is a sign of weakness, but your Father considers it to be the highest form of wisdom!!! My Faithful Ones have allowed Me to take them down a most fiery path, where no longer can you rely on your own resources to bring you through. You have learned to walk "By Faith" as Abraham, who trusted Me. No more can you meet your needs "independently" but to come to Me admitting your needs, your pain and yes, even your guilt.

My Son longed for people to admit their need and come to Him, but as He approached Jerusalem, he recalled her history of rejecting and killing My prophets. He stood before My city where even her God was rejected. HE gave you the image of ME, that of a hen longing to gather you UNDER MY WINGS.

My Beloved, haven't I promised to keep My Own safely UNDER MY WINGS? I did not promise to keep anyone from experiencing harm, loss or sorrow, but I DID promise to be with you THROUGH these experiences.

As the world stands on the brink of disasters, both natural and manmade, run to ME and find shelter UNDER MY WINGS. For I, Your Lord, AM kind. I AM good to all who take refuge under My Wings. If there is any area of your life where you need to make an adjustment, come clean before ME and then take refuge UNDER MY WINGS and you shall be astonished at My Grace !!!

My Faithful Ones have been walking a way unknown to you, having to face situations you never expected to face, looking many times into a bleak and unknown future. You have hoped that all will go well, yet you have been unsure as to how My providence would work in your situation. Yet, even on this journey, I AM keeping you safe, guiding you into the place that I have destined for you. You are UNDER MY WINGS, where I "keep and guard you, to protect you and to look after you." You have found that I have provided in a way where there was no way. You learned I will never let you down or ever let you go! For the I AM is constantly going "before you to make good any losses and to secure your protection." You have found that nothing is too hard for Me and you know that MY promises will be fulfilled!!

Soon, a shadow will be coming over the world. But, for those who are truly My Own, there is only one shadow that you will see approaching and that is the shadow of My Wing and it is a safe shadow. My Beloved, creep closer under it and closer still and you will see and feel My Wing folding down over you and nothing will be able to snatch you from beneath it, for I AM holding you close to My Heart. And you never need to be afraid while resting there for truly NO harm can come nigh you...

Rejoice, My Beloved, Rejoice as you run to your refuge UNDER MY WINGS, finding shelter from the troubles of this world. Trusting ME for refuge and strength in times of trouble, rather than trying to withstand the heat of the world on "your own." Rejoice in your covered protection UNDER MY WINGS ....

Olivia Long

A Word of Hope For the Nations

Yolanda Ballard

Unless a corn of wheat falls to the ground and dies, a harvest of much fruit cannot come forth. Listen closely, My people, to what I have to say to you for this is a time of rejoicing. Do not look with your eyes but with your heart for in the coming days I will produce a harvest, never before has behold, the magnitude that I will bring forth, a harvest that will cover the earth. For My people, the manifest sons of God, will march across the land in victory with a message of hope of great magnitude that will draw the lost unto My Son.

For I am calling you forth. Those who have groaned for this day will see Me work with signs and wonders, and My blanket of glory will cover the earth for a season of time where people will have the final opportunity to make the choice who they will serve. Believe Me when I say all things work together for good towards those who love Me and are called by My name. You have called out to Me to move, to bring revival and to save the lost. But you never thought I would bring together my two precious nations in peace and unity where they are able to draw together like never before to comfort each other and to encourage all to seek My face.

So look forward to an abundant harvest of fruit to come forth, a crop of multi cultures coming together under one banner of courage and proclaiming "Let's worship our King. We don't look in the natural, but unto the promises made to us by our Maker." Join as one and rejoice for this is the final hour where I will rain on you. Be still and know that I am God and that I am faithful to finish the work I've begun.

I am Sovereign King, Lord of All, and I am in total control of all things, and all things will work and have worked for the good of My will being done on earth throughout the land as it is in the hand of God in heaven. Proclaim peace in Me and victory for I am Lord of all, and I come to take over all. The enemy is under your feet. He is just a tool of vengeance he feels is against Me and My land, but I will turn the tide, and he will fall in his own snare, says your Lord and King.

Put on Christ!

Cheryl McGrath

For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. Galatians 3:27

For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him. 2 Cor. 6:21

During a day put aside for worship this past week, a prophetic word was given in which the Lord exhorted those of us present to lay down the cloaks we were wearing that reflected the world, along with the cloaks we had been carrying for others. We were to strip off every garment except that which we had been dressed in by the Lord Himself.

Various kinds of garments, including robes and cloaks, are spoken of symbolically in the scriptures. For instance, the prodigal son was given the "best robe" that could be found on his return to his father's house (Luke 15:22). In another instance, Herod showed his contempt for Jesus by having him dressed in an "elegant" garment, as befitting royalty, before sending Him back to Pilate (Luke 23:11). Not much later the Roman soldiers also mocked Jesus' claim to kingship by dressing Him in a purple robe, a colour symbolising royalty (John 19:2,3). The gospel of John indicates that Jesus was wearing five articles of clothing at the time of His arrest. The inner garment, or tunic, Jesus wore was seamless, symbolising His priesthood. These seamless tunics, worn predominantly by the Jewish priests, were highly valued. It was this specific garment that the Roman soldiers cast lots for at Golgotha after nailing Jesus to the Cross (John 19:23-24).

In one of His numerous encounters with the Pharisees, Jesus related a parable to demonstrate that the Kingdom He was proclaiming was unlike the religious kingdom the chief priests and Pharisees had established in Israel. He spoke of a wedding ceremony for the son of a king, to which many were called, but refused to come. Consequently these were found to be unworthy of the invitation they'd been given, and in their place the wedding hall was filled with the common people and outcasts found along the highways of Israel. These ones would not in the ordinary course of events ever have expected an invitation to such a grand occasion, and gladly filled the wedding hall. Somehow, however, an uninvited guest gained entry to the feast and was recognised by the king immediately as one who should not be present. How is it the king recognised him amongst all the many legitimate guests? Obviously, he had managed to deceive the other guests, and even the king's servants, in order to gain entry. What was it that made him stand out to the king's discerning eyes? It was, as we know, his clothing that gave him away.

I recall not long ago watching on T.V. an important international meeting of the world's most high ranking heads of state in a foreign country. At this particular gathering the Presidents, Prime Ministers and other diplomats attending had each obviously been welcomed by the host country's head of state with beautifully made coats which they were expected to wear during the duration of the conference. It would have been a great insult for any of these world leaders to decline these very personal gifts. One can even imagine that each garment would have had to be specially made to measure in order to fit the recipient properly.

Similarly, it was the custom in Jesus' time for guests at high ranking weddings to be issued with a special "wedding garment" as a gift from the father of the groom. Jesus was a master story-teller, and I believe He would have taken great delight in painting the picture of such exquisite, tailor-made garments, being made available to the "riff raff" from the highways and byways, a concept which would have offended the self-righteous Pharisees immensely. Can't you just imagine the gleam in His eye as He pressed this point? In fact it is immediately after He told this parable that the scriptures say "Then the Pharisees went and plotted how they might entangle Him in His talk." (Matthew 22:15)

An interesting aspect of this parable is the fact that "both bad and good" were present at this important ceremony, yet the only distinguishing feature between those who were entitled to be present and those who weren't was the garment they were wearing. It was unimportant what good people had done, or what evil they had done. The one and only relevant issue was what they were wearing.

The Pharisees also were distinguishable by their distinct clothing. If you or I were citizens living in the Israel of Jesus' time we would instantly recognise a Pharisee walking along the street because his clothing set him apart, and we would be expected to give him right of way. Jesus condemned the habit the Pharisees had of enlarging the religious aspects of their clothing in order to appear more pious. Under the law of Moses, every Jewish person was required to wear a tassle, or fringe, at each of the four corners of their outer garment, as a perpetual reminder of the law. This is why the woman with the issue of blood was so desperate to touch the "hem" or "fringe" of Jesus garment, believing there must be special power there. The Pharisees would habitually make their tassles larger and more noticeable than the rest of the population and adjust other aspects of their clothing to set themselves apart in order to appear holier than others. Jesus pointed this practice out to His disciples and warned them not to imitate them. Jesus was not condemning the law, but the religious pride and hypocrisy of the Pharisees (Matthew 23:1-5).

Saul, later known as Paul, was a Pharisee who obviously placed great importance on clothing. We read by his own account in Acts 22.20, that as the disciple Stephen was being stoned, Paul had stood, consenting to Stephen's death, and "guarding the clothes" of those who were executing him. It is highly likely that Paul was himself wearing the garments of a high ranking Pharisee as he stood approving of Stephen's death and minding the clothes of his executioners. How important those outward symbols of righteousness must have been to him that he stood guard over them so zealously! How filthy and contemptible they must have seemed to him years later when he wrote :"But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ." How foolish his former love of religious appearance must have seemed to him when he wrote : "Even unto this present hour we both hunger, and thirst, and are naked, and are buffeted, and have no certain dwelling place;" And how utterly useless all his religious instruction and great learnedness must have appeared to him when he wrote to the Corinthians: "For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified."

Let me leave you with the same challenge with which we were also challenged this week. What other robes are you wearing apart from Christ, and why are you tolerating them? And whose robes have been laid upon you, that should be cast off and laid at the Saviour's feet? What did those robes that the young Saul kept that day represent? False religion, pride, hardened hearts, rebellion, spiritual death? The Pharisees looked at themselves and saw what they thought was holiness. Jesus looked at them and saw whitewashed tombs full of dead mens' bones and all uncleaness.

Run to the feet of the King of Righteousness, lay down whatever you are walking in that is not Him, and rest in the sure promise that you need nothing more than Christ, and Him crucified. Jesus alone is our righteousness! There is no garment we can provide for ourselves, no matter how hard we work on it or how much we pay for it, that comes near to the matchless beauty of the Robe of Rghteousness the Father has provided for us, Christ Himself.

And that's the only covering we'll need at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb.


Cheryl McGrath
Great South Land Ministries

The Silence After the Tears

Mary Lloyd

Lord in the silence after the tears, let us hear your footfall in our hearts, coming to bind us up and make us new again. I see that land beyond the blackthorn bower where the sunshine falls, where the snow has melted, where you call us in Your holy and Heavenly love, to be with you forever, to sup with you, to receive of your perfect goodness with which to feed the hungry, and bring home the lost. Oh Lord you are so beautiful. Thank you that you thought to touch us gently and cause our eyes to fall on you, that our feet would follow you, and we would be made safe. Lord in all of my desires I know I desire you, and in all of my loves I know I love you. Thank you that you have placed within us all that part of you which finds our way home when we can't see. Perfect us Lord. Perfect our love. Guard that part of your work in us that is already perfect. Join us together here and breathe your lovely fragrance among us. We know you will not forsake us because you have promised. Yet Lord our feet slip and getting up seems like a lifetime. Help us, in your mercy and in your love which never fails, make us into the people that you want us to be, in Jesus' Mighty Name, AMEN

Love from Mary

Destiny Defined!

Bill Burns

Do you not understand that you are again in a season of transition? You are moving from one place to another in the realm of the spirit. This was designed by Me for your good, for I have outlined and ordained the season that you are walking through. I say to you now, get ready to change position. Get ready to move. Get ready to come up higher. Get ready to come forth in the power of this day. Get ready to position yourself to receive great grace, which will bestow upon you My favor, says the Lord.

As grace comes upon you, it shall be even as an earthquake, and it will come within you and shake all things, and bring you to a place that will re-energize your thinking. You are about to begin to muse, ponder, contemplate, and meditate upon that which I am about to do, and those thoughts will be captivated by the Spirit and brought to new heights, and shall outline the course that is before you. You will not only begin to move in that course, but your destiny will be defined for this specific period of time, says the Lord.

Faith Tabernacle
Kremmling, Colorado

Listen For My Guidance

Sandy Brunson

"Never fear, even if you must walk through darkness to fight the good fight of faith. I will be with you. I am your Father God, the Lord God, Almighty! I will not leave you or forsake you. Move in My strength and stay very close to Me. Move in the Name of Jesus and claim victory in the blood of My precious Son. It is more than enough to cover and protect you and those around you. Be not deceived. Do not doubt today, but stand strong and firm. Listen for My guidance and My Voice of direction. I will uphold you, My child. Fear not, for all is well. Even in the face of the enemy, all is well. Trust Me."

"Give no anxious thought to your day. Just move in the leading of My Spirit. Praise Me and move in My Spirit. You will be in My will, and I will protect you. Pray without ceasing, for I am with you. Your Father holds your hand and goes before you. Fear is of the enemy. Abide not in it, and thing not on it but on Me, your loving, living Father and how capable I am in protecting My own in all things."

Sandy Brunson

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