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October 8, 2002

The Call To My Arms

Susan Cummings

I am sitting here at my computer, and the Lord is giving me this vision…… It is a scene where everything is falling apart all around me. The area around me is breaking apart and flying outwards. The noise is deafening, and the roar is so loud that I can hear nothing else. I try to get my bearings, but I don’t know where I am.

I am struggling to right myself, because I seem to be lying on the ground. I feel for a handhold to right myself. I find the strength to bring my legs under me, and I sit up. The ground is shaking violently all around me. I begin to feel the Presence of the Lord rise up from within me. From out of the chaos comes the voice of the Lord……

The Lord says to me, "Be still. Do not leave the Place of Habitation. I have told you that I would shake the heavens and the earth. I have told you to remain in Me. Do not fear, for I have kept you for this Day. My People will know My Hand upon them!

I have called My people to My Arms! They have entered into My Chambers. For now, I will bring them unto the Completion. What has been held back, has been released. I will bring forth My will, and My People will see My Glory!

The Shaking has begun and everything will be brought to the depths. The exposure of all hearts not given to Me, will become known. It is not My Desire that My Children reject Me. It is not My Will that any perish. It is My Will that all would come unto Me.

The shaking that you are experiencing is the travail to come. For the cries for Justice have been filled and are spilling over unto the earth. I have waited for My People to turn to Me. I have tarried so that they would respond to Me. The Blood cries out from the ground, and it breaks forth unto Me! Creation can no longer hold the weight of sin. It will no longer be hidden in the earth. But the cries of the righteous do cry aloud unto Me. They will no longer be silenced.

The travail has begun."

Submitted to you for your discernment, with shaking hands and a solemn heart.

Susan Cummings

Come Forth Elijah!

David Apel

Come forth Elijah! Come forth from the wilderness from which I have hidden you. Come forth from the desert of affliction by which I have proven you and tested you. Come forth from the rocks and caves and mountains. For the days of listening to the wind and fire shall be over. For you shall stand before Me as did Moses My friend. You shall stand with great boldness and with signs and wonders that have never been conceived or even imagined. New things shall come to your hands and through your mouth. For like me you shall be a person of Creation. You shall not be satisfied with the norm. You shall speak forth and a new creation shall form and the walls of religion shall fall by the wayside.

And do not be afraid of those that stood in the fore front of this move of Mine and those that have testified of their own greatness. For they have truly sold themselves short. They have settled for that which is in their own hand and not sought that which I have in My hand for them. For that which is in My hand is a perfect work, but that which is in their hand is tainted by their own desires and experiences. But you, My true servants, those that have waited patiently for Me, those that have allowed for Me to place you upon My wheel and work you and form you as I desire. Those that have not kicked against me. You shall come forth as My true and selected ones. Do not fear the wrath of man, because My hand shall be on you greatly. And though you feared that none would take notice of you. I tell you, do not seek the glory of man, for you shall truly be as Elijah and Jezebel shall seek to bring you down. For I have formed in you a heart of a warrior. I have trained you for battle. For the battle that is soon to come forth. And your only joy shall be in the battle. Your only joy shall be the smell of smoke and fire. For I have prepared you for this. I have kept you from the desires of the things of this world. I have fed you with locusts and starved you to be hungry for this day. I have brought your flesh under my subjection so that it no longer cries for the comforts of this world and the desire of mammon is gone. You, my true servants, seek only my will and my anointing and my desires.

For you have waited for a long time for this day and the preparation has been difficult, but remember this, you have never been alone. For I have hidden away others in the caves, just like you, with the same desires and purpose. So come forth now Elijah. Come forth from your hiding.

A Calling of Destiny

Ras Robinson

It is not impossible it just seems that way. Your calling is a calling of destiny. Had you known from the beginning that you would be entering this present realm you might have refused. Do you remember my friend Abraham? Look at what I did with him. Do you remember the story of Joseph? Look what I did with him. These men had no idea at the beginning what their end or legacy would be. But they did not stop at the doorstep of the impossible. I say unto you today charge forth in response to my call to "go." The impossible will become the possible in and with me. Yield. Submit with a determined obedience. Think on my word and I will renew your mind. Pray to me night and day and I will renew your spirit. Together we can do the impossible. It is not impossible it just seems that way.

Matthew 17:20 "And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you."

Going Farther With a Burning Heart

Patrick Mcbane

Luke 24 28 And they approached the village where they were going, and He acted as though He were going farther. 29 But they urged Him, saying, "Stay with us, for it is getting toward evening, and the day is now nearly over." So He went in to stay with them. 30 When He had reclined at the table with them, He took the bread and blessed it, and breaking it, He began giving it to them. 31 Then their eyes were opened and they recognized Him; and He vanished from their sight. 32 They said to one another, "Were not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking to us on the road, while He was explaining the Scriptures to us?"

The Lord would say, "Let's go farther. Even though your strength is gone, let's go farther. Even though there's darkness all around, let's go farther. Even though the Day of the Lord is very near, let's go farther." The Lord would say, "Going farther is not always related to distance but is prompted by desire." It is time to pull on the Lord with strong urgings. It is time to acknowledge Him. It's time to press into Him with great expectancy and present our desire for Him as our request.

The Lord would say, "I will respond to this, I will come and stay with you." As we pull on the heart of the Father - He will set us with a burning in our hearts for the bridegroom. He is setting it even now. Many of us have had this burning, but the wick has been snuffed out by certain obstacles and diversions. The fire on this altar must be kept burning.

"I will burn in you through brokenness and blessing. Bless in generosity. Bless when you're coming in and bless when you're going out." Bless the Lord, O my soul - let all that is within me bless His holy name. Set yourself before the Lord with broken and contrite hearts for this I will never despise.

"I will open up new revelation and you will see Me as I am, says the Lord. Your heart will burn with passion for intimacy with Me, your ears will ring with words from My heart. Your strength will be renewed with the power of My might, and a path of Rhema Word will unfold before you."

"It's time to go farther and burn."

When You Honor Me

Fred E Kelly

When you honor Me says the Lord, I will honor you. When you come unto Me, and give all of yourself unto Me says the God, then I give unto you that which I have meant for you to have, and walk in. And when you take a hold of that which I give unto you and walk in that, and go forward with it, and proclaim My word and speak My Word in depth, in the fullness that I poured down within you, when you shrink not back from that which I have given you, and you pour out as one would pour water from a glass to empty it, then I pour back into you, says God. For you cannot empty the container that I am filling says the Lord. For the more that you give away and the more that you pour forth, the more that I pour down within you. And that something I pour within, that is the glory of My Son, the anointing of My Spirit, that I put within you. And the anointing shall run, and it shall run deep and wide, and it shall be as a mighty river flowing and going forth, and as it goes forth it brings forth life.

For the life that is within the river is My life, says the Lord. It is My Spirit that goes forth, because as I've called you to be the vessel and to be used of Me, then says the Lord, the use of the vessel becomes something that is special. Because I have not made a vessel, and filled a vessel, not to be used, says God. For that vessel is to be seen; and it is to be used by those round about you. Not used in a way that would down trodden and push you down, but in a way that would bring life unto them, and bring them joy that comes from My Spirit that is within you. For I've given you the joy of My Spirit, and it becomes your strength says the Lord. And you become strong and you become bold, as you allow me to pour more with you. I can only pour more within you says God when you pour out that which I have already given you. So allow Me to pour more into you says the Lord, by giving away that which I have given unto you Says God.

A Clarion Call


I continually hear the clarion call of the Spirit of God:


And we take another step.

I don't know what is happening in your life, BUT GOD does. I don't know what decisions you are facing in your life, BUT GOD does. I don't know what anxieties are attacking you, BUT GOD does.

And His Spirit echoes His heart:


Stop thinking in religious bondage, trying to make decisions based on religious traditions and seeking to find your peace through religious ritual. These things are empty, worthless and vain.

Take a step away from religion and into relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

That doesn't necessarily mean to leave your church; it simply means to leave your dependence on the religious rules, regulations and rigamarole and put your dependence, your affections, your love upon the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

Your answers are found IN HIM. Your direction is found IN HIM. Your peace is found IN HIM.

Only IN HIM.

He declares to you today that the things you have been struggling with need not be a stumbling block to you any longer.

Rest IN HIM.

He proclaims to you today that He desires to shoe Himself strong on your behalf.

Abide IN HIM.

He calls to you today to come away unto Him.

Trust IN HIM.

'Have I not declared that NO WEAPON formed against you would prosper? Have I not proclaimed that I AM with you? Have I not promised that the fires would not burn you and the floods would not overtake you? Am I not true to My Word? I AM. I AM. I AM. You can trust Me.'

Jezebel Clarifications

Kriston Couchey

I am sure the "Jezebel" alert of these days has made many people out to be suspected "Jezebels", when in fact they are not. Many may have been accused and removed from their places or fellowships unfairly, due to an overreaction to the revelation coming forth about this influence in the church today.

In spite of the travesties that possibly can occur from a misguided understanding of Jezebel, I am more then convinced that the dealing with the REAL influence of Jezebel is vital to the ability of the Holy Spirit to operate in His church.

Jezebel Influence A Poison Or Leaven

Jezebel, while many times manifesting in a "head" or person who promotes "adulterous" activities in a church, is more of a poison or leaven in congregations or movements. I have seen that removing the "head" does not necessarily remove the poison.

Adulterous activities of the Jezebel influence can manifest as adultery, but spiritual adultery is the root, and is tolerated long before any physical adultery occurs. The spirit of compromise, self deception, rationalization, and spiritual slumber are the fruit. There is a lack of discernment as to what is of the Lord and what is of man. This includes discerning spiritual authority, clarity of vision, and Holy Spirit revelation.

Jezebels Power Source And Goal

Jezebels power source is self. Its goal is drawing glory unto self and the exaltation of self. Whole ministries and movements are powered by this influence and have been infected in every area of vision, doctrine, and structure. Jezebel in the church is "self" in the guise of deep spirituality and understanding.

Jezebel Not A Woman Thing

Jezebel is not a woman thing. In fact, the two greatest examples of this influence are seen in the lives of Saul and Absalom.

Jezebel In Leadership (Saul) Jezebel manifests in anointed leadership (like Saul) with control and take authority of others (like Saul making a sacrifice only Samuel could make). The anointed king Saul became a control freak, trying to destroy David, who had a similar anointing and greater destiny.

Jezebel In False Leadership Not Given By God (Absalom) Like Absalom, this influence can also manifest when one not given the authority by the Lord takes or is given a place of authority they have not been anointed by God to have.

Why Jezebel Exists

Jezebel exists in the body for one reason. She is tolerated! Her demise is dependant upon those with true spiritual authority not tolerating her and casting her down.

As an anointed authority, Saul manifest his tolerance of Jezebel's leaven and refused to take responsibility for his disobedience, or repent because of the honor he gained in his position. He could have cast her down from his own heart through being broken over his sins. Instead, he embodied her to the point of witchcraft.

David could have stopped the usurping Absalom and not tolerated the undermining of his own authority. As it happened, David paid a price for tolerating the disloyal (adulterous) activities of Absalom and not confronting him.

Jezebel exists because someone in a position of authority tolerates it, giving their real authority it up to her through a doorway of self.

God's Remedy For The Leaven Of Jezebel

God's remedy for the Jezebel is the cross! Death to self is the answer to a life empowered by self. Brokenness, humility and a servant attitude make us immune from this self serving poison. Preaching the cross and living the crucified life are magnets for attacks from Jezebel. Though her talk is deeply spiritual, the cross requires her to die to her position and place before men. If someones source is self, then self will rise up in some manner. Whether it is a frontal assault or undermining gossip, you will know the enemy. Sometimes it is yourself.

In Him Kriston

A Street Called Straight

Don Franklin

I’m taking the Church to a Street called Straight, and I’m going to take the blinders off of your eyes and I’m going to pull the dark glasses off of your eyes and you’re going to see who you really are. You are the Isaiahs, the Jeremiahs, the Pauls, the Peters, the James, the Johns of this generation. You are the Deborahs, the Hanna hs. You are the spiritual elite and the power force of this nation, but yet it is all cloaked in a Street called Straight and in the humility of Christ.

You will not go around with flashy robes from the temple mount, with scriptures all over yourself and boasting of your position and your power. But you will be so unrecognizable even in this day and age that they will call you the carpenter’s son. Isn’t this the carpenter’s son? Isn’t this the lowly one who wears a robe and rides a donkey? No, but inside will be the fullness and the calling of the Holy Spirit, of the Son of God, of the power that rocked the Early Church.


It will be direct in humility, but inside you are going to begin to see and to know who you really are. You are a son and a daughter of Almighty God; you are equipped with the power of the Holy Ghost. You having the calling of a prophet, an intercessor, a Moses, a Daniel, a John, a Peter, a James. You are not going to see yourself as you did in days before this day. You are going to begin to realize mentally that you are what God says you are, without boasting, without pride.

You will have the humility of the Savior within you. You will not need to flash your gifting. You will not need to prove your calling. You will even hide your calling at times from others. You will go and get in the locker when they pass by and they won’t even see you. There’s no need to show who you are. But when the need is there, you will show who you are. God will show through you who you are.


But you are going to realign and readjust your thinking. You are going to realize you have power with God. You have power with God. You have power with God. You have power with God! You are not the lowly handmaiden of the Lord who scrubs the floors. You are the Deborah of God who stands on the mountain and calls down the forces of God. But yet you cloak yourself with the wash woman’s robe. You do not boast or lord it over others. You will lift a sparrow from a fallen nest. There’s not arrogance in you. There’s not the ability to hurt others within you with your pride and your whole position. You’re going to see a blending of the humility of Christ with the power of God and it will be glorious; it will be beautiful.

But from this day forward you’re going to begin to have a revelation of who you truly are in the spirit realm, and what you are, and the power that you carry and the ability that you have to call on your Father in Heaven. The enemy has severed the Church’s ability to call upon the Father, because he’s got them believing that they are not even worthy to walk in the mantles and the callings that the Father has said they could walk in. And if the sons and daughters were not allowed to grow up they would become proud if they understood who they really were.


The exact opposite will happen. The more you understand who you truly are, the meeker and the weaker and the gentler and the kinder you are going to become. You are going to become like the Son of God. You will hide when they come to get you; you will not show your gifting off; you won’t even minister to some they call upon you to minister to them. And yet you will go to others who seemingly don’t deserve it and you will lavish the power of the Holy Ghost on them. You will be like Jesus in attitude and in thought and in heart, and even in lowliness of stature and appearance at times, but inside the fullness of the Godhead dwells in you as it did in Him, and you are going to discover this power with God.

And some of you are going to be into out of the body experiences and up on the mountains of prayer and you are going experience what Daniel and Joseph and Paul and Peter and James knew: the power of transfiguration, the power of the Gospel.


Blinders are coming off and spiritual revelation is coming in of who you are, what you are and what you can accomplish in intercessory prayer to your Father in Heaven. Ministries this day are bumped to another level, saith the Lord. There are national ministries coming forth out of this group. There are national ministries that are going to pop out of this group and they’re going to rock this nation with power of God. They’re going to rock this nation with the glory of God. They’re going rock this nation with the revelation of God.

And none are going to gainsay nor resist them because they will walk in humility. They will disappear after ministering and you won’t even be able to find them. You won’t even know. There won’t be any boasting; there won’t be any banners; there won’t be announcing the next great conference where the man of God or the woman of God is going to speak and they’re all going to come and they’re going to rake in the coins.


It’s not going to be that way; it’s not going to happen. You’re going to do what He did. You’re going to bounce around this country and show up here and show up there and no ones going to know you’re coming invisibly and the power of God is going to fall: and eyes will open; arms will grow; salvations will come, saith the Lord, and it will be done through the humility of the cloak of Christ. You will ride the donkey that Christ rode. You will walk as he walked and you will go and you will live upon the street called Straight, saith the Lord.


Oh God, you are releasing New Testament mantles of Christianity in our midst and I thank you, dear God. I thank you. That which we have longed for so long is upon us. That which we’ve dreamed of for so long is at our hand. We are going to see the power of God move and we’re going to see ministers after the order of New Testament church. And they’re going to walk in the way that Jesus walked in the humility that he walked in, and they’re going to do the things the way He did them.

And I thank you, God. You’ve even hidden it from the wise and revealed it to the babes. Thank you, God. Thank you for a new order of things. Oh Lord Jesus, come be among us, walk, teach us. Take us down to Galilee and show us, God. Take us to the road of Emmaus. Teach us as you taught them.


You’re still here; you’re still teaching. You haven’t changed a lick. It’s we who’ve got to get in step with you and the way you do things. You are not a flashy man. You do not promote yourself from town to town. You do not go in after coins. And until the Church walks as you walked, we’re not going to have the power that you had, and we’re not going to walk in what you walked in. You will not come our way; we must go yours.

Teach us how to walk with you, Lord Jesus– how not to boast about ourselves, how not to boast about our ministries, how not to do the ministry. But teach us how you did it and how we can walk with you in it - in humility, even in obscurity of calling. Thank you, Lord God.

And may your power rest mightily upon those who are in humility and working behind the scenes: brought forth by the Hand of God, in the time of God, for the purpose of God and then disappearing back into the woodwork. Thank you, dear God. Thank you for a Street called Straight.

~ A prophecy received by Don Franklin
Prophetic Roundtable Online

An Eagle On the Capital Steps

Keith Goodson

In prayer I received what I felt was a vision of the Lord. The vision took place at the bottom of the Capital steps. At the foot of these steps was an emblem that appeared to have the outline of the United States in it and around the outline were what appeared to be 12 stars.

An eagle battered and bruised with wings stretched out in front of him in what appeared to be a bowing position was upon the emblem. The eagle’s wings appeared to be very damaged with missing feathers and very disfigured. I also felt the eagle had no strength left in it and was very weary. It appeared also that this was as far as the eagle could go strength wise, was to the edge of the Capital steps. As the steps preceded upwards they turned into the throne of God!

Prophetic Roundtable Online

Tell It, God, Tell It!

Jana Alcorn

Leaders, some of you perceive your season to be one of not knowing. There are seasons of our ministries that we seem to be "uninformed". There are times that we wonder why fulfillment seems to be delayed.

Times of transition, connecting, reconnecting, and finding our place can be times of quietness. But even in the process of these things, God is making declarations. He is making known His mind and His wisdom in ways that are not always obvious. But believe me, when God gets through, He will have made all His statements and He will have made them loud and clear!

Let's look at some of the things that God will declare. Tell it, God, tell it!

1. God Will Let YOU KNOW The Enemy's Next Move!

Exodus 7:14,15--And the Lord said unto Moses,..."Get thee unto Pharaoh in the morning; lo, he goeth out unto the water..."

When God was positioning Moses and the Children of Israel to go forward to their promised positions, Pharaoh always had a move to counteract their progress and to delay their destiny.

However, God knew what Pharaoh was going to do next and He told Moses the very next move Pharaoh was going to make.

Listen, God is a step ahead of the enemy's plan and knowledge is power and He will let you know. The wisdom for your situation is going to be revealed. God has the enemy under His surveillance and He knows the subsequent moves the enemy will make. God is getting ready to let you know the enemy's next move!

2. God Will Let THE ENEMY KNOW That God Alone Is Supreme Lord!

Exodus 7:17--Thus saith the Lord, In this thou shalt know that I am the Lord:

God has an attitude. He thinks He is God! Guess what? He's right! Never allow your battle to change your mind about God. He is God without your flesh witnessing to the fact!

Recently a pastor friend went through the death of a spouse, a putrefying flood of legal battles, the death of a son, the loss of staff members, and a number of other ongoing battles all simultaneously! God told my pastor friend that the next sermon to the church would be...Devil, I Have Not Changed My Mind About God!

Listen, I feel the Holy Ghost. God is about to SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT! I perceive this to be a prophetic word for somebody right now! God is going to make a big statement -- He is Lord over ALL and He is about to let the enemy know that He alone is Supreme!

3. God Will Let EVERYBODY KNOW That The Strategies Of The Enemy Always Stink!

Exodus 7:17,18--Thus saith the Lord, In this thou shalt know that I am the Lord: behold, I will smite with the rod that is in mine hand upon the waters which are in the river, and they shall be turned to blood. And the fish that is in the river shall die, and the river shall stink; and the Egyptians shall loathe to drink of the water of the river.

There are many rivers (places of worship/churches) that have been made bloody as a result of the enemy's dealings. There are many fish (Christians) that have been polluted and caused to die because of a Pharaoh who put their trust in man's system and not God's.

I have a reverential fear of the Lord in my life. God's ways are always best and they are far above the ways of man. When, like Moses and the Children of Israel, you are put in a position of humility and it seems that all around you there is a mocking of the vision and a mocking of your destiny, God is about to make a statement.

He is not going to whisper it. Hold your nose, child of God. God is about to let everybody know that the plans, strategies, methods, techniques, and systems of the enemy stink!

Leader, don't be discouraged because of the small segment of time of the unknowing that surrounds you now. God is going to let you know the enemy's next move; God is going to let the enemy know that He alone is God, and God is going to let everybody know that the plans of the enemy always stink! Tell it, God! Tell it!

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