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January 1, 2004

Step Through the Door

Bill Burns

There is a threshold before you, and I invite you to step through without hesitation. Come boldly before the throne, for entrance has been given to you. Fear not, little ones, but come into My glory for the times of refreshing. Step through the door. I declare to you that a new door in heaven is being opened. This is a new season that I have prepared and called forth and released by My Spirit. I say to you that the only way to enter in is by the door, and you do this by faith and as you trust in Me.

This is the year of the open door. I have called you for such a time as this, and I have prophesied and spoken to you through My servants of this season and the fresh oil and the wine that is being poured forth. I am filling your cups to overflowing. Come and step through.

Leave the past behind, the heartache of old, for you have been in a wilderness, but I say that the wilderness has a purpose. It is in the wilderness that you get to know Me. In the wilderness I strengthen you. In the wilderness I feed you with heaven's bread. In the wilderness I bring forth the water from the Living Rock. In your wanderings you have learned of Me and found Me in a fresh way. Because you have not let go of the promise or left the vision now you will cross over the Jordan. Through the waters you shall come and receive the promise.

You must now rise up and walk in obedience, for it is written that the children of Israel refused to follow My direction because of unbelief. I say now, gird up the loins of your faith and get ready to cross over. I am sounding the trumpet, and the door is open and the threshold is before you. It is but a small step of faith, and you will be transported into the newness of life and into the place that I am taking you in this season, says the Lord.

In this place I will give bread, and I will give living water. You shall be transformed. You shall be renewed. You shall be healed. You shall walk into your destiny, for I have ordained it and spoken it forth. Now I am revealing it to you that you may simply belief and receive that which I am giving in this season, says the Lord.

Faith Tabernacle

Set Free To Deeper Rest

Yolanda Ballard

For yes, I have come to set the captives free that they may have life and life abundantly. Worship Me in the Spirit of holiness for there is no other that can meet your need for Righteousness. If you will rely on Me, I will provide all your needs. Why do you fret, O captive sister of Zion? Why do you go about like there is no tomorrow? Escape the clutch of the evil one and run in the freedom of your God. For this is the day that I have come to transform you into My image.

Bow down before Me and I will bless you with what you need that will carry you to the end. For these are evil times that the enemy has come on like a flood with many deceiving thoughts that you will not make it to the end. But do not listen to him or pay attention to the lying circumstances that surround you. For I call you to just let go and let Me be God. Let Me do the work needed in your heart for that is why I allow the fire of My love to burn even higher in your life. I am burning out the dross and purifying you and preparing you for what is ahead. I am calling you to even a deeper walk with Me that calls for a deeper trust.

Do not accept defeat but continue to stand on My promises. Through the wind and the waves I will preserve you. Do not be anxious. Look past the signs saying you will not the reap the promise. What will you believe? Will it be what you feel or see or will you believe My Word. Don't rely on how long it is taking and still things look like they are getting worse. Hold on to Me! Reap the benefits of My promises by faith.

I will give you My wisdom and I will direct your paths in the wilderness. Yes, I will provide even streams in the desert. I am with you always to the end of time for I am eternal and you will go on in eternity with Me. So look past these natural and temporal circumstances. You are but a spirit inside a shell, and I am causing you to die out to the flesh and its nature. I will restore your youth as the eagle if you will walk in My Spirit. The secret to your success in Me is that you will not love your life unto death and that you will commit all that you love into My hands. Yes, all of your loved ones and everything that you have. Nothing can harm or rob what you commit to Me.

And I am calling you to a deeper rest for you need your strength for the final onslaught from the enemy. Yes, you will make it to the end because My hand is on you and I am calling you forth. I am your strength, your righteousness, and I am setting you free. Rest, My beloved, for this is the final hour.

Be Sober, Be Vigilant, and Be Watchful

Patsy Shelton

Mark 22:13, 22 For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall show signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.

Ah, saith the Lord God, as I release new anointings and do signs and wonders in the earth, I would have you be sober, vigilant, and watchful. There will also be many lying signs and wonders, and they will be birthed from the antichrist spirit, which is rebellion and that is witchcraft.

Even as it was in the days of Moses when he went before Pharaoh and his priests, so it will be again. But, this work will be manifested in the earth through those that are called by My name, and not everyone that is called by My name belongs to Me, for many are emissaries of his kingdom.

My own, even My elect, will need to have eagles eyes. They will need to have peripheral vision, the ability to see all around them, but also to be focused on Me at the same time., There are those that have tunnel vision will not see and be deceived.

Those that will perform the lying signs and wonders will come as the enemy does, even as an angel of light. They will call themselves by My name, but I know them not, and the works that they do will be the works of the evil one himself. And they will come cloaked in a robe that appears to be a robe of righteousness, but underneath this covering, even a self righteous, religious, and rebellious spirit.

I have charged you before to know those that labor among you, and this charge I give to you again.

Just as prophecy is the testimony of My Son, so are the lives of those of My own through which I will do great signs and wonders. They will testify of Me, and the fruit of My Holy Spirit will be the manifested in their lives.

Did I not say that a good tree would bear good fruit? And the fruit that you will see in My own is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance for this fruit testifies of My Son in the lives of those that are My own.

Test the spirits. Those do not know My word, and do not know My ways will be carried off into the pit of deception, even the abyss, because they have attached themselves to the strong arm of the flesh. They follow men, and not their God. Those that are seeking signs and wonders, will be washed away in a sea of deception.

But through the sons and daughters of the morning, those that have been birthed by the Holy Spirit in the earth today, will testify of Me. I will do through them great signs and wonders because the realm of the flesh, or the soul, has been sacrificed upon the altar of their God.

They have become empty cisterns, and a Holy habitation, and My Spirit will flow through them and signs and wonders will follow them, the likes of which the world has never seen before. Through these I will make Myself known in the earth.

The new day has dawned, the sons and daughters of the morning have been birthed into the earth, but there has also been birthed those that carry the seed of deception.

I warn you now be sober, be vigilant, and be watchful for as My power and presence is manifested in the earth, there will has also been birthed those that will come as an angel of light, and they will do lying signs and wonders. Their father being the father of all lies, and he will manifest himself through them.

Never has there been a day as this when all things will come to fulfillment and the battle between good and evil will become more intense. Be sober, be vigilant, and be watchful because deception will rise in the land and many will fall into it's pit for there will be lying signs and wonders in the land.

A Bride not a Widow

Jeanne Stewart

My chosen ones, I part the heavens and come down. I ride on a swift cloud. I Am coming down and pouring out My Spirit upon you. I give you greater strength in Me to do a work quickly. What do I ask of you but to fear the Lord your God and to walk in all My ways -- to love Me and serve Me with all your heart and with all your soul, and to observe all My commands and decrees that I Am giving you this day.

This hour in which I Am pouring out My Spirit greatly to accomplish all that I Am doing within My Church ... My Bride. I Am coming for a Bride who is looking for Me with life in her eyes .... Not a widow!

The earth and everything in it is Mine ... the heavens belong to Me, even the highest heavens and I ride on a swift cloud. Keep watch ... with sincere longing in your eyes.

Worship Me

Teresa Seputis

Child of Mine, come worship before Me in purity and holiness. Lay aside the distractions of your life and come before Me and focus your attention on Me. Come to Me as you are, but come with an open heart. Allow My Spirit to search your spirit, to convict your heart of any area that you need to adjust to better conform to My standard and My way. Be quick to repent before Me when I show you things that displease Me and I will be as quick to forgive you for them. And I will cleanse you and break their power over you.

And as you worship before Me, I will change your heart. I will bring healing to those areas of woundedness that effect you and interfere with who I have defined you to be and who I have called you to be. And as you worship before Me, I will expose and break off the lies of the enemy that hold you back from the destiny that I have prepared for you. I will break off the hindrances and binds of the enemy, and I will break off the power of oppression off of you.

Child of Mine, I am calling you to come and worship Me in the purity of My holiness. I am calling you to come into My very presence and submit to My examination and My transformation -- for as you come into My presence I do convict and transform, that you might resemble Me more closely. As you look upon Me and become aware of who I am, you will become aware of areas in your own life that are in conflict with that. Do not pull back in fear or run away when that happens. Instead, let My presence and My Spirit change you that these areas of your life begin to line up more closely with Who I am.

Allow Me to expand your hearts, to increase your love, to increase your understanding. Purpose in your heart to obey Me, for I will not receive worship from the rebellious ones. Have I not said that the sin of rebellion and disobedience is like witchcraft to Me? It is a foul stench in My nostrils and I will not receive worship that comes from disobedient and rebellious hearts. So commit your way to Me and purpose to obey Me and to serve Me with all of your being. Then come before My presence and allow My holiness and My glory to change your very being. Allow My Spirit to transform you as you come before Me in worship.

And you will be received when you come before Me this way. Your past failures and inadequacies are nothing before Me. They do not matter to Me. What matters is that you come before Me in Spirit and in Truth and that you have set your heart to worship and obey Me. That is a sweet fragrance to Me and a sweet sound to My ears. That is worship that I seek and worship that I accept. And as you come before Me, I will transform you that you might bear My image and My character.

Child, come before Me with a pure heart and worship Me. For I desire your worship and I love your praises. And as you bless Me in this manner, then I will also bless you. I will show Myself to you. I will fill you with My Spirit and with My anointing and I will increase the measure of spiritual gifts within you. And I will comfort you and I will give you My peace. And I will assign angels to watch over you and to guard you in your ways.

So come, child of Mine. Come before Me and worship Me.

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