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August 5, 2000

Evangelism: Early Church Methods

A. W. Tozer

Now the multitude of those who believed were of one heart and one soul; neither did anyone say that any of the things he possessed was his own, but they had all things in common. And with great power the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And great grace was upon them all.
--Acts 4:32-33

A friend of mine went to see a man who was the head of a local communist cell in a local communist headquarters where they send out literature. The communist said, "Come in, Reverend, and sit down." He went in and sat. "Now, we're communists," he said, "you know that, and you're a minister. Of course, we're miles apart. But," he said, "I want to tell you something. We learned our technique from your book of Acts." He said, "We learned how to win and conquer from your book of Acts." And he said, "You who believe the Bible have thrown overboard the methods of the early church and we who don't believe it have adopted them and they're working."

What was the method? It's a very simple method of the early church. It was to go witness, give everything to the Lord and give up all to God and bear your cross, take the consequences. The result was in the first hundred years of the Christian church the whole known world was evangelized. Success and the Christian, 10-11.

"Lord, we're too selfish, busy doing our own thing. Give us a spirit of love, of unselfishness, of willingness of pay any price for the sake of the Gospel. Do it for Jesus' sake. Amen."

Insight for Leaders

Frog Spirits

Richard Breazeale

Gary had a vision of a woman laying on her side, and she was with child/in labour. We have been in this wilderness/desert here so long we have tried to make ourselves comfortable in it. In the vision, the Lord told him that the baby was suffocating. Childbirth is labour, it is travailing, it is not easy, but indeed is threatening even to life before the child comes from the labour. We have so long been here we have 'turned over' on our sides to get comfortable in this labour. It is a hard thing to find discomfort after receiving comfort in the labour. But it is necessary to bring forth the child. A time to press in, to travail, to PUSH! It brings pain which is more than the pain we have become comfortable in. BUT IT MUST BE.

How awesome is our God. He speaks one thing to one, then another to another, and when we come together He has placed recognition by the spirit of the pieces. He will do this thing, and He will do it through those who push...

If we keep laying on our sides, the baby is born, but in stillbirth. I myself can only do this by His drawing and will, I find I have no desire whatsoever to become uncomfortable in the comfort I have found in this place. We must lift up one another to this labour. And carry it through to completion. And if Revelation 12 is a true indication of the times and seasons, when it is birthed, we must be willing to receive the battle which follows. We will be fighting for the life of this child, and some maybe with the end being the loss of their own life. But those who seek to keep their own life will lose it, and those who do not will receive much more than what we now know as life!

Hold fast and strong in His spirit.....Laz


Judith Grobelny

Hosea 2:14,15
"Therefore I am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her. There I will give her back her vineyards, and will make the Valley of Achor a door of hope. There she will sing as in the days of her youth, as in the day she came up out of Egypt."

Many are experiencing 'desert' experiences in this time and as I read the above the Lord began to speak about the way HE is leading His children at this time.

Many are fighting against the plans of the enemy that have brought them to this place, but the Lord says in most cases that is not the truth, HE has brought them to this place.

I believe that My Lord is saying that He has led many into the desert, away from all the distractions in their lives, in order that He might SPEAK TENDERLY to them - this is the place to listen for His voice.

Not only will He speak tenderly, but in this place He will begin to rebuild productivity and fruitfulness in the lives of His children.

As a result of all that the Lord will do, what appears to many to be the Valley of Achor (Trouble), will become to them A DOOR OF HOPE.

I believe He would have us look differently at our circumstances right now and view them through His eyes - as we do we will:

Hear Him speaking tenderly to us.
Receive increased productivity and fruitfulness in our lives.
See again the future and the hope that are His promise.
Be refreshed and restored.
Come forth praising Him in the fresh joy of our salvation.

Let us begin to embrace His dealings in our lives, knowing that they will bring forth righteous fruit and restoration.

Judith Grobelny

The Coming Dry Times
By Robert Holmes

I want to talk today on the subject of desert experiences. I want to talk about what to expect next time you're in a desert and it has everything to do with transference of spirits, deliverance and spiritual warfare. The connection will become more obvious as we go along.

The church has been (perhaps for the last six years) in a place of refreshment and renewal. All over the world I have met an increased expectation of revival, more ardent prayer meetings, a passion for Jesus and the centrality of Christ. Of course alongside that there are stories of brokenness, churches splitting, and other backslidings occurring.

My understanding is that we are now moving, or have now moved into a time of desert or wilderness.

It is not so much that God is withdrawing, though it will feel that way - no it is the opposite. It's a time of drawing into intimacy with God.

For only in the desert can we truly experience loneliness and only in a desert can we be stripped of every other thing that can support us. A desert time should bring us into absolute dependence on God and drive us into his arms.

It is like the Holy Spirit coming upon Christ at his baptism - we have been in the baptism, we have been immersed, and now we are coming out. The Holy Spirit had no sooner descended upon Him "then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert" (Matt 4:1). Let's make this point abundantly clear - Jesus was lead into the desert. It was not an accident or the devil that took him there! Woe to those who want to stay and play!

Out in the desert

Jesus once cast demons out of a man and they begged him thus, "If you drive us out, send us into the herd of pigs." He said to them, "Go!" So they came out and went into the pigs" (Matt 8:31,32). Now one must ask, what if Jesus had said no, where then would the demons go?

Demons have a few options:

* Into another being (like an animal) * Into a related individual (via a soul tie) * Into a child of the next generation (esp in utero) * Into the desert.

It is this last proposition I want to raise - most demons go into the desert. Jesus was clear, "When an evil spirit comes out of a man, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it" (Matt 12:43). Now we understand that passage to say the demon will come back with seven spirits more wicked than itself, and guess where it picked them up? At a demon bar? Do demons have employment agencies? No it found them in the desert!

To the desert

When you individually, or your church, or the Body of Christ more broadly are taken into a desert experience (and I say taken because the devil can not make you go) then you can expect to meet the devil. Now remember I said the Father's purpose it to bring you toward Him, but in fact the very first things you will encounter are loneliness, isolation and demonic attack.

We give the devil too much credit

Let's just go over a few facts first:

* The devil is not God's equivalent * There were three arch angels, only one fell (Lucifer) * He only took one third of the angels with him * He is not omniscient (he does not have all knowledge) * Neither he nor his demons are omnipresent - they have to be in one place at a time

So the demons you encounter will have to be the ones in your personal wilderness experience - and guess what, they may be the very ones you overcame earlier on in your walk. Only they will have seven stronger friends.

What you face in the desert

You are going to face your own demons in the wilderness. A good friend of mine, Ivan Poulter, puts it this way: If you struggled with private demon lust in the past, he went out to the desert and found seven foul demons more powerful than himself and came back. Now you face lieutenant demon lust and six privates. You may indeed overcome the mounting attack. They go away and bring each one seven more demons more foul than themselves.

You are faced with escalating odds aren't you? Now you have sergeant demon lust, four lieutenants and their privates. Sooner or later you are going to get creamed! Remember Christ overcame death, disease, destruction and decay. He won the battle in his wilderness and without Him, you will be overcome eventually. The only way you are going to win in your desert is to have more of Christ in your life!

Now we know 'greater is he that is in you than he who is in the world'. You are not greater - it is God who will overcome. Suppose you have died a little more to self, and the Lord lives in your life a little more. Suppose you have walked more in the realm of 'no longer I that live, but Christ that lives in me'. Then and only then will Christ in you be the hope of Glory.

In the wilderness God is fashioning your death. In the wilderness he is hoping to put an end to your flesh once and for all. In the wilderness he is hoping to put you in that grave - to hide your life in Christ and live His life through you. That is the only way to overcome.

Haunt of foul demon spirits

Last year during a retreat, I was taken out into the realm of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit took me to a cave, into a tunnel. We walked on in silence through the tunnel, finally arriving at a ledge overlooking a vast cavern complex.

We descended into a maze of tunnels that resembled a hornet's nest. It swarmed with creatures the likes of which I had only read about in fantasy novels. They looked vial, horrible, twisted and deformed. The place was crawling with creatures (who seemed blissfully unaware of our presence). Some were reclining at tables - talking about recent escapades; others were sitting in small lecture theatres listening to a speaker; some sat in planning chambers discussing 'attack' strategy; others were reviewing charts on the wall of their lairs.

"Stick close to me, they can not see us as we are, but do not wander" said the Lord. I took a closer look at the diagrams on the wall. They were pictures of people - leaders he knew, neighbours and many others he did not know. He overheard one creature complaining, "And he threw them all out! So the door is shut and we need to do a reconnaissance mission to find another way in..." The snide voice trailed off as they continued through the nest.

It seemed to me that these creatures did not know everything about the people I knew and loved. They did not have a complete understanding of each individual, and they were constantly in search of information pertaining to their targets. A pair of creatures in the tunnel came walking past. They did not seem to be able to see me. The junior one was remarking to his supervisor, "So I left the device there and let it go off - but as far as I know it had no effect. Not like the trap laid for Mr Springer - that worked a treat!" The creature was evidently pleased with his memoir of Mr Springer as the pair cackled with glee. Upon passing, we came back to the entrance.

Will you come with me into the desert? Will you come out?

Song of Solomon describes the rose of Sharon - the desert rose that blossoms in the wilderness, "I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys. Like a lily among thorns is my darling among the maidens." (SoS 2:1). Like the rose of Sharon, we will flourish in the wilderness - where we will make the transition from 'more of me' to 'more of Him'.

I think Isaiah 35 captures the coming time in God very well, "The desert and the parched land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom. Like the crocus, it will burst into bloom; it will rejoice greatly and shout for joy. The glory of Lebanon will be given to it, the splendor of Carmel

Submitted by the AP List
The Apostolic Prophetic List:


Stephen Hanson

19. Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens with God's people and members of God's household,
20. built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone.
21. In him the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord.
22. And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit. Eph. 2

"It is now time for the eagle and the lion to be coming into unison. For the eagle has soared and the lion has roared, and each has had its time. Now the eagle represents my prophets, for they have spoken my messages and some of them have truly soared with Me in the heavenly places. They have been carried along by my Spirit into the territories that I have taken them. Some have drifted on winds of their own making and the fantasies of their own minds. But for those who have kept my word I have a reward for them. For my word will be established upon this earth. From the highest mountain unto the deepest valley, it will be filled with it. Again I say, those who have kept my word, will be rewarded for their efforts. "

"Now my apostles have come, and have laid a firm foundation. They have established my truth in the form of doctrine. Some have truly been wise master builders, for they have built upon the Chief Cornerstone of my Son.
Some have helped pioneer new churches and ministries for Me. Some have truly been a father to many. But some have fallen into the temptation that they are the head over everything. There is one head who is the only head and is the father, and that is my Son Jesus Christ. Now is the time for these two ministries to work together in unison.
For I have said in my word that my church would be built upon the foundation of my apostles and prophets. Both need each other. For a builder must know where to build and must have a vision for it. Neither one is more important, nor is one greater than the other. Can my lions and eagles work together for Me? Survey the building together and check the foundation. Are there holes or fissures there? Nothing can be built any higher unless this is done well. Know when you need the help of each other. When my revelation comes, then you my apostles will know how to put it in to effect. This way I'm making you both dependent upon each other. Now when these things are laid, then the building can begin. Do the work together as one man for my kingdom. "

His servant and friend,
Stephen Hanson

Rivers of My Spirit Are Flowing Over the Earth

Gloria Shepherd

"Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall we not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert " Isaiah 43:19

In the dry and thirsty land and desert, I am about to flood your lands with the waters of my spirit, everflowing springs of living water are about to erupt over the earth in so many places now. For I am doing a new thing upon my earth, my children. For you have been thirsting after my living waters in a dry desert land, and I am about to unleash the rivers of my spirit over the earth. There will be no spot of this earth untouched by these waters that are going to begin to flow like the everliving springs of my living waters spring forth like geysers over the earth. There will be many gushers springing up over my earth now and out of those gushers the waters will flow out to the dry and thirsty land about it..

So prepare my children, the rivers of my spirit are going to begin to flow with such a force now to quench the thirst of the land about it. Come and drink of this water, come and drink the waters of my spirit, for they will quench your thirst and you will not thirst again, for they are living waters of my spirit, that are beginning to flow now through the earth. Refresh in the springs that are about to erupt up and out of the earth, and let my waters give you a quenching and a refreshing that you have not had yet.

Harriette Osborn

My Children, my Bride,

Stop looking for the obvious and begin to expect the unexpected. I have been calling you for some time to put away the old and prepare for the new. Did you think I have asked that of you only to give you more of the old? No. I am doing a new thing in the earth today.

Did King Nebuchadnezzer expect Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego to walk out of the fiery furnace without even the smell of smoke on them? No. Did King Darius expect Daniel to survive the night in the den of lions without even a wound? No. Did my people expect the waters of the flooding Jordan River to pile up in a heap so that they could cross over to the Promised Land? No. Had the generation before them expected to cross the Red Sea on dry ground? No. Did anyone expect the sun and moon to stand still as it did by Joshua's request? No.

Do you not see, can you not comprehend that I am God and nothing is unexpected for me. I am about to do a new thing on the earth - something you do not expect - but I have planned it from of old. Will you be a part of it?

Will you lay down everything you hold so dearly and come to me with open hands to be equipped to do your part? Will you rid your heart of all desires, all habits, all relationships - all that you have allowed to stand before your relationship with me? I tell you, they are idols & must be laid - no, thrown - down.

Will you this day step over the fear of the unknown, over the idols you've thrown down, over the past and its securities and come before me and declare, "Lord, have your way with me - use me as you will."

If you are shackled to the past you cannot move forward. If you have your heart set on your own way you cannot see mine.

I am doing a new thing. I am rearranging my army. I may ask you to change places with another. Do not look at my reordering of the ranks as promotions or as demotions. I am simply putting each warrior in the place of greatest effectiveness. Rejoice that the positioning is by my hand and is in my plan.

No one expected a mere boy armed only with a slingshot and five stones to kill Goliath and open the way for the defeat of the Philistines, but it was I who arranged the ranks that day.

I am calling together my army today and requiring of you that you cleanse yourselves of all unholiness and of all that would distract you and to incline your ear to the voice of your Captain.

Respectfully submitted,
Harriette Osborn

from Hector Lasala

Linda Evans wrote:(

>When the LORD pours His Word of Love over the dormant
>seed, there begins to be LIFE seen. NO matter what the
>circumstances are that surround this beloved of His, He
>is the Lord of "all" circumstances and He will synergize
>all things together to accomplish His Ultimate Good for
>these He has called out... His beloveds. It is the Time
>of Love.
>This portion of the Harvest has begun... IT is "the NOW"
>time for the hidden Seed of Christ to come forth, from
>the death, NOW.. into the LIFE under the nurturing and
>warming LOVE of God. HE is flowing strongly through
>servant-hearts, those willing to go into the bottomlands
>to seek the lost sheep, one by one, as He directs. The
>LOVE of God will pick out of the crowd those HE says,
>"this is My beloved!" -- "The Lord knows those who belong
>to Him"

About six months ago while watching either the Learning Chanel or Discover, they were discussing El NINO or LA NINA.

They showed this desert area in Chile, in South America; it has not rained there in something like 400 years. Well, it rained! and all the seeds which have been just dormant for hundreds of years, germinated and THE DESERT BLOOMED!!!!

Thanks Linda

Love, Hector

Series of Suddenlies

Mark Wattenford

The rain has begun to fall and changes and victories are all coming about in a "series of suddenlies…" that will catch even those who have been concerned by the lateness of the day by "surprise…. and make them gasp in awe!" This is NOT a small thing the Lord is doing, as He is showing that His coming abiding Presence and Power WILL deliver and free many from many things and with "dunamis" POWER! What He is bringing - "WILL BE the "real thing!" The Lord will move so quickly that many won't see it coming and won't know what hit them and they will openly wonder saying, "HOW can this be?" God's "series of suddenlies," will be far greater than anything that has come before and will usher in great signs and wonders, manifestations of the Spirit of God that will "stun" many by the impact they have on EVEN believers….

I was "caught up" recently before Christ in Heaven, and the impact of His Person, His Power, His Love and His Majesty, I feel totally inadequate to convey with words.

He was dressed as a King and Priest in gold and pure white. It was the FIRST time I have seen Him looking as the "Ancient of Days," as He was in the Father and the Father was in Him. I am not saying any of this to try to sound poetic or to mimic or parrot scripture, but His voice WAS "LIKE MANY THUNDERS." I knelt before Him as one would the "King of Kings." He placed His hand on my head and blessed me and said many things to me that ONLY the Holy Spirit can know or understand. The vision itself last for several hours and as it began to subside, the words He spoke over me, were somehow "sealed up" from my memory as well.

What I do remember is that the Lord spoke of releasing me of bondages I was not aware of and of healing a damage that I had sustained even before I was born, while in the womb.


As His Fullness in me was receding, I was pleading with Him to remain and telling Him that ONLY by His Spirit could others be freed of their oppression and chains and be healed, knowing FULLY that there was NOTHING within me that could benefit mankind in any positive way.

It is impossible not to know that as HE sends HIS word out - which He is "about to do," that NOTHING of the schemes and plans of man will remain and it is clear He has now proclaimed my own liberty, freedom and healing - though it IS in terms of such depth and fullness in, by and through Him that there ARE no words to speak of it. It can and will only be understood as the fullness of that which was done - is manifested in the flesh.

As the Spirit of Christ "crushes" this serpent's head in this hour MANY things will change. The "spirit of conviction" will come in and then we will see how many will no longer be capable of performing those jobs they have - as they fully know and realize that it is displeasing to Him, OR they will stay and keep their position and remove the "previous evil" from it.

To be in His Presence as I was - and to think that we "love each other," is to deceive ourselves. By our continuing to hurt each other and "point fingers" at our brothers or sisters, we PROVE that we still walk in the "soulish realm" of emotions of the flesh, and not at ALL in the L-O-V-E that is of GOD! I am ashamed of all that is me, because it is ALL WORTHLESS and there IS no "Holy" thing in me. ONLY in HIM does the power reside that "frees and restores!"

Dear Heavenly Father,

As you look down from Heaven and upon Your people, we want to WORSHIP, PRAISE YOU AND THANK YOU - who so freely gave of yourself to die for us and to save us from such a terribly deserved punishment. My Father, I have seen your power to deliver those who are held in chains and in darkness… please dear Father, hear my cry to deliver the oppressed. Jesus without YOU we are NOTHING!!…My Father grant us "peace and cause us to REST in YOUR ABIDING PRESENCE…." Forgive us Father when we are weak and doubt. be mindful that we are but dust.

Father, hear my cry for you to cover us in a mantle of your covering and bring us in your presence and pour out of Your Spirit for the freeing and deliverance of MANY… Do not hold Your Spirit from us. Bring a "fresh cool breeze" of Your Spirit upon us - that will renew our hearts and pour fresh water over us to revive our spirits. Lord God I cry out from the depths of my heart and soul that you bring us into restoration, healing, and revival like has NEVER been seen before. By Your Power and Your Grace Father reverse those things that have hindered us and held us back, bring us into the fullness of Your Spirit for Your Glory and with Your Authority and Your Power to preach YOUR NAME to the nations!

We stand before you as nothing, Most Sovereign Lord, and no one. Open the windows of Heaven Father in a flood of blessing and drive back the darkness from us and let us move in the liberty that YOU purchased for us; to "be about the FATHER's business, and not our own…" Bind our hearts and our spirits to Yours O Lord, and let NOT Your Spirit be taken from us. "For THINE is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory Forever….!"

In Jesus Name….AMEN

Mark Wattenford

A Word to the servants of Love ....

Linda Evans

"Walk in Love, as Christ also hath Loved us, and hath given Himself for us, an Offering and a Sacrifice to God, for a sweet smelling savour" (Eph 5:2) "... an offering made by Fire unto the Lord, for a sweet savour." (Lev 23:13)

I send you to those "I" will unbind -- "I" will unwrap -- "I" will wash and "I" will cleanse ... those who have been growing wild in the field, held captive to spiritual control and darkness. (Ezek 16:9) I send you as footwashers into all the land, to cleanse the defilement off of My beloved sons. "And she arose, and bowed herself on her face to the earth, and said, "Behold let thine handmaiden be a servant to wash the feet of the Servants of My Lord."(1 Sam 25:41)

I call forth for those who have been prepared to be the servant of all, the servant of Love, even as I took the very form of a servant. "If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another's feet." (John 13:14) I send you who hear the Call to go forth now in a Fiery Anointing, as a sweet savour into all the Land (the Aroma of Christ), flowing with a passion to find the treasure in the field -- the treasure which belongs to Me! Go forth armed with My Divine Power for the pulling down of all strongholds. Go forth clothed in the armor of light (Rom 13:12) which is Christ Jesus, who is Love manifested in the flesh. (The antichrist spirit will deny this Love manifested in flesh)

I send you to the one I call 'my beloved'. I take you away from the 99 and send you to the one. Love him even as you Love Me, ye servants of Love. I will protect you -- I will guide you -- I will cover you in My Love. Fear not, I send you into the darkness to bring forth the Life -- MY Life which is held captive. I have put My Life in you, that you might birth Life in those beloveds of Mine. Spirit gives birth to Spirit, flesh births but flesh. I send you forth in Spirit to bring forth Spiritual Life in these -- my beloveds.

Love, Love, Love. No matter what, LOVE -- for this is the Divine Weapon for the pulling down of all strongholds that keep my sons from arising in this day of Freedom. For this I have called you, ordained and anointed you... go forth servant of Love; this is My Call on your life.

Never fear to Love; there is no law, no power which can stand against Love. Love will destroy every bondage and lie of the enemy which holds these beloveds of Mine, captive. Wash my beloveds with your tears. Heal their broken hearts with your brokenheart -- take the pieces of your broken and shattered hearts and fill in their brokenness, for this purpose was your heart shattered, even as My heart was shattered... Brokenhearted for My Name's Sake. Know there is a divine reason and purpose for your broken and contrite hearts, which are broken over and over again for the sake of Love.

I send you forth enveloped in Love which always protects... always trusts... always hopes... always perseveres. Love is patient for in this time of Love's Awakening and Deliverance, there will be intense spiritual warfare unleashed by the power of the kingdom of darkness. The rulers of this world, principalities, powers, false authorities, the world rulers of this darkness -- all spiritual forces of evil fear Love! They know and recognize Life in the Kingdom of God! They will mock Love incessantly. They will use all manner of persecution and slander and intense cruelty against Love. But I have declared with Power, before the foundations of the world were laid, that this conflict has been settled, finished... forever -- it has been settled in Heaven, that My Word, My Name, My Love shall prevail. Love Never Fails!

As you have learned to pray for "My Kingdom Come, My Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven" you have interceded for this Day.. this Calling, this anointing as I respond to your prayers and send My Love forth again... to set the captives free. I sent My Love forth first in My Son and now I send My Love forth again in my many sons. Those who fight against My Love, fight Me; My Vengeance has been unleashed now to battle those forces of darkness, who continue to hold My people captive. My vengeance shall be manifested in a Fiery Love Anointing placed upon those who have been prepared to go forth as servants of Love, given the Authority of Heaven to storm the gates of hell to set the captives free. Walk forth in My Vengeance you humble servants of Love; in your weakness-humbleness-brokenness shall My Strength be made manifest!

[Beware! Do not mock LOVE! You mock Me when you mock Love! So not slander Love, you slander Me! Do not make light of Love, for you know not what you do! Beware, for the evils of this world, causes many of you to turn away from Love and to let Love grow cold... Remember you have been warned this will happen "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold". (Matt 24:12) Be gentle as doves, yet wise as serpents, recognize the scheme of evil! Do not let iniquity in your own heart cause Love to grow cold.]

Love NEVER fails. Love is patient, for this intercession and spiritual laboring will take as long as My beloved's make it last -- as long as he chooses to fight against Me. Many of My beloveds fear My healing, they fear My deliverance -- they fear My cleansing -- they fear My Freedom... but Perfect Love shall cast out all fear. I am Perfect Love and I shall cast out all fear, as you -- my servants of Love -- go forth in My Name.

Love is Kind, recognizing that even as a wounded animal caught in a trap will strike out in terror and pain at the very one sent to loose and heal him, these beloveds of mine will strike out in harsh cruelty at times, spewing forth lies and slander against the very ones I have sent to wash, cleanse and free them... but these words and actions have no effect on my servants of Love, for they have learned to bless those who curse them, to pray for those who mistreat them. and to be sympathetic, compassionate and humble. To Love no matter what the reaction is, for Love will overcome all obstacles. There is no power like My Love on earth. You who mock Love, mock the Power of the Kingdom of God! Repent of your mockery even now before I unleash Love fully into the earth!

Love is humble -- loving in the bottomlands where all others may look upon these servants as weak, insignificant and of little value to the Kingdom -- but I have sent My Lovers to the sick, not the healthy. I have sent My Lovers to set the captives free. I have sent my apostles of Love who carry Life in their hearts for the dead.

Love fearlessly. Love Extravagantly no matter how My Love is received -- for this is the Testimony of Jesus in you. While you were yet sinners I Loved you -- now you must love with My Love and receive the beloveds of My Heart into the Kingdom of God -- In My Name: Love. Go forth now, you called and chosen Lovers of God. This is the Day and the Time and the Season for Loved. Fear not, I go with you and will set My beloved's Free.


Received and Shared in Love,
Linda the Beguine

"Put on the New Man, which after God is created in Righteousness and True Holiness. Wherefore, putting away lying... speak every man Truth with his neighbor, for we are Members One of Another.... Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is Good to the use of edifying; that it may minister Grace unto the hearers. And GRIEVE NOT the Holy Spirit of God, whereby you are sealed unto the Day of Redemption; Let all bitterness, and wrath.. and anger.. and clamor... and evil speaking be put away from you and with all malice: and be ye Kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God -- for Christ's Sake -- hath forgiven you!"

To Love and to Forgive unconditionally is the Imageness of God in you! Let the LIFE of Christ.. the Life of Love and Forgiveness be released now... Let His Life flow from your heart, into all the land, transforming the desert into the Garden of Eden: the Heart of God.

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