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August 28, 2000



As I was out walking and praying a while back the Holy Spirit dropped in my spirit an outline of what the Father desires to speak to His handmaidens and bondservants about.

Basically it concerns the connection between "spiritual environments", "glorious connections", "true" accountability, and it also involves the truth and spiritual principles found in the story of Korah's rebellion (Numbers 16-20).

The importance of this last area is that as the revelation of the Father's will for His people begins to come forth from the Throne Room through the true apostles and prophets "many" IN THE CHURCH (those who still hold to any form of self-agenda) will suddenly become greatly offended at the precious and necessary wisdom of God being released.

This will cause "certain" children of God (there will be some shocking surprises in this area) to begin to slander and accuse those sent by God - but this will not last long because the judgement of the Father will be absolute on those rebellious and self-exaltive ones and they shall become a "sign and wonder" from God Himself not to interfere with His holy plan!

The overall impression that I received from the Holy Spirit was that there must be a strong warning and exhortation delivered to every handmaiden and bondservant to beware the potential attacks that they face as they step out in obedience in the coming days to minister the revelation that they have received in the "inner chamber".

One would think at this late date that "most" would be seeking the revealed Word of God with ALL of their heart, but such is not the case!


In this area of "true" accountability and covenant relationships in the ministry, many are deceived into thinking that the basis of these kinds of relationships is some form of "accountability" to "flesh and blood" BEFORE the Father and His Word.

Outwardly they give the Father and His Word a form of "acknowledgment", but when it comes right down to it they crave after "emotional attachment" and dependency upon "flesh and blood".

This is a scheme of the Evil One to keep them in bondage and a position of "powerlessness". It is the very thing that will prevent one from entering into the Kingdom with "both feet" - and thus entering into the fullness of ministry in Christ.

Each and every one of us have a specific calling and like every other calling - it is unique. It is safe to say that there is only ONE WAY for each one of us - as children of God - to fulfill all that we were created for and therefore the best possible thing for each of us to do is to pursue the narrow path of perfect obedience with ALL of our heart.

It is a very fine line between the delegated authority "taking offense" and walking (and talking) in a spirit of "righteous indignation" - which is a spontaneous by-product of the love of God.

I understand that there is still much misunderstanding concerning the "delegated authorities", but it is truly time for the people of God to grow up and start carrying their own portion of the weight of the Kingdom business they are called to (EVERY member has a key part) or they are going to "miss the boat" in the coming days.

One thing for sure: any and all "self-agenda" and every element of "idolatry" is going to be exposed exactly for what it is: sin and rebellion against the Father and His Word!

Many seem to still "maintain" the desire to be "coddled" and have their "hand held" by the men and women that the Father is sending forth from the Throne Room - as if the Holy Spirit did not exist within THEM to "teach them all things" and lead them into all truth.

It is much easier to be "accountable" to "flesh and blood", but it is NEVER profitable as far as the Kingdom goes - and from here on in the Kingdom is all that truly matters!

Quite simply put: I have an "open contempt" for anything that hinders - in any way - the children of God coming into the "fullness of their inheritance in Christ.

For many, many centuries the church has walked in some degree of darkness - a darkness that for the most part has kept her powerless to remove the burdens of the captives and to destroy every yoke of bondage. This MUST and WILL end in this most critical and glorious hour!


A Prayer for the Intercessors

Debbie Cossu

Today I was granted the privilege of praying for many intercessors all over the world. As I began to feel how God wanted to bless my brothers and sisters, I was given specific proclamations and declarations in your behalf.

I began by praying for three things, new vision steadfastness and joy. Psalm 16:8,9 reads: "I have set the Lord always before me because He is art my right hand I shall not be moved. Therefore my heart is glad. "

I am believing in your behalf for mighty breakthroughs like you have believed for others!!! God loves you, and so do I. I have begun this prayer today, and will echo it through the end of September. God bless you.

I am also including a word that had come in the late spring or early summer, may it ring true today to encourage you.

Psalm 65 for the Intercessors

"How blessed is the one whom Thou dost choose and bring near to Thee, to dwell in Thy courts. We will be satisfied with the goodness of Thy house, Thy Holy Temple.....Thou hast crowned the year of Thy goodness, and Thy paths drip with fatness."


I was looking at what appeared to be a desert scene. It was hot and dry. The wind began to pick up and as I covered my eyes from the dust blown my way, a soft sound of weeping turned my head southward.

The weeping was very soft and almost mingled with the sighs of relief one would have at the end of a long time of deep, uncontrolled crying.

I could now see what looked like a wagon train that seemed to have neither a front or back, not a beginning or an end. These wagons were very sturdy and strong, even though there was visible evidence that some, no most, had been broken and damaged at some point in the journey. It was also evident that not one of the wagons were empty, but rather overflowing with the cargo and provision they were carrying.

Then I saw the Lord approaching.....
Rain drops were beginning to fall, The people were getting up.


Surely you shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. The past seasons on your face before Me has prepared you for that which is to come. Look up, stand up, dress up, for I am headed your way.

Two distinct, yet interwoven anointings are being released in this hour.

My love in you, and My love upon you. My love has found a resting place in you. As deep calls to deep, so I grant the intimacy for which you were formed. Even in the midst of enlarging fellowship, and the joy of brotherhood, it is My presence you desire. That which is within you is aglow and has been fanned bright, pure, and clear.

This deep intimacy with Me, is releasing a return for all you have given. That which you lost through tears, shall come knocking on your door. Even that which you gave away unaware will come with increase in the season ahead.

Truly that which you gave not away but was stolen shall be brought back. Seasons do change, and it is time for a fresh start and a new beginning because of where you have been. This love within has sustained you.

My love upon you shall grant rest for those I send. Many are tired of the abundance of this life. As My kingdom rest upon you they will see what they have not known in this world.

I grant wisdom, favor, and success upon My own such as the world has never seen. Nothing has been lost or wasted or spoiled that I have asked you to carry. All is well, your work shall be rewarded.

There are treasures to be opened, gifts to be dispersed, and promises to be fulfilled.

The season has begun, and it is time for a fresh start and a new beginning because of where you must go. This love upon you shall sustain them.


Diane Bahler

This is what the Lord, the Creator, the Holy One of Israel says:

Gatekeepers! Rise up and Go! OPEN UP THE GATES! OPEN UP THE GATES! OPEN UP THE GATES! OPEN UP THE GATES THAT THE KING OF GLORY MAY COME IN! I have given you the keys to the Kingdom and what you open in My Name no one can shut! OPEN UP THE GATES! Open up the gates to your cities, to your regions, to your nations, to your hearts! OPEN UP THE GATES!

Open the gates because I will not be held back any longer! I am about to come as a pent up flood! The waters are about to break forth. The rain is about to pour. These are as the days of Noah - open the gates that all who will may run into the ark of my Presence.

Open up your hearts! REND YOUR HEARTS! Repent so that you can find safety in the ark of my Presence!

I AM your high tower, I AM your palisade, I AM your citadel, I am your strong fortress and your city of refuge! Run to the only place where you will find safety. Run to my Presence. Run to where you see my glory resting. Come into my glory!

Only the Father knows the day and the hour when the gates will close. The day will come when the Gatekeepers will be sent to close the gates and what they close in my Name, no one will be able to open. Outside there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth! This is the day of the Lord. RUN TO ME! Come in while the door is open! Work while it is day!

Open the gates to the storehouses! Bring in the full tithe! Firstfruits, come to my altar and be consumed!


My Word

Petru Prinsloo

Blessed Saints,

I AM the omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient One, nothing is hidden from My sight. I see your good works, labour and I see your heart. I commend your perseverance and patience in waiting on My Son's return. I see that you are holding fast onto your faith in times of trouble and I see your love, service and righteousness. Blessed are ye that overcome for you will be rewarded with rich, powerful everlasting life and knowledge in Me.

I also see the false prophets and teachers among you; those who say they are My chosen ones but are not; those who lay stumbling blocks before My children; the Balaam's, Balak's, Nicolaitians, Jezebel's, the blasphemers from the serpent.

Do not listen to such as these. It is crucial that you test every word coming from the mouth of man against My Word. Did I not warn of times when a great imitator will come, beguiling the innocent and the blind?

My Spirit and My Word within is your protection against the finely cultivated lies of the serpent. Total obedience to My Spirit and My Word within is your only weapon against his cunning deception. My Son, Who became The Word has taken the keys of life and death from Satan. He taught the Word to the disciples and by My Spirit He is still teaching you the Word. The keys of spiritual life or death lie in the Word.

Consider what would happen if all street names, directions and signs were to be removed. How would you find your way to where you're supposed to go? How would someone from out of town ever manage? If you want to go to a place that you've been to before, then you would recall the route from your memory. Someone from out of town would ask another who's been that way before; someone with a map in his memory. My Word is the roadmap to and within My Kingdom. Unless you travel its ways frequently and store them in your memory you will not know which roads to take; which teachings to follow or believe. Your choice could lead to life or it could lead you to death.

Choose My Word - now!

You Are All That Matters

Becky McLendon

Lord, as we approach a new day today, which by the way, YOU MADE, we look to you and realize YOU ARE ALL THAT MATTERS. Help us to keep that focus as we go into our daily routine and have demands put upon us that seem to rob us of our energy and our peace. YOU ARE ALL THAT MATTERS. In our treatment of others and dealing with them, YOU ARE ALL THAT MATTERS.

If this is so, Lord, then we are demonstrate YOU in our decisions today. We are to BE YOU to those who cross our paths. This is so hard because some are so "unloveable" but YOU gave them to us for a reason. Remind us of how "unloveable" WE can be from time to time too, and that you love us in spite of our "warts and wrinkles."

If we are in "leadership" roles on the job or wherever, we take on the mind of Christ, that our decisions will be godly no matter what the pressures from outside "forces" are that would demand less than godly decisions.

We are to receive pur Inheritance Lord..YOU..let that begin to settle down in our spirit now..for once that becomes real to us something stands up in us and shouts. It is the shout of a KING. Lord so be it. Let it happen today.

Amen and Amen.



Frank Sandford

Now is the acceptable hour of the Lord. My children, what I have longed for for eons is about to come to fruition.

From all parts of the world, I am about to gather My children into My arms. I have longed to hold you and to shower My love upon you. I have longed to wipe away the tears of hurt and have longed to see tears of real joy.

Joy, complete and total joy, will be yours when you are gathered into My arms and around My Throne. You will have joy unspeakable and unimagined. This joy will not be because you have earned it, but because I desire you to have it. Prepare your heart, prepare your soul, and prepare your mind to experience joy beyond description.

Until that time of greatest joy, walk with Me, talk with Me, listen to Me, read my Word, and minister in My name and you will experience some of My joy.

You sing to Me of "Oh, how I love Jesus" and I love to hear it. But your love for Me is human love and is tainted by the sin of the human condition. It will be so until I fill you with My joy before My Throne.

Know this; My love for you is pure - My love for you is Holy - My love for you is not conditional. Begin now to live in My joy and share My joy; there is plenty to go around. My love for you is a sacrificial love with the ultimate goal of giving you My joy in that acceptable hour.

Critical Spirit

Pastor Francis Frangipane

This teaching is taken from Frangipanes new book "The Stronghold of God".

In The Embrace of God

How do you handle criticism? How does one protect himself from the "scourge of the tongue" (Job 5:21)? Where is the Place of Immunity from accusation? If you are going to be successful in the Lord's work, you must find God's hiding place from one of the most painful weapons in Satan's arsenal: the critical tongue.

The fact is, for better or for worse, people are going to talk about you. You cannot do the will of God without causing changes, and changes will always cause some to stumble. In fact, Jesus said we were to beware when all men speak well of us. He said we cannot serve two masters; if we are to truly please Him, we cannot be distracted by trying to please everyone else.

At the same time, there is a demonic strategy that is set against those who teach God's word and minister to His people. The enemy's campaign is not only aimed at destroying the shepherd; he also seeks to scatter the sheep. If Satan's attack is successful, everyone involved will come out of the battle with less love and a hardened heart.

I find it amazing that individuals can react so differently to the same teaching. One will be uplifted and encouraged while another may not only miss the Lord's blessing but actually be offended by an isolated, yet innocent statement.

It seems that for every person who takes the hammer and chisel to make an idol of a preacher, there is someone else with a hammer and spikes ready to crucify him. And unless that man is sustained by the Lord, the pressures against him can be overwhelming.

Most people fail to remember that a minister is just like any other Christian. He is not a superman; bullets (and words) do not bounce off his chest. He is not invulnerable to cruel and malicious talk. He is an imperfect person called to serve the living God in the body of Christ, but just a person, nonetheless.

For most, church is a place people go to express their worship of God, to be taught and to have fellowship. But to the man or woman of God, the church is God's garden. Most of the real work a pastor does is not in the pulpit but in the unheralded service of cultivating love and trust in personal relationships.

In God's eyes, the church is much more than a meeting place of casual acquaintances or doctrinally united believers. To the Father, the church is a living temple, a human house for the Spirit of His Son. The Bible says that when He placed us in our particular church, it actually gave Him pleasure (1 Cor. 12:18). Together with the Holy Spirit, the pastor and elders work to bring the church into a right relationship with God's love and then spread that love throughout the entire citywide church.

God has provided honorable ways for people to transfer from one church to another. If someone wants to leave a church to start their own, there are proper ways to receive God's anointing and be sent (see Acts 13:1-3). It is not necessary to find fault and cause a church split. When things are done correctly and in order, people are edified.

But when relationships are severed and destroyed through malicious gossip, or when a developing trust is turned into mistrust through backbiting and criticism, God Himself is angered (Prov. 6:16-19). And if God is offended, how much more difficult is it for His servant to remain aloof from the conflict that sin causes.

The Answer!

So, how does a man or woman of God find the balance between his basic need to survive and his responsibility to please God? The answer, in a word, is to put on Christ's love.

A number of years ago, I went through a difficult time in which a handful of people made me the target of ongoing criticism. There is a type of constructive criticism coming through people who love you which teaches and helps you to prosper, and there is a type of criticism that comes through an embittered spirit that is not meant to correct you but to destroy you. It was the latter relationship that I had with these people.

To be honest, I am sure that there were areas in my life which were unbalanced; some of their complaints were justified. However, much of what they had to say was said not to me, but to others behind my back. Our congregation was being destabilized by these individuals. Try as I did, nothing I could say or repent of would silence them.

For three years I sought the Lord, yet He would not vindicate me of their accusations. Instead, He dealt with me. He reached deep into the very substructure of my soul and began to touch hidden areas of my life.

At issue with the Lord was not my sin, but my "self." The Bible says that our sins are ever before us (Psalm 51:3); these I could see. But I had no perspective on my own soul. The Lord allowed this criticism to continue until it unearthed something deeper and more fundamentally wrong than any of my doctrinal interpretations or sins. It unearthed me.

The Holy Spirit began to show me how easily I was manipulated by people's criticisms and especially how much my sense of peace was governed by the acceptance or rejection of man. As much as I prayed, God would not deliver me from my enemy. He saved me by killing that part of me that was vulnerable to the devil, and He did it with the accusations themselves.

I will never forget the day it dawned on me that both God and the devil wanted me to die, but for different reasons. Satan wanted to destroy me through slander and then drain me with the unceasing activity of explaining "my side" to people. At the same time, God wanted to crucify that part of my soul that was so easily exploited by the devil in the first place!

It was a pivotal day when I realized that this battle was not going to be over until I died to what people said about me. It was probably at this point that I finally and truly became a servant of God.

Today, I stand in awe of what the Lord did during those terrible, yet wonderful, months. He knew a time would come when the things I wrote would touch the lives of millions of people. To inoculate me from the praise of man, He baptized me in the criticism of man until I died to the control of man.

Do not misunderstand me: I still honestly pray about things submitted to me by others, and I am accountable to other leaders. I even have staff people whose assignment is to give me a critical analysis of my life and work. But I am no longer ruled by man. I live for God's pleasure and if I happen to please man, that is His business, not mine.

The Shelter of His Cross

There is something utterly marvelous about the Lord's redemptive powers. No matter what hardship, devilish plot or accusation is hurled our way, everything Satan would use to destroy is redeemed by God's love and then used to perfect us. If we faithfully seek the Lord, adversity becomes like gasoline upon our heart's fire for God. Just to survive, we are driven deeper into the blaze of His Presence.

Thus, as much as I hated it when people slandered me, this was the very thing God used to compel me nearer to His heart. As important as Bible study and church attendance is, it was adversity that worked the deepest death of self and brought me closest to God! I have come to sincerely love and appreciate my enemies-I could not have come to this place of blessedness without them!

I can see why Jesus said, "Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven" (Matt. 5:10). Certainly, He does not mean that outwardly we experience "heaven" when we are persecuted or suffer mental or physical abuse. No, but inwardly God deals mightily with our soul, breaking its addiction to man's approval and liberating us to truly live for Christ.

In His wisdom, God gives us two gifts: a new nature and a cross uniquely designed to kill our old nature. The moment we begin to pick up the cross, we enter the Place of Immunity.

We must learn this truth: God does not want our old nature to survive. He does not want us to reform that which actually needs to be crucified; He wants it to die. Not only was our old nature corrupt and indefensible against the enemy, but the flesh is akin to the devil and most easily inhabited by him.

The character of the "new nature," however, is Christ Himself. With the living Christ within me, how shall I bring a charge against my neighbor, for Christ commands me to love? If I issue a complaint, shall I raise my old nature from the dead to be my witness? Shall I silence Christ to hear the voice of the accuser? You see, if I am to be the Lord's servant, when offended I must repeat Christ's prayer of the cross, "Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing" (Luke 23:34).

So, regardless of man's opinions about us, whether we are exalted or abased, let us determine to carry Christ's cross through the conflict. For these momentary light afflictions are producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison.

My personal attitude is this: I will stand for revival, unity and prayer; I will labor to restore healing and reconciliation between God's people. Yet, if all God truly wanted was to raise up one fully yielded son-a son who would refuse to be offended, refuse to react, refuse to harbor unforgiveness regardless of those who slander and persecute-I have determined to be that person. My primary goal in all things is not revival, but to bring pleasure to Christ.

None of us are there yet, but if we each have this attitude, we will put to death our reactions to criticisms and offenses. And though we may still stumble, we will learn that carrying the cross is not merely dying to self; it is embracing the love of Christ that forgives the very ones who have crucified us, that the battle that comes against us has actually driven us into the embrace of God.

Evangelism: Sovereign Calling

A. W. Tozer

But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name: who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.
--John 1:12-13

There is another and worse evil which springs from this basic failure to grasp the radical difference between the natures of the two worlds. It is the habit of languidly "accepting" salvation as if it were a small matter and one wholly in our hands. Men are exhorted to think things over and "decide" for Christ, and in some places one day each year is set aside as "Decision Day," at which time people are expected to condescend to grant Christ the right to save them, a right which they have obviously refused Him up to that time. Christ is thus made to stand again before men's judgment seat; He is made to wait upon the pleasure of the individual, and after long and humble waiting is either turned away or patronizingly admitted. By a complete misunderstanding of the noble and true doctrine of the freedom of the human will salvation is made to depend perilously upon the will of man instead of upon the will of God.

However deep the mystery, however many the paradoxes involved, it is still true that men become saints not at their own whim but by sovereign calling. The Pursuit of Man, 37-38.

"Sovereign God, I'm Your servant. I'll share the message, I'll pray for response, but only You can draw an unsaved person to faith in Christ. Thank You for the privilege of having even a small part in Your sovereign work. Amen."

Read "Insight for Leaders" online at:

Spiritual Awakening -- The Hope of The World

Ron & Barbara McGatlin

Spiritual awakening of the kingdom of God through revival is the hope of the world.

The tide is finally turning. Revival is beginning to have an impact on our world. The degradation of the past is being healed by the outpouring of God's Spirit upon a new people. A people seeking God and his ways of kingdom living. The toll has been great. We have experienced the break down of families and personal morals and values erroding the fiber of society and bringing forth a costly flood of self indulgence and pleasure seeking. Sudden destruction is historically the end of the nation that turns its back on God's ways and has its strength eroded by self indulgence and carnal pleasure instead of seeking God's ways and leadership.

The systems of the world cannot long continue to bear the burden of man's living apart from the ways of God. Nations have crumbled and will continue to do so under the weight of the cost of sinful pleasure and self indulgence. As the children of each generation without revival grow less able to make decisions that lead toward life and more unwilling to take responsibility for their own actions and lives, the cost increases. As the generations become more dependent, less productive, and unable to provide for themselves the cost becomes unbearable to governments and a strain on all the systems of the planet.

Thank God for spiritual awakening -- for with it comes awakening of reality thinking by God's people. Men's minds are being freed and the flow of godly wisdom is returning to cause mankind to find his way to real life and away from the seducing trickery of self indulgence and carnal pleasure seeking. People set free by the power of God in revival become God seekers who seek to know Him and to walk in obedience to His ways. Once freed from carnal pleasure seeking and self indulgence, the people begin to loose their bent toward violence. Without their appetites for violence and carnal pleasure, people become free to love and serve one another as they love and serve God with their whole hearts.

Revival is not optional.

And compared to the alternative it is not too costly. The alternative to not having revival in our world is unthinkable. The cost is beyond compare. To count the stars of heaven would be easier than counting the total cost of not having revival in our world. No amount of cost we pay for revival, either individually, or collectively world wide is too much. Any amount of cost of our lives and effort is worth paying for world revival.

God is pouring out His Spirit in this time and the potential for world wide revival is a reality in this day and the days just ahead. The time for religious debate and walls of separation between real life and God's people is past. Revival is destroying separations and will eventually destroy the separation of God and governments of many nations of the world.

National governments and ungodly ruling institutions are now feeling threatened by the reality of the kingdom of God coming forth in the World. They will be changed or brought down by the power and presence of God as revival and reformation sweeps the land. As God continues to pour out His Spirit and His people respond with unrestrained praise and worship and gather themselves unto Him in intimate prayer, revival is changing our world. No price is too great in response to the One who gave His life on the cross to become the resurrected Christ indwelling His people bringing revival to the world.

Ron McGatlin

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