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December 28, 2000

What Would "The Prophets" Say?


And what would the prophets say? If I spoke TRUTH to some of them - would they LISTEN? Or would they hear only what they WANT to hear? Would they speak forth righteousness and holiness before this generation? Would they tell of the deeds done by the prophets of old? WOULD THEY TELL YOU THE "END" FROM THE "BEGINNING?" TRUTH must come unto My temples…. For if NO TRUTH is found - than the "Temple" is NOT of Me. If error exists it is because they have not allowed My Spirit within them to correct them…. they have turned aside and gone their own way.

False prophets and prophecies abound in this hour…..why? you ask? Because men choose to follow that which "looks" right. Remember Samuel and the sons of Jesse? Men will follow that which is clothed in their OWN rhema. My RHEMA is TRUTH….. MY LOGOS IS TRUTH. TOGETHER THEY REVEAL TO MY CHILDREN - "WHO" I AM…. For I AM SPIRIT - and "ONLY" SPIRIT can reveal SPIRIT. Go back to basics - go BACK to the Cross. Error is only found when your eyes are OFF of what was accomplished there for you - and try to accomplish the task YOURSELF.

A false prophet will not attempt to correct, to chasten, to teach, to edify, to exhort - unless there is something in it for him. He is no different than the money changers. They sold a product. A false prophets "product" is what he is selling…..truth has no place in him and he is of his father and NOT MINE. They STILL say, "Peace, Peace!", but there is no peace for they have whitewashed the walls and My people listen to their words and feel at ease and in comfort. GO BACK TO BASICS MY CHILDREN!

I know nothing, except of Christ, and HIM CRUCIFIED… Resurrected again on the THIRD DAY…. Ascended unto glory who lives to make intercession for YOU. What I suffered - I suffered gladly…. How many of My children "suffer gladly" in this hour? How many are really seeking ME and not a wolf in sheep's clothing to lead them "beside the still waters?" If I came into their "sanctuaries" would they KNOW ME? RECOGNIZE ME? WORSHIP ME? Or would they turn away and keep their eyes peeled to the man behind the pulpit? Does he teach MY TRUTH or does he "tickle their ears?" Where is the warm glow of My Spirit? Where is the FIRE of My countenance? Where is the POWER OF MY GOD?

Wellsprings Ministries International
Spokane, WA

True Humility

Dave Howe

With true humility comes the anointing - With true humility comes true spiritual authority - The authority of the Lord.

You can have the gift of prophecy - Healing and so on - But if you do not have humility of the Lord - The humility of the cross you will not have true authority - The true anointing that comes with real true humility.

The church needs to recover this and get on its knees - To repent of using the worlds way of doing things - Repent of doing things by fleshly authority.

We do not have to be in any position in the church to have this authority - Anointing.

Just look at how Jesus did things and you will know how this authority - Anointing works.

Before honour comes humility.

David Howe

Redeemed Company

Bill Burns

Is it not written that I would raise up a company, and out of Zion would go the word of the Lord--out would go the truth of God, the justice of God, the power of God? Is there not a redeemed company who will come out of Zion who will proclaim My word and declare My justice in the land? Will they not rule in the midst of their enemies? Have I not prepared for them a table in the midst of their enemies? Is it not written that I would be with you until the end of the age? I say this day, fear not for I am with you. I am going before you and following behind you to confirm the word with signs and wonders following. You might ask, "Why is it now?" I would say simply because it is time! Due season has fallen upon My people. Behold, a new morning comes forth from the womb of the dawning of a new day. That radiant light of Christ shall now be multiplied within you. It will bring light and shine on the inner darkness of your soul and cause perfection to spring forth by the hand of the One who rules over you. I am preparing a people now to walk in the light, to walk in the glory, to live in Zion, My glorious city!

Faith Tabernacle
Kremmling, CO



The living God has a plan for His remnant church. He has chosen you who obey to come and follow Him. First, He calls you to arise and rally to Him. He will heal you, purify you, and prepare you for war.

He will heal you, for you have been sick in spirit; wounded from the accusations, rejection, and condemnation that you have suffered in the disobedient church. Jesus will purify you from the ungodly doctrines that are rampant in the church today.

Then, He will call upon you to warn the fallen church of His impending judgment. You must come out of these churches, for you no longer have any place in them. The enemy, and the church which is under His judgment, will accuse and condemn you because of this exodus. Jesus will assure you, through His Holy Spirit, that this is His will. He is trustworthy.

He calls you to seek Him, and to wait on Him. His promise is to those who obey; He will link His remnant army together. He will do this through His Holy Spirit. This has already begun.

Then, filled with His power, and evidence of the Holy Spirit going before you, you will nail the warning of His judgment on the doors of the fallen church. The church must repent for He is about to spit them out of His mouth, and to cast them from His presence. They are on the threshold of the great separation of tares and wheat.

The Lord thunders at the head of His army. He must prepare and train this army for battle. He requires its members to be obedient, to have faith, courage and trust.

How can Jesus lead and direct an army which will not obey His commands? Remnant, be of one mind, through the Holy Spirit, to be as obedient children waiting on Him. He will decide the direction His army will take.

Jesus desires an army who walks by faith. You must be willing to step into the Jordan River before you see the waters roll back. You must enter into trusting Jesus. He is able to keep you from falling.

The living God sees a lack of courage in his remnant. You lack in boldness. You fear the enemy and his deceptions. Does the creation have more power than its Creator? Does Satan have more power than the King of kings?

The enemy can do nothing that God has not allowed. Remember Job. Satan needed God's permission to come against Job. Everything that the enemy took, God restored. He will restore His relationship with His remnant, to that which He had with Adam. Remnant church, army of the living God, don't keep looking over your shoulder, fearful that the enemy might deceive you. Trust Jesus and look to Him. He is the author and finisher of your faith. Our enemy cannot go past the boundaries set by Jesus, just as the sea cannot go past the boundaries which are governed by His will.

Jesus will protect all who place their trust in Him. He is not willing to leave His remnant in the church which is being judged by Him. He will not fail you. He will prepare a table for us in the presence of the enemy.

His call is to you, His remnant who trust in Him. The remnant is the army of the living God. The purpose of the remnant is to BLOW THE TRUMPET IN ZION, SOUND THE ALARM ON HIS HOLY HILL.

"You see the trouble we are in: Jerusalem lies in ruins, and its gates have been burned with fire. Come let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, and we will no longer be in disgrace."
Nehemiah 2:17

"Whenever you hear the sound of the trumpet, join us there. Our God will fight for us."
Nehemiah 4:20


Doug Patterson

Get ready for this is the time that things are going to come together. The season of prevail and breakthrough is upon you. Know this that the Lord your God has not forgotten you or set you down to the left or to the right. You are not passed by but you are in His will. You've readied yourself in due season perfected and matured through the saints for the work of the Lord.

GET READY! Ready for God to use you. GET SET! Set your heart into action into an area of purity, a new commitment to go forward in the promises of God, a new assurance that you have readied yourself with the full armor. Practice, practice, practice has now proven a valuable tool for you. For to cross over into the Jordan is to cross over into the land of the giants. Which city would you like to take? Which area would you like to possess?

Finally My saints GO! Go with the glory of God. Go with excitement and hope inside your heart that you are not marching alone but you are assembled with a mighty army positionally lined up, accurately hearing Him, encouraged in your faith by the testimony of your friends. Yes, it is time for new relationships to occur. It is time to see the big picture. So look up for your salvations drawing neigh. It is a time to go! To go for His gold, for as you do you are going to establish and build His Kingdom and God is going to go with you.

Intercessors For Jesus Ministries

2001 - Year of the Teams

Dave Howe

For no longer shall my ministries be as lone rangers - But shall work as a Team for the building up of my body unto perfection.

No longer shall the singer be alone but shall blend in with the band - For they will sing in harmony with the choir - Their voices blending with each other in harmony.

For where my people come together in unity - The oil will flow - For I will command a blessing says the Lord.

For all the instruments in the band have to be in tune with each other to play the Song of the Lord.

Those that still want to play their own song I will put aside for a season of repentance until they are ready to be molded into what I wish them to be - For if one instrument is out of tune with the rest of the band - Then the whole band will sound out of tune.

For I have given some to be apostles - Some to be prophets - Some to be evangelists - Some to be pastors - Some to be teachers - All given for the building up of my body unto perfection until I come - Given for the work of ministry.

For when all are in tune with each other then we shall no longer be tossed backward and forwards by the waves of the sea - No longer be blown around by storms of this world - For we would have truly built our house on the rock of the Word and not on the sands of man.

I hear the sound of music reaching into heavanlies - Reaching the ear of the Lord - For what a beautiful sound it is when his singers sing in harmony - When all the instruments play in tune - When the Song of the Lord comes forth upon the earth.

When each part of my body does its work in unity with the others says the Lord.


Stephen Hanson

PR 25:11 A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.

PS 33:6 By the word of the LORD were the heavens made, their starry host by the breath of his mouth.

PR 15:23 A man finds joy in giving an apt reply-- and how good is a timely word!

JOB 12:11 Does not the ear test words as the tongue tastes food?

"Out of the fullness of my Spirit I have blessed many of you with my words--words that have been formed in my Father's heart."

"In this life, words can hurt or destroy. Consider how things are said to a young child. Words are like arrows or they are like the caresses of a young mother. How can these happen, you might say? Over time they can wound or they can build-up. Seek to build-up my body, those of you who speak my words."

"There are things truly, that need to be "torn down." The pride and the arrogance of man needs to be brought low. Surely, I have no place for the traditions of man, but I would have you to speak things that are fresh and alive. This world, and all that is in it, were formed by Me speaking them into existence. The stars were formed, as well as the sun and moon. Man was formed out of the dust of this earth and I "breathed" into him the breath of life. That same Spirit now resides in you. Consider then the majesty and power in the words that you speak.

(The Lord showed me a scene where a gavel was ready to come down upon a bench, as in a court room. The words that would be pronounced would be important and long-lasting. The gavel sealed the pronouncement upon those who heard its decree. I then saw a king who was sitting upon a throne. It was red velvet and someone came with a child and its fate was to be decided. It seemed to be the situation where two women were deciding upon the fate of a child, and Solomon gave his decision for the child. Then the Lord showed me a chest which had jewels in it. Pearls were brought out as well as other gems. He then said, "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver." Again, I was shown a basket of fruit; golden-green apples were laid in this basket upon a long table with a lace tablecloth. They were set there perfectly upon this table and were all in order. At the other end of the table was another plate of either fruit or meat. It was dark and seemed to be burnt and was colorless. I looked at it and it slowly dissolved and went out of view at the opposite end of the table.)

"Words that are fitly spoken, are like settings of silver, but words can also come from another Spirit as well. They can kill and destroy. Let the words of your mouth be like apples of gold in settings of silver."

Stephen Hanson

Apostolic and Prophetic Streams

John Kempf

The first chapter in the book of Revelation tells us about the Apostle John and his banishment or exile to the Island of Patmos (Rev 1:9). While on Patmos, John receives a prophetic word, which includes a prophetic timeline concerning the unfolding of the inevitable cataclysmic events that will come upon the earth (Revelation 1:2-3, 1:19).

In fact, concerning the prophetic anointing upon John, the very opening verse of Revelation speaks of, "the Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants-things which must shortly take place. And He sent and signified it by His angel to His servant John, who bore witness to the word of God, and to the testimony of Jesus Christ, to all things that he saw" (Revelation 1:1-2).

And of course, anyone who reads the book of Revelation in totality realizes that its core message certainly is prophetic in tone and nature. However, the interesting thing is that John simultaneously ministers apostolically in the book of Revelation. By that I mean that John writes in a manner that brings comfort and stability to the church as it prepares to see, and perhaps to some extent, even experience the unfolding of the end times.

The message of John is apostolic in that he speaks of the faithfulness of Christ, the Sovereignty of Christ, the love of Christ, and of the salvation that is in Christ (Revelation 1:5). Ministering on such fundamental principles brings strong assurance and unshakable conviction to the church in times of any adversity that it may either see and/or experience. And such undergirding is a prime extension and expression of apostolic ministry. Apostolic undergirding and strengthening is evident when the Apostle Paul and Barnabas came back to Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch. The scripture says that they strengthened the souls of the disciples, exhorting them to continue in the faith, and saying, "We must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God" (Acts 14:21-22). In the midst of hardship, the apostolic dimension kicked in and ministered to the church in a way that facilitated determined perseverance. Turing our attention back to the apostle John and the book of Revelation, we see the same thing.

John speaks not only of coming tribulation by warning his readers, "...woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time" (Revelation 12:12), but he also reminds the church that Jesus is "Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End," says the Lord, "who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty" (Revelation 1:8).

One crucial ministry thrust of apostolic ministry is to consistently and relentlessly communicate the fact that Christ is Sovereign, regardless of the circumstances the church may be confronted by, thus John's powerful and stabilizing apostolic message reminds the church that it has nothing to fear (Rev 1:17), because Jesus, the First and the Last," the One that lives, and was dead is alive forevermore (18). The apostolic undertone of John's prophetic word establishes the church in boldness because Christ holds church leadership (the stars) securely in His right hand, which symbolizes power (Rev 1:20, Cf. John 10:27-30). Moreover, the apostolic word brings comfort by assuring the church that its Head, the Lord Jesus Christ, walks in its very midst (Rev 2:1).

I have a great deal more to write about concerning the stream of the apostolic and prophetic flowing together more and more in the coming year (2001). This new year will usher in a powerful bonding of the apostolic and prophetic not only in terms of apostles and prophets working together, but even in terms of those two diverse streams merging in the ministry of individual ministers!

After all, notice that Paul, speaking of his calling, said that he was appointed a preacher, an apostle, and a teacher (1 Timothy 2:7). I only point that out to illustrate that Paul did not flow singularly in the apostolic ministry but was used of God according to the good pleasure of His will. Amen.

Pastor John Kempf
Sword Of The Spirit International

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