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November 21, 2000


Fred & Candi Weikert

The Word of the Lord came to me as I was in meditation one evening. The prophetic movement and the return of the prophets continues to grow and spread. More and more people hunger to hear a fresh prophetic word from the Lord through those whom He has called to this office.

However, within this office there is a rising of a new guard and a general re-firing of fivefold ministers. Those who will allow the Father to mold them on His potter's wheel will become vessels who will contain direction, edification, exhortation and teaching for the last day Church! The days of religious and apathetic leadership are drawing to a close. God is raising up a generation of ministers who will seek His face and ways before releasing a "word" to the Church.

The Church, the Universal Body of Christ, is hungering and thirsting for another drink: and the Lord is about to release this wave of new wine through His prophets. The days of Isaiah, Elijah, and Elisha are returning to the forefront when these prophets will speak direction, destiny, edification and yes - even rebuke. The difference between then and now is their words will be followed by ecliptic signs and wonders! These signs and wonders will be that which will affect the very acts of nature, and in some cases turn lives of individuals, cities, states, provinces and nations upside down!

The calling of Lazarus from the grave and fire from heaven in the form of thunder and lightening will manifest once again to witness their spoken words. There will be a drawing away from personal prophecy being the predominate fruit of the prophet as has been the case in so many conferences of the past. Prophets will begin to start prophesying at a higher level, giving direction to heads of state, nations, cities, international leadership and Church leadership: declaring the intention and direction of the Lord with the evidence of signs and wonders following, as previously mentioned.

Yes, there will still be personal prophecy, but we are soon approaching the time wherein the Lord will require us to step into those words we have received, or be considered disobedient to Him in refusing to walk as the He has ordered. Grace will abound, but ever-increasing faith will be the call of the Father's heart through His prophets.

The fivefold ministry will cease to work as a hierarchal chain of command and will become the foundational support who will uphold and uplift the Body of Christ to her rightful leadership along side the Lord Jesus Christ. Power will no longer trickle down, but will flow as a mighty river from left to right and right to left, as it is energized and released into the servant leaders of the Church from the Lord.

Fivefold ministers will be linked arm in arm, as links in a mighty anchor chain, connected to The Anchor - Jesus Christ! They will be speaking strength, faith, edification and words of comfort to the Body of Christ, encouraging them to press into the good things the Lord has provided in this time of our collective destinies.

We are entering the days of the coming of the "eagle prophets" spoken of in Revelation 14:6-7 and Revelation 8:13. They are being released in the spirit to decree to the earth what they have in their inner- most beings, last day prophecy which has been reserved by God for this time and hour. The release of these eagle prophets will cause a stir within the Church, and an upcoming revolution is about to come in the form of renewed holiness, prayer and a return to meditation and contemplation by not only the fivefold, but the individual Christian, as well. Those who will press into the acts of contemplation and meditation will begin, with greater clarity, to hear the voice and direction of the Father for themselves. Personal prophesy will then flow between the Father and the believer, moving us closer to the time of the perfecting of the Bride of Christ!

What we are seeing in Israel today, particularly Jerusalem, will also happen in the Church. As there is violence and division in God's Holy City, that same stretching and pulling will be seen around the world over the spiritual affairs the Church faces today. The controversy over a western style vs. an eastern style of worship, prayer and meditation will become a "rock of offense" as discussions in religious circles flow with this revolutionary revelation! There will be a turning away from religious tradition, and greater liberty to move and flow in worship, prayer, prophesying and teaching led by the Holy Spirit will naturally increase. This will be done with great grace and order which can only be orchestrated by the Him. God is about to birth a liberty and desire in our hearts to flow with the Lord, in His order, leaving the traditions of the past to fade away as the reality of the Lord Himself dancing and worshiping the Father with us will be apprehend and overtake us!

I sense we are entering the time wherein the Father has said, "Once more I shall shake the heavens and the earth...."

Blessings & New Wine
Fred & Candi Weikert


Homer Owen

More than a few years ago while still in bed one morning I had a vision of Jesus and Peter walking back to the boat. Jesus was not carrying Peter, but they were walking together and the Lord spoke to Peter about his little faith. The Lord wants us to grow up and walk on the water not being scared by the many winds swirling around us. The wonderful news in this story is that Jesus did in fact reach down and pick Peter up and they together walked on the water.

łThere is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and death.˛ (Romans 8:1-2)

I was thirty four years old when the Lord began to deal with me about learning how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. Because I did not want to make mistakes in my everyday life, I was pretty careful and cautious. The Lord had spoke to my spirit that He would teach me how to walk in His Spirit if I desired and I had gladly welcomed His instruction, but one of the first things he told me disturbed me a great deal. He informed me that I would make more mistakes than I had ever dreamed in the past. I didnąt receive this as good news but I didnąt back down.

After thirty two years of exploring the kingdom of God, I can certainly vouch for the fact that I have made many mistakes, but glory be to God, His love and patience and long-suffering have been more than sufficient to keep me going. It seems that Peter made a few mistakes along his journey, but the Lord did not let him down. Can you imagine the other guys in the boat as they watched Peter and Jesus walk back to the boat together. Scripture tells us that when they got into the boat that those in the boat worshiped Him.

One of the other interesting things about this story is that it was Peter who initiated this encounter. When Peter saw Jesus walking on the water his response was to have the Lord invite him out on the water with Him. łLord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water. And He said, ŚCome!ą and Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came toward Jesus.˛ (Matthew 14:28-29)

As we see the Lord today let me encourage you to ask Him to let you come to Him. He is probably out in the storm wanting you to come and walk with Him, but you need to make sure it is Him and be willing to get out of your boat that is being tossed around. It is kinda like jumping out of the pan into the fire.

łAnd when they got into the boat, the wind stopped.˛ (Matthew 14:32)

Lord help us today to recognize you in the storms of life, knowing that you are the Prince of Peace. Beckon us to come to You so we can walk in Your Peace. This is Homer Owen and I appreciate your being on my list. If you desire off, please let me know. Blessings on your life today in Jesus name.


Yolanda Ballard

How is it that many who are called by My name don't come and bow down before Me and seek My face? Why are they so concerned with having their own agenda even in what they are praying for? Why do those who are called by My name do not humble themselves and seek My face and call out to Me wholeheartedly? If it was their own son, wouldn't they cry out to Me to touch him?

My people, cry out to Me and travail for My own son, Israel. Cry out to Me with fastings and with travail that My people who I gave My life for would know Me and love Me and search their hearts and repent of their wicked ways and receive Me as their Lord, their King, their Messiah!

O Lord, we are so wrapped up in our own selfish concerns that we cannot see past our own noses. O Lord, open our eyes as the Church that we can see the overall picture as You see it.

I come against all the distractions of the enemy, even that which appears as a real trial to us. I pray that we give it all to you. You said to seek ye first the kingdom of righteousness and all these things will be added unto us.

O Lord, I take a stand. I give You my all and all. I commit everything to You, and I determine wholeheartedly to seek Your face, Your will, Your burden, all that You are concerned about from this day forth.

I repent, Lord, or our selfishness. I seek Your face. My life is Yours. Move through me with Your power, Your glory, Your love, mercy and grace. I pray Your signs and wonders follow Your Word. Cause greater works rise up through Your people.

We are Your people called by Your name. And we humble ourselves and repent and turn from our wicked ways and wholeheartedly will worship and seek Your face from this day forth.

I decree this and believe it is done in Jesus name.


T. Derocher

Today is a wonderful day. This is the day the Lord has made and I will be GLAD in it!!!!! I am so thankful today for our Lord Jesus, for what He is doing in our country in this election, for making known the things that were hidden. I am anticipating a huge wave of LOVE that is going to be released in the spirit realm and is being released.

God is releasing provision for healing of the broken hearts. He had me sing and proclaim in the name of Jesus Christ---LET MY PEOPLE GO!!!!!!!!! As never before we MUST move into a new place --a place of profound love. In this place me must Bless and not Curse. Stop cursing your brother - he is part of you!!!!Pray for revelation knowledge and Mercy to be poured out on you as you pray over everyone involved in this election. These people are our brothers and sisters and the enemy is the one who has cloaked and covered them (and some of you!)in fear. We don't know the demons of manipulation these precious ones are plagued with in the night- but we proclaim in Jesus name there is coming deliverance and healing for the multitudes. The provision is not denied to any who are seeking help, just call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jehovah - Jireh He is our provider. Jehovah - Nissi YOU are our banner. Adonai you are our father. Jehovah - Shalom, you are our PEACE. Ruach Ha Kodesh -you are our comforter. Jesus Christ you are our Messiah, the savior of the world!!!

Rise up people of God - protect your brother in the spirit. Proclaim reconciliation to the races in Jesus name. There are gaps in the wall that can only be filled by the one person God has called to fill that spot. YOUR racism is causing your brother or sister to fear coming forward to fill that gap.NOW is the time to speak peace and hope and thanksgiving to the Jewish people. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. NOW is the time to speak repentance and hope and thanksgiving to African - Americans who were used to birth the Pentecostal movement -worldwide. They have paid such a price for this blessing of the Holy Spirit. Pray in Thanksgiving for the United States of America and the SHOFAR she has been to the world -proclaiming- give me your tired and your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free. Thank God for the Irish and Polish and Italian and Korean and Vietnamese and French and Spanish and Mexican and Swedish and Russian and Cuban and Ugandan immigrants........(name all the nationalities) who have Blessed this country with their wonderful work ethic and passions and hopes and Faith. Each one of you are beautiful colors that make the canvas complete. We all want to return to our FIRST love - our Lord Jesus. You ARE our first love. I proclaim in Jesus name multitudes are going to fall in Love with you for the first time. It is finished in the spirit, you did it. You called us to fast, we prayed and now we proclaim the good news......

America, America -God shed HIS grace on the thee and crowned thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea........
WE LOVE YOU LORD JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the Love of Jesus Christ-

T. Derocher

A Golden Marathon

Linda Patterson

The course I have set before you has been challenging. There have been many obstacles to overcome, hurdles that seemed insurmountable. At times you cried out to me in despair and pain. Yes, that was My voice whispering, "My grace is sufficient for you this day child. Press on with Me."

You found on the journey that as you kept your focus on Me there was no question that you would finish the race in victory. During life's darkest hour when all looked bleak and despairing there was actually an exchange taking place for My righteous ones. For even as I exchanged your filthy garments for robes of righteousness; the pain, the sorrow and despair I now exchange for the glorious crown of life.

Yes, My faithful Bride My scepter has been extended. As you cross the threshold and pass through the gate the scenery is changing, for you are entering into a glorious new day. Times and seasons of refreshing, renewing and fresh hope spring forth. I cover you in My glory and refresh you in My arms of love.

Phil. 3: 13-14 Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

Intercessors For Jesus Ministries

The Direction of our Nation

B. Franklin

"Father God, in a matter of days and hours, Lord, the destiny and direction of our Nation will be determined and we do not know which way it will go, only you do know, Father. I'm reminded of the time when our Dear Lord was in the courts, and when he was brought forth with Barabbas and the Disciples thought perhaps now he'll be released and yet it did not go that way.

And the Lord Jesus was in the court with Pilate and with Herod and back and forth. And even when He was on the cross did they not think that He would send down the Angels? But, Father God, it was your will that your Son would die, that there would be a crucifixion so that in three days time there could be a resurrection.

God, we do not know which way it will go. We do not know if the shepherd will be spared or if he will be struck down. But God, I pray that your sheep will not be scattered, that we would all know a resurrection in our hearts, that we would come together and gather in the fold and look to our Lord Jesus who is our Redeemer.

May we all realize how important it is to pray, how important it is to think about the future for our children. Yes, do remember the past, yes, remember the wars that have been fought and the blood that has been spilt. May we take our eyes off our checkbooks and things we can get for ourselves and may we think about building a beautiful place for our children - an America that they could be proud of.

God, raise up patriots once again. I pray for resurrection life to come into the American people in this Nation. And if a "revolutionary war" must come then let it come in the spirit for we will fight under the flag of our God and our King. May this truly once again be the land when in God we do trust. Once again may we also see the flag of Christ and his banner lifted up high above the Capital of this Nation and across this land.

God, may we see Christian broadcasters speaking the truth to the people. God, send us the Joshuas and the Calebs, who can look in the land and tell us the truth, tell us the truth, tell us the truth.

I pray for a healing no matter which way it goes, God. May we not be scattered. May we still come and gather together in peace knowing that our God does know what He is doing, and our God still does sit on the throne, and our God still is in control.

And above all, God, drive us to our knees to pray. We've had it so easy. We've had it so easy. For God, the prayer that have been gathered up in Heaven over the past hundred years we've about used them all up. It's time we begin praying our own prayers; we can't live on Grandma's prayers anymore, Lord. We can't live on the prayers of George Washington anymore for this Nation. God, send us our own leaders who will pray.

May we as a people gather together in the House of God and pray each day, pray each day, Lord, "Thy will be done in our hearts and in our land." Yes, in our church, yes, in our families, but we have forgotten about our land, Lord Jesus. Forgive us, God.

May we learn this lesson. May we not have to go through this again. You've called us to be soldiers of the Cross and soldiers of our Country, and soldiers of our home, soldiers of the Church. May we not lay down any of these banners, God. But may we be faithful in God, and land, and country and king."

The Destiny & Direction of our Nation 11/13/00
A Prayer of Intercession by B. Franklin
During Harp & Bowl Mtg. @ Carpenters Home Church


Stephen Hanson

He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of men's hearts. At that time each will receive his praise from God. I CO. 4:5

PS 139:11 If I say, "Surely the darkness will hide me and the light become night around me,"

PS 139:12 even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you.

(The Lord showed me someone who was sweeping a room. I watched as the broom went back and forth. There was a round or oval-shaped rug in the room, and there were hardwood floors in this room. A huge pile of paper and scrap was being piled up as this broom continued to pick up all the debris that was being swept. I watched this person and noticed that it was the Lord himself, who was dressed in the garb of a servant with a crown of thorns upon his head. However, when I looked again at Him, I noticed that the crown of thorns had changed into a crown of a King.)

(As I continued to watch this scene, another person was sweeping. However, they were using a rake, because there was more to sweep, and the rake seemed to collect more of the stuff in the room. This stuff though, was being raked under a rug, so as to hide it and keep it there so that no one would know of it's whereabouts. Another strange thing was that I was now in the kitchen of this house. I looked at the sink and it seemed clean but upon looking at it closer again, there was a huge pile of debris on the counter. A person there was taking this stuff and had made a hole in the floor. Here on the floor, one of the tiles was taken up and this stuff was being dropped below into the basement of this house. The Lord had me walk down into the basement of this house. I came down some old wooden steps and came into an opening of the room downstairs. It seemed to be overgrown with all kinds of things. It seemed to be rotten and mold and types of plants had become part of the room itself. I noticed people there throughout this room. Some were laying down lounging on a bed or chairs reading and somehow oblivious to their surroundings. They had become part of this scene and were somehow "comfortable" with the filth and debris that was all around them. Then I saw the Lord himself come down the stairs, gently sweeping each step as He came. He approached the bottom of the stairs and said, "Do you want Me to clean this room?" All the people stood up and said in unison, "No this room is our home." I watched then as the Lord looked very sad and walked slowly back up the stairs, His head down as He went. )

"My people, there are many areas in your lives that you think are hidden from Me. They are not.....I AM aware of all of your rooms. Will you let Me clean them for you? I AM coming back for a bride without spot or blemish. Let Me clean your rooms. "

Stephen Hanson

Those Who Make a Covenant With God

Francis Frangipane

Lord, open our hearts to the joy and wonder, the sobriety and fear of a covenant relationship with You. Lead us, O King, out of the superficial and into the supernatural. Lead us into a covenant with You for our nation!

The Covenant- Keeping God

Throughout the history of God's dealings with man, He has revealed Himself as a covenant-making God. The Almighty covenanted with Noah, Abraham, Moses and David; He renewed His Abrahamic covenant in His call to Isaac and Jacob. Each covenant initiated a new wave of redemptive power into the world and forever impacted the human condition.

The word covenant means "to fetter" or chain together. It was the highest form of commitment that two individuals could share. Any of several rituals were employed to express the covenant partners' unity: A sword might be passed, signifying that the two would be united against the enemy as one. They might pass a sandal between themselves, which symbolized they would travel any distance to be at one another's side. Or, they might cut an animal in two and pass between its halves. As the two halves, though separated, were still one animal, so the two covenant partners would become as one individual.

When the Lord initiated His covenant with a man, He did so as an extension of His eternal purpose; the man was a component in a series of divine initiatives. Contained within the Lord's covenant was His divine intervention, His supernatural wisdom and strategies, and His provisions.

Thus, if we look at the Lord's call to Noah, we see that it was not the ark, but the covenant of God, that preserved Noah and his family during worldwide judgment. Noah was a component, a factor in a series of divine initiatives, which accomplished the Lord's predetermined plans. God established the covenant, designed the ark and brought the animals. The Lord even shut the door after Noah entered the ark.

When the Lord established His covenant with Abraham, twice a flaming torch passed through the halves of the animals Abraham offered in sacrifice. The two passes signified that God would keep His part of the covenant and He would keep Abraham's part of the covenant as well! Today, a restored Israel testifies to God's faithfulness in His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And it is God's covenant with Abraham, not merely the Jewish military, which preserves Israel in our times.

The agreement the Lord cut with His covenant partner upheld not only His servant, but His servant's descendants as well. Noah and his family, Abraham and his seed, and David and his family were all united as beneficiaries of God's covenant relationship. Similarly, we are saved and sustained through life's battles by Christ's covenant with the Father.

Payment And Pattern

Our salvation has been secured, not only because Jesus died for our sins, but because His death was part of a covenant He had with the Father. The fact that Jesus suffered on my behalf is staggering, but His crucifixion was a component of an even more powerful reality: His covenant with the Father.

The terms of Christ's covenant were such that, if He would live His life blamelessly and offer that holy life upon the cross for sins, everyone who looked to the Son of God would be granted forgiveness. The Father would look to Christ's sacrifice and see justice and sinners would look to Jesus and find mercy. Yet, as maturing disciples, we find in Christ's covenant-mission not only our peace, but also a pattern Christ calls us to follow. He told His disciples, " the Father has sent Me, I also send you" (Jn 20:21). Having laid down His life in covenant surrender, He now bids us, "take up [your] cross, and follow Me" (Matt 16:24). Of course, our cross does not replace His cross nor do the sub-covenants we make with God supersede Christ's covenant. The truth is, our cross extends the power of Christ's cross into our world and times, and our sub-covenant with God finds its backing because of Christ's covenant with God.

Thus, the Lord calls us to follow Him in personal covenants for our homes, cities and nations. The covenant we embrace is nothing less than the expression of Christ's nature, revealed again through us for our families, cities and nation.

The Harvest and Covenant Power

To many Christians, the idea of making a special covenant with God is unfamiliar. Yet, I believe that many have already felt the Holy Spirit speaking, urging them to deepen their commitment to Christ. Even so, covenants and our obedience to them must come from our hearts in response to the Lord's initiative. You will know the extent of your covenant by the measure of vision and faith, which also come from God.

Especially in the last days, we need to become a people who know the truth given us through Christ's covenant. And, in following Him, we should also know the unique endowment of grace He brings in making special covenants with us.

Indeed, Daniel 11:28-32 warns that the last days will be a time of unprecedented deception and spiritual intrigue. According to this text, Satan's rage will be hurled uniquely against "the holy covenant"! (v 28a) Yet, in this same chapter we read, "...but the people who know their God will display strength and take action. And those who have insight among the people will give understanding to the many" (Dan 11:32-33a).

The prophecy continues, "And those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever" (Dan 12:3). In the midst of great deception there will be a time and a people who know their God, have great insight, do exploits and lead many to righteousness. They will receive a new and powerful endorsement of God's Spirit.

Additionally, if the enemy will be warring specifically against the Holy Covenant, we can assume there is something of unparalleled power that Christ's covenant provides against Satan! A new authority is coming to those who desire full conformity to Christ. For a great harvest is indeed prophesied for the end of this age, and those leading the way will be individuals who understand Christ's covenant and have themselves covenanted with God for their land.

God's Unalterable Commitment

It is right to pray for the Lord to bless our lives. However, praying for the blessing and provision of God is not the same as covenanting with Him. A covenant is an altar upon which the Lord and His covenant partner give themselves fully to each other. The quality of a covenant relationship with God does not cease once prayers have been answered. For, in covenant love we mature from simply being "believers" to becoming living sacrifices, given to God's highest plans. By so yielding, He creates within us a life that He can use extraordinarily in the process of divine redemption.

Covenant power is greater than that which comes through prayer alone. The effects of a covenant reach far beyond simple faith. Prayer and faith are essentials, they are prerequisites, but not substitutes, for covenant power. The covenant relationship is a lifelong pledge, an unbreakable oath which God Himself initiates and promises to sustain. Contained within His promise is His unalterable commitment, not only to satisfy His redemptive purposes, but to supply grace and faith to His human counterpart. Together, the All-Sufficient God and a believing man accomplish the impossible through their covenant relationship.

The Power Released in a Covenant

A covenant with God accomplishes two interconnected goals. It thrusts us beyond "subjective prayer" (prayer made primarily for our personal needs), and it brings us into a deeper commitment to God. Out of greater commitment comes greater grace to accomplish God's redemptive work in the world. An example of covenant power is seen in ancient Israel during the revival which occurred after Athaliah, an idolatrous Judean queen, was dethroned. Jehoiada, the high priest, looked to God in covenant prayer. We read, "Then Jehoiada made a covenant between the Lord and the king and the people, that they should be the Lord's people..." (2 Kings 11:17).

The result of his covenant was that grace came upon the people and they cleansed the land of idolatry. We read, "So all the people of the land rejoiced and the city was quiet..." (v 20). Jehoiada's covenant brought the nation back to God and ended violence in Jerusalem!

Consider also the power released in Hezekiah's covenant with God. The nation of Judah had been fully corrupted by Ahaz, the preceding king. However, Hezekiah began his reign by seeking God's highest favor. He opened the doors of the temple and reconsecrated the priests.

Yet, the purification of priests and buildings by themselves would not have brought about revival had not Hezekiah taken one further step. He said, "Now it is in my heart to make a covenant with the Lord God of Israel, that His burning anger may turn away from us" (2 Chr 29:10).

Just eight days after the king made a covenant with the Lord, we read, "Then Hezekiah and all the people rejoiced over what God had prepared for the people, because the thing came about suddenly" (v 36). The difference between a long-term struggle and a speedy turning of the nation was, I believe, in the power which was released when the king covenanted with the Almighty.

It is vital that we who are Americans remember that our spiritual forefathers were people who knew and exercised principles of covenant sacrifice. When they came to this country, they knelt on its shores and covenanted with God for this land, dedicating the "new world" to Christ and His kingdom. It is unlikely that the revival of our nation will come without local and national church leaders covenanting together with God for their land.

Making A Covenant With God

A personal covenant with God is a serious commitment, worthy of extended prayer and focused waiting before God. I have covenanted with the Lord to see the body of Christ delivered of carnal divisions and racism; my covenant goal is that Christ's prayer of John 17 be answered.

I have also united my life and faith with the covenants of our Pilgrim forefathers. Together with other brethren, both locally and nationally, we have covenanted with God to see this land restored according to 2 Chronicles 7:14.

I believe there will be a time when this nation, like all nations, will become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ (Rev 11:15). Until then, whether revival comes quickly or we pass through the fires of divine judgments, our lives belong to Christ-not simply to be blessed or prosperous, but to see His highest purposes accomplished in our land.

However, not all of us will covenant with God for the nation. According to their faith, some will make covenants with Him for their families. Others will covenant to see abortion ended in their cities. While still others will covenant with God for the church--to see unity established in the citywide church in their cities.

Making a covenant with God takes us further into our goal of Christlikeness. It is the highest relationship we can enjoy with God and it is the most deeply surrendered. It is, in truth, that which brings Him the most pleasure. To those who covenant with God, He says, "Gather My godly ones to Me, those who have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice" (Ps 50:5). Today, as this nation stands at the threshold of two realities, let us take time in contemplative prayer and kneel before the Almighty Father. In Christlike, focused surrender, as Christ was a living sacrifice for our sins, so let us become living sacrifices to God for those we love. Let us embrace covenant oneness with God that His purpose and passions be fulfilled in our lives and in our times.

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Do you KNOW Him?

Annette Oden

That's a question that I've heard echoing in my mind for quite some time now ... God has had me asking it of the strangest people: church leaders, "Christians" ... I've heard Steve preach it, almost pleading "Do you really KNOW Him?"

The Lord reminded me today that revival is war. And I must tell you that it really is. We hear people say that we have to be willing to pay the price and we readily agree that we will indeed have to pay the price never understanding what that price might truly be. We've heard that we have to be willing to give up everything, to die to self -- and again we nod our heads and agree that we are sure that will be the case; never understanding WHAT we will be asked to give up or how painful it will be to give it up and commit the act of dying to self. You see, it isn't just a theological notion or some grand thought. At some point, if we choose to continue to live in revival and walk in the glory, it will be a reality. A moment of reckoning must come.

He has reminded me that great crowds of people followed Jesus when He was here on earth. They flocked in great numbers to hear Him preach or teach. But only a few pressed past the crowd to actually touch Him, to be touched by Him. He reminded me that the number of disciples was only 12 ... and then Judas turned away ... and then Peter denied Him ... and then Thomas doubted Him ...

At another time a crowd gathered to hear Him teach, but one woman with the issue of blood pressed in, desperate to know Him she touched the hem of His garment and was healed. So, I ask you ... are you just following the crowd? Or are you pressing in ... desperate to KNOW Him?

The Lord is reminding me of Zaccheus. Small of stature. Known for his dishonest ways. And yet somehow driven to see Jesus. Zaccheus was not content to be pushed back into the crowd as people were saying "Can you see Him?", "Is He there?" ... Zaccheus got so desperate to see Jesus that he did something that had to be very unorthodox -- Jesus saw him because of his desperation, not because of his location. And He met the need of one small man who had a great desire to know God.

You see, it's all about Him. No matter what circumstances look like, no matter what wind is blowing, tossing your life about, the fact remains that it's all about Him. He's asking us, almost pleading "Do you KNOW me? Or are you just a part of the curious, thrill- seeking crowd?"

Wherever God places you for "church", wherever you are in your life, I urge you to know Him. Stand in the glory of God and know that it's all about Him. He longs to know you, He is pursuing you with all the passion of the Bridegroom who sees His bride and longs to be with her.

Revival IS war. Jesus is worth the price you'll pay to know Him. Touch the hem of His garment ... press in ... you'll never be the same again.


Stepping Stones in Transition

Bret Wade

These are great times of transition in the Body of Christ! There are major things happening that we have prayer for and prophesied over the years. These are exciting times, but they are also stressful times. The old wine skin is not able to take us where God is heading with the Church. We are making a paradigm shift to a new wine skin. It's a new model that is forming. We have waited on it with expectancy! How we respond in this "now" prophetic season will determine our effectiveness in the future.

This is a time where there is major rearranging happening. Those who were not considered capable for the task at hand are surfacing as qualified and being strategically placed by the Spirit of the Lord. They are the hidden company of believers that have been waiting in the wings. What has qualified them? Their faith, patience and the process of God have qualified them. Though others would disdain them for how they would do things, they are the cream of the crop. They are Joshuas with a heart to possess and divide an inheritance to the people of God.

If you are one who is in this hidden company, I am writing this to you as one modern day Joshua to another. While in the process of transition, there are some stepping stones to follow that I have found to be trustworthy. They will keep you from being hindered in forward progress. The enemy would like nothing better than to distract you to cause you to lose your direction during times of transition. If he can keep you from advancing, he can keep you from getting into position to displace him.

DRAW CLOSER TO GOD: We must all make a choice when arising into that which God has prepared for us. It involves either following the direction that God has placed in our heart or giving into the desires of others. Draw closer to the Lord. Be a worshipper of God. There will be a rock solid assurance in your heart when you do this. It will come down to "but one thing I do" Phillipians 3:13. You must have a determination to press forward before setting out to do so.

FOCUS: It is vital that you get yourself focused and keep yourself from all distractions that would pull at you. Remind yourself that leaders never lose their focus. Someone will be following even though you may not consider yourself a leader. Lead yourself well and others will follow in your steps.

If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God. Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth. Colossians 3:1-2

In transition, things change rapidly. Be careful what you get involved with at this time. Don't make long-term obligations without absolutely knowing that it is God's direction for you at this time. If in doubt, back up and pray until you know. Romans 8:6 says "to be spiritually minded is life and peace". God's direction will bring peace.

Everything the enemy will send your way right now is intended to pull you off course. Choose your battles wisely. Move forward and maintain course in spite of conflicting opinion and who chooses to stay behind.

KEEP PEACE: Maintain and keep peace at all costs. Understand that often the enemy will use those around you. Do not burn bridges. You will just have to go back and rebuild. Your effectiveness in the future will be determined by how you respond now. It will either be with a forgiving attitude or bitterness.

Beware of anger and bitterness. It will set you back in your forward progress. Bitterness is an indicator of pride yet to be dealt with. Repent now. Bitterness will only fuel an unruly tongue. Watch that little member! Pass up opportunities to give a piece of your mind! Only say what is needed, do not try and justify your direction or come against another's. It takes a response of humility to agree quickly with your adversary at your expense.

Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord: looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble, and by this many become defiled. Hebrews 12:14-15

Therefore if you bring your gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar, and go your way. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift. Agree with your adversary quickly, while you are on the way with him, lest your adversary deliver you to the judge, the judge hand you over to the officer, and you be thrown into prison. Matthew 5:23-25

Do not choose sides on issues. Try and resolve issues if possible but not at the cost of relationships. In times of transition, it is difficult to resolve issues because change is likely being resisted. If it is justice that is ought after, you must discern the condition and intent of your heart. What spirit are you operating out of? Can this wait? If you can wait, attitudes will often change.

You can differ, but do it in love. It is very easy to see hypocrisy in others. We must repent for the hypocrisy that we see rather than attacking our brothers and sisters in Christ. Stay in a repentant state before God.

Create in me a clean heart, O God; And renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from thy presence; And take not thy holy spirit from me. Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; And uphold me with a willing spirit. Psalm 51:10-12

GET YOUR HEALING: Before entering into that new thing that the Lord has for you, get healed and delivered of the past. Whatever it takes! Don't let past hindrances become present hesitations. Enter into the new with wholeness! There is something about being free that causes a refreshing for possessing the next thing ahead of you!

If you'll do these things, you'll come through much easier. Follow the Lord and possess!

Pursuing Christ,
Bret A.Wade

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