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November 15, 2000


Bill Burns

Last night in church I began to have a vision of a bridge that the Lord was building. This morning that vision has expanded as I saw more of the details of what was taking place. I saw a city, and I asked the Lord, "What City is this?"

The Master answered, "The name of this city is Christian City; it represents the church. But, it will soon be called Babylon." He then asked me a question, "What are they doing?"

I quickly went from house to house, and then I gave this report: They are watching television and the news reports about the election results in America, and they are discussing what will come of all of this. The Lord then said, "What did you learn from watching?" I replied, "American is divided." He then said, "As it is in the natural, so it will be with the church. Watch and learn." As I watched, an angel flew over the city and cried out with a loud voice, "Come out of her, you people of the Lord, for the Master is calling you to come out from among them and touch not the unclean things of this world. The time is short; come and follow your Jesus."

I watched in amazement, for most of those in the city were to engrossed with the cares of their world to answer the call. However, some had listened, and some had obeyed, and they came forth from the city. As they gathered together for the journey I noticed that each one brought their baggage with them. Some carried only a brief case; some had a couple of suitcases; some were pulling a small cart filled with an assortment of bags.

The angel then called to the people and told them to follow the trail called "Zion's Way" to the top of the mountain. The people obeyed and followed the ancient pathway to the top of the mountain. It was quite a hard journey for those who were pulling carts because the path was narrow, and it was also steep.

They all made it to the top of the mountain, but they came to a deep canyon, and they could proceed no further. They camped there not knowing what to do. At this point the Lord began to speak to them, and this is what He said: "You are here because you have each desired to know Me, and this is why you were able to hear Me. That is why you have obeyed the command to follow Me. Many of you desire to know me better than you do now. You have often struggled because of unbelief, but as you cross over this canyon, your desires shall be fulfilled. The name of the mountain that you are camped on is called Second Day. The mountain across the canyon is Mount Zion. That is your destination."

Some of those in the camp said, "But, Lord, how shall we cross over?" The Master replied, "Examine yourselves now. Do any of you have any faith? I say that all things are possible with God. Do you have any faith?" A few of the people said, "Yes, Lord, we believe that if you want us to go to Zion, then you will make a way." The Lord of Hosts then commanded the angels to gather up the faith of those who had spoken and said, "Build My bridge." The angels then brought the faith of those who spoke to the edge of the canyon and began to build.

As the angels picked up the faith of the people, their faith took on the shape of various sizes of bricks, depending on the faith that was produced. As the angels set the bricks in place, the Master Builder (Jesus) would bind them together with a substance which I knew was His glory. As His glory touched each brick, the bricks became larger, and the work was begun.

This work quickened the faith of the people, and soon shouts of faith were heard throughout the camp, and more building bricks were produced. The work was progressing quite well when an angel came and posted a sign at the gateway to the bridge which read: "This bridge leads to Zion. As you cross over, you will enter into the Third Day. The name of the bridge is the Narrow Way, and you cannot take any of your baggage with you."

The bridge was, indeed, very narrow and had hand rails on it that would not allow any baggage to be carried across it. The bridge was designed so that it was necessary that one's hands remain in contact with the rails to insure a safe journey. The name of the rails was hope.

At this point I began to see that each piece of baggage had a name on it. I saw bondage and unbelief labels on some, and others were called compromise, works of the flesh, fear, and many other things that had become attachments to this world. I had also noticed that those who carried brief cases had never set them down...not even for a moment. The labels on the brief cases were identifying different kinds of ministries.

The Master then spoke, "This canyon represents a further place of division. The baggage that you have brought with you belongs to the Second Day, and you cannot bring it with you. You must decide, for those things cannot be brought into the Third Day. If you will leave your baggage and cross over by faith, I will deliver you from the bondages of the Second Day and bring you into the glory of the Third Day where all things become new. This is the time of the Great Crossover. Come, My people, for the bridge is finished. Cross over now before the night comes and the way cannot be found. Forget those things which are behind you, and press forward into a bright and glorious new day."

To my delight, most of the people who had followed the Master to the mountain top crossed over. They left their baggage, and by faith crossed the bridge. But, not all; some could not bear to give up their possessions, and like the rich young ruler they went back down the mountain, back to Babylon and bondage.

The sun was now setting, and back down the valley I could see the dim lights of the city. It was now time for me to also cross the bridge. As I reached the other side of the canyon, the darkness was behind me, and I could see a great light before me. This was the light of Zion, the city set upon the mountain of the Lord. The echo of the Master's words have persuaded me, "Cross over; cross over now, for deep darkness is coming upon the earth, but the light of My glory shall rest upon My people."

What about you? Will you lay aside your baggage and the sin that so easily besets you? Will you come and cross over the bridge of faith? Will you come to the mountain of the Lord?

Micah 4:1-2--Now it shall come to pass in the latter days That the mountain of the Lord's house Shall be established on the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and peoples shall flow to it. Many nations shall come and say, "Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, To the house of the God of Jacob; He will teach us His ways, and we shall walk in His paths." For out of Zion the law shall go forth, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.

Faith Tabernacle
Kremmling, CO 80459

The Direction of America

Jim Rinker

Matthew 24: 6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all [these things] must come to pass, but the end is not yet. 7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 8 All these [are] the beginning of sorrows.

The Lord in this passage teaches His disciples that in the time of "trouble" that is coming upon this planet to fulfill His plans and purposes, we are not to be troubled at the events that are taking place and that will take place. In fact, the Lord says that these events "must come to pass".

As the presidential election continues to be sorted out and "rumors" continue to fly through the media, we need to lay aside our natural understanding and our "beliefs" and ask the Lord what does all of this really mean? One author wrote recently "the battle is over the soul of this nation". Many are worried about the abortion issue and other morality issues. Good things to be concerned about. But what is the Lord saying and doing through this election?

Many have proclaimed that George Bush is God's man. But back in the book of Samuel the Lord was offended when the people cried for "another" to rule over (be their source or provider) them so Saul became "God's man" given to them by the Lord. So was Bush "God's man" for our good or as a judgment against us? Maybe this TEN days of testing until Friday will sort out our fate. (These are all questions here...don't get offended) Is the battle really over the soul of America or has that battle already been won or lost beforehand with this election only being over the terms of surrender?

The masses are "lead" in whichever direction those who lead them dictate, whether they know it or not. But we as His children are not to be among those who are carried with every wind of doctrine. Believe it or not but this country is ALREADY being lead in a certain direction regardless of who is president or what political party is in office. So what are we really voting for? The answer is an "icon" or "image". (Revelation 13)

The course for this country is ALREADY set by those who run this country. It's a covert operation. These are the ones who "create" the future and thus dictate the direction of this country. The rest of America follows the money trail they leave behind. Is our "source" government, the economy, the stock market, or the Lord Himself. Before you give a rash answer to that question consider the question again carefully. Jesus said to the Laodocian church:

Revelation 3: 17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: 18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and [that] the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see. 19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

There is no condemnation in honesty. If we can admit what we really are we can and will be healed. If we continue to deceive ourselves we will remain in our current condition.

So are we leading or being lead? Is our source that "well" the world drinks from or are we drinking from another well? Are we walking to the beat of another drum or just the same drum with a slightly different beat to deceive us? Are we doing the pipering or are we being pipered by our "icons"? If the worlds well dries up will we too wither and die or will it be obvious that we don't drink from the same well, both Spiritually and economically? And if so then those who are in the world will either run to the light or run from the light.

These are questions we must ask ourselves if we wish to be on the path to healing as individuals, a church, and as a nation.

Jim Rinker

Prayer for America

Homer Owen


Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus:

"Why are the nations in an uproar, And the peoples devising a vain thing? The kings of the earth take their stand, And the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against His anointed. Let us tear their fetters apart, And cast away their cords from us! He who sits in the heavens laughs, The Lord scoffs at them.....But as for Me, I have installed My King Upon Zion, My holy mountain." (Psalms 2:1-6)

Are you at a place in the Lord today that you can sit with Him and at least smile a little bit at the mess we find ourselves in today over our presidental election? The Lord has told us that He is going to shake everything that can be shaken, so that the only thing that is for sure and secure is Jesus. Praise God that He has chosen to shake our system a little bit in hopes of causing us to look to Him as a sure foundation.

"According to the grace of God which was given to me, as a wise master builder I laid a foundation, and another is building upon it. But let each man be careful how he builds upon it. For no man can lay a foundation other than the one which is laid, which is Jesus Christ." (1 Corinthians 3:10-11) May God help us today to see His Kingdom and His way of doing things and not allow the things of this earth to blind us to His marvelous plan for us and the world.

Several years ago I was driving across town to meet with some friends for an early morning Bible study. The presence of the Lord became very real to me that morning to the point that I was crying driving down the road and the Lord spoke to my heart and said, "Ask of me, Homer, ask of me." The Holy Spirit let me know that He was referring to Psalms 2:8 which reads: "Ask of Me, and I will surely give the nations as Thine inheritance, And the very ends of the earth as Thy possession." I began asking the Lord for Waco and His response was no, I have more for you than just Waco. Finally I responded by asking the Lord for the whole world and as I did this His presence became even more pronounced where I was unable to drive because of the emotion and tears.

I praise God for the United States and our government that was founded by godly men, but I am really thankful for God's kingdom and the government that has been set up that will endure for eternity. My desire is to see His Kingdom come to earth as it is in heaven. "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven." (Matthew 6:10) I pray for our government and our leaders and we have a great nation, but the Lord has something greater and more secure and if our heart is centered in His Kingdom we will be at peace within ourselves.

"First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men, for kings and all who are in authority, in order that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity. This is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth." (1 Timothy 2:1-4)

The real reward for praying this way is the peace that comes forth from the throne of God into our very being. Lord, I lift up Vice President Gore today and bless him in the name of Jesus. Give him wisdom from your throne to act in a godly manner in these days. Bless Governor Bush and his family. Cause him to be all that you would have him to be. Give us grace to accept the man that You choose to lead this nation and cause us to be thankful. We speak peace and mercy and grace to our nation today.

This is coming to you from Homer Owen. Thanks for being on my list, but if you want off, please let me know. My home page is:


by Melody Green
[wife of musician Keith Green, before he tragically died in a plane crash]

I can't shake it. In my spirit I keep hearing God say, "Women arise! Women arise! With open hands lifted up to heaven. With lips ready to give praise and speak truth. With hearts soft and open, ready to receive My message. It's time to receive your spiritual inheritance. To receive your personal marching orders for this important hour."

As women we should be very encouraged. We may be soft on the outside, but we're strong and mighty in spirit. We are God's secret weapons and the enemy knows it. He takes us seriously, even when others don't. The enemy's strategy has been to keep us quiet and in hiding. But God is doing an end run. He is going to release so many of us at once that the enemy is not going to know what hit him!

I believe in this hour the Lord is saying to His women: "Now is the moment when I Myself am coming to release you. Too many of my people have turned a deaf ear to you. Only those who understand the big picture and full spectrum of My heart can hear the words, Women Arise! I am going to lay such an incredible anointing on women who are willing to step out. I am tired of fighting the war with only half of My army.

Where are My women? Where are the ones I called to teach, to preach... To blaze those trails even the bravest of men shudder to go. Where are my women? Where are they? Have they not heard My call?"

After hearing this from the Lord, in my minds eye I saw a cave. I looked closer and many women were in it, too many. And they were afraid to come out.

Some felt the cave was a safe place to stay - that only men were equipped to venture out and fight the battles beyond. Some felt content to stay, because the cave was indeed, their place of service.

But many felt restless, unsettled. Many felt called out but some of them had been told those feelings were wrong - so they stifled them. Stuffed them down. Poured guilt upon themselves.

But for some, those feelings could not be ignored. And this was right... because for some Their call could only be fulfilled beyond the cave.

Lets take a quick look at just of a few of the better known women who ventured out beyond the cave.

Think of Deborah. She was a prophetess and a judge. She was a married woman who had a day job outside her home. Deborah judged a nation. I don't know what kind of job her husband had, but the nation came to his wife for rulings.

Deborah carried a governmental mantle and we could safely assume she also had the gift of wisdom and discernment. She was trusted to disperse wisdom for the whole nation. When she called for the army commander, Barak, and told him it was time to go to war, Barak wouldn't go to battle unless Deborah went with him. Everyone knew that Deborah heard from God.

Then there was Esther. She was an orphan being raised by her uncle. When her story began she was much younger than Deborah... and still single. But she knew how to hear from God. She was abducted with many other beautiful young girls - and taken to the castle of a heathen King who was having a contest for a new wife.

Even there, the Lord spoke to Esther. God told her to listen to her uncle and take the advice of the man in charge of the girls. Esther hid the fact that she was Jewish, and God gave her a strategy to become the queen. But that was only the beginning, she also won the King's heart.

But little did Esther know all the Lord had in mind. When the whole Jewish nation was in line for extermination, Esther fasted and prayed and God gave her intricate, day by day, wisdom with split second timing. I believe God gave her wisdom as she went, and that she moved very prophetically-giving time for the King to have a sleepless night and time for Haman's gallows to be built.

Only God could have orchestrated such an incredible deliverance for the Jewish nation, and such a fascinating turn of events to judge the bad guys. But it was a young Jewish orphan girl who listened, heard, and followed God's plan.

We should be encouraged. If these women can lead prophetically, judge nations, and save whole people groups-why can't God can use us too?

Esther and Deborah were on the front lines. One of the things I really like about their stories is the incredible teamwork that happened between them and the men God put in their lives. Mordecai was behind the scenes praying and sharing wisdom to Esther. And I would imagine Deborah's husband [along with the whole nation] prayed when she and Barak went off to war.

Many years later Jesus rose to prominence - and a young girl named Mary poured ointment His feet. Her act of worship was despised by the men around her. They thought it was wasteful. But Jesus pointed to her extravagant adoration as an example every believer should follow. The example of a simple, worshipping woman.

And still many years after that, Joan of Arc, a young girl from a poor village in France began to hear God speaking to her. Her faith and her visions took her before her government, with a strategy and a plan. Joan of Arc became the only teenager in all of history ever to lead the army of a nation. She was betrayed and became a martyr - and she is still an inspiration to people around the world today.

Hundreds of years later, four teenaged girls were sent to America from England on a mission. The Salvation Army was flourishing in England, but was unknown in America. Within months these teenagers started a movement in America that is still going strong today. Most people don't realize that it was teenage girls that launched the Salvation Army in America.

Then there was that young Albanian woman who went to India as a schoolteacher. While she was there she felt a call from God to help the poorest of the poor. She walked out into the streets of India without any money in her pocket and simply began to pick up the dying from the gutters and take care of them. She lived in poverty and did menial tasks even when her name became known worldwide as the byword for the embodiment of Christian love and compassion. She was Mother Teresa. And she did all of her kindness in the name of Jesus, and as a pauper and a servant, she received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Jackie Pullinger left the UK on a freighter, believing God would tell her when to get off. When the ship docked in Hong Kong she disembarked. Knowing no one, she wandered into the "walled city" filled with heroin addicts, prostitutes, and violent gangs. It was so terrible in there that the police wouldn't even go in.

But God found a young English girl who was willing to go and show the love of Jesus to these forgotten ones. Jackie, on her own, quietly and sacrificially won the trust of the worst of the worst. She learned God's secrets about the poor, she learned Chinese, and she learned the keys to praying people off of heroin addiction. Jackie is still in Hong Kong today, and because of her continued sacrifice there is a flourishing Chinese church filled with ex-addicts and countless people with new lives.

Today the mission field is filled women who are leading churches and pioneering works in remote tribes and villages. They are teaching, training, and raising up native pastors so God's work can grow.

There are also women serving God in the suburbs and the inner cities - in the pulpit, on their knees, and in the streets. Some are prominent Bible teachers and others are serving in relative obscurity.

I've told just a few very brief stories. I obviously didn't do justice in telling the stories of the women I spoke about, but their lives in greater detail, along with many others will be profiled in this site. And so will the encouraging words of many many men who support and encourage the release of women into ministry.

Have you been encouraged? Maybe it's time for you to venture out of the safety of your cave and see how God wants to use you.

There's always room for one more out there.

~ Melody Green ~


Alice Weeks

Who was in charge when Joseph was stripped and sold by his brothers, taken to Egypt as a slave, falsely accused and thrown into prison? Gen. 50:20 thought evil against me; but God meant it unto it is this day, to save much people alive. God was in charge!


Who was in charge when Job was stricken in body and lost everything but a wife who wanted him to curse God and die? Satan was not in charge!

Job 2:6 ...and The LORD said unto satan, behold he is in thine hand but save his life. The LORD was in charge! The LORD placed restrictions on satan. Satan could NOT take Job's life.

God allowed it for a PURPOSE.

Job 42:5-6
I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but NOW my eye seeth thee. Wherefore I abhor myself and repent...v. 12. So the LORD blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning.

Who was in charge when Jesus was tempted by satan forty days in the wilderness? IMMEDIATELY (after His baptism by John) The (HOLY) Spirit driveth HIM into the wilderness. Mark 1:12
THE HOLY SPIRIT was in charge!
"God's purpose was to prove HIS Son to be sinless and thus a worthy Savior.(Ryrie footnote, Mt. 4:1)"


Who was in charge when Jesus hung on the cross?

God allowed it for a purpose! John 3:16

Who was in charge when your brothers sold you into slavery? Who was in charge when you were stricken in body and lost all that was important to you? Who was in charge when you fasted and were tempted beyond your endurance so that angels came and ministered to you. Who was in charge when you were crucified with Christ, that the life which you now live is by the faith of the Son of God? Gal.2:20

Habakkuk 3:17-19

Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines: the labour of the olive shall fail, and the fields shall yield no meat: the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls:
Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy in the God of my salvation. The LORD God is my strength, and he will make my feet lke hinds' feet, and he will make me to walk upon my high places...

Who was in charge when John was in exile on the Isle of Patmos? Glory be to God it was God all by Himself. It was for a purpose.

saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come,
the Almighty.

Oracles, Proclaim!

Hollie Moodie

"Oracles, proclaim!" I heard the Lord shout.

Then the Lord showed me people He was calling forth from places where they had been hidden by Him. These people didn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary. They were ordinary appearing people. The Lord seemed to form them into a large square.

I watched as the Lord began to direct the attention of these people to what appeared to be small, fiery darts flying chaotically through the air.

"What are these fiery darts?" I asked the Lord.

"They are the words of the enemy against My people," the Lord replied. "I have given My children the authority to speak against these words, and to take dominion over these words."

The Lord then spoke to the ordinary looking people. "Speak against the words of the enemy," He instructed the people.

I watched as slowly, hesitantly at first, the people began to lift their faces upwards towards the sky. The Lord touched their lips, and I saw what appeared to be fiery hammers began to shoot forth from the mouths of these people.

The fiery hammers flew through the air and began to strike the fiery darts of the enemy. When the air was free of the fiery darts of the enemy, the Lord touched the lips of the people once again. This time, I watched as what appeared to be milk, oil and honey began to pour forth from the mouths of the people.

"What were the fiery hammers?" I asked the Lord.

"They were My words," the Lord replied. "My words are as a fire which burns up all that is not of Me. My words are as a hammer that breaks the rocky strongholds of the enemy into pieces."

"What was the milk and oil and honey coming from the mouths of Your people?" I asked the Lord.

"The milk is My pure, undefiled Word," the Lord replied. "The oil is My Holy Spirit. The honey are My blessings to My people. I desire for My children to realize that only by speaking forth by My Holy Spirit My pure and undefiled Word, they will verbalize blessings upon themselves and upon others. I have given this authority to speak forth My Word to all of My children. I would have My children to proclaim My Word. Oracles, proclaim!"

Then the vision ended.


For weeks, I have pondered and meditated upon this vision. I have sought the Lord in prayer to more fully reveal what He was instructing me about in this vision. Several verses of Scripture began to come to my mind.

I was reminded of John 1:1 where it states, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

Hebrews 11:3 says, "Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear."

Proverbs 18:21 reads, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof."

I began to comprehend the awesome and terrible power of spoken words. I came across other portions of Scripture that talked about how people were appointed to stand before the congregation and speak words of blessing over them. (1Chronicles 23:13 ~~ "The sons of Amram; Aaron and Moses: and Aaron was separated, that he should sanctify the most holy things, he and his sons for ever, to burn incense before the Lord, to minister unto him, and to bless in his name for ever." Numbers 6:23-27 ~~ "Speak unto Aaron and unto his sons, saying, On this wise ye shall bless the children of Israel, saying unto them, The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: the Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: the Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. And they shall put my name upon the children of Israel; and I will bless them.")

I began to understand that it is when we claim and believe in the authority the Lord has given unto all of us as His children to boldly stand forth and speak His words, that victory comes.

Speaking forth the words of the Lord burns up all that is false. Speaking forth the words of the Lord breaks to pieces the strongholds the enemy and we ourselves have allowed to be erected in our lives, our families, our churches, and our nations.

Speaking forth words of blessing releases God's blessings upon ourselves, our families, our churches, and our nations.

Beloved, let us do as the Lord has asked of us, and speak forth His words.

"Oracles, proclaim!"


Stephen Hanson

1SA 16:7 But the LORD said to Samuel, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart."

1SA 8:19 But the people refused to listen to Samuel. "No!" they said. "We want a king over us. [20] Then we will be like all the other nations, with a king to lead us and to go out before us and fight our battles." 1SA 8:21 When Samuel heard all that the people said, he repeated it before the LORD. [22] The LORD answered, "Listen to them and give them a king."

"Look and watch around you, and tell Me, what do you see?"

"You see a nation and a country that is in confusion, because of these things in the political process. But be patient, for I AM working behind all of this. There is the government of God, and there is a process that has a process much higher than the one in this land. I AM Commander-in-Chief. Do not forget that. I AM in control of everything that is happening. Why do the nations rage and why is there tumult upon the earth? I say, do not fear, nor be ye dismayed. "

"What is in a leader, you might say. Remember how I chose my servant David. Remember that the people wanted someone who would take them to a higher place. Saul was a man who was good in battle but poor in the things of the Spirit, and the people were without a shepherd when he was in office. He hated David for no cause. He went to the witch at Endor to seek help there as well. Do not look to the political process. Come up to the mountain and present your prayers there. I will hear them, if you humble yourselves and pray. Come to Me, and hear Me. You have come to a mountain that you need not fear. Offer sacrifices of true and repentant hearts. "

(The Lord showed me someone who was reading a newspaper. I watched as the pages were leafed through and various articles and captions were looked at. Then I noticed that directly behind me was a King. It was the King of Kings and He held a scepter and seemed to be pointing to various things in this newspaper. He had on a beautiful crown and there were as stars upon His head and His robe. He sat upon a throne and was seated in the office as King of the land. He watched carefully as it were, but remained calm and awaited what would happen; although He knew what would happen.)

"Do not worry about the captions and the things you read in the newspapers. I AM the KIng of Kings, and I will execute judgment upon the land. "

Stephen Hanson

Vision of the Statue of Liberty
By: Cyndee Pillow

I had a vision in prayer last night of the Statue of Liberty. She seemed to be alive. I saw that she seemed to glisten even though it was night. I knew this was the glory she had carried for so long. She was standing and watching all that was taking place in the USA. Then, she turned her head downward and seemed to begin to moan. While her head was still down, she put her hands over her face as if trying to hide the shame. Then,she bent forward at the waist and began to weep. Her tears fell like rain on the land below. The vision ended.

I believe the Statue of Liberty is representation of our country and all that it has stood for since our Fathers established it. Her actions are representation of the hearts of the people in the land. Many eyes are watching the affairs in the media, and are, as she, saddened and ashamed in what is taking place.

Covering her face, represents the nation LOOSING FACE with other countries. When she stooped at the waist, it was a show of her pride being broken. Her shoulders drooped as her pride came off. There Seems to be a humbling taking place within her. She NEVER lost her footing through all this, however. Praise God for that, as she will remain to stand, but with a different pose!! Never the less, she was visibly shamed, filled with sorrow and broken.

Her weeping IS a good sign. It shows that she still has a heart, open to repent for her sins. The tears are the travail of the intercessors in our nation now, and in the past, that have wept and repented for the nation as a whole. The tears that fell that began to wash over the land and fall on the people shows that the weeping and repentance will spread. These tears that have come from the bowels of the Spirit of God for this nation, will cleanse the land and touch others with the pure acknowledgement that we have sinned. Why? Because it has taken by the Spirit of God. It came not by flesh, but by HIS SPIRIT. A cleansing is taking place. A DEEP CLEANSING is going to take place.

"Weeping endures for a night but joy comes in the morning." Remember she stood in the night!!

Get ready America for a mighty move of God like this nation has not seen. His GLORY shall be seen on His people!


Cyndee Pillow

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