Now is the time for denunciation, a time when exciting words are summoning those of like minds to burn the chaff of the final harvest. It is in the Queen of the South rising to condemn this generation by loosing the purse strings of the north and taking from her what she has stolen. Those that are oppressed rise up with stinging rebuke of exploitation, idolatry, tyranny, forbidding to buy and sell, sanctions, embargoes, favored status, violence, zero-tolerance, weaponry, avarice, accumulation, usury and the sin of unrighteous mammon. Aim those arrows of truth at the nature of the beast and his Babylonian whore; do not spare them, repay them for their deceitful lawyers, lying politicians and multi-national thieves.

The great Day of the Lord is near, days of war and desolation, days of wrath and trouble and distress, waste, darkness and gloom. Thick, black clouds will soon darken the earth, let your light shine through to denounce the oppression. The laborers of the field are crying out but their families are still not fed. They pick your coffee and make your shoes. They enrichen you and build your economy but are left in poverty. Woe to you rich man, the Lord hears their cries and will come to their aid at your expense. The Day of the Lord is near. The Lord is searching the congregation with candles even now and is preparing His Bride. Remove the leaven and set the trumpet to your lips, denounce them and do not fear. God is bringing distress upon the foolish who have not trimmed their lamps. They sin against My people, saith the Lord. I will punish you with the fire of My jealousy. Now follow on to know Me, my children, for I desire mercy, not sacrifice.

Oh my church - do not think that you will escape; judgment begins with you. You will see Me lead My people away from your congregations and into the streets. Ministers will weep between the porch and the altar because their pews will be empty. See my faithful remnant even now with the desire to flee into the neighborhoods, taking My tithes and giving to the poor instead of your building programs and hireling preachers. You have resisted My Spirit long enough. I have given you space and you did not repent.

Rise up, Elijahs and Enochs and Deborahs. New forces will gather to a head in Babylon. The enemy knows that the time is short. The hearts of Christians throughout the world will burn with the fierce flame of indignation against the abominations of a tyrannous and idolatrous nation and her allies. The war has started. These are as the times of old when the Temple of the Lord is trampled upon by Gentiles. We will all join in the denunciation of her prophets who have become treacherous and of her priests who have polluted the sanctuary as they protect the marketplace. As we cast them out, we are being charged with turning the world upside down. By My Spirit Saith the Lord. Humble yourselves and receive the anointing and power; lift your hearts in praise and intercede for the strength of your brothers and sisters. As My Army, the prophetic spirit within you must be heard to relieve the tension of your spirit by bursting into an apocalyptic denunciation with sudden doom against the careless crimes of Mystery Babylon.
[330, 093, Zephaniah, Hosea 6]

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