Transfiguration of Jesus

Jesus had climbed some way up a mountain to pray. As he prayed he was "transfigured" - the Greek is "metamorphosed" - his face shining like the sun, his garments dazzling white, like snow.

The robe that Jesus wore that afternoon would be the robe of a teacher of Palestine, long and flowing, and no matter how clean in the morning, it was bound to be stained by dust. But now the raiment, for all its frazzled hem, was pure and glittering, as if woven not of common cotton and wool, but fashioned of an incomprehensible substance, soft and shining. White as snow, that raiment now, whiter than any fuller's earth can make cloth white, any launderer or bleacher of cloth with all the soaps and clays and scrubbing brushes.

A 4th century tradition settled on Mount Thabor as the place of this event. Not a real high mountain but completely isolated and most of Judea could be seen from its peak. The place of the transfiguration was probably the southern slope of Hermon, as it occurred a few days after the confession of Peter at Caesarea-Philippi, which lay at the foot of Mount Hermon, and on the eve of Jesus' last journey to Jerusalem. Mount Tabor, the traditional site, does not answer the conditions. The summit was then a fortified and occupied camp. The time was most likely the night, as then it would be better seen.
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