God's Dwelling Place

[Eph. 2:22]---' An habitation of God.'

This is perhaps the highest ideal and figure of the Christian life with which the Word of God furnishes us. Each redeemed one is to become a very dwelling-place of the most High. Into the weakest life He who is almighty strength deigns to come; in the life whose failures are most obvious He who is perfect Holiness deigns to dwell. And it is this fact------the life of God in the soul of man---which saves from the power of sin, actually translating all the conceivable possibilities of Christ's riches into indubitable realities of experience.

The implication of such a word as this is exhortation to the cultivation of fitness. If God is to dwell in my life, I must make the dwelling-place, as far as in me lies, worthy of the Divine Occupant. There are renunciations and displacements which must be effected if the home is to be worthy of the Guest; and in respect of these, each energy of the soul is reinforced by the Holy Spirit. His mighty cooperation with every sincerity of purpose alone makes it possible to ' cleanse every filthiness of flesh and spirit,' and to ' perfect holiness in the fear of the Lord.' What a sanctifying awe does this sense of God's indwelling bring into life? It is at once a controlling restraint and constraint, the explanation of every activity and inspiration of every obedience. And every indwelt life is a prophecy of the eternal glory that is laid up for the children of God, when, in the great temple of redeemed humanity of which each is a living stone, He shall dwell throughout Eternity.

In Christ, timothy maranatha

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