Veronica is said to be the one that wiped the face of Jesus as He carried the Cross, leaving the miraculous image of the Lord left on the handkerchief. The supposed identity of Veronica was also the woman whom our Lord healed of an issue of blood. Legend has assigned to this woman Veronica as a name, and Paneas (Caesarea Philippi) as a residence. An ancient statue of bronze at this place was believed to represent her in the act of touching the fringe of Jesus' robe.

Jesus was pure virtue. Veronica had this issue of blood for twelve years and knew that all she had to do was touch the hem of Jesus' clothes to be healed. What had afflicted Veronica was probably a menstrual condition. The law expressly ordained that the touch of one afflicted as she was caused ceremonial uncleanness until the evening and excluded from religious ceremonies and social events during that female time of the month. For Veronica, she was always considered unclean, and this for twelve years. In desperation, she came from behind and touched the edge of His cloak, thinking that no one would notice. But Jesus did, the touch of Him had cleansed her, not hers polluted Him. "Daughter, your faith has made you whole, go in peace and be whole of your plague."

Veronica had spent all that she had on Doctors that were of no help. We know of course that the Doctors of that time do not have the knowledge that we do today but here are some things that they may have tried to cure her with as recorded in the Talmud:

Carrying the ashes of an ostrich egg in different cloths, depending on the season.
Eating Persian onions boiled in wine.
Carrying barleycorn that had been found in the dung of a white female donkey.
Swallowing a mixture of gum, alum and crocuses.

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