For centuries Christians have believed that virtue is rewarded in heaven, then people started thinking that virtue is its own reward, then it began to appear that virtue is rewarded here and now. In time, unfortunately, Christian virtue became a cloak for political irresponsibility, for scientific know-nothingness, and for self-righteous indifference. Worse, virtue in its Puritan form became legalistic, whitewashed and pretentious.

Virtue is something that Jesus possessed as part of His nature and as we become more like Him, we take on that virtue. The multitude sought to touch Jesus because virtue emanated from His very being and they were healed. Virtue is therefore understood as God's power from within and not through an external act of being virtuous. Remember (Veronica) the woman with the issue of blood? As soon as she touched His garment, Jesus knew that virtue had gone out of Him. So virtue is not just something you strive for like as righteousness but something you possess according to your holiness. This is the healing power that is shown by the laying on of hands or stretching out your hands in prayer toward someone, it is ultimately the virtue of God being revealed in those that have His anointing of power upon them.

Peter would have those of the household of faith to have our grace and peace multiplied, "according as His divine power has given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness through the knowledge of Him that has called us to glory and virtue." Divine power, given us all things, called us to glory and virtue. Sounds great, doesn't it? Peter goes on, these are "exceeding great and precious promises that by these you may be partakers of the divine nature." We should not strive for glory but if we are to be revealed in glory then that virtue should be already a part of us now as the promise of the divine nature. Claim it. If you know that you have rooted out the sin and are walking in the spirit and are truly holy and have the divine nature, then you are virtuous, accept the power and the glory. Peter knew first hand the truth in this virtue that Jesus had, so much so that the sick were healed with the passing of Peter's shadow. He wasn't even touched, it was faith in the power of the virtue of Peter with the blood of Jesus that healed them.

Do you have this divine power of virtue so that people may touch you and also receive the healing according to their needs? Could be, but again, that may be dependent on the faith of others. Jesus did not exercise the faith to release the virtue, others did, He had the divine power and they knew it. Once the latter rain is poured out without measure upon all flesh, I see us witnessing these things once more in many of us. When we finally come to the point of Christian history that the beauty of holiness and virtue radiating from the Bride of Christ is revealed, then we will do these things. Jesus said we could and He is coming for a Bride without spot or wrinkle that will possess that virtue for all to receive. I am in a cave. No one is touching me to release the virtue, nor does anyone I know even have the faith to try. As we come together as one, these things will come to pass. When Jesus comes, will there be faith upon the earth? We all need to pray for more faith and virtue.
[67, 271, 401, Luke 6, Mark 5, II Peter 1, Acts 5]

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