Sanctions are the methods that levels punitive measures against a nation through boycotts, embargoes, favoring nations over others and the political restriction on free trade. This is the nature of the beast. On Jefferson - The embargo was the most arbitrary, inquisitorial and confiscatory measure formulated in American legislation up to the period of the Civil War.

There is scarcely any need to dwell on the political and military power which the northern countries, mainly the United States, use to support their economic interests. Any country which attempts to escape economic occupation immediately faces a whole series of sanctions and they are forbidden to buy or sell on the open global market. US votes against loans by the IMF.. education in import quotas, and finally economic blockade.

There are other forms of aggression: economic measures, blockades.. any intervention would have no legitimate justification. But when it's a question of intervening, the truth is that the beast has no respect for international law.
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