New Israel

During the time of Constantine, the concept of the church as coextensive with the entire population gained ground and the church was considered a unity through the coercive power of the government. The idea of the Christian Church as a "new Israel" was very helpful in adding sanction to the distinction between clergy and laity and to the recognition of the priestly quality in the clergy. By destroying the priesthood of all believers, the ministry became a priesthood, and since the Israel of old had a priesthood, it seemed quite natural that the new Israel should have one as well. The church regarded itself as the true Israel, the chosen people of God, that had replaced the original unfaithful Israel.

The mistakes regarding this type of thinking should be obvious but the fact remains that the church did fulfill the role of the New Israel. The problem was that the ones lending credence to the idea of the Nicolaitan system reverted to the Old Covenant and brought new teaching opposed to New Testament teaching. This same teaching was carried on by the Protestants. The Bible teaches that the old legalistic system was a schoolmaster but the New had been replaced with love and grace as binding in the Christian faith. The fulfillments of the Old Covenant remained but since Jesus had fulfilled the law, it no longer held the weight it once did, or the requirements.

Probably the most profound and dangerous misapplication of New Israel thinking is that it was fulfilled in the United States. Manifest destiny was a doctrine that nationalistic Americans held in the nineteenth century that actually was the driving force behind westward expansion. Since America was the New Israel, God was leading the nation to become the foretold kingdom of God and we could take anything we want from other countries. It has been one of the most prominent force of the delusion that God has sent the church. Once Babylon was firmly established in this way by allowing Americanism to be a religious force, the faith of Jezebel and her false authority took control of the mind and soul of the American church and even much of the world in the multi-national global expansionism that believes that Christian freedom and American freedom are synonymous.
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