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The Christian priesthood is an aberration of the Nicolaitan doctrine. The Bible terms the forbidding of marriage a doctrine of devils. If the priesthood of all believers is true, then only as the layman is strong can Christianity be strong. The distinction between priests and laymen is already a well-marked characteristic of the Roman institution; certain acts of divine worship can be performed only by the priest; his mediation is an absolute necessity. It is only by this mediation that a man can approach God at all, by the mediation of right doctrine, right ordinance, and a sacred book, even the communion cup is withheld from the people.

The living faith seems to be transformed into a creed to be believed; devotion to Christ, into Christology; the ardent hope for the coming of the kingdom into a doctrine of immortality and deification; prophecy, into technical exegesis and theological learning; the ministers of the spirit, into clerics; the brothers, into laymen in a state of tutelage; miracles and miraculous cures disappear altogether, or else are priestly devices; fervent prayers become solemn hymns and litanies; the "Spirit" becomes law and compulsion.

The truth is that the dividing wall between priest and people has been broken down and each man has by Christ been admitted into the inner sanctuary and himself consecrated a priest unto God for the salvation of other men. Jesus himself is revealed as the one High-Priest. If there is to be any unity in Christendom, it must arise from the restoration of correct principals of the priesthood of all believers and Bishops as overseeing the flock.
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