The Epicureans were those who followed the teaching founded by Epicurus who died in Athens about 300 years before Jesus started his ministry. The Stoics were another group who had the opposite opinion. Epicurus' disciples were enamored with his doctrine and presented him with a garden at Athens. At the garden of Epicurus began a school, almost a community of sorts, with men and women meetings as equals in discourse. After the death of Epicurus, he left his home and garden to be use as the Head Quarters for the Epicureans, still maintained at the time Paul visited the city.

The Epicureans were atheists in that they believed the world was an accident. They believed you were here today and gone tomorrow, so why not enjoy life while you can. "Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow, we die." For them, the hedonistic idea of seeking pleasure was the main purpose in life. They did not deny the existence of any gods, but maintained they were totally indifferent to the affairs of men who were left to find pleasure as they could. The result of this is to have no fear of God and consequently were given over to gross sensualism. Epicurus died in 270 BC.

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