Dedicated scholars, eager to work at their own expense if only they could help probe the secrets that lay buried in the earth. Each prepared to use his mind and imagination as skilfully as he used his pick and hoe.. on his knees, often with a whisk broom.

Archaeology is a sub field of anthropology dedicated to the scientific study of the life and cultures of ancient peoples through excavation of their material culture. The Latin equivalent archaeologia gave rise to the English word archaeology. Restated in procedural terms archaeology consists of the systematic recovery of the surviving remains of ancient peoples in an effort to reconstruct their cultural history. The goal of archaeological endeavor is the recovery, classification, and description of the durable remnant of human activities of antiquity to expand the knowledge of the present about the past. (Webster's)

The ponderous amount of equipment stored in the freighter - the books, the chemicals, the photographic equipment, the little diesel locomotive, the thousand things a layman would not think of. It was not a natural mound, laid down by tectonic forces, but the patiently accumulated residue of one abandoned settlement after another, each resting upon the ruins of its predecessor, reaching endlessly back into history.. feel that their will was being imposed upon the mound and would finally squeeze from its secret inner places the remnants of the once vital existence. No shovel would be permitted at a respectable dig.

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