Theology is simply the study of God. Theology is the science of religion, whose work it is to collect and analyze the facts of the spiritual consciousness, and it is rich in treasures. It has for instance, a doctrine of God, with profound conceptions of His righteousness and love, His wisdom and power.

It is not necessary to study theology to be justified in Jesus. Puritan ignorance, however, has ignored true theology as being superfluous, many think it is not needed at all. The accurate study of God quickens the mind and protects it from the doctrine of demons preached from the pulpit. The religionists who do not hear the voice of God and think that the Bible is all they need have historically misunderstood, mis-quoted and mis-represented the theological aspects of Bible doctrine. That's why the church is so divided. We are admonished to study to show ourselves approved before God and men and that means having theological positions that are grounded in truth.

To shy away from doctrine or theology is to accept bad doctrine and poor theology. The Holy Spirit will only teach the mind of the open minded to give them the ears to hear. The seminal knowledge of theology from the Holy Ghost are only for those hearts and minds in tune with right thinking, all else is pure delusion.

The Lord has given Christians the grace to reconcile the children to their Fathers

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