Satan is the devil, the great adversary, the father of lies. Beelzebul (not Beelzebub) - Lord of the flies or prince of the air. The commonest name for him is devil, which means slanderer, one who lies about other people as an adversary. Most often he is called satan, the enemy.

A fallen prince from heaven, satan is a master craftsman who plots the destruction of Jesus Christ and His Church. Satan is a false god and has no creative power, so we must recognize that God's plan is creative and satan will attempt to destroy everything God creates. We must discipline our minds to know that satan will always have a plan for the destruction of the true plan of God.

The devil can get into us at times. If we truly belong to the Lord, satan cannot possess us but he comes to steal and to destroy and to try to take away what God has given us. He will try to make our witness ineffective, to give us temptations and impure thoughts, fill us full of man's ways instead of God's ways. But the victory is ours and he will be bound soon. Glory. It is better to confront him rather than turn your back on him. Our adversary just loves to see us turn our back on him, then he can be sneaky. Walk up to him and tell him that he cannot do those things to you and then rise up ten times as big, so that he is so small that you can just take your foot and stomp on him. He hates that.

Satan sinned against God, cast out of heaven, cast down to Hell, the author of the fall, tempted Christ, perverts the scriptures, opposes God's work, hinders the gospel, works lying wonders, assumes the form of an angel of light. The wicked are the children of, turn aside after, do the lust of, possessed by, blinded by, deceived by, ensnared by, troubled by, punished together with. Saints afflicted by, only as God permits tempted by, sifted by, should resist, should be armed against, should be watchful against, overcome, shall finally triumph over. Triumph over by Christ predicted, in resisting his temptations, in casting out the spirits of, in empowering his disciples to cast out, in destroying the works of, completed by His death, His character is presumptuous, proud, powerful, wicked, malignant, subtle, deceitful, fierce and cruel, cowardly. Shall be condemned at the judgment, everlasting fire is prepared for.

The devil's consuming hatred of God is a apathetic story of tragedy. In his warfare against God he attacks the human race, which God created and loved. So God's forces, His heavenly host of angels, and satan's forces, the angel who fell from heaven, have been engaged in a deadly conflict from the dawn of our history.

John Wesley writes: "The best means of resisting the devil is, to destroy whatever of the world remains in us, in order to raise for God, upon its ruins, a building all of love. Then shall we begin, in this fleeting life, to love God as we shall love him in eternity."
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