If we truly want revival, we have to look within ourselves. How many truly love our brothers and sisters in Christ enough to be a part of that remnant? How many of us expect the worst in others. You want to see Jesus? Then see Him among us as we love. Jesus died for us all. The spirit is being poured upon all flesh. There has always been that victorious faith that transcends the petty quarrels of man and reaches out in love that will overcome all the rest. Now we can meet Him. Are we ready yet? Can we be those overcomers that will inherit the earth and join the heavenly host? We are the lights sent forth out of the darkness. Are you ready to shine?

Revivalism made its mark indelibly on American church life. It explains the intensely emotional quality which has persisted in certain strains of American Christianity. It lacked theological depth, but it was possessed of abundant vitality. Graham: "The world today is again in desperate need of a spiritual awakening. It is the only hope for the survival of the human race."

The time for spiritual revival is now. We must not delay. The Almighty Reaper is waiting for us to gather in His harvest. There will be a new vision of the majesty of God. There will be an new vision of the sinfulness of flesh. There will be an emphasis on the necessity of repentance, faith, and the new birth. There will be the joy of salvation. There will be a new realization of our responsibility for world evangelization. There will be a deep social concern. There will be increased evidence of both the gifts and the fruit of the spirit. No longer will the world say that the Church is powerless and silent. There will be renewed dependence upon the Holy Spirit.

The first step in revival is admitting our spiritual poverty. The second step in spiritual renewal is confession and repentance. The third step is a renewed commitment of our part to seek and do the will of God. We do expect pentecostal blessings when the conditions for God's moving are met, and especially as we are now in the latter days. We as Christians are to prepare the way. We are to be ready for the Spirit to fill and use us. We need an extraordinary sense of the awful majesty, greatness and holiness of God. We need the longing to be more perfect in humility and adoration and we need to depend on God for His help.
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