Meditation is reflection upon the spiritual. Barnabas: "to meditate is a work of pleasure, and therefore exercise themselves in the Word of the Lord." Meditation is essential in controlling the psychic center which allows us to perceive beyond the accepted norm. The mystic will function at a far more perceptive level if it is allowed the opportunity to flow through the quiet stream of religious contemplation.

David writes of the blessed man who "in His law does he meditate day and night." The word translated "meditates" means literaly to mumble refering to the Jewish practice of reciting or chanting scripture softly to oneself.

The Cayce source insisted that meditation, regularly practiced an a specific way, would act especially to open an ever-clearer channel to dream interpretation. It would also be found that dreams could aid prayer and meditation. Be as fully conscious as possible, this is a matter of personal experience. The subconscious must perceive, then accept. But even though the conscious mind cannot order the subconscious about, it can condition it to react differently. For this reason periods of meditation are very important.
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