The atonement is the satisfaction offered to divine justice for the sins of mankind by the death of Jesus Christ. It is called vicarious atonement because it is the transfer of guilt from the sinner to the Saviour. Jesus' death accomplished the redemption of mankind. The Hebrew word is Yezer-ha-ra, with the connotation of an evil inclination or impulse, a source of rebellion, but cannot dominate. Judaism rejects the idea of human proneness to sin suggesting a profound bearing on the question of atonement. They believe that repentance, prayer, and active kindness achieve perfect reconciliation, making it a personal requirement rather than a vicarious act. On the day of atonement the Israelites resemble angels, he cleanses himself, examines, confesses, resolves.

The question that atonement answers is how can man born into sin be reconciled to God. Contrary to Mormon and Calvinist doctrine, Jesus died for the whole world, not just for the elect. Entering into the faith that Jesus died for us, true penitents believing in Christ are reconciled to God and freed from the penalty of sin and death and given eternal life. Atonement is the covering over of sin, the reconciliation between God and man, accomplished by the Lord Jesus Christ at the cross. It is that special result of Jesus' sacrificial sufferings and death by virtue of which all who exercise proper penitence and faith to receive forgiveness of their sins and obtain peace.
[33, 380, BD]

The Lord has given Christians the grace to reconcile the children to their Fathers

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