The Contras were the American backed anti-Sandinista terrorists in Nicaragua. 40,000 Nicaraguans were killed in the 1978-79 revolution, and many thousands more have died fighting the anti-Sandinista contras, organized and funded by the CIA. In the fall of 1982, a Newsweek cover story made the CIA's efforts in Nicaragua "covert" by name only. By this time what had started as a 500 man force now numbered 4000. The United States was supplying the contras, funneling equipment through the Contra based camps in southern Honduras and the Honduran army.

Apparently under the noses of the CIA, Cocaine trafficking into Miami and Southern California was used by the Contras to finance their war in Nicaragua. Writer Gary Webb wrote a series for the San Jose Mercury News describing the Contras as largely responsible for introducing crack-cocaine into the US. His report detailed the street-level impact of the contra cocaine in Southern California with a documented report that said that: "contra leaders smuggled the cocaine that fueled the crack epidemic..." and "funneled millions in drug profits to a Latin American guerrilla army run by the US Central Intelligence Agency."

Nicaragua filed a suit in the World Court which resulted in a guilty verdict against the United States on grounds of its violating international law in conducting covert terrorist operations to destabilize the Nicaraguan government.

By fostering regional militarization and terrorism in Latin America, Washington has fueled and spread the turmoil rather than contained it. America had become the force that has posed the greatest threat to order, democracy, and social justice in the region. Not only do they have a vested interest in increasing levels of US military and economic involvement, but they are an active force promoting the internationalization and regionization of the violence. The efforts of Congress to stop the right-wing death squads only fueled the fanatic zeal of those opposed to the people and the church toward land control and economic democracy. Washington started presenting these types of terrorists around the world to the U.S. public as "freedom fighters."

Oliver North believed he was doing God a favor in the persecution of those who took a preferential option for the poor. His insistence on thanking God for his partial success shows the true worship of the image of the beast. Many think he is a hero and are under the same delusion. The mark of the beast is nowhere revealed more than in this kind of delusion.
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